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I started working on this when page 22 (first chapter) of the Caretaker comic came out. Which was …uh…..some months ago. Originally I wanted to make a silly little fancomic about the whole knife situation.

In the end I was too lazy to do it and now it turned into this.

A nice shot of Chara from the @caretaker-au

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shiratorizawa's reaction to being woken up at 3 am by their s/o sending them memes pls ?? thx

this is it everyone. i was put on this earth a little more than 23 years ago to fill this exact request with the expansive knowledge of memes i’ve collected in my spare time since the dawn of memeing, from when it was just a niche subculture coming from the cesspool of Actual Flaming Shit that is 4chan to modern-day popular usage. i even went ahead and gave each one a specific meme to help me out.

i’m going with shiratorizawa starters + semi again. tendou’s ties-in with this headcanon post about him.


The meme you send him: Look at all those chickens! accompanied with the message “Me, showing off you and the rest of the volleyball team”

He doesn’t understand this at all. Those aren’t chickens, those are geese. Shiratorizawa has nothing to do with geese. Perhaps you’re just confused because it’s late at night and you should be asleep. He answers back simply, “Please do not think of me or anyone else on the team as chicken or geese. Goodnight.” He doesn’t bring it up in the morning.


The meme you send him: you just send him a text that says, “The Game”

It takes him a while to register the text between being sleepy and the vagueness of it. But then he remembers and he just about tosses his phone across the room. Really?! People are still playing that?! What year is it?! At least you lost too, because you had to have thought about it to text it to him. He’s a grump in the morning when he sees you.


The meme you send him: Reasons to Live Pepe but with his face photoshopped into the book in the second panel

At first he’s worried that you’re texting him at such a late hour and he’s ready to come to your rescue, but when he opens the text, his fear subsides. He’s very flattered that you feel that way, but the frog-man thing is somewhat… disturbing. (C’mon, Reon, Pepe can be cute at times! just not this Pepe.) Not to mention, you both really should be sleeping. In the morning he gently suggests, that in the future, to not meme too hard past midnight.


The meme you send him: You rapid fire text him “Je suis un Ananas” about 30 times (from this video)

Given that does this to you ALL THE TIME already, it was only a matter of time before you started doing it to him. He should have known better. Now you’ve challenged him to the Ultimate Meme-Off and he has no choice but to scour the internet for the finest vintage memes—we’re talking memes such as the “The Kitty Cat Dance”—because he knows your comebacks will mostly be very obscure or specific ones from the Modern Era of Memes. It is on like Dankey Kang. He can sleep when he’s dead.


The meme you send him: this and various other memes involving “I LOVE YOU” being shouted via caps lock

He forgot to turn down the volume on his phone before going to bed so his text alert going off nearly gives him a heart attack. He gets really flustered from the memes, so much that he has to cover his face with his hands and lie back down because you’re killing him! He doesn’t even care that you woke him up in the middle of the night. This is the best night ever! He can’t wait to see you in morning.


The meme you send him: First you send him the message, “Get ready to have your mind blown” and then proceed to send him rapid-fire Troll Physics comics (example)

He lets out a very resigned sigh because he knows exactly what you’re up to, just not what flavor it’ll be this time. He reads the comics—yes, all of them—that you send and for a minuscule moment he considers sending you the actual math and science behind why they’re wrong. Except that’s the point. He shuts off his text tone for the rest of the night and doesn’t say a word about it in the morning.


The meme you send him: Instagram quote rebuttals / hipster edits (example)

He squints his eyes at the brightness of his screen and it takes him a while to process what you’ve actually sent him. When it finally registers that you sent him a meme of all things (he was expecting something a little sexier given the late hour), he rolls his eyes and sends back a “Go to bed, you meme-loving fuck” before going back to sleep himself. At least it was one you both have jokes about and made your own versions of. He finds a few on his phone during breakfast to show you.


The meme you send him: Spongebob but with Alfonso Riberio’s face… you know the one

The text startles him awake, but he’s slow to look at his phone. He stares at it for a while, expecting something to happen as if it were a GIF or even a jump scare. It’s neither, thankfully, especially the latter. He doesn’t understand this and actually calls you to ask you what this means. Are you being cryptic? Even when you tell him it’s just supposed to be a silly picture, he still doesn’t understand. Poor guy will never understand your weird humor.

Okay, hold up. 

It has recently come to my attention, (and idk if this has been mentioned before,) that in this picture: 

Baby Makoto and Baby Haru are wearing the same clothes as in this picture: 

Exact same clothes. Makoto’s got the same t-shirt and everything. 

Now, I’m really not one who usually pays attention to this sort of thing, but holy shit somebody please confirm to me that these two adorable lil children went to the pool to swim majestically with each other, and then CAME BACK HOME to immediately start making a shit ton of food. Like, a shit ton. Look at all that food. 

Who you feedin, boys. A fuckin army?

Or WHO KNOWS, maybe Makoto just stayed the night over at Haru’s after the pool scene. Maybe this is their breakfast, after a night of Makoto holding the sleeve of Haru’s shirt like he did when they were little, maybe cuddling up like a couple of snug lil bugs in a rug. 

Idk, man. Maybe. 

Meet Adachi.

He’s a pretty cool voice actor.

Yes, you!!

He gave this buddy-chump-pal a sweet singing voice (and speaking voice)

and made a lot of people really happy because of that.

And I mean a LOT of people. I’m still hearing positive input almost every day!

Ya know, life can get tangled sometimes, and you won’t be able to find the end of the string to unravel your problems.

But keep working at it. Probably no one has gone through your exact same experiences. But they all can relate and empathize from their own life perspective.

Work at it enough? You’re bound to find an answer.

And that answer is one awesome guy.

(Happy belated-by-a-day birthday, @stfuadachi!)

That’s the thing about falling out of love. There are no exact symptoms to tell you that. One day you wake up and feel something is different and as you continue throughout the day, there is a whisper inside you that something is happening and maybe it will change your life. You cannot sleep and sometimes all you can think about is your love. And everytime you think about her, you cringe a little bit but you don’t know why. It’s ironic really, that the way you fall out of love is a lot like falling in it, only in the opposite direction.
—  and maybe you fell out of love like the way i fall asleep- slowly then all at once

Promise me you’ll stay a moment longer, so my heart can remember the way you feel even miles and miles away. 

Forget not my gentleness and embracing arms, even as the sun fades on our enamored days.

An early birthday gift for valdemyr because ahahahahahaha get reckt

okay stop. all ashton did was tweet a picture of 3 fans and said thanks for coming to the show, his exact words were “these guys were legends. meet them the other day in holmdel JK show. Thanks for coming to the show dudes.” like…….how in the hell have people taken this tweet to say he is sexist and mysoginistic. this actually blows my mind. 

have you guys forgotten that on this same day he and calum drove around meeting TONS of fans before the show and surprising them? and talking to them? and taking pictures with them? regardless if they were male or female. they did that because they appreciate their fans, something we are so lucky about. absolutely no one would be offended if he posted a picture of three girls and said thank you with this same caption, but heaven forbid he say thank you to these three guys. 

this isn’t me “defending him being sexist or problematic or whatever” because he has done nothing wrong. he just said thank you. when will it be appropriate for them to say thank you to male fans without others getting so offended and saying they “favor them over all their female fans”. i want you guys to tell me in what other ways he can acknowledge them without you all being so angry. 

ashton has always tweeted and made videos saying how much he appreciates us, and suddenly when he even acknowledges male fans it’s like people say he doesn’t care about female fans at all, and that we aren’t as important to him. anyways this post isn’t about anything he has said/done in the past, this is about that tweet and everyones reactions and i just want to say i need people to calm down because this tweet was a non issue but suddenly it is somehow so


Niall’s breathing harshly through his nose when he reaches the spot—an exact parallel of that Tuesday one year ago.

Red cheeks that reach the tip of his hairline, sweaty palms from his jittery hands, a pressure caught between his throat and chest that’s making it painfully hard for the air to remain in his tired lungs—it’s all strangely familiar.

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hendall, louis & danielle and larry


so i’ve been doing some research on the kendall lesbian magazine article. so the story started circling around the web ON THE EXACT DAY SHE AND HAZ WERE FIRST SPOTTED ON THE YAGHT. i don’t know about you, but this leads be to believe that her management are trying to cover it up, by getting people to pay attention to something else and not pay attention to that. especially since the story’s been in more magazines than just ok! and one tried to debunk it, but they weren’t successful, because they didn’t actually state a real credible reason for it not being true. modest! is taking advantage of this and putting harry into another bearding contract because they know people will believe it, since he & kendall have been linked before.

coincidence that this same weekend harry gets his tattoos covered up with what i already explained are very coming outish things? i think not. coincidnce that ellen, the celebrity with the biggest, most public, controversial coming out ever, was on this yaght? nope.

coincidence that louis looks miserable an shockingly skinny and pale (on stage, with danielle, in general) and that the self-harm pictures are coming out now? no.
i think that both kendall and larry were very close to coming out (maybe a good way to start off 2016 or something along those lines?) but both of their managements got ahold of the situation and stopped it. temporarily at least.

there was also a statement released saying that harry & kendall kissed at midnight on nye. but no pics. which doesn’t make any sense since there’s already so many pics of them on this yaght. my guess? they were feeling nice for once and gave them both a chance to be with their real significant other, for the special occasion, but then they had to go back to bearding.


*i respect your opinion so please respect mine*

“Monsieur Stark?” “Capitaine.”

Why have I never tried watching the French-dub track of The Avengers before this? Not only can I pick up about 60% of the dialogue (on the French Sherlock dub I’m still hovering at about 25%), but it makes it all about eight times more entertaining. Hawkeye, Coulson, Nick Fury, Selvig, and Loki all sound like the exact same vaguely annoyed French guy having an annoying day at the office–not “HELP, A CRAZY ALIEN SHOWED UP AND IS SHOOTING EVERYONE” annoying, more like “DID JIM EAT MY CLEARLY LABELED TUNA SANDWICH AGAIN?” annoying. Maybe the same dub actor does them all and uses hand puppets in the studio so he doesn’t get confused or something. Black Widow’s a bit lower-pitched and throatier, it suits her. Bruce and Pepper sound like…Bruce and Pepper, just en français

Steve is brusque! and impatient! because he is just too muscular! to have time! for this talking to other people shit! Especially when Nick Fury sounds so weirdly mellow! next to him! Take lessons from Thor and be appropriately muscular yet approachable-sounding, Steve. Tony is the most “frooonch” and distinctive-sounding, all “ain’t I a hell of a Mr. Suave? Ain’t I got a quip for every occasion? Oh, mais oui.” (Je suis l’Équipe Iron Man, I approve.) French Coulson is all effusive on the plane now and French Steve is all “Fuck you, know by my teeth-and-ass-clenched voice that you will respect my profound existential dilemma! Plus muscles!” Loki now sounds vaguely stoned. I should skip ahead for the Hulk voice but that’s really enough of this baliverne for one night. I did at least get to hear “There are no men like me”/”There are always men like you” translated as “There do not exist two who are like me.”/”History is replete with those of your nature!”, which phrasing…..really suggests Brave Old German Guy might be a stealth Asgardian of some sort, which is fine with me as he’s basically my favorite character in the whole movie.

ETA: Tony's “Reindeer Games” is translated as “Tête de Buck” (Buckhead)! This is formidable.