i don't know the last lady's name

  • Ty: You know, I'm not too fond of your last name.
  • Kit: ...Herondale or Rook?
  • Ty, brushes it off: I just don't think it suits you.
  • Kit: I'm pretty sure mostly everybody has said that I act and look like a Herondale.
  • Ty: You should change it.
  • Kit: I don't understand where this is going.
  • Ty: Maybe to Blackthorn.
  • ty go bye bye
  • Kit: Hold on— did you just propose to me?! Ty where did you even learn that??!!! Come back here!

“We are bound together, Emma, bound together — I breathe when you breathe, I bleed when you bleed, I’m yours and you’re mine, you’ve always been mine, and I have always, always belonged to you!”

Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn

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So idk if you all know imma tiny late to this wonderful kpop world (I’m talking the last year..exactly the day BTS- Fire was released BUT THATS A WHOLE DIFFERENT STORY ILL WRITE OUT SOME OTHER TIME) but hearing about Beast rebranding as Highlight and having such a huge success with it made me happy. I honestly watched the MVs not knowing they were formally Beast… which I guess made it special because I fell in love without knowing their past. But, as I got filled in by my friends I got really saddened hearing their story. It’s unfortunate I entered this world as eras were shifting. I was lucky enough to see CL in concert before 2NE1 broke up and but that was just the first thing to happen. 10 years with Bigbang happened and TOP went off to the military, I fell in love with Winner before learning Taehyun left, I was so enthralled to find the Wonder Girls.. a badass girl band! But they disbanded as well. I’m currently watching Produce 101 and hearing the members of Nu'est admit they were close to disbanding shattered my heart. Learning about the whole BAP-TS battle I learned while watching their One Fine Day and I cried so much. The tragedy that happened with Ladies Code and the members leaving EXO I learned quickly getting into the kpop world, I’m sad it ended the way it did. I’m sure there’s a shit ton more I don’t even know about, but the purpose of this post is to acknowledge that, to the kpop fans who’ve been through it all, I can’t imagine being through that with the people you love the most and I really hope this new generation of kpop brings so much good. I may never know about how legendary TVXQ or H.O.T really was, or ever quite understand why everyone thinks SM is a bully to their idols, or even learn to love some groups before they leave, but I promise you, im going to try my best to learn it and appreciate what I have. Dang right I’m going to watch Shinwhas 18th anniversary special on vlive, and fuck yeah I’m gonna vote the shit out of Atom from Topp Dogg on produce 101, because they’re an underrated group who’s been around much longer than I have and they deserve that much.

Anyways. Now my little rant is over and I’m sharing this song because I just had a little cry over learning Beast’s last album was called Highlight and I think it really represents what I’m trying to say. I never loved Beast. I learned about them today. But I’m gonna support this new era called Highlight with my whole kpop heart and I hope you guys can do the same with me.

fun story:

for pony penning, i used to stay with my aunt at a super cute B&B every year. i no longer travel with my aunt, but i still pop over and visit her and the B&B’s owners, who i’ve known for over a decade now. they’ve seen me grow up. it’s cute ‘n stuff. 

and last year, one of the owners, who is this very sweet English lady, was like “you know, my niece rides horses. she competes a lot and she’s a professional.”

and i was like “oh, would i recognize her name?”

“i don’t know. her name is Charlotte.”



so that’s the story about how i have known charlotte dujardin’s aunt or great aunt or something for the past ten years

Signs as my Favorite Lyrics Ever!!
  • Aries: "Honey, all the movements you're starting to make, See me crumble and fall on my face, And I know the mistakes that I've made, See it all disappear without trace." -Coldplay
  • Taurus: "And you stood tall, now you will fall, don't break the spell of a life spent trying to do well." -Sia
  • Gemini: "This is the start, of where it all ends. They used to shout my name, now they're whispering it." -Lorde
  • Cancer: "And then that word grew louder, and louder until it was a battle cry." -Some Narnia Movie
  • Leo: "I don't wanna be alone forever, Maybe we can see the world together, I don't wanna be alone forever, But I can be tonight, tonight." -Lady Gaga
  • Virgo: "And as the floods move in, and your body starts to sink, I was the last thing on your mind, I know you better than you think." -Ellie Goulding
  • Libra: "But the tigers come at night, With their voices soft as thunder, As they tear your hope apart, As they turn your dream to shame." -Les Mis
  • Scorpio: "Kiss me on the mouth and set me free... But please don't bite." -Troye Sivan
  • Sagittarius: "Are you lost or incomplete? do you feel like a puzzle you can't find your missing piece?" -Coldplay
  • Capricorn: "Where is love? Does it fall from skies above?Is it underneath the willow tree, That I've been dreaming of? -Oliver the Musical
  • Aquarius: "Crawling back to you, ever thought of calling when you've had a few, cause I always do." -Arctic Monkeys
  • Pisces: "When the leader of the bad guys sang, something soft and soaked in pain, I heard the echo from his secret hideaway." -Twenty One Pilots

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Ok :) two with separate or together. "I ain't scared of no ghosts" and "I am the one hiding under your bed" :) thanks xo

(thanks to repmet for the gif!)

“…And then the Ghost of the 2nd Earl JUMPED OUT OF THE CLOSET!”

Marigold gave a screech and buried her little face against her cousin’s shoulder.  Sybbie gave an annoyed look to her other cousin as she attempted to soothe poor Marigold.  “It’s alright, George is just telling stories.”

“It’s true!” George insisted.  “The 2nd Earl haunts Downton!” he grinned wickedly and made a menacing motion with his fingers.  “And likes to scare little girls—!”

“Well he’s not scaring me!” Sybbie insisted.  “I ain’t scared of no ghosts!”

George rolled his eyes and opened his mouth to say more, but the nursery door opened then, causing all three children to gasp, before sighing with relief at the sight of their mothers.

“Why are you still awake?” Mary asked, her question pointedly at her son.

“It’s All Hallow’s Eve, Mama!” George explained.  “Sybbie told us—”

“Another ‘Irish tradition’?” Mary turned to her baby sister who was kissing her daughter’s cheek.

“It’s not as if it’s unique to just Ireland,” Sybil insisted.  “Why, the celebration descends from the ancient Celts, so it more than likely began in Britain, up in Scotland—”

“Save me the history lesson,” Mary groaned, kissing her son on the brow and then urging him to get under his blankets and go to sleep.  

As for Marigold, she whimpered a bit and clung to Edith, who seemed reluctant to leave her.  “I’ll keep her safe, Auntie Edith!” Sybbie promised, noticing her cousin’s distress.  Sybil smiled proudly at her daughter, and Edith looked grateful.

“Come along!” Mary urged.  “Our husbands are probably wondering what’s keeping us.”

Another shadow illuminated the doorway just then, causing the three children and their mothers to gasp, and then groan as Sybbie squealed, “Daddy!”

“What are you doing up here?” Mary asked.  “I thought the three of you would be waiting downstairs—”

“Matthew and Bertie are,” Tom explained, winking at Edith who was blushing still at the reminder that she was now a married woman as well.  “But I had to sneak a kiss myself, otherwise I’d be jealous of Sybil the whole night!”

Both Sybil and Sybbie giggled and Sybbie held out her arms for her father, who stepped in and did just that, smothering sloppy Branson kisses on her cheeks, before tucking her into bed.  He then turned and gave a rather sloppy kiss to his wife, earning groans of disgust from the children, though Sybbie was used to it.

“Is the party up here now?” came another voice from the door.  

“It might as well be,” Mary groaned, before smiling at her husband and new brother-in-law who were now entering the nursery.

Both men went to their respective children, giving each a kiss on the brow before murmuring “goodnight”, and Marigold seemed to brighten considerably after this (she was very fond of Bertie).  

“George is telling them ghost stories,” Sybil whispered to Matthew.

“Ah, I see,” Matthew gave his son a stern look.  “I hope you’re not trying to frighten your cousins and give them nightmares…”

“No, Papa, it’s just All Hallow’s Eve, and Sybbie said—”

“So this is your fault?” Tom asked his daughter, before giving her a little wink to show he wasn’t serious.

“George says the ghost of the 2nd Earl haunts Downton.”


“George…” Mary groaned before turning to the rest.  “Children, there are no such things as ghosts.”

“But there such thing as a dragon, which is what your grandmother will become if we’re late,” Bertie observed to his wife.

“True,” Mary confirmed, agreeing with him.  “Alright, all of you get some sleep—good night!”

The children murmured their goodnights once again and watched as their parents exited the nursery.  However, before the Bransons left, Tom did whisper into his daughter’s ear, the special blessing her Irish grandmother had taught her to scare away anything that tried to frighten her.  With nothing but the soft, orange glow of the fire burning in the fireplace, the children were left alone.

Quiet filled the nursery then…though George swore he heard something making a “thumping” sound.  He sat up in bed and looked over at his cousins.  “Do you hear…?”

Marigold gave a little squeal and leapt out of bed, before flying into Sybbie’s.  “It’s the ghost of the 2nd Earl!” she screeched.

“Don’t be silly,” Sybbie assured her, before turning to George.  They heard the sound again, and George swallowed the lump in his throat—it was coming from UNDERNEATH HIS BED!

Sybbie glared at the bed, ignoring the petrified expression on her cousin’s face, and shouted the blessing her father had whispered to her in the language of their homeland, and the thumping suddenly came to a stop.

They all waited, holding their breath…


“It’s gone…” George whispered.

“Can I stay with you?” Marigold whimpered, looking up at Sybbie with large, imploring eyes.  Sybbie just smiled and kissed her cousin’s forehead, before pulling the blankets up around them.

“Maybe I should join you?” George offered, trying to sound braver than he felt.  “Just to protect you girls.”

Sybbie rolled her eyes, wondering what her mother would make of that if she heard George, but knew all too well that it was his back-handed way of admitting he was scared.  “Fine,” she sighed, scooting over and making room.  Soon, all three cousins were huddled together in Sybbie’s bed, the blankets pulled up to their chins, and after a moment, they were all soon asleep.

A few hours later, when the party had ended, Robert (or “Donk” as he was now known to all his grandchildren) decided to peek in and see them.  Sybil accompanied him, and when they reached the nursery, she gave a groan and a sigh at the sight of them together in bed.  “Just as I had feared, I think the ghost stories got to them.”

Robert frowned.  “Why are they all in Sybbie’s bed?”

Sybil smiled proudly.  “Well she is the oldest, so perhaps she’s also deemed the bravest?”  She shut the door then, and proceeded to tell her father about the so-called “ghost of the 2nd Earl”, the story which George had been telling to spook his cousins.

Robert frowned.  “There’s no ‘ghost of the 2nd Earl’.”

“Exactly, Papa.”

“If anything haunts that nursery, it would be Pharaoh!”

Sybil frowned.  “What?”

“Don’t you remember?  Pharaoh was always trying to get into that nursery when you and your sisters were children.  He especially liked to get under Mary’s bed and she would complain about the loud sounds his tail made when thumping against the floorboards.”

“I honestly don’t remember, but maybe I was too young?”

“That might be…” he recalled.  “Yes, you were barely a year old, when Edith and Mary got into a terrible fight—” Sybil rolled her eyes.  “—because Mary tried to spook Edith by telling her there was a monster in the room that lived under her bed, but then Pharaoh got under Mary’s and frightened the both of them—”

“Perhaps Pharaoh’s ghost remains?” Sybil offered.  “Thumping his tail under the bed of Mary’s son?”

Robert chuckled at that, though it was clear he didn’t believe it.  Sybil, however, wasn’t entirely convinced.  After living among the Irish, both in Dublin and now in Boston, she wasn’t as skeptical to tales of the supernatural as she might have been before marriage.  Though of all the ghosts that were out there, the ghost of a friendly Labrador hiding under one’s bed was rather sweet.

  • Lyanna Mormont's Speech: House Mormont remembers. The North remembers. We know no king but the king in the north, whose name is Stark. I don't care if he's a bastard. Ned Stark's blood runs through his veins. He's my king. From this day till his last day.
  • Lyanna Mormont's thoughts: Ooooh, studmuffin. Very nice. Wow, so this is puberty. Well, damn. Lyanna Snow? Lady Jon Snow? Queen Lyanna? Check out that ass. Oh yeah, that's the stuff. Keep making with the puppydog eyes, boyfriend. I got this. You and me, baby.

You know what? I’m actually okay with this ship.

I never thought I would say that after seeing so many ships shoved down my throat (especially the ones where people automatically make it a ship over small stuff) while the ones I do like are underappreciated, but this one actually does look interesting to me.

Maybe because that lady (whatever her name is) kinda looks like Rose Quartz, and she may be the kind of person to remind Pearl so much about her.

I just hope the fanart on Tumblr doesn’t do anything too weird with them.