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I'm NOT the person who asked for that reader insert with the rival band, but I thought the way you wrote it is downright amazing. You are a really good writer, I wish I could be half as good as you. That being said, could I suggest you a sequel to that imagine? Like after awhile 2D reaches out to the other singer to hangout and they just spend the whole time spouting insults at each other and banging? Sorry this was so long haha. Pls don't ever stop writing c: <3

This has taken 2 months (or more?) of blood, sweat, and tears. Literal tears of frustration when I couldn’t find the words to write what I wanted to say, and also a bit of sweat because sometimes it was really hot in my room. And blood, cos I had a few nosebleeds.

On a more serious note, with this one I really wanted to show that the mood has changed from the first one. The first time around, both the reader and 2D were literally only looking for a hook up. This time however, there’s feeling from the start. There’s the stirrings of excitement and feelings and companionship that’s potentially dangerous for two high-profile people. I tried my hardest to convey that while 2D wants to go ahead with everything, the reader is trying to cut ties to avoid a painful situation. The reader knows that if she stays, she’ll fall in love with 2D, and likewise 2D with her. She wants it to happen, but she just can’t let it.

Do I put too much thought and weight into my writing? Probably. Is that why it took me so long to write? Yes. Am I going to stop doing it? No. 

Anyway, as (heavily) requested, here’s a sequel to the Rival Bands imagine (It was originally on Tumblr but I can’t find it so if anyone finds it can you send me the link to it. But for now, AO3 will have to do)

Also this shit show is twice as long as the first one. Wow!

It’s also here on AO3 under the name ‘If You’re Lucky’


Your teeth snag your lip, and you glance up and down the bar, trying not to appear as bored as you feel. The man beside you has almost ceased to exist, fading into a dull cloud of monotonous words and heady aftershave.

The club is cramped and densely packed with people. The crowd moves in unison, the lights swinging and making studded noses and lips and eyebrows glitter, highlighting the insane heads of multicoloured hair as they twist and turn across the room. Somewhere on the other side of the room, an electric guitar screeches, the crowd screaming back, and songs meld into each other in a crescendo of humming bass, heavy drums and almost shouted lyrics.

Punk is the order of the night, anarchy the prime special. This kind of club is the kind you’d be recognised at, if there were indeed anything about you to recognise. You blend in perfectly, all dark clothes and studded shoulders and heavy boots.

You won’t get recognised. Which is exactly why you’re here.

For escape.

The man moves a little closer, his mouth by your ear. There’s a row of three little silver studs in his eyebrow, and you stare at them out of the corner of your eye as he whispers something nonsensical but undoubtedly sexual in your ear, his hand creeping to encircle your wrist.

You pull away then, angling your body toward him, head on, and whipping your hand away. He looks mildly surprised, his studded eyebrow raised.

“You ok?”

“I’m not interested,” you tell him, and then, as an afterthought, add, “sorry,”

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Imagine working in a music shop Murdoc frequently visits.

It had been a slow day, which wasn’t too common, especially when it was just you working. Usually people were flooding out the door and the noise was unbearable in the shop with just one person working, so it was a nice to catch a break. You found yourself lounging back, feet propped up on the counter before you, reading one of the numerous Guitar World magazines your coworkers had piled up in the back room. Most your workers only kept them in case someone came in asking, but you were one of the few who actually found some of the articles interesting. Folding the cover over your thumb to check the date on the printing date, you found your eyes glancing over to the little alarm clock that sat under the counter.

A quarter to two.

He should be here any minute.

As if your simple thought had summoned him from whatever Hell he came from, the small bell above the door jingled, signaling his on schedule arrival. You didn’t bother with a greeting, he came in every day you had a shift so you were quite familiar with one another at this point, but you did lift your eyes over the edge of your magazine to catch a glimpse of what he was wearing today. Ah, it was the outfit from the new video. You always did like that striped shirt and those boots. With a satisfied smirk, you flicked your magazine slightly the straighten out the pages and continued to read.

You didn’t need to look up to know what the bassist was doing, he did the same thing every time he was here. He would wander around the store for a while, pretending to look at the basses and other items before grabbing either a new pack of picks or bass strings, both being the same brand every single time. A quiet chuckle passed your lips thinking about it, licking your thumb to flip to the next page of the article. His rough voice suddenly broke through the silence, causing you to accidentally grip the paper a little tighter. “Oi, love! Where’s the bass strings at in ‘ere?”

You’re in here every other day, old man.

I don’t think need my help finding anything at this point.

Not even looking up, your jut your thumb out towards the opposite end of the store where his favorite brand of strings were located. “They’d be over that way, sugar.“ You could hear him grunt in satisfaction before his heavy boot steps wandered off in the direction you pointed. You slyly eyed his ass as he walked away, a grin breaking your stoic demeanor. For someone who had just hit 50 he was still as handsome as the day Clint Eastwood was released.

The sound of items being dropped on the counter before you broke your train of thought, causing you to lower your magazine slightly to look up. Seemed he got both picks and new strings today. You had no need to even punch in the numbers into the register, knowing the prices on his items by heart. Your eyes lowered back to the gorgeous photo of a guitar in your magazine, muttering out a simple, “That’ll be £29.48.” He jumped slightly, as if you had jolted him out of a trance, before fumbling around his pockets for his wallet. He eventually pulled it out of one of his back pockets, opening it to grab the right amount of money before he stopped, his eyebrows creasing in confusion. “Hey, how’d you know how much it was without even puttin’ it in?”

This finally got you to put down your magazine, placing it face down under the counter before putting your legs down and standing to meet his gaze. “Murdoc, you’re in here every day I’m here working. You always come in, pretend to look, and grab either a pack of new picks or new strings.” You held each item up respectively as you continued on, placing them back down to lean yourself against one hand on the counter. “Not to mention they’re always the same brands, and I’m pretty positive you don’t use picks based on how calloused your fingers are and this particular brand of bass strings takes a lot longer than every other day to break.” A knowing grin and formed on your lips as you watched the man before you. You had caught the legendary Murdoc Niccals completely off guard. He wasn’t expecting you to read him like an open book. He was absolutely flustered, and you were loving it.

He sputtered for a moment, trying to come up with something to say, which caused you to laugh softly and reach under the counter for one of your shop’s business cards. You retrieved the pen you always carried in your work jeans and spoke smoothly as you wrote on the back of the card. “But, if I’m wrong and you’re actually replacing your strings every other day, then maybe you should give me a call.” You flipped the card up to him, which he accepted almost hesitantly. He eyed you for a moment before glancing at the small rectangle in his hand, his eyes instantly widening when he spotted your name and number with a heart drawn next to them. Going slack-jawed, he looked back to you, standing there with your arms folded proudly and winking at him. “I could get you in for a full-body tune up if you need it.”

And with that, the 50 year old, green skinned bass player shuffled out of your music shop, still holding the business card as if it were a long lost relic. Once you heard to familiar rumble of his Geep fade away, you nodded firmly and moved to lounge behind the counter once more, freezing when you spotted his picks and bass strings still resting on the counter. You chuckled and swiped them up, trading their places with your magazine as you sat back down and propped your feet up.

He’d be back for them.

He always comes back.

((You’re trying to RUIN me,))

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hi. the 1st time i heard bastille's songs was in april (i think). but i wasn't a fan. now, i'm in love with the band, but i don't know anything about them, i only know the names of them, and i just know who is dan and woody, i always get confuse with kyle and will. also, i didn't understand the videos (only bad blood). i'd like to ask you to explain to me the band, the videos (if you know), 'cause i don't want to say "i'm a bastiller" without knowing anything about the boys... pls

i’m really sorry for not answering this earlier mate but i only noticed i got this message at like 4 am and i went to sleep right after i finished writing it (and also my power went out just as i was about to publish this and stuff so i’m sorry if you thought i was ignoring you)

(disclaimer: i wrote everything at like 5 am so if nothing makes sense it’s because i was really just sleep deprived, also it’s really fucking long because i got a bit too excited)

kay so for starters this is daniel campbell smith (but he just goes by dan smith as everyone knows i dont even know why i’m saying this), he’s 27 years old, his birthday’s on the 14th of july and he’s 6’1 (1,85 cm?) tall if you were wondering, and he’s awesome (even though he doesn’t really think so)

he’s the lead singer and the person who writes/composes all the songs and stuff and he plays the piano/keyboard like a damn fuckin pro (cos he is one) and during live songs he bangs like 2 drums and its just hella cool. just to sum it all up he used to be a solo singer and all of a sudden he just decided he wanted to form a band cos apparently being a solo singer didn’t really appeal to him so he grabbed woody and will that were already on his live band and later kyle and then made bastille a thing

some funfacts about him: the band’s named after bastille day which happens to be the on his birthday, he’s a hUGE david lynch fangirl (see: his entire fucking wardrobe, that one song he wrote about laura palmer, his hair???, etc), he really really likes movies (he studied english literature because he wanted to be a journalist so then he could write about movies), he’s also a pessimistic little shit and he’s like negative about everything but he’s really humble and kinda shy and stuff and basically just a really nice guy i’d totally go out to have a drink with him sometime

anyway moving on this is kyle johnathan simmons(apparently his middle name is johnathan according to like some sites??), he’s 25/26 so he’s like the youngest person in the band which is really weird to me?? either way, his birthday’s on the 5th of february, he’s like 6’3 (1,90 cm) and he’s also awesome

he’s the guy that plays the synths and the keyboard and the bass in some songs and does backing vocals and bangs the drums with dan like at the end of of the night and he also shakes that weird egg thing i don’t know the name of and fuck it he basically plays a lot of shit there you go. he was like the last person to enter the band. legend tells that one day he was on a houseparty dan was also on, and at some point dan got kinda (i mean really) drunk and he just started to go around inviting literally everyone that even held an instrument to join the band and kyle was literally the only one that said yes, and thus bastille was formed

funfacts: he’s got like the best moustache in all the land, all the fans give him weird cat apparel because he has an “obsession” with cats, he’s pretty much a 6 year old child?? i mean like according to some of the other members he watches a lot of disney movies and stuff like that and like until a few months ago he’d never drank coffee in his life???; he’s got a lot of bling like hella son and he doesn’t like fish. dont make him eat fish.

anddd here we have woody. his name is actually chris wood but no he’s woody. dont call him chris because nobody is gonna know who the fuck ur talking about. anyway he’s 29, born in july 6th, he’s 5’6/5’7 (1,70 cm?) (EDIT: APPARENTLY HE’S LIKE 5'10 BUT WELL) which makes him the shortest in the band, and he’s less awesome. he’s also awesome. no he’s more awesome.

anyway he’s the drummer and a professional clapper when they have to do acoustic sessions and stuff, and like everyone else that isn’t dan he does backing vocals. back in the day when bastille wasn’t a thing and dan had his little solo project his mum gave him a flyer she found about some drum teacher and she was like “you should call him, he might have some students!!” so he marked a meeting with the guy thinking he was some 80 year old bloke with a beard but he turned out to be woody and as he didn’t have any students he just offered playing for him and dan was like lol k

facts: he has some nice ass hair i’m seriously jelly of (though he’d switch hairstyles with anyone else in the band because he bumps into things a lot because of the long hair though apparently cutting it isn’t an option), he’s from plymouth and i dont know why that’s relevant but they always seem to bring that up in a lot of interviews so yeah and he’s muse’s number 1 fan and i can’t think of anything else to put here i’m writing this at 5 am don’t blame me

and last but not least we have my fav member of the band william farquarson. he’s 30 years old, his date of birth is on the 22nd of september, he’s 6’1 (1,85 cm) as well and he’s awesome. like real awesome.

anYWAY he plays the bass and the guitar and sometimes in some live songs the keyboard aaaanndd he does backing vocals. as far as i know one of his friends told him to check dan out and he went to one of his gigs and he was like “oh he’s really good” and then he kinda became obsessed with the idea of joining his band so he just started to talk to dan and basically just lie about every single thing like how he could play the keyboard and sing and how he disliked jazz while he loved it just to make a good impression and join the band (which worked out in the end go will)

and for some facts about him: he’s got the best fucking beard in the entire planet (hashtag tru confirmed by me), he’s an actor, like a decent one, he does the art thing like really well too, he’s a suave motherfucker, maybe a tiny bit gay, and he’s the only one in the band with tattoos (he’s got a spider, the parker pen logo or whatever the hell that is and ‘bad blood’ written on the most embarrassing font possible which he got while really fucking drunk in texas on the release date of their album), and as stated before he lies a shitload so i wouldn’t believe a thing he says

also by the way bastille fans aren’t called “bastillers”, they’re “stormers” which is a reference to the storming of the bastille and stuff and i think that’s kinda cool tbh

and if this wasn’t really enough for you there’s this post that like has a lot of links to other guides to bastille and such

i’d try to explain the vids to you but man i don’t understand like half of them so i’m not even gonna attempt, i’d recommend asking other people about it if you really wanted to know though.

Jack request! you’re at an ATL concert and you crowd surf. When you are at the stage and the security helps you down, Jack pulls you on Stage. Alex is like ‘who is that’ and Jack answers ‘I don’t know, but she is gorgeous’ you can take it from there!

AN I saw that Jack noticed you guys were singing Rick Astley at the concert a bit ago. I think in Sweden? Pretty sure that that was where it was. But anyways, I threw that in there :] Yo you guys should follow my Twitter acc ->Happinessfoleva because I have no friends on there and mostly I just comment on bands posts, but sometimes I can be a little bit funny and it would be nice to have friends. Also guys, I have never been to a real ATL concert before, I mean I saw them at warped (alaska) last year, but that was it. So if I get the order of things wrong it has everything to do with ignorance, okay? Enjoy lovelies xx

Your POV

Standing in lines at concerts has got to be a paid job. You spend so much time here that I could basically claim it as a second home on my taxes. All day in line just to see your favorite band up closer than you usually would. Now that’s dedication.

We usually sang some songs to pass the time. This time it was Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up. All I could think of is that we were Rick-Rolling them.

When the gates opened up, it was basically Hell. Hell for anyone who didn’t love All Time Low as much as some of us did. We were crazy, and we were ready to lose our heads. Sometimes I feel sorry for the parents that get dragged along, but at least they get to listen to some kick ass music.

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Hello. I know this might be annoying but could you tell me the whole story of twenty one pilots? I am a new fan and don't know much about it. Its for a english homework! Thanks. Someone said you know a lot, so every little thing is good for me.

oh boy *stretches fingers* we might be here for a while so im just gonna go ahead and put this under a cut

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Hellooo, I'm a new shawol and I was wondering if you could give me information about the boys? I know all their faces and names but that's all really. You don't have to if you don't want to! :)

Well hello anon~~ i would love to inform you about the members as much as possible! I <33 I hope i can do them justice ^^

First we have our Dubu leader: ONEW

This man… /grunts/ look at him… OKAY.  INFO

So his stage name is Onew, but his real name is Lee Jinki. He was born December, 14, 1989 making him the oldest and the leader of SHINee. Tbh, he’s a little ball of fluff that can get your motors running in a matter or .002 seconds. Like… 

Can he not? lol… This man also has a fandom name for all his body parts a such as: 




sooooo to put it simply… this man is a threat to your ideal man. He’s super sweet and takes care of his members. Minho mentioned it in an interview how Jinki doesn’t think of himself as higher then any of the other members, but as their equal. He is SHINee’s pillar… their stability. The glue if I say so myself. He holds it down for SHINee and i don’t think we, as shinee world and shinee themselves, could have asked for a better leader. 

He recently went through surgery on his throat, but is completely better now! How could I forget onew condition! - this is basically him being funny or clumsy as hell with out even trying and tbh, its a completely charming point. OH, HE LOVES CHICKEN. You’ll hear a lot of jokes about that :)

His personal fandom name are: MVP’s- they were given this name because in their debut song “Replay” he says “noona you are my mvp” and well naturally, thats what they are called now! 

His smile is blinding. It legit feels like angels are throwing up on you… here have a look:

Ohkay~ so before I make this any longer, jinki is an amazing person and we’re lucky to have him. He’s strong hardworking man, and deserves all the chicken in the world for all his efforts. i love him, you love him we all love him. 



oHKAY IMMA STOP THERE BEFORE I GO OVER BOARD AND THIS IS ALREADY NOT GOOD. sooooo… he is the one and only Kim, Jonghyun. He was born on April 8, 1990. He is SHINee worlds residential puppy and crybaby.. but its okay we love and accept him and want him to cry rivers. He’s a sensitive soul and that itself is a charming point… who doesn’t love a man that shows his feelings? 

He is a composer and lyric writer. He recently debuted solo January 1. He took a main part in his album, “Base” and also writing SHINee’s “View’ for their most recent comeback. He also partook in writing, “Pretty Boy” for Taemin’s solo Album, “Ace” and “Playboy” on EXO’s comeback album. (as you can see, hes into writing and his songs are A++, but of course that comes from me and i’m a little bias…. haha)

His personal fandom name are: Blingers - because he is BLING BLING JONGHYUN ^^

Jonghyun is understanding and very aware of all the bad that is happening in the world. He’s the member that will say what on his mind? at least thats the portrayal i have of him. If its important to him he wont be afraid to voice his opinions and RESPECT him for that. He has brought up subjects that i believe an idol wouldnt usually bring up or openly talk about.. but nope, jjong is different. Hes proven time and time again, how caring he is not just towards his members but to his fans. hah sometimes i think he doesnt give a fuck- BUT IN A GOOD WAY. He is so humble.. all of SHINee are.. and this why they are together and shine as all five. It feels as if they havent let all this fame and fortune get to their head.. but dont get me wrong they’re still humans and as humans were not perfect lol. BUT THATS NOT THE POINT. 


He runs a radio program called: Blue Night everyday from 12am kst to 2am kst
He has insomnia so he has trouble sleeping at night… and he loves shoes. lolol. 

He was in a band before debuting and played the bass. I know he also plays guitar and piano…(?) someone can correct me if im wrong. 

OH, HES ALSO SHINEES TEASE (wait.. all of them are teases but look)







Look at how he saved that girl~ okay, so this is Choi Minho. Sweet ass mother f-er. 

He was born December 9, 1991 and is the Rapper of the group.. Well, so is Key, but yes.. the OG. This guy is the competitive sports athlete member. He loves soccer.. practically breathes it. IF IT BRINGS ON SWEAT COUNT MINHO IN. He has couple of nicknames such as: Flaming Charisma and Frog Prince. He burns with passion on a daily basis. 

His fandom name are: Flamers

Minho is the guy that comforts his members.. (they all comfort each other, but hes there to offer the hugs and lowkey harass jjong) but he offers the love that shinee needs during those emotional times. He writes majority of the raps that he does in the shinee songs and has even branched out to letting us hear his angelic voice. HE CAN SING AND SOMEONE CAN FIGHT ME IF THEY SAY OTHER WISE. LEGIT, MINHO IS A PRINCE. He gives off that aura of romantic pure guy that only wants good in the world… haha this might just be me living in my own world. HE IS AN ACTOR AND HAS ACTED IN COUPLE DRAMAS. He is currently working/ or already finished up the movie is going to be in. 

He is the tallest member of SHINee and never forgets to remind jjong LOLOL



honestly tho.. minho is a treat. is adorable and OMG OMG OMG HE IS A BIAS WRECKER.. LIKE WTF, CHOI. W.T.F.

where? who? what? when? NO. NOOOOOOOOO. YOU KNOW THAT PERSON THAT WRECKS YOUR NUMBER AND SOMETIMES YOU DOUBT IT.. YEAH. THIS IS WHAT HE DOES TO ME. this was even before all this happened… just /faints/

nah, but i appreciate minho and his part in shinee. He’s funny, charismatic, easy going and loves those around him. I THink that itself is pretty clear. OH I FORGOT HE LOVES HIS HYUNGS… YES. THE HYUNG WHORE HIMSELF. 

i truly cant get enough of him. 


This is Kim Kibum. His stage name is Key. He is SHINee’s fashionista. He loves fashion and you can see him rocking new trends or creating them himself when looking at the outfit he has on. He was born on September 23, 1991. His nickname is The Almighty Key. 

His fandom name: Lockets though on instagram he started calling everyone lil freaks… sort of renaming his fans. so either one!

This man loves musicals. He’s performed in many, and is currently going to be starting up a new one called “chess” He is known for his girl group dances.. and if i do say so myself he can rock those girl group dances, even to this day! He has a way with his body and he can dance. He goes hard in a delicate way lolol. 

He is a rapper, vocalist and dancer (tbh, they’re all dancers cause damn, their choreo isnt simple)

kibum… kibum .. kibum. what can i say? I love him? yes. He’s the type to show who he is and not hide it.. he said so himself. Hes the type to put it out there and not be afraid. I look up to him and they way he thinks… He’s hardworking, always trying to improve himself.. he’s dedicated to shinee, to everything he does and its always 100%. i feel as if he doesnt half ass the things he does. Committed. That to me is what kim kibum is. He’s also a caring towards his members… i mean, he wouldnt be the “umma” if he wasnt. Maybe that nickname was for way back in the day, but i know hes on the side lines watching out for them. 

He loves skin care~ i mean look at his skin, FLAWLESS. Thats another great way to describe him. 

He has two dogs, comme des and garcons. He currently is living in his own apartment that he recently moved into this year. HES A BIG BOY DOING GROWN MAN THINGS AND LIVING ON HIS OWN YEAAAAAHHHH. 

Oh he studied abroad in LA for i think, a year (?) again, someone can correct me, but he can speak some english and if anything understand it. ACTUALLY, hes known for knowing few other languages such as japanese and chinese. 




he knows hes hot.. he knows hes sexy, and look at him.. smug little shit. 

so this guy, hahahaha… well, he is the youngest outta them all. His birthday is July 18, 1993. He is the main dancer of shinee and now a vocalist! When he first debuted, he didnt sing as much, but guess what? This little shit debuted as a SOLO ARTIST LAST SUMMER!!

Who allowed this to happen? idk. idk. idek. 

the cute innocent taeminnie is now TAEMAAAAAAAAAN. JS. 

so im trying to think of the words to describe him but i really can only think of trouble maker? the ones that wants to cause shit… but not really? if that makes sense? Hes a joker for sure. Hes the type of smile and laugh when a member is crying -NOT IN A BAD WAY NO- BUT he’ll record you or take pictures when you’re crying. HE’S FUNNY. he blanks out and sometimes has this distance stare. OMG. HIS WTF FACE; HES KNOWN FOR THIS- HE IS “THE KPOP DUDE”

HE HATES BUGS. its actually quite funny and cute. 

HES THE YOUNGIN THAT GETS TAKEN CARE OF BY THE MEMBERS BUT ALSO IS THERE FOR THEM IN THEIR TIME OF NEED. haha (sometimes i feel like he cant take jjongs crying… lolol)

he kicks ass at dancing. that was his original role in SHINee until he blossomed into the beautiful manly fairy prince he is today. 

His fandom name: Taemints - so i heard it was that because during debut days he would carry mints and share them with his fans (?) again, people are free to correct me. 


Soooo thats it! I mean, there is A TON MORE TO BE SAID ABOUT THEM but i think i might have scratched the surface to tell you a bit about each of them. If you were looking for more factual things rather than how i perceive them then im sorry!! but i hope you were able to grasp shinee in this post! I’m glad that you’re getting into the fandom because it surely is a great one and you wont regret getting into these five shining men. They have done so much, not just for me, but for many shawols around the world- giving many of us strength to carry on. Whether it be through their songs, or talks during concerts, or little interviews… they manage to connect with us and relate with us. Sometimes it feels as if they’re the best friend we never had… you know?

i did want to point out that in the beginning each member had their “distinct” positions, but now? look at them. ALL VOCALISTS. ALL DANCERS. and i bet, if they give it a try, they can rap too :D 

SHINee is SHINee because of Lee Jinki, Lee Taemin, Kim Kibum, Kim Jonghyun, and Choi Minho. Their personalities, voices, attitudes all make up the band we love. They have grown so much to be who they are and ugh so proud. okay.


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I always imagine that Harry possess a musical talent. Can you write Ginny's reaction when Harry tuning guitar or something? Got this idea when heard Ed Sheeran Thinking Out Loud

hah, okay, but imagine:

  • After the war, Harry buys a guitar on a whim one day because why not? That’s the sort of thing he can do now, and when he was little, he always thought that it was a really cool instrument
  • Ron’s like, fair play to you mate, but I’d rather spend my money on a Cannons season ticket
  • He gets some books on how to play and becomes pretty good at it for an amateur. He’s also got a pretty passable singing voice, which Ginny finds hilarious, because Weasleys have many talents but singing isnot one of them
  • It starts with him just singing and playing children’s songs for Teddy, but soon he’ll bring out the guitar and sing a few things at parties with friends, a lot of magical stuff but the odd muggle tune, too
  • (”Anyway, here’s Wonderwall” please let’s all imagine that for a moment)
  • At one of the DA gatherings he plays a few tunes for everyone’s amusement, and he’s trying to get Ginny to join in with him on a duet (Sonny & Cher obv) but she refuses point blank: she can’t and won’t sing, unless it’s in the shower
  • “That’s a shame,” says Ron, “because you’re a pretty good poet: his eyes are as green as a fresh-pickled toad, his hair is as dark as the blackboard…”
  • Harry picks it up, strumming along and making it into a little song: “He’s really divine, I wish he was mine, the hero who conquered the Dark Lord!” ending with a jazzy flourish
  • Everyone thinks its hilarious, even Ginny, who’s dying of embarrassment, and Seamus says “there you go Harry, there’s your new single. You’re gonna be the next big One Hit Wonder” which everyone laughs at again. And then Harry looks thoughtful and says “Actually, you know…” and it all grows from there
  • Hermione helps him hash out the details: a one-off charity single from Dumbledore’s Army, to help raise money for the Remus Lupin Foundation for Lycanthropes, and he’s determined that everyone from the DA who wants to participate is going to be on the single somehow
  • Turns out some of them are pretty good musicians: Terry Boot plays bass, Oliver Wood the drums, Susan Bones is a classically trained pianist so she plays keyboards and Dennis Creevey picks up his Dad’s old sax
  • Luna plays an instrument of her own devising, the name of which no one else can pronounce, but that actually sounds pretty good
  • Hannah Abbott fills Butterbeer bottles to different levels and plays a sort of Glockenspiel with them
  • Seamus, Dean, Lavender and Parvati do backing vocals, doo-wop style, and Angelina, Alicia and Katie do the handclaps in the bridge
  • Neville, like the Weasleys, refuses to sing, but with help from George, records a bunch of plant sounds that get mixed in, too (every chorus needs the addition of a baby Mandrake’s cry, they say)
  • Harry insists that Ron and Hermione have starring roles, so Ron plays the triangle and Hermione the panpipes
  • Lee Jordan knows someone who has a recording studio, so he helps them all record and produce it
  • Everyone insists that Ginny should duet with Harry but she refuses, insisting that no amount of magic or muggle technology can make her sound good, so in the end it’s Cho Chang, who turns out to have a really great voice, who sings with Harry (Rita Skeeter writes 37 articles about this until Ginny gets sick of it and threatens either legal action or to punch her)
  • Ginny does the words and Harry the music, so there’s some interesting rhymes. Her personal favourites are “Potter” and “pig’s trotter” and “Harry” with “actuary”
  • (And she does actually have a musical role in it in the end, she’s 2nd Kazoo in the fourth verse)
  • It reaches number one immediately and stays there for 16 weeks
  • They’re always asked to do a follow up, because it was such a huge crowdpleaser and because it made so much money for the charity, but everyone refuses: it was only ever designed to be a one-hit wonder, and Harry goes back to playing his guitar just for fun, for friends and family
  • However, the band does get back together for one impromptu reunion at Teddy Lupin’s 17th, and this time Ginny does sing because Cho’s moved away, so it’s not quite the original line-up but most other people are there, and Ted himself doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry at his ridiculous, embarrassing Godparents and what they’d do for him
  • So he does both. Then asks Harry to teach him how to play the guitar…
Beatles: First Radio Interview, 10/28/1962
  • MONTY: It's a very great pleasure for us this evening to say hello to an up-and-coming Merseyside group, The Beatles. I know their names, and I'm going to try and put faces to them. Now, you're John Lennon, aren't you?"
  • JOHN: "Yes, that's right."
  • MONTY: "What do you do in the group, John?"
  • JOHN: "I play harmonica, rhythm guitar, and vocal. That's what they call it."
  • MONTY: "Then, there's Paul McCartney. That's you?"
  • PAUL: "Yeah, that's me. Yeah."
  • MONTY: "And what do you do?"
  • PAUL: "Play bass guitar and uhh, sing? ...I think! That's what they say."
  • MONTY: "That's quite apart from being vocal?"
  • PAUL: "Well... yes, yes."
  • MONTY: "Then there's George Harrison."
  • GEORGE: "How d'you do."
  • MONTY: "How d'you do. What's your job?"
  • GEORGE: "Uhh, lead guitar and sort of singing."
  • MONTY: "By playing lead guitar does that mean that you're sort of leader of the group or are you...?"
  • GEORGE: "No, no. Just... Well you see, the other guitar is the rhythm. Ching, ching, ching, you see."
  • PAUL: "He's solo guitar, you see. John is in fact the leader of the group."
  • MONTY: "And over in the background, here, and also in the background of the group making alot of noise is Ringo Starr."
  • RINGO: "Hello."
  • MONTY: "You're new to the group, aren't you Ringo?"
  • RINGO: "Yes, umm, nine weeks now."
  • MONTY: "Were you in on the act when the recording was made of 'Love Me Do'?"
  • RINGO: "Yes, I'm on the record. I'm on the disc."
  • (the group giggles)
  • RINGO: (comic voice) "It's down on record, you know?"
  • MONTY: "Now, umm..."
  • RINGO: "I'm the drummer!"
  • (laughter)
  • MONTY: "What's that offensive weapon you've got there? Those are your drumsticks?"
  • RINGO: "Well, it's umm... just a pair of sticks I found. I just bought 'em, you know, 'cuz we're going away."
  • MONTY: "When you say you're going away, that leads us on to another question now. Where are you going?"
  • RINGO: "Germany. Hamburg. For two weeks."
  • MONTY: "You have standing and great engagements over there, haven't you?"
  • RINGO: "Well, the boys have been there quite alot, you know. And I've been there with other groups, but this is the first time I've been there with the Beatles."
  • MONTY: "Paul, tell us. How do you get in on the act in Germany?"
  • PAUL: "Well, it was all through an old agent."
  • (laughter)
  • PAUL: (chuckles) "We first went there for a fella who used to manage us, and Mr. Allan Williams of the Jacaranda Club in Liverpool. And he found the engagements so we sort of went there, and then went under our own..."
  • JOHN: "Steam."
  • PAUL: "Steam... (laughs)
  • JOHN: "...as they say."
  • PAUL: "As they say, afterwards, you know. And we've just been going backwards and forwards and backwards and forwards."
  • MONTY: (surprised) "You're not busy at all?"
  • PAUL: (jokingly) "Well yes, actually. Yes. It's me left leg. You know. The war."
  • (laughter)
  • MONTY: "George, were you brought up in Liverpool?"
  • GEORGE: "Yes. So far, yes."
  • MONTY: "Whereabouts?"
  • GEORGE: "Well, born in Wavertree, and bred in Wavertree and Speke -- where the airplanes are, you know."
  • MONTY: "Are you all 'Liverpool types,' then?"
  • RINGO: "Yes."
  • JOHN: "Uhh... types, yes."
  • PAUL: "Oh yeah."
  • RINGO: "Liverpool-typed Paul, there."
  • MONTY: "Now, I'm told that you were actually in the same form as young Ron Wycherley..."
  • RINGO: "Ronald. Yes."
  • MONTY: "...now Billy Fury."
  • RINGO: "In Saint Sylus."
  • MONTY: "In which?"
  • RINGO: "Saint Sylus."
  • JOHN: "Really?"
  • RINGO: "It wasn't Dingle Vale like you said in the Musical Express."
  • PAUL: "No, that was wrong. Saint Sylus school."
  • MONTY: "Now I'd like to introduce a young disc jockey. His name is Malcolm Threadgill, he's 16-years old, and I'm sure he'd like to ask some questions from the teenage point of view."
  • MALCOLM: "I understand you've made other recordings before on a German label."
  • PAUL: "Yeah."
  • MALCOLM: "What ones were they?"
  • PAUL: "Well, we didn't make... First of all we made a recording with a fella called Tony Sheridan. We were working in a club called 'The Top Ten Club' in Hamburg. And we made a recording with him called, 'My Bonnie,' which got to number five in the German Hit Parade."
  • JOHN: "Ach tung!"
  • PAUL: (giggles) "But it didn't do a thing over here, you know. It wasn't a very good record, but the Germans must've liked it a bit. And we did an instrumental which was released in France on an EP of Tony Sheridan's, which George and John wrote themselves. That wasn't released here. It got one copy. That's all, you know. It didn't do anything."
  • MALCOLM: "You composed 'P.S. I Love You' and 'Love Me Do' yourself, didn't you? Who does the composing between you?"
  • PAUL: "Well, it's John and I. We write the songs between us. It's, you know... We've sort of signed contracts and things to say, that now if we..."
  • JOHN: "It's equal shares."
  • PAUL: "Yeah, equal shares and royalties and things, so that really we just both write most of the stuff. George did write this instrumental, as we say. But mainly it's John and I. We've written over about a hundred songs but we don't use half of them, you know. We just happened to sort of rearrange 'Love Me Do' and played it to the recording people, and 'P.S. I Love You,' and uhh, they seemed to quite like it. So that's what we recorded."
  • MALCOLM: "Is there anymore of your own compositions you intend to record?"
  • JOHN: "Well, we did record another song of our own when we were down there, but it wasn't finished enough. So, you know, we'll take it back next time and see how they like it then."
  • (long pause)
  • JOHN: (jokingly) "Well... that's all from MY end!"
  • (laughter)
  • MONTY: "I would like to just ask you-- and we're recording this at Hume Hall, Port Sunlight-- Did any of you come over to this side before you became famous, as it were? Do you know this district?"
  • PAUL: "Well, we played here, uhh... I don't know what you mean by famous, you know.
  • (laughter)
  • PAUL: "If being famous is being in the Hit Parade, we've been over here-- we were here about two months ago. Been here twice, haven't we?"
  • JOHN: "I've got relations here. Rock Ferry."
  • MONTY: "Have you?"
  • JOHN: "Yes. Oh, all sides of the water, you know."
  • PAUL: "Yeah, I've got a relation in Claughton Village-- Upton Road."
  • RINGO: (jokingly) "I've got a friend in Birkenhead!"
  • (laughter)
  • MONTY: "I wish I had."
  • GEORGE: (jokingly) "I know a man in Chester!"
  • (laughter)
  • MONTY: "Now, that's a very dangerous thing to say. There's a mental home there, mate. Peter Smethurst is here as well, and he looks like he is bursting with a question."
  • PETER: "There is just one question I'd like to ask. I'm sure it's the question everyone's asking. I'd like your impressions on your first appearance on television."
  • PAUL: "Well, strangely enough, we thought we were gonna be dead nervous. And everyone said, 'You suddenly, when you see the cameras, you realize that there are two million people watching,' because there were two million watching that 'People And Places' that we did... we heard afterwards. But, strangely enough, it didn't come to us. We didn't think at all about that. And it was much easier doing the television than it was doing the (live musical performance) radio. It's still nerve-wracking, but it was a bit easier than doing radio because there was a full audience for the radio broadcast."
  • MONTY: "Do you find it nerve-wracking doing this now?"
  • (laughter)
  • PAUL: (jokingly) "Yeah, yeah."
  • MONTY: "Over at Cleaver Hospital, a certain record on Parlophone-- the top side has been requested. So perhaps the Beatles themselves would like to tell them what it's going to be."
  • PAUL: "Yeah. Well, I think it's gonna be 'Love Me Do.'"
  • JOHN: "Parlophone R4949."
  • (laughter)
  • PAUL: "'Love Me Do.'"
  • MONTY: "And I'm sure, for them, the answer is P.S. I love you!"
  • PAUL: "Yeah."