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prompt: an Angel falls to earth and they land in bumfuck America and the first place they go is a diner, bloodstained and singed, to have a shitty cup of coffee

five conversations between a waitress named maria and an angel, recently fallen

1. Maria hadn’t said anything when the woman came in, blood in her teeth and a purpling bruise on her cheekbone. She’d been dressed too warmly for the mild spring, a puffy overcoat that hid her arms, her whole body, all the way down to her knees. But Maria hadn’t said anything, not when the woman ducked into the diner’s bathroom, coming back with everything washed away but the dirt under her nails, not when when she wanted the table by the window, and a cup of coffee, just coffee. (Cream and sugar? Maria had asked, but the question seemed to confuse her.) Maria hadn’t said a word as the woman sat there, coffee untouched for hours, until it was almost closing.

She was still staring fixedly out the dark window, as though the coming and going of the truckers at the gas station next door were some code in need of deciphering.

Maria cleared her throat, making the woman startle. “We’re about to close the kitchen, did you want a fresh cup?”

“A fresh–oh. No, I don’t–don’t like the way it tastes.”

“Did you want to order something else?”

“No, no, it’s just–people are always ordering coffee. I thought it must taste…not like this.”

Maria was startled into laughing, and was gratified to see a tentative smile cross the strange woman’s face. “That might just be Jenny’s day-old roast. You probably ought to try Starbucks or something before handing down the final verdict,” Maria told her, smiling.

The woman had kind eyes. “I will.”

Maria looked at her for a second, then set the coffee pot down on the table. She slid into the booth across from her, and folded her hands together. “Look, it’s none of my business, but–if you’re in some trouble, I got a friend who works in Family Services, I’d be happy to call her for you.”

There was a flash of panic across the stranger’s face. “No, I–I don’t have any family,” she said carefully, looking at some point over Maria’s shoulder.

“Whoever gave you those bruises–”

“I fell.”

Maria’s heart ached. “Look…”

The woman frowned, her dark eyes searching Maria’s face as though trying to read the thoughts behind it. “No, I really did fall,” she insisted.

“Okay. Okay, just–I’m putting it out there. You should know there are options, you don’t have to stay.  Look,  I’ve got to get the dishwasher running, so…don’t go anywhere, okay? I’ll walk out with you.”

When Maria came back to the table, the untouched coffee was still there. Underneath was a twenty dollar bill, the edges very slightly singed.

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She runs into him again before the mission is over, tall and broad and wearing a star upon his chest, the same as the one on his shield, the same as the ones on her uniform. (x)

In an episode full of outrageous things the most outrageous was John Watson encouraging Sherlock to chase after Irene Adler. Like I get all the stuff he was saying about Sherlock needing a romantic entanglement but Molly is literally twenty minutes from doing her shift to help Sherlock’s recovery and then they all go out for birthday cake. But IRENE is the woman Sherlock should be chasing? Seriously? 

In other news…

I had a really nice time volunteering with the homeless connect project, the homeless woman I was with the whole time her name was Cassandra she was soooo funny, and sweet!

At the end of the convention, and she got her goodie bag and stuff we went to go get her nails done and she was like “it’s somethin how such a small thing can change a person’s whole confidence and the way they feel about themselves” her nails came out so nice they were like pink

then she was telling me how a long time ago she kept getting sexually assaulted by this one police officer and he came in her house one night and she shot him twice in the neck and she was supposed to get 33 years in prison but she didn’t have a lawyer and represented herself and she got only 1 year and she was like “I really thought I was a dumb person up until that moment” …so wild I love her

I think she lives in a tent in the forest but is going to get housing through the Salvation Army soon I hope so I want to see her again


Anon request: Hey, can you write a Reader x Daryl imagine that takes place is Alexandria? The reader is married but her husband stopped paying attention to her. When Rick’s group makes it to Alexandria something about Daryl turns her on so she begins seeking that missed attention from him. After a while he lets her in and they start sneaking off together. Maybe some smut? At any level you’re comfortable with :)

This gif belongs too reedusgif. Word count - 2511.

Hello sweetie, I really really hope you like it. I didn’t added the smut because I thought it’d be weird because it’d happen out of nowhere. If you don’t like it, feel free to tell me. - Rebecca.

“Shut the fuck up, Daniel!” It was the third time that day I was having an argument with my husband. We were married since our 18 years old, and since we were living in Alexandria Safe Zone, he started to go cold with me. And arguing all day. At night, I slept on the couch while he took the bed all for himself.

“Fuck you, (Y/N).” My ‘husband’ screamed in my face. “Fuck. You.” And with that he went to his bedroom, leaving me alone. I didn’t cry anymore. It has been five months since this all started; at first I’d cry and try to understand, but now I didn’t care anymore.

When I married him, I was young and naïve. Daniel was my first everything: first kiss, first boyfriend, first sex. We got married when we finished high school. Everything was perfect, of course. After some years of marriage, he started to be an asshole, but it wasn’t all the time. Now, he is an asshole all the time. I’m tired of it – and just now I realize how idiot I was when I married him. Stupid girl.

I was with my head in hands when I heard a knock on the door. I got up and opened it only to find Deanna. “Hello, (Y/N).” I nodded to her and gave her space so she could come in.

“Deanna.” I was still thinking about the fight we had. Deanna had her eyes narrowed to me. That woman knew everything just by analyzing the situation.

She sighed. “Well, I know what happened here. Again, and I don’t like it, but,” Deanna was now smiling. “I’m here to tell you that we have a new group in Alexandria. They are good people, just need to get used to here. I want you to go there and help Carol make their dinner. Okay, (Y/N)?”

“Okay, Deanna. Thank you for telling me.” Meeting new people was always fun, that was for sure.

“And tell your husband,” she said it like it was some kind of bad word. “that if he has any problems with you going there, he can come to me and we’ll talk.” I simply nodded. She made her way towards the white door. “Thank you, (Y/N).” Deanna closed the door and I sat again on the couch. 

“Looks like I’m not invited to dinner.” Daniel mocked and opened the fridge to get a beer. “Better this way, right sweet wife?” I rolled my eyes and sighed.

An hour before dinner time, I started to get ready. I took a long and relaxing bath, wore a nice sundress with flat sandals. I let my hair dry by itself. When I was ready, I left my house not telling my lovely husband where I was going. He already knew and he didn’t care. Of course he didn’t.

Before going to the only house they could take, I spotted Enid walking alone on the street. I had these mother instincts in me because all my life I wanted babies, but Daniel never did, so we didn’t have any child.

“Enid!” I called her and she turned around with a small smile on her face. Besides Ron, Jessie’s older boy, I knew I was the only person Enid trusted enough to hang around.

“Hey, (Y/N).” She wasn’t with her backpack, so I assumed she wouldn’t go outside the walls.

“I’m going to our new neighbors house to make them a welcome dinner.” I smiled to her and Enid rolled her eyes. “Want to tag along and eat my delicious food?” Enid bit her lower lip, having an internal battle.

“I don’t want to impose.” She said quietly. I sighed.

“Nonsense sweetie. I’m sure they will love to have you around, too.” After a deep breath, she agreed and walked with to our destination.

I knocked three times on the door and a good look man with curly hair and amazing blue eyes opened the door. He greeted us with a nod.

“You must be (Y/N).” I nodded in agreement. “And you are?” He looked to Enid and I felt the girl’s body tense up.

“She’s Enid, almost my daughter. She is our neighbor too.” The man nodded.

“I’m Rick. Please, come in.” We stepped inside to find a living room full of people. Most of them had already enjoyed the hot bath. They looked tired, but still ready to anything. Outside was hell, I knew it because I was there too.

“Hello!” A sweet woman with short hair hug Enid and me. “I’m Carol. You’re our neighbor (Y/N), right?” I nodded, smiling too. “And this sweet little lady is your daughter? She is beautiful!” I already liked Carol.

“Like a daughter to me.” I kissed Enid’s head. “Her name is Enid and she is our neighbor too.” Carol smiled sweetly to her and Enid blushed.

“Enid, you can go talk to Carl, Rick’s boy.” She pointed to the boy with a cowboy hat on his head. “He must be your age.” Enid nodded but looked to me.

“Sweetheart, if you want you can go.” I told her trying to make her understand that if she didn’t want to, she didn’t need to. But Enid nodded and walked towards the boy.

“So, everyone, this is our sweet neighbor (Y/N).” Carol said dragging me to the middle of the living room. “She’s here to help me with dinner tonight.” I smiled shyly to everybody. “So, let me tell you everybody’s names.”

She pointed one by one and everybody greeted me. I already liked Maggie, Glenn, Carol and Tara. Eugene seemed nice and funny… Or was just his hair.

“And there, by the window, is our archer and lone wolf Daryl.” The man had longish brown hair, prominent cheekbones and a thin mouth. His eyes were shining. Daryl was beautiful.

I kicked myself mentally for thinking that, because I was still married after all.

“Hello, Daryl.” I tried no to blush while greeting him. Daryl grunted.

“(Y/N).” The way my name rolled in his tongue made me shiver and my stomach turn. Carol smiled to us.

“(Y/N),” Rick called me and I turned around. I couldn’t believe it! He had the most sweet baby girl in arms. She had sandy blonde hair, chubby cheeks and pretty eyes. “this is Judith, my baby girl and Carl’s baby sister.” I was smiling like crazy while gently holding her chubby little foot.

“Oh, hello little lady.” Judith giggled.

“Here, hold her.” Rick gave me the baby and I placed her over my hips. With my free hand, I was caressing her little back. Judith seemed to like it.

“She’s really pretty, Rick. Congratulations.” Rick smiled for the first time that night. “I didn’t talk with your boy yet, me she looks like him.” I kissed Judith’s cheek. While looking to Rick, it hit me. “When I’ll meet this sweet baby’s mommy?” The whole room grew silent. Carl came closer to us, Enid followed him. Judith looked like him, indeed.

“Our mom she… didn’t make it, (Y/N).” I suddenly regretted what I said. I opened my mouth to try to say something but nothing came. “Don’t worry, you didn’t know it.”

“I’m so sorry, Carl. For your loss and for what I said.” Carl smiled to me.

“It’s okay.” And left again with Enid.

“So, shall we start cooking this dinner?” Carol asked me and I nodded. Rick took Judith back and I went to the kitchen with Carol.

We made some spaghetti with sausage and red sauce. Everybody loved it and thanked me for helping Carol.

“You guys don’t need to thank me.” And we kept talking while eating. I helped Tara and Maggie clean the dishes and then said goodbye and goodnight to everybody. I dropped Enid at her house and went straight to mine. Thank God Daniel didn’t come to greet me.

Soon as I laid on down my couch and was fast asleep. Daryl filling my dreams.


Three weeks later, I was hanging around with the group all the time and already knew their story. I loved Maggie and always was with her. She knew about my shitty marriage.

That day Rick asked me to babysit Judith and Carl while Carol made lunch and so I did. I was more attached than ever to that sweet little thing. She was already teething and seemed that soon she would start to crawl.

When Carol was about to finish lunch, Daryl opened the front door. He greeted me with a nod.

He was the only one I didn’t hang around much.

“Why aren’t you outside today?” Carol asked him when he entered the kitchen.

“Aaron’s bit sick so we cancelled today’s run.” He opened the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water. “Was just workin’ on the bike.” Carol nodded.

Judith was in my arms, playing with my hair. Carl was reading comics next to me.

“Hello Lil’ Ass-Kicker.” I learned by now that Daryl gave the baby girl this nickname the day she was born. “Enjoyin’ your aunt’s (Y/N) arms, uh?” He combed her soft hair with his fingers.

“Want to hold her?” I asked him while he drank the water. Daryl nodded, putting the bottle down.

“Nah, I’m good.” And with that he went to the living room.

“Wow, that’s the first time he says a full sentence to me without grunting.” Carol chuckled, taking the casseroles from the stove.

“He is like that. But he likes you, just like we all do.” My stomach was turning. Again.

Daryl had this weird effect on me: every damn time he was close or talked to me, I’d be nervous or I’d blush. I never understood why.

“And you like him.” I looked to Carol and she was smiling. I didn’t know how to reply that without being discovered.

“Of course I do, Carol. He is a nice guy and part of this group.” I looked down to Judy. She was still playing with my hair.

“Yeah, I know.” And with that she left me alone with my thoughts.

When I came back home after lunch, Daniel was waiting for me.

“Now why my wife didn’t cook lunch for me? I’m sad.” He was angry, I could tell. But he knew how to cook, so I didn’t care. “She only cares about that group now. And their archer.” Daniel stepped closer to me.

“What the hell are you talking about?” I asked him, trying to step away, but he grabbed my wrist not letting me go anywhere.

“Oh baby, you really think I’m stupid? I’ve seen the way you look to that fucking redneck.” My wrist was starting to hurt. “Are you cheating on me, (Y/N)?” I shook my head, not believing what I was listening.

“Are you out of your mind?” I yelled. “I’m not cheating on you. Oh, how I’d like to do that, but I’m not. Of course you wouldn’t mind because you don’t care about me anymore.” My face was inches away from his and I was screaming. “You don’t pay attention in me anymore. You act like I’m not your wife.”

Daniel let go of my wrist and I rubbed it, noticing it was red.

“Of course I don’t!” He shouted back. “I’m tired of this shit. Marriage. I shouldn’t have married you!” His words didn’t hurt, they were empty to me. “I don’t love you anymore. I don’t care about you anymore. I don’t want this anymore!” He kicked our couch and suddenly I was afraid he would do the same to me. I knew what happened to Jessie and I didn’t want it happening to me.

“I don’t fucking love you either! I don’t care about you, I don’t care about this marriage anymore!” I couldn’t keep my voice low. “And you want to know something, sweetheart?” Daniel raised his eyebrows to me. “If Daryl, the ‘fucking redneck’ as you called him, wants me,” I was face to face with my husband again. “I’m all his! Because I want him too! I want to feel desired; I want him to give me pleasure. I fucking want to scream his name to all Alexandria hear!” Daniel’s face was so red that I thought he would collapse.

“Fuck you!” He shouted and stormed off the door. Shaking, I set down on the couch trying to calm myself down. With head in hands I looked outside, just now remembering that I had neighbors.

To my utter surprise, Daryl was the one standing outside looking straight to my eyes. I wanted to kill myself.

Later that day I went to Alexandria’s storage and found a cheap whiskey. Someone – I don’t care who it was – checked that I was taking it with me.

The sky already had some stars and I told myself I would be stargazing when I sat in some empty house’s roof.

I was drinking the whiskey from the bottle. I wanted to forget everything that happened today.

After having three long sips, I heard someone behind me clearing their throat. I looked around to find Daryl. Of course I blushed.

He sat by my side.

“What you doin’?” I showed him the bottle of cheap whiskey and he rolled his eyes.

I sighed and started talking. “I don’t know how much of my discussion you heard, but-“ Daryl cut me.

“I heard everything, not goin’ to lie to you.” I nodded and took a long sip to which Daryl growled. “If he tried to hurt you, I’d go in.”

“So, you heard what I said in the end.” Daryl nodded and looked outside, to the tree line. “Great. All I needed to make my day complete.” I was about to take another long sip when Daryl took the bottle out of my hands.

“Stop drinkin’, (Y/N). It won’t help.” I frowned to him. “I had alcoholic parents. I know what I’m saying. Gettin’ wasted doesn’t help.”

“I’m sorry.” He shook his head. Suddenly, Daryl started to tell me his story. He told me about his older brother Merle, about his mother’s death and his childhood. He even told me he had scars because of the abuse he suffered when little.

“Daryl… I don’t know what to say.” By this time, it was already completely dark. The stars shining more than ever. “I know I’m sorry won’t help, but…” I shrugged.

“That’s okay. It’s in the past.” I nodded. “Now I’ll tell you something, (Y/N).”

“Go ahead.”

“If you still want me.” I didn’t realize he was this close to me until now, when his hot breath was hitting my face. “I’m all yours.” I looked up to his blue eyes in shock, blushing again. A giggle escaped my mouth and Daryl smiled.

“Can I… Can I kiss you?” He nodded in agreement and I leaned forward. Daryl’s thin lips were soft, but chapped. Still, it was a gentle kiss.

When we broke our kiss, Daryl put his hands around my body. “So,” he looked to me with a shine I’ve never seen in his beautiful blue eyes before. “Daryl Dixon wins the girl.” I had to laugh.

“I still need to get a divorce, you know.”

Something I haven't seen yet,

Pirateship!AU FAHC.
Geoff, the captain who is often found guzzling down the rum and booze and shaking his head at his crew. Is extremely lucky. Known for his beard of many forms, and his laughter.

Jack, the navigator. Many say it’s bad luck to have a woman on board, but with Jack all would have been lost years ago. Keeps everyone on board in check. Doesn’t take shit from anybody not in their crew.

Gavin, the wily little right-hand man, dealing with the more grittier things. Is never really taken seriously until shit hits the fan. Knows his way around blades. Is a very good tactician, especially under pressure.

Michael, the man running the guns. All he guns. Cannon guns. Rifle guns. Dem arm guns. He’s also good with explosives. His loud war cries are heard above all explosions. Hand to hand combat against him is a mistake.

Ryan, the sellsword who joins the crew because they need a smart guy who can help Jack and Gavin keep the boat afloat, but can also hold off half an Armada on his own with a sword.

Jeremy and Matt, the main deckhands who follow everyone’s orders. They do everything from swabbing the deck to helping Michael fire the cannons when needed. Jeremy is best when he works above deck, sometimes taking Ray’s old position. Matt joins Trevor down below at times to take care of any technical problems and precious cargo and Geoff’s rum.

Ray, while no longer with the crew, was a valuable asset to them. He used to be the one in the crow’s nest, calling out code words and keeping an eye out for enemies, friendlies, and treasures alike. He know works in isolation, gaining money as a very successful mercenary.

Mica and Lindsay are not always on the ship, but are always able to show why the boys do need their help onboard. With Mica’s quick feet and smart mouth combined with Lindsay’s intimidating stare (and “unlucky” black cat), they help negotiate the majority of treasures their way before the other party can even notice they were hustled.

Trevor and Larry are the spies. The former’s dashing looks and the latter’s shifty/sneaky nature, they are most useful when obtaining intel from enemy ships or the mainland authorities. They are rarely caught together, and when they are, are always bailed out by one another.

702. In Harry's 5th year, he and George became a couple. One of their favourite things to do was snog in front of Umbridge, and remind the furious woman that her "don't touch" rule was specifically talking about opposite sex and not same sex couples. They got a shitload of detention of course, but they liked their method of rebellion. Eventually, the a few  of Hogwarts' other same sex couples followed their example and did the same thing.

A conversation I just remembered I never posted about:

Me: Idk, I just think if I ever do decide to have kids that I’ll adopt. Probably an older kid, too.

Woman: Why an older kid?

Me: Because I know how hard it is for them to get out of the system once they reach a certain age.

Woman: So what age are you thinking? Three? Four?

Me, internally: There are literally teenagers who want to be adopted, Sandra.

Inhabitants of the Forest of the Undying


The day beings are generally benevolent, although Missne counts as one. Their time is the day; they don’t sleep, but don’t wander alone at night for fear of the night-beings.

ESMERALDA — the ghost of a woman from the 18th century, who once lived in the soldier’s cottage on the edge of the forest. Tall and fair, with brilliant, golden hair and a shimmer about her being, Esmeralda ( called Lisa before she took a new name after her death ) is often sorrowful, but very kind. She shines up in the presence of friends, especially that of Jacob, the Ornothologist.

THE ORNOTHOLOGIST — also called Jacob, the ghost of a man who’s death likely occured sometimes between the 30s through the 50s. He was a passionated bird-watcher, and got lost following the song of a bird into the forest. He fell and broke his leg and died before he was found. Jacob is more knowledgable of the human world than the others, and the one least out of time, so the others consider him something of an expert on all things modern.

THE GUARDIAN — no one in the Forest actually knows who the Guardian is, except that he is a kind and generous man who instills trust and comfort in all who meet him, and who takes care of the forest and it’s inhabitants. The Guardian cares for sick and wounded animals, and is often thus occupied.

CAREX && TRIENTALIS — the anxious, easily spooked reed-elf Carex and the shy, fair-voiced flower-elf Trientalis are two of what Missne would consider their friends. They’ve tried to flirt with both, but ultimately to no avail as the two fall in love with each other instead.

ALCESINA — the elk-girl Alcesina is the only one, save the Guardian, who can safely ride astride the elks of the Forest of the Undying. Dark and small of stature, she bears messages between the inhabitants of the Forest from atop the great beasts.

OTHER ELVES && SPIRITS — a colourful mix of flower-elves, berry-elves, tree-spirits, human spirits or ghosts and all sorts of other beings.


The night-beings are more dangerous than the day-beings, and mostly comes forth at night. While the day-beings functions as a society, the night-beings are either solitary or more of a mindless pack.

THE MAN WITH THE MOONLIGHT CAPE — he is said to be the loneliest of all beings in the Forest. One must never look at him, for his eyes turn people to stone. It is said that if someone loves him, his eyes will lose that power, and he will become a day-being as any other.

THE HUNGERERS, THE DEVOURERS && THE BEWILDERERS — dangerous creatures for which one should always be wary at night. The hungerers are known to be small, and as their name suggests they’ll eat anything.

The Bog-Wraiths & The Grey

The bog-wraiths are the most dangerous creatures in the Forest, and live in the middle of the bog in a city called Gråhunga. They hate the day-beings and what to turn all of them Grey. If one says yes to a bog-wraith, they gain control over one’s will, and one will be whisked away to Gråhunga and almost certainly turned Grey.

KING AG — the king of the bog-wraiths. He sits upon a throne in Gråhunga.

AGEL ARÁGEL — chief persuader of the bog-wraith, he has tricked many a being; sometimes by changing his appearance to that of a white deer or white-robed man. He has given up on Missne, though, after the pond-elf once threatened to give him a hug.

THE GREY — servants of the bog-wraiths, they’ve lost all their colour and all imagination, and all they know is grey.

Other beings

THE PLAGUE VICTIMS — the ghosts of people who died of the Black Death  in the 14th century. They walk through the Forest at night weeping, and do not show their faces to the day-beings but turn them away as though ashamed. At times, however, they have been heard singing.

THE GIANT — he lives in a mountain deep in the forest, where no one ever goes, and sleeps for a thousand years at a time.

THE OLD IN THE RIVER — old as a riverbed and white as seafoam, the Old in the River is a great, proud horse and a watcher of all waters in the Forest. Missne knows how to charm him, but not even they dare to anger him.

THE SLEEPER — the only one save the giant who sleeps in the Forest. He resides in the crypt below the old church ruin, guarded by two bearded sentinels. The Day-beings ask him for advice, on which he sleeps for years or decades. When he wakes, they gather to hear his answer to their question and ask him a new one. Usually his answers are riddles.


The Hawt Dawg  Man Doll

Started this the other night while talking with @loshka about LiS.
Victoria and Kate from dressing up Hawt Dawg Man with Mustawd Woman’s mustard (idk if that’s her name but that’s what the wikipedia says) based off Kate’s drawing in her hospital room when Max visits her.

Also sketch of Hawt Dawg Man and some fox I painted while trying out a brush that ended up looking kind of like Star Fox ._.

- Please don’t repost/use/post my art on other websites without my permission -

I know surprisingly little about Jack Johnson. Like, I know that he likes banana pancakes and that’s it.
—  white woman, in Boulder, at Bitter Bar

jesus christ, i really hope baby robin and baby neal don’t grow up and decide to go on a date, because can you imagine the awkwardness of that conversation

“hi robin”

“hi neal”

/orders appetizers, small talk

“so, did you know i’m named for my older sister’s deadbeat ex-boyfriend, who was the father of her son, who was also the son of the woman that my sister’s husband was with and spent 300 years trying to avenge before he met her”

“….wow, yeah, that’s awkward. um, breadstick?”

“thanks, robin, so how about you?”

“well…. i was named for my father, by my mother, who was his true love’s evil sister, after she pretended to be his dead wife to get knocked up to have revenge on her sister because…. well, revenge, so yeah… i said that, didn’t i… so then they made up and he died and my mom named me that at his funeral and…”


“yeah…. kind of…. awkward, i guess”



So This is What I've Been Missing

Beca has made sure to steer clear of everyone, especially Chloe and her fellow Bellas. She can’t fall in love with another woman. She can’t. Of corse she has said she was bi but that doesn’t mean everyone approves. She used to get shit for it and there was no way in hell that she would let that happen here. She had watched Cynthia, out and proud and dating. Sometimes she wishes it could be like that for her.

But then she thinks of Jesse. And she knows that it should never happen. He was easy. Funny, not too bad looking, a singer, a dancer. Beca thought she had done well. He was someone who everything was just easy with. Simple and no confusion. She knew exactly where she stood with him. He was her shield, she made sure to remember him when avoiding particularly pretty girls.

Beca made the no touching rule after she met Chloe. She started avoiding the redhead subtlety. Beca wasn’t sure how she would really react if she ever did touch another girl. With girls, everything so much more intense. So special and so beautiful and it stole Beca’s breath away.

But she couldn’t be with a girl. She couldn’t go through what she once had.

But when she meets the Kommissar everything changes. Beca’s brain is fried instantly by the sheer beauty of her. She finds no control over her mouth when she is around the German goddess. Her hair is golden and all Beca can think of is how soft it would feel between her fingers. Her eyes are icy blue and Beca feels frozen on the spot. Her lips are so, so red and Beca wonders if they taste like strawberries or cherries.

It is almost a curse. That low voice, those sinfully long legs with her muscles outlined in her tight pants. Beca has been staring at Kommissar dancing for at least fifteen minutes. She wasn’t extremely put off by their loss, she was far too distracted by Kommissar’s singing ringing in her ears.

“Earth to Beca?” Chloe waves her hand in front of Beca’s face again. “You are practically eye fucking her you know that right?”

Beca’s gaze snaps up to meet Chloe’s. “Can you blame me? It should be illegal for someone to look as good as she does!”

Chloe laughs. “That doesn’t mean you need to eye fuck the competition.”

Beca mutters something under her breath that sounds an awful lot like a “go to hell” to Chloe before standing and making her way over to the bar.

“You have a boyfriend Beca. You need to snap out of it.” Chloe says as she follows her friend.

“Well Im sorry that she is practically a German angel with ruby red lips that are just so kissable-” Beca shakes her head. “What is wrong with me?” She groans.

“Other than your lack of growth?” Kommissar’s voice is right by Beca’s ear, making her jump…

Back into Kommissar.

“Dammit!” Beca feels a blush creep onto her cheeks at the feeling of being pressed against Kommissar.

Chloe shoots Beca a warning glare before disappearing back into the crowd.

“Sure, leave me to deal with the flawless, sexy leader of out rivals! Wimp!” Beca calls after Chloe’s retreating form.

When Beca turns back to Kommissar she has one perfect eyebrow raised and a small, confident smirk dancing on those perfect lips and all Beca can think of is wanting to smack it off of her face. Or kiss it off.

She groans internally. She has a boyfriend. She has a boyfriend. She has Jesse. She has-

Smooth, long fingers cup the side of her face, red lips inches from hers. “Flawless? Sexy?” Kommissar sounds questioning but smug, as though she knows they are both true but likes that Beca has noticed this as well.

Beca can’t stop staring into those blue eyes and she is drowning slowly. She can’t breath, what is air? All she can process is the sweet smell of cinnamon clouding her sense and-

Then those lips are against hers and she can’t hold back the content sigh that falls from her lips. Years of not allowing herself to really feel love and now she is on overdrive. She decides Kommissar tastes like strawberries.

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Steggy film noir AU (bonus: skinny!steve)

Ohhh good one!

  • Peggy Carter was a disgraced federal agent, too willing to do whatever was necessary to get the job done. She made a name for herself in all the wrong circles, and after her fall from grace, she became the fixer, the woman who would find the person who couldn’t be found, catch the person who couldn’t be caught, destroy the person who couldn’t be destroyed.
  • Steve Rogers was an artist who was loved by all but known by few. When his best friend James “Bucky” Barnes went missing after weeks of muttering strange names in his sleep and late night meetings with shady figures, he knew that the regular authorities would not be his allies in his attempts to find his best friend.
  • Peggy was halfway through a bottle of whiskey when the slight blond man with power behind his gaze strode into her office, lip bleeding and one eye almost swollen shut. He threw a file down on her desk (narrowly missing the now useless badge she had stolen on her way out from the agency) and said two words that made the room spin (and not because of the whiskey): “Red Skull.”
  • The file, according to Steve, had been obtained by him from some less than morally upright members of the police force, and he wanted to hire Peggy to help him find Bucky and retrieve him from the hold of the man who had ruined Peggy’s life, killed her brother, and engineered her expulsion from the job and the world in which she had thrived. (She said yes, because how could she not take this chance for vengeance)
  • Their search took two years and 1200 cups of coffee, late-night meetings in back alleys and early-morning discussions on a bench three blocks from Peggy’s flat. Even as they became consumed with ending the reign of the Red Skull, Peggy found herself sitting close enough to Steve that their thighs touched, and Steve found himself looking for excuses to touch her forearm, her brown curls, her cheek. 
  • She thought she lost him in their grand attempt to destroy the Red Skull and save Bucky from his clutches, and the dancing date they had foolishly made before infiltrating his stronghold hung heavy on her heart for eighteen months, until Steve showed up at her door, a foot taller and towing a man with a metal arm behind him, telling stories of serums and winter fortresses and a too-long sleep
  • (Every time they danced, in clubs and their flat and on a picnic at the park, he stepped on her feet. But that was okay, because she stepped on his too)

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@leah-nmimind-letsrp  Continued from here. 

Adrian growled, revealing his long canines. “ You want to know my name?” 
with the collar and shackles off, he lunged forward. wrapping his hand around her throat, and squeezing, before fists smacked the side of his head. Then Adrian was pulled away, a shock collar forced around his neck. 

He glared at the woman, growling again. “ You might have bought me, but you don’t own me.” 


Marty bounced his knee up and down nervously. He still couldn’t quite believe that he was even here, that he was messed up enough to even consider going to one of these places. But here he was. And with any luck, here was where he could get fixed.

On hearing his name being called, he stood up and saw the door to the office open. For a moment, he considered turning tail and running, but he forced himself to smile at the woman holding the door open for him and step inside.