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His eyes were narrowed in that way people do when they’re trying hard to appear casual, but it was obvious this story was anything but casual to him.
                                       They were just such small hurts, you know?

A small part of Gansey suspected what hearing his own name really meant. He knew it, probably, by the time his friends came to his car’s rescue an hour later. He knew it, probably, when the psychics at 300 Fox Way read a tarot card for him. He knew it, probably, when he retold the entire story to Roger Malory in person. 

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Hey, could you please write about Jealous Harry? Not violent,crazy, impossible things but something where you're not properly a couple but you have a thing for each other, and he has made you a little jealous before and now he finds himself in your position when you're casually flirting with another guy? And this guy being really charming and you know hot flirt? I know this is really detailed I'm so sorry, totally understand if you don't want to! I really like your writings!

Ah yes, jealous Harry. Good stuff.
Thanks so much for reading my works, and thank you for requesting! I hope you enjoy!
I’ll try to get through all of my requests, but I am a slow writer, so please bear with me. x

You pull your buzzing phone from your pocket and your heart does a little flip when you see the name of the caller across the screen. It’s been a while since you’d last seen Harry. To be fair, you were ignoring him because he was the one who had been flirty with one of the girls from the studio. You know at times he’s naturally flirty- that’s just the way Harry is- but you are still bitter about it and you’ve been blowing off plans with him without giving him a clue as to why.

You pick up the phone after it rings twice and greet him with a soft “hi, H.”

“Are you off work? Thought maybe we could grab dinner or something.” Harry’s voice is so smooth through the speaker you feel a smile form on your lips.

“I’m actually going to get after-work drinks with someone.” You almost feel bad for blowing him off again until a thought crosses your mind. This would be the perfect time for you to get back at him for making you jealous before. “Hey! You should come with us, he’s a really sweet guy and I’m sure you guys will get along.”

Harry hesitates because he doesn’t want to intrude, but you know he eventually says yes because he doesn’t want you getting drinks with another guy alone.

When Harry arrives at the bar, you’re already seated next your coworker in one of the booths. He struts over and settles himself across from the two of you after introducing himself. You notice the way Harry’s brows knit together when he notices how close you’re sitting with the man next to you- so close that your elbow brushes up against the side of his arm whenever you lean in to speak- and you smirk at him and proceed to order a round of shots.

Harry can’t deny that your coworker is handsome, but he also can’t deny thinking that you should be sitting next to him in the booth and not next to some bloke who works in the IT department, especially in the tipsy state that you’re in.

You laugh a bit too loudly than you intend to when your coworker cracks a joke, and you look over to where Harry is staring daggers at you.

“Isn’t he just so funny?”

“Quite funny,” Harry replies to you through gritted teeth, and you proceed to hook your arm over the man’s shoulders.

At this point Harry seems to have snapped.

“Wow, just look at the time,” Harry says before he stands up from his seat to come around to your side and tug at your arm.

You whine as Harry drags you out of the booth and grabs your purse from the table.

“We should leave, you know,” Harry looks at you and you feel him give your arm a light squeeze. “Before we’re late for that thing.”

Before your coworker can ask what thing, Harry’s leading you out of the bar and down the street in the direction of your apartment. You walk with Harry in silence for about two blocks before you start to worry. Of all the times you’ve upset him, he’s never given you the silent treatment before. Maybe this time you’ve really done it.

When the two of you get to a less busy part of the street, you pull Harry’s arm to stop him from walking.

“That was quite rude to leave my coworker there all of the sudden, don’t you think?”

“He likes you, you know that right? I didn’t think you’d be naive enough to let it get past you.” You expected to hear the annoyance in Harry’s voice, but the slight jab of his words catches you by surprise.

“I don’t want anything to happen. Not with him.”

“So you’re just going to openly flirt with some bloke right in front of me?”

“To be fair, you started it when you were flirting with the new producer last week. This was only a joke.”

Harry lets out an exasperated sigh. “Don’t joke around like that,” he says under his breath.

You feel a pang of guilt before you take a step closer to Harry and reach for his hand.

“I like you,” you remind him and he moves his fingers to lace them in between yours. “And if I want you, then you don’t need to worry about who wants me, alright?”

There’s a time and place for everything, and while you and Harry have individual things to work out before jumping into a relationship with each other, the feelings are definitely there, and Harry doesn’t ever hesitate when it comes to telling you he’d wait forever for you.

“Just don’t gets drinks with guys like him anymore,” Harry scrunches his nose at the mention of your coworker.

“No more games,” You promise. “Now let’s go back to mine so we can watch a rom com or something.”

Your Name Kallura AU

Fandom: Voltron Legendary Defender

Pairing: Kallura

Word Count: 3113

Part One

           “Princess Allura, Princess Allura. Up goes the sun, a new day has begun! It is time to awake, Princess.”

           The first thing that Allura registered was that she was being gently shaken awake by her royal advisor, Coran. She struggled to free herself from sleep’s hazy clutches, but she couldn’t completely shake off the feeling that she was forgetting something.

           “I am awake, Coran,” Allura mumbled, as she rose from bed. She gave her royal advisor a smile. “Thank you for waking me, as always.”

           Coran gave her a funny look.

           “Not always, Princess,” Coran said as he twisted one end of his mustache. “Why, just yesterday you were already up before I entered the room! Gave me quite a scare, you did. Especially when you asked me questions of my identity and our whereabouts. You were a bit aggressive, like an angry Klanmurl mother asking for her kidnapped cubs!”

           “I did what?!” Allura asked in disbelief. That was quite disturbing to hear, especially when she had no recollection of it at all.

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  • Hanji: "The Attack Titan"
  • Eren: Huh?
  • Hanji: That's what you just did. You stared into the middle distance and said "The Attack Titan" without any prompting.
  • Armin: Well I guess he did do that.
  • Levi: Who gives a shit. He's 15. He's an edgelord. Of course he's going to stare into the middle distance and say dramatic shit.
  • Hanji: Also you're free to go. Let's go see the queen.
  • ---------------------------
  • Historia: Hey bitches.
  • Everyone: All hail the queen.
  • Historia: Jesus christ guys it's still me. No need for that. Also Let's go read Ymir's letter.
  • --------Ymir's letter--------
  • Ymir: Sup Historia. Reiner's letting me write this letter, but he's reading everything I write so I figure this is a good time to mention that Reiner will never, EVER get laid.
  • Ymir: Anyways, sorry I left you. I don't know what came over me.
  • Ymir: So basically here's my backstory. I used to be an orphan but this guy gave me the name Ymir. I started calling myself Ymir and everyone started worshipping my ass. But then some guys (read: Marley) came along and told me my ass was whack but I responded "Bitch my ass fine and also I'm a goddess" even though I wasn't.
  • Ymir: Not a goddess, that is. My ass fine.
  • Ymir: Anyways, they sent me to Paradis and made me into a Titan and yadda yadda you know the rest.
  • Ymir: They are probably going to kill me now. It was a good life, though. I'm happy with it.
  • Ymir: I do have one regret, though.
  • Ymir: I never got to marry you.
  • ----------Later that day---------
  • Zackley: Okay guys so we haven't revealed this info to the public yet. Lets go over it real quick and see if we can figure out what to do.
  • Hanji: So basically everyone in the world wants our asses dead.
  • Zackley: Well shit.
  • Hanji: Also, according to Eren's flashback:
  • ----------Eren's Flashback------------
  • OKay Fuck me I'm not sure exactly what this part is saying, but basically the mindless titans were used as military might by Eldians and now are used by Marley. The First King is using the titans to keep the Eldians in "Paradise", but believes that one day all of Eldia should be wiped out, lest it wage war again. One translation says the Marley want to control the titans, another one says they want to kill the titans so they can harvest resources from Paradis. For this goal they need the coordinate. There is a debate in Marley on whether or not to exterminate all Eldians or to use them as weapons. Kruger want Grisha to steal the coordinate so that this debate will open up again... for some reason. I'm waiting for a better translation.:
  • -----------Back to present day-------------
  • Zackley: So pretty much, if I'm understanding this, if a Reiss has the coordinate then we can't use the power, but if a non-Reiss has the coordinate we can't use the power.
  • Hanji: Ya
  • Eren: *Remembers he could use it when he touched smiling titan*
  • Eren: *Remembers smiling titan is Dina, and therefore royalty*
  • Eren: *Realizes if he tells people this they might make him eat Historia to merge with royal blood and unlock coordinate*
  • Eren: *Says nothing because he doesn't want Historia to die and let's be real she probably tastes terrible*
  • -----------Back to Eren's Flashback----------
  • Kruger: Grisha, when you get to the walls, start a family.
  • Grisha: And just betray Dina?
  • Kruger: Yeah boi
  • Kruger: You have to. Otherwise we will continue to repeat the same mistakes and the same history again and again.
  • Kruger: You have to do it if you want to save Mikasa and Armin.
  • Grisha: Who the fuck are Mikasa and Armin?
  • Kruger: I have no fucking clue. Why the fuck did I say that?
  • ----------Chapter End-------------------

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Hi! I would love your help in finding a fic that I've read a long time ago. I don't completely remember everything but I know it deals with space and alien? It was sterek based with Laura and Peter. Derek was a solo soldier who got assigned with an AI, Stiles, that he didn't want at first but slowly fell in loved with. Sorry it's not exactly detailed but that's all I can remember. Thanks!

Anon says it’s this one, @inspirit83!

Originally posted by cyfiware

Specialized Technical Intelligence and Logistics for Earth and Space (S.T.I.L.E.S) by Yiichi

(10/10 I 73,419 I Not Rated I Sterek)

“What the hell kind of a name is Stiles?” he asked.

“You know, a series of sounds spoken in a particular sequence that represent my identity, primarily, referring to me?“ the AI – Stiles – answered cheekily, crossing his own arms in front of his chest, mirroring Derek’s position.

“Ooh, this one’s feisty,” Peter smirked.

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My English teacher left me very confused when learning about Romeo and Juliet. He said that it wasn't a love story because they didn't love each other; Juliet just basically used Romeo, but I don't know what to think. Can you please explain to me if it's a love story, tragedy, or both?

Did your teacher say that Juliet used Romeo? How rude.

The first thing we have to remember is that the feud is the exponent of an unhealthy ideology that promotes violence, hatred, prejudice, and brutal misogyny. Don’t ever forget the world they lived in. Romeo and Juliet are not normal teenagers living in a normal world and making stupid decisions. They are children whose mental health ends up destroyed by the ideals of their families. I just won’t stand anyone who refers to them as ‘dumb’ because it’s a very insulting way of dismissing the destructiveness of social oppression and abuse. It’s so evident that their families caused their deaths that at the end of the play nobody has the guts to blame them for their own deaths and dismiss their emotions as shallow or dishonest. What they have done is too monstrous for them to deny. When both patriarchs find the young lovers dead together in the crypt they see the wrong in their actions and take responsibility for it. They know they killed their children. It was not teenage folly that ruined Romeo and Juliet. It was a sick society that glorified violence and prejudice.

Perhaps your male teacher is annoyed by the fact that Juliet hardly fits in the role of a sixteenth-century obedient wife who goes along with whatever her husband has to say. On the contrary, Juliet has a voice of her own. It is evident from the first conversation between the lovers that she has a very particular, specific way of thinking, and which doesn’t necessarily match that of Romeo. For instance, she gently mocks his stereotyped courtship when she says “you kiss by the book.” I would say she is a far better poet than him—he actually learns from her. Think about the way she corrects him when he tries to swear his love by the moon. She literally rationalizes everything. Romeo needs to get on her level. Later on, he will ask her to “sweeten with thy breath / This neighbour air, and let rich music’s tongue / Unfold the imagined happiness that both / Receive in either by this dear encounter,” to which Juliet answers that “conceit, more rich in matter than in words, / Brags of his substance, not of ornament”. You see, she doesn’t always agree with him, and she presents her own points of view resolutely. She is the one to give lessons.

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Reader Inserts

Hi, yes. Let’s talk about reader inserts. I’ve been seeing a lot of inserts in the community where the reader is actually being described. 

To clarify: YOU the reader, are being told what you look like. 

I don’t have curly hair. I don’t have a slim waist. My skin isn’t golden. I don’t have green eyes.

This is a large thing happening in communities where it excludes your readers and pulls a majority of them out of the mood you are trying to create. It is my biggest pet peeve at this point to describe your readers because you don’t know what your readers look like. How could you? They are behind a screen many miles away from you. As an author in a large community, it is important to include all of your readers in all of your works. This is what brings people together and when you’re describing your readers, it pushes them away and makes them feel not included. 

As a role model in a community, it is important to include everyone.

Keeping a reader ambiguous is something I try very hard to do. The challenge that comes with it provides me the ability to learn from my mistakes and makes me feel like a much better writer. 

Now, I know what you’re going to say: “They’re the author, Elle, it’s their writing! They can do what they want!” 



I understand it’s a small piece of a puzzle to describe your reader, and that the reader can easily change the description that you provide. This is not the point I am making.

To exclude readers by describing what they look like defeats the purpose of enjoying a self-insert. It’s a self-insert. If you wanted to describe the reader, turn the reader into an OC. Give them a name, a backstory, and make them a character. Do not tell me what I look like to fit your standards. 

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Hi. This is official? they really confirm Ymir death? I mean there is official japanese confirm? Because honestly I only seen in the aot wikia and I don't really believe them unless if I see the japanese version....(on scans, or on the official snk page) (sorry for my english :/ ) and thank you!

Hi! My answer is going to probably be spoilery if you haven’t read up to chapter 93 of the manga.

On Ymir’s profile page in the guidebook it lists her as deceased. 

I don’t know if you can read Japanese, but here is a scan of the guidebook. The kanji 死亡 above her name at the bottom of the page means “deceased”. 
And your English is great! Sorry about the information. 


#i wonder Eliot actually needs glasses 

I know I only just got into this fandom, but yeah I might have gone a little overboard with my research on Eliot’s glasses because I have a Thing for them 

so personally I think, yes he needs them - he wore them outside of cons in season 1 a couple times (definitely in The Nigerian Job and The Two-Horse Job), then there’s the “New glasses” comment in The Jailhouse Job, and I think one of the creators answered some questions from the fans at some point and said that, while Christian apparently doesn’t need glasses, Eliot does. 

Also someone (possibly the same creator, possibly another one - I’d have to look for it again and I don’t know all their names yet) said that, while they pretty much treated them like reading glasses, if they had to pick they’d say Eliot is probably a bit near-sighted.

(okay I think I need to correct myself here - I went A LOT overboard with my “research” XD)

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hi! I really love your comics! I just wanted to ask you a question about names. I'm pretty sure I'm agender, and one name I really like is nothing like my current one. I know a lot of people change their name to something similar to their given ones, and I was wondering if not doing that is ok. Also I don't want to change my middle name cause it's also my chinese name but it's feminine and I don't know if that would also be ok. (sorry if this is bothering you) again, your comics are great :)

Honey, your name could be Leeroy Jenkins for all anybody else cares. Picking your name is about you, not about what’s convenient for others, homie-theus. 

Proud of you, hope you’re having fun picking something out!

And I feel the same way, I have a masculine middle name, but I love it a lot so I don’t wanna change it :D

Thanks so much for reading and good luck! Be sure to write it and tell me what you ended up choosing <3 

Derry Nights

hi i tried to make this as open ended as possible so you can picture whatever ship your little heart desires
also i recommend listening 2 this while reading bc you bet your ass i was while writing it:


The room was dim, a collection of three tea lights on the nightstand acting as the only source of brightness. Street light filtered in through the window, but in such a small town as Derry, there weren’t many lamps to provide such light. That was okay. Neither of the boys minded. As long as they both could see each other, they were alright. They were safe.
The space was warm and heavy. The air felt like a quilt. The soft scent of the candles put both of their minds at ease. They wouldn’t be disturbed. Nothing could reach them here.
The only sound that could be heard was their own breathing. It was rhythmic, the only thing breaking it was a sigh ever so often. Never very loud, never for very long. They were too involved with each other for it to be broken for very long.
The blankets on the bed came up to about their waists. Any further would cause them to become overheated, as they found out earlier. They were just warm enough to be comfortable.
Positioned so that the taller boy’s knees rested on either side of the bed beside the smaller boy’s legs, leaned over his chest, they were at peace. Their lips locked, hands flat against the bed above the smaller boy’s shoulders and clasped together, they were at peace.
Every once in a while there would be a gust of wind outside, leaving a cool sensation in its wake. Although not physically cold, the boys felt the smooth sound resonate in both of their bodies. They relished it.
Neither one of them was very good at this yet, lips moving together awkwardly, noses bumping, but neither one of them minded. As long as they were together, they would never mind. As long as they were this in love, they would never mind.
The bed was made for one person, but this didn’t stop them. With each small movement there was a creak in the wood frame. They hardly noticed.
Every few minutes the boys broke apart and rested their foreheads together, regulating their breathing. They would get so caught up in each other that they’d even forget to breathe. It wasn’t rare for them. When you love a person this deeply, your own needs become secondary.
A tiny but beaming smile creeped onto the smaller boy’s face. He adored feeling this wanted. A rush of blood to his face caused it to become a deep shade of pink as the other boy kissed him softly again. The taller boy would be hard-pressed to find someone luckier than him in that moment. He cherished seeing his lover so happy.
They didn’t like to be separated for long.
The wind became louder, but fell on deaf ears. The boys were absorbed. Their fingers laced, heads tilted, nerves firing. They were ablaze. Either one of them would tell you that they were the ones lighting the room, not the candles, nor the streetlights. As a unit, the boys were brighter than the sun.
Neither wanted to admit that they were becoming exhausted. It was early into the morning, far past the hours they were used to being awake. How long had they been burning? An hour? Two? Three? They’d lost track.
It didn’t matter.
They decided when the wax had all melted, and the brightness had left the room, they would stop. They would sleep when it was dark.
Despite this, they both silently knew that as long as they were together, there would never be darkness. They would burn forever if given the chance.
And when the candles went out, the room was dark. The only sound that could be heard was their own breathing. A sigh could be heard ever so often, never long enough to break the rhythm. They were too involved with each other for it to be broken for too long…

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Do you live with any of the other nordics? Or just Berwald?

I live with Berwald and Peter, and the rest of the nordics live together!

//In this drawing it kinda looks like they’re supposed to be neighbors or something but they’re not. I just had to fit two terribly drawn houses into one picture! Also, hello to all of the new followers!!

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ok i just read something wholesome about you by (i think???) transjamesbarnes and HOLY FUCK THAT WAS ONE OF THE HOTTEST THINGS I'VE EVER READ. My question is if you amazing mods knew of anything (it doesn't have to be smut but I mean......i ain't OPPOSED if u kno what im sayin) where one of the boys speaks like Bucky does in that fic? (I don't really know any adjectives to describe his speech, you just kinda gotta read it, sorry that makes it hella harder) thank you guys!!!!! 💛💛💛💛

try our Pet Names and Endearments tag :D

something so wholesome about you by transjamesbarnes

“Oh, baby,” Bucky says, stepping forward and placing his hands on Steve’s exposed hipbones. “Oh darlin’, oh honey.” He strokes a thumb into the dip of the skin, and Steve inhales shakily. “Lookin’ so pretty, so sweet for me, huh baby? You get these clothes so you could be so, so sweet, just for me?”

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Hey, can you help me find the fic where Phil went to a pharmacy to buy condoms and when he's getting cashed out, he doesn't realize it's Dan's dad. So when he goes to meet Dan's parents, he realizes that Dan's dad knew he bought condoms? Sorry if the description is kind of bad. I remember reading this a while ago and I got the urge to again but I don't remember the name! x

The Real Daddy Fic - Teenage! au where Phil goes to buy condoms at the pharmacy and the worker there is really nice the next day he goes to meet dans parents and oh my god you dad was the worker there and now he knows we have sex

- Eliza

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Are the names for other bandom ppl outside mcr some kind of fandom agreement? Because I always see the same ones. Also, why is Brendon's Killer King? That's from DOAB and a few years happened between DD and DOAB, did he not have a name before or it changed? And are there commonly accepted events regarding other bands? Because I have read several fics/posts where almost everyone in panic died...Sorry I asked too many questions I love the DD universe but don't know much yet. Thank you <3

they aren’t a fandom agreement per se, but there are some name headcanons that are very common so i see why you’d think that! the reason for their popularity depends on the band in question. for killer king, i think people just chose that one because it has a nice ring to it! it sounds like a killjoy name. and it’s not that he didn’t have a name before DOAB. quite the contrary actually, it’s more like…. the danger days fandom wasn’t there. not in this form at least. when danger days actually came out, the fandom was very different from the tumblr community of today. i’m not sure when the trope of adding other bands into the danger days universe got started. maybe his name did change? idk, but since DOAB came out i’ve usually seen it as killer king.

for the suitehearts (aka fall out boy), they’re conveniently given killjoy-esque names in the america’s suitehearts music video, so a lot of people just use those. people tend to use concepts from the band in question to form their killjoy names.

as for widely accepted backstories, that one has a lot more variation, but again - many headcanons are influenced by real life. people write panic and the suitehearts as being friends/associates because it mirrors their irl relationships, and a lot of people imagine most of panic being killed because, y’know, everyone in the band has left. that translates to Death in a lot of headcanons cuz we all love angst.

sorry for writing a fuckin essay lol

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May I ask what the "Nico fic" is? I've read an excerpt of it and it was so good, but I don't understand what you mean by...Nico? Sorry, I'm just a nosy lass, but you got me curious ^^ (cause I only know one nico, and I doubt it has anything to do with that...)

Yeah! So basically this fic has a character named Nico who Phil is dating in the fic! They date before phil and dan do, but nico plays a very very big role in the fic. Here’s another excerpt just because.

Phil glanced into Nico’s eyes, saw the guarded look there, and knew exactly what he needed to do. He directed his gaze to stare right into Dan’s eyes. “Get out of my house.”

He saw the pain there. He saw the betrayal. But he couldn’t have Dan in here anymore. The damage was done. His relationship was on the line. Phil would do anything for Nico, didn’t he realise that? He couldn’t throw away the only person who will ever love him, the only person who thinks Phil is worth something. “I’m not leaving,” Dan interjected, and Phil almost expected him to stomp his foot as well.

Phil gave him a pleading look, one that was borderline desperate. He needed Dan out right now. “Dan. Please. Get the fuck out of my house.”

His best friend gave him a long and hard stare. Could he even call Dan his best friend anymore? After throwing him out of his apartment after he’d tried to defend Phil? He didn’t know. He tried not to care too much. His fingers were numb, his cheeks were numb, his chest was numb. He wanted time to just slow down for a little bit and let him process what was happening. “Fine, Phil,” Dan got out, shoving an angry shoulder into Nico’s as he stepped past. “Call me if you need me.” Then he was gone. A few seconds passed until the front door slammed shut, and Phil didn’t dare move. Or breathe, for that matter.

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For some reason, I feel that if ryan were a superhero, his name would be haywire

This is the first image that came to mind upon reading this…. Outstanding.

That said, I love the idea that despite the fact he plays such an archetypal villain in so many ways, he is an actual hero. Because he totally is. 

anonymous asked:

hey, can you help me find af fic, where Betty – in the start – is in a relationship with Archie, but he cheats on her with Veronica. This happens while she is a tutor over at Southside High and befriends a girl there (I don't remember her name). She, of course, also meets Jughead who is the leader of the Serpent or something. I'm sorry if this is very vague! Your blog is a lifesaver!

Yep for sure. Happy Reading! <3 Jandy

Haunted by @mayberrry101 (16/?)

WIP / Rating: E

Summary:  Leaning down, he hissed in her ear, “I think you know exactly who we are and what we’re capable of, because us snakes, we like to bite. Hard.” Betty’s ‘seemingly’ perfect life with her ignorant boyfriend, Archie Andrews, is about to catapult upside down when she accidentally crosses paths with a dark and dangerous Serpent, who only wants one thing - her.