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Hi, hi. LOVE the FP verse, as I love all your writing. Absolutely fell in love with Daniel, which is pretty huge for me since I usually can't bear to read my OTPs with anyone but each other. Just curious: if Daniel had lived and Jared had still met Jensen all those years later, what would have happened? Would Jared and Daniel have been monogamous? Would Jared have left Daniel for Jensen? Would Jensen have just been a one night stand? Don't know about Daniel, but I can't imagine Jensen sharing...

oh wow, thank you so much. i totally get the OTPs thing; i’m strangely the same way, ahaha. i think it’s different for me when i’m writing it because i’m in the characters’ heads and i know that the endgame with my two loves is sincere, even if other people are a part of the journey, you know what i mean? i’m so glad you like daniel. my sweet, broken boy </3

that is a really, painfully good question that made me feel nauseous when i first read it. i’ve thought about it quite a bit the last few days, and what i have decided is this:

if daniel had lived, at least through that, jared would have ended up an entirely different person. he wouldn’t have fallen apart, probably wouldn’t have dropped out of school, wouldn’t have started cutting himself and doing hard drugs and basically doing all he could to die without having the sincere conviction to just end it himself. i don’t know exactly who jared would be if daniel had lived–i would honestly have to sit down and write it to truly know–but he wouldn’t be the jared we know today. and he wouldn’t have joined fuckpig. he wouldn’t have even been in a situation for jensen to ever see him and love him from afar, let alone meet him and get involved with him. 

so i don’t think the other things, monogamy, jared leaving daniel, jensen as a one night stand, etc, none of that would ever have even come up. jared just simply would be someone else, and fuckpig would have another guitarist, if the band existed at all.

basically, daniel had to die in order to create this exact jared. if you take away daniel’s death from jared’s life, it completely alters him. and to be perfectly honest with you, i just simply can’t imagine daniel living and thriving and growing to any age beyond the one he did. it’s not who he was, unfortunately for him and for everyone who loved him. we’ll never know who jared would’ve been, but he never would have been jensen’s. </3


I made some The 100 lock screens for y’all, enjoy (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ゚
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Hello! I hope you're having an absolutely lovely day! I was wondering if you could draw Justin Extra (a regular background character of Miraculous Ladybug) as the Bee Miraculous Holder. I've also seen him called Just Anextra (Just An Extra ahaha.) If you're busy with other things, don't bother doing it. I was just curious and I think he'd look really nice as a miraculous holder.

Ok but what a cutie idk if I was super creative with the design, I just kinda based it off the kwami mostly. This was so fun to do he would make a v nice bee miraculous holder. and I didn’t know he had a fandom name lol. thanks for the request dear anon