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By the Edge of the Moor
A Gothic Victorian Werewolf Soulmate AU by @shu-of-the-wind​ and yours truly

The year is 1891, and everywhere Others are shunned from society, hunted, given no rights and no voice. A werewolf with a soulmark escapes legal prosecution in the US by fleeing to England, where, unknowingly, a huntress who bears his name on her wrist awaits.

Playlist and ficlet wholly by courtesy of shu:

“Turn around,” says Cassian, softly. His pupils have blown wide in the dark. “I don’t—if I changed now, I’d ruin my clothes.”

She blinks.

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Musical Theatre Genres

Murder/romance shows

  • Heathers
  • Bonnie & Clyde
  • Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog
  • Sweeney Todd
  • A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder
  • Chicago
  • Little Shop of Horrors

Biographies of Famous Dead People

  • Hamilton
  • Evita
  • Elisabeth
  • The Pirate Queen
  • Here Lies Love (Imelda Marcos is alive, but I don’t have a category for biographies of living people)
  • Zelda
  • Gypsy
  • Bloody, Bloody, Andrew Jackson

Historical Events

  • Newsies
  • Come From Away
  • 1776
  • The Prom (kind of history, more an amalgamation of a bunch of recent news stories)
  • Eastland


  • I won’t list everything.
  • Anastasia is an honorary member of this category

It Was Your Entire Childhood Probably (not to be confused with Disney)

  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
  • The Sound of Music
  • Annie
  • Starlight Express

Oh No We Are All Social Minorities

  • Rent
  • Next to Normal
  • Fun Home
  • In The Heights
  • Ragtime
  • Dear Evan Hansen (here because mental illness)
  • Bare
  • Falsettos

Straight White People in Love

  • ok a few of the earlier ones could fit in here also
  • The Last 5 Years
  • Lalaland
  • A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (dunno really if Romans are considered white, but the casts are mostly white so)
  • Hello, Dolly!
  • If/Then (it’s about her love life lots so this is where it fits best)

Let’s Take Advantage of a Famous Band/Musician Being Famous and Make Their Songs Into a Show

  • Beautiful: The Carole King Musical
  • Mamma Mia!
  • Sunshine on Leith
  • Across the Universe
  • Movin’ Out
  • On Your Feet
  • American Idiot
  • Jersey Boys


  • Spring Awakening
  • Avenue Q
  • The Book of Mormon 

They Were Famous Enough Books/Movies/Plays to Make It Seem Reasonable to Make Them a Musical

  • Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812
  • Groundhog Day
  • Miss Saigon
  • Cabaret
  • Les Misérables
  • Amélie
  • Merrily We Roll Along
  • Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
  • The Lightning Thief
  • Something Rotten!
  • Wicked
  • Legally Blonde
  • The Phantom of the Opera
  • Rebecca
  • Shrek
  • Spongebob
  • Big Fish
  • Godspell
  • Waitress
  • Be More Chill
  • School of Rock
  • West Side Story
  • Jane Eyre
  • Billy Elliot
  • Matilda
  • Young Frankenstein
  • Jesus Christ Superstar
  • literally everything not on this list and some others that are already let’s be real)


(thanks to everyone for pointing out things I didn’t know to add.)


!!! I realized I never posted this here ;;o;;
These were taken back in March (when I was in Manila) :D
I was like – who wants to hang out at the mall or something lol
Then these super nice MM fans dropped by and gave me all these prints and gifts and food and kjahkjsa i was so surprised hhuhu so precious ;;o;; LOOK AT IT EVERYTHING IS SO GORGEOUS ((im so lame i only doodled a crack 707 in their notebook kjdshfs))

I brought all the prints and stuff with me here to NY and I’m gonna take proper photos when I’m done with my room (along with other MM stuff a few people have sent me as well! You know who you are heehe) :D Thank you so much hhh

Colin Firth admits that he knew about the sexual abuse by Weinstein, because a colleague told him 25 years ago. I give him kudos for owning up to it now, but it is utterly shameful that it took him so long to own up to it. It takes courage to admit to it and he does more than many other big Hollywood actors who go with a generic “I had no idea, how horrible” - a statement he issued at first as well. As he says himself, yes, he should have owned up to it earlier and he should have done more than merely state his sympathies towards her 25 years ago or in all the years since then.

I get if men might not be able to speak up, because they were also under pressure to lose their career, or because women close to them had to fear to be destroyed by the public and Weinstein. I get staying silent to the public and merely warning friends and other actresses about Weinstein behind closed doors. While men are nowhere near under the same pressure as women, their careers still depended on Weinstein in that openly accusing him might have harmed them. Fear is a very potent silencer.

BUT Colin Firth continued to benefit from Weinstein, he was totally fine with a sexual predator as long as he benefited from it. If you know someone is an absolute vile human being you don’t cuddle up to him. You don’t turn a blind eye. There are accounts of many actresses that say they got warned by people not to be alone with Weinstein. Actors that while working for Weinstein still tried to protect actresses from it. That’s the least everyone can do. For all we know Colin Firth didn’t. You might stay polite and distant if you have to for professional reasons, but you don’t get close to them to advance your career. You don’t pretend you had no idea that the guy was horrible or a sexual abuser if you had a first-hand account. That is the disgusting thing Colin Firth and many other men in Hollywood did.

Sketch time:

(Yeah I think I’ll call these quick posts that now!) but anyway…

Here is a very messy and quick sketch of Josefin and Sans(by @weezy-pup ) as humans!

This rewatch project of mine has made me take note on how many times a certain sentence has been used with different characters on different situations. The sentence?

“You are my goal.”

On the top of my head, I remember this sentence being used by Kengo, Shootie and of course Serena. Kengo said it to Hikari, Shootie to Adeku and Serena to Satoshi. I believe there were few other cases too, but I think those were COTD situations. But onto these three cases!

When Kengo said this sentence to Hikari, he said that he’s declared a war against her. And we know Kengo has a crush on Hikari, and that they’re childhood friends. So I’m pretty sure it had double meaning to it. I mean, Kengo does later on, after Grand Festival is over, fully confess his feelings to Hikari. Even if Hikari didn’t seem to fully understand.

When Shootie said it to Adeku, he meant it as wanting to beat him and becoming stronger than him. Adeku came into the conclusion that Shootie likes him.  (I can’t find the episode where he said it anymore D: I’m pretty sure he did thou.)

I see a lot of people saying that with Serena, she only reverted back to a girl with a crush but I don’t think so anymore. I truly believe that when she said so, she not only confessed her feelings (why of course), but also basically told Satoshi that she wants to come to even terms with him, and not just be someone who is always on receiving end. Satoshi is strong, and a good goal when wanting to become strong. So, it’s actually similar to how Kengo said it to Hikari, without the war declaring part. Except Serena will aim to become as strong as Satoshi while having different career goal.

Sure, she also told him that next time they meet, she’ll be a more charming woman, but that can actually be meant in different ways. Althought I guess in this case this was the confession part really. And the kiss.

This is of course based on japanese version. In English dub, Serena says the following instead:

“You’re the kind of person I want to be!“

It’s another reason why I don’t see her japanese line as just a confession. The Goal line has multiple meanings, and I do believe in Serena’s case, it was used similarily as it was used with Kengo and Hikari.

I’m saying this as a neutral party. I like amourshipping, I find it adorable, but I looked at this from a non-amourshipper view, so I really hope no one will come bash this post. This is how I feel about the “You’re my goal“ line. :)

Whyyyy does tumblr keep recommending me d//an and ph//ll blogs??? by the dozens!! I’ve never watched one of their videos in my life -_-’

bad job, algorithm 

this is the only other thing i’ve drawn today and it’s just a sketch but i felt like i needed to share,


This is for every Shiro involved ship cause I’m tired of everyone coming for each other cause ya all extra as hell 🙄 ship what you wanna seriously cause the creators are saying a bunch of shit then theres things like this on their official shit. Like they saying five teenagers from earth, that includes Shiro. Also if you seen the video where the creators were agreeing to Shiro being an adult they looked like they were just tired of everyone and just agreed to it so people would stop asking cause they seem not to even know wtf they’re doing right now. People have mentioned this in other posts so here are the receipts lol.

Are these still relevant, the sequel

Do you have a crush on Max Caulfield?

Because these characters do~

Chloe Price.

I am not even going to elaborate. It is very obvious.


Warren Graham.

Even more obvious. Like you l i t e r a l l y cannot miss it.


Kate Marsh.

Has even broke out the “I love you”!


Victoria Chase.

“Max is such hipster trash, thinks she so cool with that dumb camera, selfie-ho of Blackwell noticemenoticemeomgmaxnotice me!!”


Dana Ward.

“Max come to this party with me and my bf, bring Warren! Max I can dress you for the party you will be attending! Max you are such a hero! Max dance with me at this party! Maaaaax pay attention to me!”


Alyssa Anderson.

“You are my like, guardian angel Max.”


Mr. Jefferson.

WELL FU- ….Max.. RUN!!1!

Creepy teachers aside, who will be next on the list of “Max, NOTICE ME!”

My best guess?

Nathan Prescott!




hey shut up it could happen.


But as you can see, lots of people really admire Max because she probably one of the cutest things ever.

I have a crush on Max too.


I just started watching Still Star Crossed and look I don’t know their ship name yet, but I’m totally loving Benvoilo and Rosaline. And I’m totally here for his “just thought I’d check in on my beloved” and her “ugh” back, to become a recurring thing. Enemies to lovers, anyone?

Originally posted by parisblakestuff

I was going to make something really nice for your birthday, @markiplier, and I spent hours working- working on a drawing of your face, and then one of Chica, and then I tried one in an Animal Crossing style for some reason, and then at one point I think I had a Darkiplier phase- but everything just looked horrible.

Then I panicked and drew a pigeon. 

Sorry Mark.

I hope you like the pigeon anyway. His name is Henry.