i don't know the other guy lmao


How could anybody ever see me and Lucas as a couple? 

Everybody does!  they’re like f i r e.


Famous social networkers!au - seven guys in the heart of Seoul. One’s famous for his food creations (or him, no one really knows) and the other because of what gets produced out of his lenses (and his mouth). Then there’s those best friends on twitter, rising to fame via wise quotes and shrieking dance videos. The main cause of those screams? Let’s direct you to the popular duo on youtube, filming pranks in half of them and getting up to no good in the other. They’re trying to recruit that well known tumblr boy though, something about anime marathons… (Yoongi thinks it’s a code for more pranks)

((He’s right))


Den: He’s my precious son.

Man I wish I had like…energy bc I’m going into animation, which I do have a talent for, but I’m also really good at helping people with their problems and since I’ve been through so much shit I’ve seen all kinds of people with all kinds of problems so I have experience with helping different people and knowing how to talk to them, naturally i’d go into being a therapist right? There’s still a lot I need to learn bc I do make mistakes but I know I’ve made a positive difference before. But helping people as a career rather than just helping my friends sounds so fuckin exhausting,, I really only have the energy for my friends (and really anyone who I know that doesn’t have a bad relationship with me. Or anyone on here even if I don’t know them just cause we have Tumblr in common). Idk it’s conflicting bc I know skill wise i’d be really good at it, and I like learning about psychology n shit bc it kinda gives me more of an arsenal (for lack of a better word) of knowledge for helping my friends who are struggling with mental health stuff
And all of this is really cheesy tbh like I haven’t totally accepted it bc since I used to be in such a bad spot I feel like I have to still be like that bc it’s actually comfortable sometimes. Also the whole “helping people!! uwu” feels kinda sappy and embarrassing but hhh. I mean if I’m not going into a career for it, which I’m not planning anyway, I’ll at least have that extra side of me that people can rely on. It’s like a bonus lmao. I’ll probably take a few psychology courses in college and maaaybe if animation falls through I’ll look into being a therapist. Really each job is exhausting in its own right but I’ll see

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she she really means: why is it that when people notice a camel toe they call a girl out for it but if a guy wears tight pants and his dick is practically bulging out of his pants no one calls him out for it? this is an issue of sexism that must be dealt with at once. also, with the skinny tight style of clothing do people still even if care if anything shows? cause if not, then why do i have uncomfortably wrap something around my waist to hide something that is barely even seen until it's noticed? lastly, people judge those who wear such clothing but shouldn't they be judged as well for taking notice of such things? cause it's actually rude to take notice such things.

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so hey how did that go with turning ur ex into an ally? I ask because im kinda talking to a guy who's generally good but he's a trump supporter that about says it all lmao

ok well my ex wasn’t a trump supporter omfg… like why is this guy a trump supporter… did u ask him that… 

honestly some people are more malleable than others. but generally you have to wait until later when they really like you because - and this is just the case for Men - the fragile masculinity “i don’t compromise” complex is strong and will only weaken in the presence of someone they adore which is…  SAD. but this is just the experience of me and all my friends who are dating white men. 

it was a long process though. he was resistant at first but after awhile he would just internalize it??? i’d pull anecdotes of my life and be like “i can’t believe you would say that to me when you have no idea about the experiences i’ve grown up with” etc. etc. it’s definitely easier if you’re a poc because they feel more “personally” connected to your suffering. i’d also complain about things that didn’t directly target/”alienate” 🙄  him e.g. “wow a girl i passed by wore dreadlocks the other day. like that is so fucking racist. cultural appropriation is so racist.” 

offering an ultimatum works if they’re really whipped. i’d say things like, “you know i can’t associate myself with anyone who doesn’t call out racism among their friends. like that is just so hypocritical of me and against everything i stand for. so you’re free to do whatever you want, but i just can’t be with someone like that.”

and even now because we still talk i’ll send him messages about stupid racist stuff i see in my day to test his reaction and what he says. he’s so good now. he used to be all about that all lives matter bullshit and now he’s preaching about how reverse racism doesn’t exist. 

it doesn’t always work though. like if you come off TOO strong then they just don’t say anything at all hoping that you won’t criticize them. so it’s important to make them practice it too w.r.t. calling our racism among friends, family, even like random people. generally if someone can educate someone else it means they understand the concept. but then sometimes you come across white cishet guys who can’t be changed. i generally can tell from the first stages of interacting with them their level of resistance, but if you can’t, that’s kind of the risk you take and hope you find out sooner rather than later if they’re a terrible person.

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so somehow my 2-year anniversary and my 1k milestone ended up roughly lining up with each other so we’re doing a twofer. As always I just really want to THANK YOU GUYS for investing some of your creative energy in me, or even just some space on your dash. IT MEANS A LOT TO ME because I care about Three so much and she wouldn’t have come as far as she has without you guys to write with or meme with or just casually chat with. That there are so many of you who are willing to partake in and deal with the way i gush over and portray her for so long is incredibly humbling and I am so so so grateful for that and for all of you.


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