i don't know the rest of the ships names

Okay so like we can assume that Fruit, Apple, FallenAngel, and Predatorshipping are canon but like what about Bracelet or Fuchsia or Tag and so on? Like you can’t expect me to believe that the counterparts would only have a strong bond with their respective dimensional other.

Doesn’t matter who’s out:

Ruri will give the Yuus a kiss on the cheek before he leaves.

Yuzu will always reach for the Yuus hand when they walk together.

Rin gets a bit too close to the Yuus face when she fixes their tie and teases them about their red face.

Serena will rest on the Yuus shoulder after a long day of dueling.

Yuya when he introduces the girls during an entertainment duel spends like five minutes gushing about how amazing the said girl is.

Yugo always being hands on (when he’s permitted) with the girls. All the hugs.

Yuto spooning the girls when they sleep. Afraid that they’ll somehow disappear again.

Yuri whispering inappropriate things into the girls ears, mainly in public because he loves seeing them get flustered.

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Relationship status: single
Favourite colour: black/silver/gray
Lipstick or chapstick: i don’t know the difference lol
Last song you listened to: fire in my bones by fleurie (i’m in a Dancing Mood)
Last movie you watched: the answer to this one is always interstellar :’)
Top 3 characters: aleksander morozova, holland vosijk, jonathan morgenstern/sebastian verlac/whatever his name is
Top 3 ships: darkles sparkles x being alive, holland vosijk x getting some rest, jonathan morgenstern x being dead
Books you are currently reading: crown of midnight by whats her name, the near witch by victoria schwab
Top 5 musicals: ???

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just for heads up..

So I saw this post and a companion post about comparison of Victor and John Cameron Mitchell by @victuri-onice

 and then looking back at spoon .2Di. He is the reference of victor. Kubo sensei said it herself.

 I haven’t done much research and I actually haven’t seen Hedwig and the angry inch. This is a floppy research tbh (based on my gut feelings only)

So I’m talking as someone who never knew these people

Here are some parallels I figured out over internet :

1. He is a co-founder and DJ of the long-running New York City monthly party “Mattachine”  - Wikipedia

2.  His collab partner, musician-componist Stephen Trask

nah this is first picture I found on google images I swear

okay, this is where I felt like this thoughts of mine is slipping. I have not found any source stating who his lover is. But Mitchell did have an ex boyfriend who he claimed to be his half, jack steeb. This is why I made this post at first place,  bcs I can’t find anything precise about his relationship. Scold me later

Now no 3 and the rest willl follow up the point no 2, just to justify my thoughts

not that I ship them but

3. Their age difference


4. Their ages when they first meet on 1990

I don’t know haha

Gimme your thoughts. I’m sloppy when it comes to research thus bad marks so..

Edit : I forgot who is being interviewed tbh perhaps not kubo sensei

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BTS reaction if they get shipped with they Idol s/o even when People don't Know they actually Date in real life (they also got a Cute couple Name) ?

BTS Reaction To Being Shipped With Their Idol S/O(Not Public Yet) 

(A/n:(Ship name) means you know your name and the bts members name combined just encase some ppl didn’t know) ^.^ Enjoy <3


He would be a on talk show with the rest of BTS when the MC had asked him if he knew you “I hear lots of your fans can see you and (y/n) together” the crowd would cheer making jin blush and the others members laugh because you guys were dating it just wasn’t official yet. “AIsh, is that so” he’d play it cool, but still blushing. “They even have this cute name for you guys (insert ship name)”. That would make him blush, he’d be sure to tell you all what happened on the show when he got back to the dorms.


“Fans say (y/n) and you would make a cute couple, what do you think suga-hyung?” the radio show host would ask him. He’d stutter for a second, from shock of the question,but would make up an illogical excuse and change the topic, since he didn’t wanna risk saying anything about you guys relationship just yet. “Ah (y/n)-noona makes good music, you know it reminds of back in my days…”


Being on Mnet, they decided to hold an ‘Ask BTS’ episode dedicated for the fans to find out all about their idols. “From ‘I’mUrHope: how do you feel about (y/n) hobi? Can you please make (ship name) happen hobi-oppa!” MC jin spoke laughing at the question, jhope couldn’t help but smile, still keeping the relationship a secret he gave a answer that’d give fans a hint about the two of you “(Ship name), huh? That’s really cute, are you watching (Y/n)?” he’d laugh

Rap Monster:

Host: “Rumor has it you and (y/n) have been getting closer these days, is their anything going on between the two of you?” everyone would lean in awaiting his answer, but rap monster being surprised by the question would choke on his water laughing a little “huh? (y/n) and me.. well um..” he’s try to play it cool but end up knocking over his water.


It was on After School Club when they went on live chats with fans that jimin was suddenly questioned about what kind of relationship he had with famous idol (y/n), since dispatch had gotten many pictures of them together. He’d become shy when it came to talk about you and jimin especially since you guys weren’t public “we’re just really good friends” he’d blush having the other members laugh(gif ft.jungkook) since they knew you guys were dating


BTS was back once more on Weekly Idol, but this time instead of dancing to girl group songs, random order songs, they were talking about relationships for the first half of the show instantly starting with v. “V-hyung is quite popular with female fans, but he seems close to (y/n) the most, so, what’s the real relationship between you two” taehyung would just smile happily giving it away without words.


He’d act like he didn’t know, on ASC during a live fan broadcast some armies wanted to know if he knew who you where and rather or not you guys were together. “Jungkook-oppa, are you with (y/n)!” one fan asked “you’d guys be cute together let (ship name) happen” the other would say. Jungkook would just stare at them(jungshook) “um..”

A simple fandom guide

The voltron fandom is…well not the best place to be at the moment, but the show is great and a lot of people just want to enjoy it.

So by request and so that other fans don’t have to experience all this negativity and hate i made this post.
Sorry, it’s long and I am 100% sure I have made some grammar mistakes. So I put it under ‘read more’.

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Title: Geronimo
Pairing(s): Gavin/Ryan/Jon
Rating: Slightly NSFW
Word Count: 4,100
Summary: The five times Gavin wanted nothing more than to say “I love you,” and the one time he did.


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Overwatch plus Game Grumps
  • Lucio: "The Rumor Come Out: Does Jack Morrison Is Gay?"
  • Junkrat: BAHAHAHahahahahhaah *wheeze* hahahahaaha *squeak*
  • Lucio: *snickers*
  • Junkrat: *wheeze, then pause* I DUNNO, DOES HE?
  • Lucio: WELL, I've said--they sent that, uh, to my friend Hana, so--she went deeper down the rabbit hole and like, read the article, and sent it back to me. And she was like, "you're going to want to read this." SO! Allow me to take the next twenty seconds--
  • Junkrat: uh-huh
  • Lucio: --to read you an excerpt--
  • Junkrat: *giggle*
  • Lucio: --of the "Does Jack Morrison Is Gay" rumor mill.
  • Junkrat: eheeheeheeyeah, 'cause I've thought that same thing myself
  • Lucio: Yeah!
  • Junkrat: "does Jack Morrison is gay?"
  • Lucio: pffhehehehe
  • Junkrat: I have to know!
  • Lucio: Ahem.
  • Junkrat: I does is have to know.
  • Lucio: "Jack Morrison is gay is the most discussed in the media in the few years ago."
  • Junkrat: *snorts, giggles*
  • Lucio: "Even it has happened in 2075, but some of the public still curious about what is exactly happening to be the reason there is a rumor comes out about his gay."
  • Junkrat: *dying laughing* Oh my God, I can't believe this is real, mate
  • Lucio: "At that time he became the massive social networking rumor. The public, especially his fans, are shocked. He just came out with his bad rumor which has spread massively. This time, is not about his Overwatch career, but about his bad rumor. The rumor is out of standardize of hoax. According to the last reported the Strike-Commander revealed himself as homosexual. Do you still believe or not? This rumor is really much talked by people even in a person of his fans."
  • Junkrat: whoaaa
  • Lucio: So I hope that cleared that up for you.
  • Junkrat: So, I--
  • Lucio: yeah
  • Junkrat: Did he actually come out as gay??
  • Junkrat: not really
  • Lucio: My god, that was like
  • Junkrat: does jack morrison is gay?
  • Lucio: "Does Jack Morrison is gay", it's a question that will haunt me for the rest of my life
  • Junkrat: EVERY DAY

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Just a thought--I think it's interesting that FB groups are now getting advanced notice of things... after Jess (and Purv--though I don't mean to equate them at all-*shudder*) closed her blog. When Jess was open for business, she was the one who got, for instance, MM's full name dropped as an anon ask before she showed up anywhere. Now? Move on to FB groups. (I would *love* to know who's dropping all the info)

It does appear that what you propose is indeed what is happening. With the closure of the two main information sources on Tumblr, the one aimed at the anti shipping community and the other functioning as a clearinghouse for all the rest- shippers and neutral fans combined- whoever is promoting this narrative has had to change their information dissemination tactics a bit and the tightly closed Facebook fan groups seem like a good choice. In exchange for what amounts to a private meet and greet session with Sam in their own local supermarket they simply had to leak a few pics at the appropriate times to the fandom as a whole. And they may not even be aware of their role as advance press, anon, it’s an easy enough thing to send info to them the, same as we have been getting in our inboxes, to watch for Sam in NC. Send enough messages and one or two of them is bound to get published. The tweet where one of them said that she “heard you’ll be in Fraser country” bears witness to someone who is spreading that info around to this group.
There seem to be a few problems with the whole set up though. The amount of “advance publicity” that is being done through anons on tumblr, and people sending out tweets prior to these “appearances” is way over the top and makes them appear quite orchestrated. We had been told to look for Sam in NC for weeks and then lo and behold he turns up in the local grocery, camera ready and dressed for an appearance, and conveniently standing, not in the paper products aisle, or even the canned goods or the dairy section, but in the produce section-in front of the kale display. Could it get any more “orchestrated” than that? In fact it was almost a carbon copy of the appearance he made for MPC in a Baltimore MD grocery- right down to the clothes and the hat he was wearing. The two ladies whose pics were chosen to be leaked, out of the probably many from that group who showed up to meet him, looked suitably surprised to see him, but really nothing about the whole thing seemed at all spontaneous.

As to who is dropping all this “information” about Sam and his private life. It is probably the same group all along- that is whoever it is who wants to promote the idea of a relationship between Sam and MM. The studio probably has the most to gain here from pairing Sam, one of their top draws, with one of their struggling actresses. MM is clearly quite pleased with the increase in social media followers and the attention they are bringing to her career and her projects, and Sam gets the cover for his personal life which it seems that the studio is also requiring. It’s a win- win from the studio’s perspective and they don’t seem to be too concerned with the damage that this campaign is doing to both of the participants as MM has not been particularly discreet about her time spent with Billy recently. And Sam has, as usual, not done anything to hide his feelings for Cait. It makes the whole thing with Sam and MM look contrived and ridiculous and the more the hard selling of this “relationship” continues the more ridiculous looking it gets. Neither the professional publicity group working on this, or the Facebook fangroup amateurs they are using to get the information out have any grasp of the concept of subtlety. It’s their fervor to make sure that everyone is looking at just the exact spot they should be that to me reveals the whole game.

Since it’s apparently public service announcement season, I have one of my own.

Tom, (so far of course, since we don’t know what will happen in S4), hasn’t done anything wrong.

As far as we know, he’s just a normal bloke who fell in love and proposed to his girl. Molly was using him to get over Sherlock. Molly was being uncharacteristically cruel, especially as someone who knows what it’s like to have your feelings used and abused.

Tom doesn’t deserve to be called “stupid” or get stupid names just because he has some odd resemblance to Sherlock or just because he isn’t as incredibly brilliant as Sherlock.

His meat dagger theory was out there, but it actually had a good thought to it. And he wasn’t showing off. He was just muttering to himself, and Sherlock went all smug assh*le on him and put him on the spotlight. Tom was awkward, but he isn’t stupid for having his own theories. Greg had a theory and it’s also awkward and it’s also wrong and it flipping involved a dwarf, but no one is calling him stupid.

Tom also didn’t deserve to get laughed at just because his fiancée stabbed him with a fork.

That was physical abuse, and just because his comment was uncalled for doesn’t mean Molly had the right to stab him. Janine made ridiculous, baseless comments that were directly insulting to John, Molly, Mycroft and Mrs. Hudson (“I’m the ONLY one who knows what kind of man you are.”). Does she deserve to get stabbed on the hand?

Tom doesn’t deserve ridicule just because he doesn’t have the safeguard of being a woman. Just because he’s male doesn’t mean it’s alright to call him all kinds of obviously degrading names or bash him. He didn’t do anything wrong. If anyone did anything wrong, it was Molly, for playing with his feelings and agreeing to marry him even though she obviously loved someone else.

Janine annoys the hell out of me. Yes, part of it was because she literally said sex in her first conversation with Sherlock. However, most of it was because she used him like a gadget to scope out dates, told him she wished he wasn’t what he was after hours of knowing him, and told him she’s the only one who knew him after a month of “courtship”. She annoys me. I cringed with all the lovey-dovey flirting and the kiss but I didn’t care because I knew it was beyond fake. It really really irked me, though, but I don’t call her “fake-Mrs.Holmes” or something derogatory like that, just to push the issue that Sherlock only used her and she had no idea that she wasn’t really going to be Mrs. Holmes. Why do we need to call Tom “fake” when he’s just probably being himself?

I’m a lot like Irene Adler. It’s funny, because I didn’t really like the BBC version, but when it comes to being the femme fatale, the witty sarcastic untrustworthy men-are-so-predictable woman, I’m quite like her. So if an Irene Adler fan falls in love with me, do I deserve to be called “fake-Adler” or “fake-Woman”?

Besides, let’s say Tom /is/ stupid. In the sense that he isn’t as scientifically adept as Molly, or as brilliantly observant as Sherlock. SO WHAT?

We should not be discriminating against women who are sexually aggressive. Alright, I’m fine with that. Even Jesus was kind to a prostitute. On that same line, shouldn’t we be accommodating to people who aren’t as smart as we are? I’m a big conservative prude, but I won’t call my friend who’s slept with at least 13 men so far a slut. I’m good in math, very good in it actually, and I topped the chemical engineering batch in my country’s national university, but I don’t freaking call people who can’t list noble gases or do logarithmic problems or don’t know what temperature sugar starts to turn into caramel “stupid” or “idiotic” just because of that. Tom gets one theory wrong and suddenly he’s too stupid for Molly? 

He might have been kind to Molly. He might have been just a sweet, gentle giant who adored the pathologist we all adore. He might have been insecure at the wedding, being the odd one out and probably sensing all the longing looks Molly was giving Sherlock. He might have been hurt. He might have been wondering what he could do so Molly would look at him in that way. He might have been wondering whether Molly was really happy with him. For all we know, he might have been the one who broke off the engagement, wanting to let Molly go because he’d rather see her happy than have her in his arms. He might have really cared for Molly. He might have genuinely loved her.

And it’s sad, because all we’d rather speculate about him is that meat dagger was the best thing that could come out of his brain. Feminists argue that Irene Adler may have had some untold backstory that forced her to blackmail her clients who trusted her and use Sherlock’s inexperience with sex to help his arch enemy terrorize England. Feminists argue that Janine was doing nothing wrong, Sherlock asked her to be his girlfriend and she just accepted and she may have just been too happy to see that it was all a lie and maybe she really did believe that she’s the only one who knows him. She sold Sherlock to tabloids with lies as revenge, and feminists celebrate this. Tell me, if Tom told tabloids that Molly (had she been famous) was some sort of sex addict with weird fetishes, then made money out of those lies, will we celebrate him too? After all, it’s also revenge, considering Molly used him to get over another man!

Yes, the Sherlolly tag is, in my opinion, such a friendly and fun and accommodating tag. And we have some of the most wonderful feminists in the Sherlock fandom. I’m glad about that. BUT. Let’s look at how we’ve been treating Tom. We’re telling him that he should go away, that’s he’s stupid, that he’s in idiot, that he’s nothing but an imitation, that he’s second rate. All based on the fact that he wears similar clothes to Sherlock (whom he’s probably never seen before), one wrong theory, and Molly stabbing him with a fork. Feminists would never ever do that to a woman in the same situation, especially with such baseless comments. Is it suddenly okay to do that to Tom just because he seems to just exist for comic relief? Or is it as I fear, and we do that because he’s male and it’s okay to poke fun at him since the rest of society pokes fun at the females?

No, I’m not saying we should go ahead and hate on the women so it’d be fair. Everybody says that supporting a ship doesn’t mean you have to push another character down. Tom should also be covered by that rule.