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“IchiRuki is friendship.”

“Canonically Ichihime is hinted at so much.”

“Ichigo and Rukia are not friends.” - Kubo Tite. Loads of IchiRuki moments here and more - canonically by Kubo Tite. Fade to Black movie, “the change in their feelings.” by Kubo Tite.

IchiRuki is not friendship. But idk, what about Ichihime? Who is Orihime to Ichigo? Starting with “F” and ending with “D”, oh I know:

Ok, first saying us IchiRuki must be plain girls to ship Rukia with Ichigo, failed, and then: “Shipping IchiRuki is a perfect example of fans that can’t let male/female friendship be just friendship and start shipping them.”

Failed twice.

Now really:

Hellfire - Part 2

Summary: Dean and Y/N meet in hell, befriending each other, trying to hold onto their humanity. What happens when Dean gets saved and Y/N doesn’t?

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1663

Warnings: Angst, torture, violence, ya know, things that happen in Hell

A/N: This series would not have happened if it weren’t for @impala-dreamer. She beta’d this whole thing, listened to me whine about it, and made this kick ass aesthetic for it!



Much to your annoyance, you became Alastair’s little pet. He became obsessed with teaching you all the different ways of torture. That was the only thing keeping you going, the thrill of using a person’s body against them. There wasn’t one human or demon that you couldn’t get information out of. Alastair was always pleased with your work, so much so that he let you leave hell. You left and returned as you pleased. As long as you tortured whoever was put in front of you, Alastair let you do whatever you wanted.

You decided to find Dean Winchester. It was his fault you were like this. Alastair told you he was alive and had an angel working with him. You watched the Winchesters from afar, never letting them know of your presence. You saw the poor, pathetic angel who saved Dean from hell. You watched as Sam drank demon blood and went mad.

You saw Sam kill your mentor, Alastair. He was the only demon you answered to so you were free then, free to do whatever you wanted. You watched as Sam killed Lilith, breaking the final seal, freeing Lucifer from his cage. You watched as the war between the Angels and the Demons continued. You saw Crowley hand over The Colt and its bullets in hopes that it would kill Lucifer. You followed them to the town where Ellen and Jo had died and where they failed to kill Lucifer. You sat and watch as Dean got beat so bad that he was almost unrecognizable. You watched as Sam jumped into the pit. Dean’s world was crumbling around him and that brought you great joy. Then Dean chickened out; he quit the hunting life.

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Nicknames: Aeedee, AD… it used to stand for an alias I don’t even use anymore lmao, so now it’s just.. its own brand..
Gender: NB
Star Sign: Cancer
MBTI Type: ISFJ… it says a lot about me tbh!
Height: smol. barely over 5′
Time: 10:50PM
Birthday: june 23
Favorite Bands: exo, shinee, monsta x.. non-kpop includes phantogram, patrick wolf (where’s the new music bro), florence + the machine, sia, adele, coldplay..
Favorite Solo Artists: kim jongdae, kim junmyeon, kim jongin, park chanyeol,
Song Stuck In My Head: KKB, aka bop of the year, don’t fight me on this please.
Last Movie I Watched: Valerian. It was… /heavy sigh
Last Show I Watched: shows…? exist? idk what shows are klf;sdf
When Did I Create My Blog: 2010. wow.
Last Thing I Googled: exo kai oeil, cause I have no self control and I’m buying it with money I shouldn’t spend.
Do You Have Other Blogs: Yeah. (nsfw) adsnotsafe, @aeedee-art (gathering dust), and @exoincolor. RIP to the pcy blog I ran for like, two weeks.
Do You Get Asks: Sometimes in small waves! I really love it, thank you :(
Why Did You Choose Your URL: I wanted my longer alias and it was taken, but this turned into a blessing in disguise since I grew to like it more.
Following: 123 (I’m.. kind of selective)
Followers: over 1K and i love each and every one of you (except for the bots)
Favorite Color: Cyan
Average Hours of Sleep: 4-6
Lucky Number: 24 (hey, you stole mine)
Instruments: no I am Terrible at them. I couldn’t even play the recorder.
How Many Blankets Do I Sleep In: 1
Dream Job: a writer / artist, but also I would love to write for musicals.. I was thinking of that again today..
Dream Trip: Hong Kong, but many others too..
Favorite Food: anything involving bread?
Nationality: ethnicity is black / mexican but nationality is american? this question is always kinda weird, yeah.

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Nickname: Shawa! Every time I present myself, I go by Shawa. I don’t think anyone calls me by my real name anymore.

Gender: Female

Star Sign: I’m a Libra!

Height: 5ft11

Time: 15:12

Birthday: September 29th 1999

Favorite Bands: NCT, k.a.r.d, Blackpink, Super Junior, Shinee, Red Velvet, Exo, Coldplay, Hedley, 5 seconds of summer.

Favorite Solo Artist(s): Christina Perri, Carly Rae Jepsen, Taeyeon,

Song Stuck in my Head: Hymn for the weekend By Coldplay ever since the concert.

Last Movie I Watched: The Maze runner

Last Show I Watched: Shadowhunters

When Did I Create This Blog: At the end of May

What Do I Post: a bunch of incorrect quotes and I reblog a couple of things. I also make moodboards from time to time!

Last Thing I Googled: Alprazolam…

Do You Have Any Other Blogs: Yup! My main blog which is @sweetlyjoyfulmeee 

Do You Get Asks: from time to time and I’m so happy every time I get them!

Why Did You Choose This Blog Name:  I don’t even know, I was not very original with it either!

Following: 158

Followers: 1039 and so so so thankful

Favorite Colors: purple, mint, and blue

Average Hours of Sleep: my sleep schedule is so messed up, I don’t even know

Lucky Number: 9

Instruments: Piano, drum. Clarinet, guitar, and a few more.

What am I Wearing: Some sweatpants and a red flannel

How Many Blankets Do I Sleep With: 2-5

Dream Job: I really want to be a social worker!

Dream Trip: Greece and Hawai!

Favorite Food: I love Thai food!

Nationality: Canadian  ethnically Native American

Favorite Song Now: With you by Chris Brown. Pretty old, I know..

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36:"A thunderstorm is rolling through town and you’re scared of lightening/thunder so I’ll protect you'' pretty please?

modern au that was meant to be a drabble but got out of hand / thunderstorms, rum and tea lights never mixed quite as well as this

like the wind is blowing

She first notices the change in his features when they announce it on the weather channel. The potential for such a storm had been announced at the beginning of the week and tonight the meteorologist just reiterates what the grey skies all day had clued them in on—rain, thunder, lighting, and oh should we just tack on ‘worst thunderstorm this month’ already?

With the tires on the bug only safe enough to drive to work or the nearest tire shop without rain pounding on the streets, she had promised Henry he could sleep over at his friend’s house if the storm had actually approached. She didn’t think she’d have to trade someone’s excitement for someone else’s utter dread at the situation. 

The first flash of lightning stills him at the armchair he had nestled into moments ago and when the crack of thunder rolls through five seconds later, his knuckles turn white around the mug in his hand. The second wave that rolls through shakes the windows, causing him to shake in response. 

She had invited him over at Henry’s insistence. The kid had a knack for multi-tasking; while he pleaded with Emma to allow the sleepover, he had also asked her to invite Killian over. Leave it to her son to befriend their neighbor better than she had, so much so that he probably knows why thunderstorms affect him so and she’s still at a loss. 

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nicknames: i really don’t one. everyone just calls me by my full name haha

gender: female

star sign: Leo^^


height: 150 cm (im tiny lol)

time: 22:45

birthday: August 14^^

favorite bands: EXO, 2NE1 (i miss them), Big Bang, little mix, destiny’s child (doesnt exist anymore but they were awesome!)

favorite solo artists: Z.tao, beyonce, rihanna, adele, sam smith, troye sivan, boa, bruno mars, neyo, alicia keys, usher, jessi j, lee hyori

song stuck in my head: still in time (where’s the mv T_T) and wild thoughts.

last movie i watched: transformers: the last knight

last show i watched: 2 Moons (this show is so cute!)

when did i create my blog: i forgot the exact year lol. all i know is I created it a few years ago.

last thing i googled: psychiatric and mental health nursing (mainly for my essay assignment) 

do you have other blogs: i have a sideblog but i dont really use it anymore.

do you get asks: occasionally from my beautiful and amazing mutuals. from anons: not really (anyone who wants to talk about anything feel free to drop by and message/ask ^_^)

why did you choose your URL: i will always love taohun hehe

following: 458

followers: 862 (who I really appreciate & cherish)

favorite color: white, black, red, yellow, pastel pink

average hours of sleep: 7-9 (depends really)

lucky number: 8

instruments: none (wish i studied playing even one)

what am i wearing: sweatpants and black shirt

how many blankets do i sleep with: usually one. during winter: two

dream job: nurse:)

dream trip: Japan, korea, LA, germany, paris

favorite food: everything that my mum cooks haha

nationality: filo-australian

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i ship bruce banner with…..everyone. including Natasha. (Shrug emoji) idk fam I like their dynamic.

I’d hate to lose fellow bruce banner fans over the fact, but I like what I like, y'know?? I’ll take anything that gives me the warm and fuzzies at this point in life.

My tag for them is otp: of monsters and men if you want to blacklist it. If you wanna unfollow, I understand too. Other people like what they like too!! Just know that I’m glad to have known you as a fellow bruce banner fan, and I hope to see you around, even if we aren’t mutuals anymore!!

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name: margaux
nickname: marg, margie
zodiac sign: aquarius
height: 5′ 3″
orientation: confused gay
nationality + ethnicity: belgian + white bread
favorite season: fall
favorite book: anna karenina
favorite flower: peonis
favorite scent: every time i buy a new perfume + petrol
favorite color: blue
favorite animal: cats
coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: tea and hot chocolate
average hours of sleep: 7-8
cats or dogs: cats but also dogs
number of blankets you sleep with: one
dream trip: new york / road trip through the uk

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nicknames: madi

gender: female

starsign: aries

height: barely 5′3

time: 12:46

birthday: 04/01/01

fav bands: my bias groups are red velvet and gfriend but I have a ton more.

Fav solo artists: dean, heize, and suran.

song stuck in my head: Syd by Dean

last movie watched: to the bone

last show watched: Bob’s Burgers

when did I create my blog: i don’t even fucking know anymore

when do i post: whenever but my queue is set to post every 15 minutes

last thing I googled: milk makeup

do I have other blogs: I have my junji ito blog and studyblr.

do i get any asks: not much but i transcend every time I get one.. so.. shoot me some asks.

why did I choose my url: I watched a movie on netflix called Okja (really good- everyone should watch it.) and I was really inspired i guess.

following: 4000 something… 4873..

followers: 397 (thank you!)

favorite colors: light pink, white, lavender, wine, and green.

average hours of sleep: 7-9 hours

lucky number: don’t have one but my favorite number is 9

instruments: clarinet (just like squidward)

what I’m wearing: a grey long sleeve and some black and white athletic shorts.

how many blankets: i just had surgery so I have a ton of blankets. I have five.

dream job: environmental scientist or environmental engineer.. or a dermatologist

dream trip: germany or southeast asia.

favorite food: rice, tofu, fake chicken, and steamed broccoli in a bowl.

fav song: probably starman by David Bowie but I have a ton.

nationality: american and Panamanian.

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name: kimmy!
nickname: kimmy is my nickname lol
zodiac sign: pisces

nationality: american
fave fruit: mm probably strawberries because i never get tired of them
fave season: summerrrr
fave flower: sunflowers i guess
fave scent: 
fave colour: blue forever
fave animal: cats? i love most animals that aren’t rats

fave song: she moves in her own way- the kooks

average hours of sleep: i try for 8
fave fictional character: blair from gossip girl 
number of blankets you sleep with: between 1 and 3
dream trip: I want to go anywhere tropical and beachy! can’t get enough of the ocean
blog created: almost 2 years ago in august 2015

i tag: @claireebairee @ithvka and anyone else who follows me and wants to do it!


Happy birthday to VIXX’s youngest (and arguably evilest) member! Thank you for bringing an additional avenue of laughter to the group with your antics (although it wouldn’t hurt to rein them in just a little)! Even though you’re much younger, your perseverance and willingness to learn are admirable, and just charting your growth throughout these years is incredibly encouraging. Knowing how much you’ve to sacrifice, but still being willing to take the leap to achieve your dreams has imbued me with the confidence to try and pursue my own too. Thank you for being born! #HappyHyukDay

TURKEYS! I was tagged by @johnlockequalslove and @yorkiepug to make a Thanksgiving hand turkey, because Americans are weird and have Thanksgiving in November. Tagged twice, so I did two of them and of course they’re Johnlock turkeys. So you two can fight over which turkey you want. And I don’t know how to make hand turkeys. So I decided to show off, because that’s what I like to do. I miss drawing.

And yes, I actually did trace my left and right hands… I made John my left handed turkey, ‘cause he’s left handed, GET IT. HAH HAH. My Sherlock Turkey is wonky because I’m not ambidextrous, and the right hand was traced really woobly.

And I just realised my turkeys have no feet wtf. Hope y’all like my gay turkeys, anyway.

@calicoskatts, because she likes my shitty art XD. Tagging all my followers who haven’t done this, please tag me so I can see! :D

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I think people are forgetting the art direction of The Answer. I don't think Blue Diamonds Pearl was blue because she's blue in real life. She was blue because of the stylistic art choice of the episode. Even Ruby and Sapphire were all red and all blue respectively in the sky arena scenes, even though we know they have a little more color than that. The Blue Pearl probably has a more complicated color scheme than we think

That’s what I was thinking, ngl.