i don't know the artist that did the drawing but if someone knows please tell me!

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Hey Viria, don't take this the wrong way cause you're probably my favorite Tumblr user but, you could be a little nicer to your followers. They simply ask for a request you could just do one or two here and there instead of being incredibly rude. I get it, it's your blog do what you want with it, I'm just saying. It's seems like a lot of people are getting mad at you about it. Don't take this the wrong way please, I love you Senpai!

uh. sorry, if my answer will seem rude to you, but UH.

Of course, for my followers it’s very simple to ask for a request. Or two. Or a dozen. considering how many messages I get sometimes try to understand that really many of them are actually requests. And the fact that people think that drawing is so ‘simple’ just seems so..okay, honestly, kind of offensive. like you said I ‘could do one or two here and there instead of being incredibly rude’.

But, I have a question for you. Why do you think denying people is rude? Grasp the idea that I absolutely do not own to draw anyone anything. Selfish thing to say, but I draw to please myself, on the first place. It’s incredibly nice when someone compliments you for it, really. And I appreciate it. But you know this thing when someone compliments you a lot and then completely naturally the message just transforms into a request?

Like, wow I love you and your art so much and you’re so incredible can you please draw me a simple picture of a certain character thank xoxo

I don’t know how, but I came to the terms when it makes me very..upset and mad at the same time. ESPECIALLY, when I refuse and I get people saying me that there’s no need being so ‘rude’ and telling me that it’s not even so hard to draw this person a picture.


just. AGH. it makes me angry even thinking about it.

Back then, whenever I drew anything for anyone (and wow there were the times I actually DID requests), it was always super stressful for me. It’s one thing when you draw for yourself and you screw up, but completely different when you draw for someone else and you just have to make it better, and you want this person to actually like it, and THAT’S A WHOLE DAMN LOT OF PRESSURE when you think that THEY MIGHT NOT LIKE IT in the end and get disappointed with you. That’s the last damn thing I want to do and feel, I get enough stress from studying and life, thank you.

I do not want to draw for people I don’t know, I do not want to draw the characters I don’t know and therefore do not have any emotional connection with, I do not want to spend my personal time on it. I do not. want. to do it. And it’s normal.

you do not come to a seamstress you admire and just ask them to make you a free simple dress, do you? That would be a rude and disrespectful thing to do, wouldn’t it? THEN, WHY. IS IT. DIFFERENT. WITH ARTISTS?

I’d understand people’s frustration if they were asking for requests and there was literally zero information about it on my page, and whenever I get mad I’d understand why they are upset on me reacting this way, because they didn’t know it and just asked, and I blew up on them for nothing.

But there is information about it, though no one ever seem to bother to actually open it and read it. Or, I don’t know, they still think that asking ‘won’t hurt’.

I know a lot of people ask about it very nicely, and I really do understand where it’s coming from, but if someone doesn’t do requests, then do not force your opinions about it on them. If they chose not to do them, for whatever reason, just leave them alone and accept it without calling them rude because they, WHOA, decline people’s wishes. how awful of them.

If you think someone is better than you in something, it does. not. mean. it’s easy for them to make something that impresses you.

phew, sorry for the huge rant but I had to let it out. And, I guess, sorry for being rude…again. *It wasn’t all directed to you specifically, don’t take it this way, it’s generally the ‘message to people’. *

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HI there! I'm unsure if this is where I submit imagines and stuff but I really love your Werewolf!Dadsona one! It's so cool! I was wondering if you could write a imagine where dadsona is a YouTuber (you can pick what he does) and the dad's finding out. :3 you don't gotta do it if you don't wanna.

Hi, and yes this is where you can submits the asks. And Dadsona actually being a youtuber would explain so much. Btw I got too inspired.

You didn´t want to tell him. You were not ashamed, you loved what you did. But he went outside and worked hard to pay his bills and you stayed inside, in front of a camera and sometimes earned more than he did. But you knew secrets are best said in a relationship… Unless he comes and finds out by himself. That´s good too.

Robert Smalls

-You are a vlogger

-Amanda is a highly aclaimed invited star in your channel too

-You also add some reaction videos and challenges here and there

-Recently you´ve been considering doing a special video on the hunt of the Dover Ghost

“Heeeey guys! You good? ´Cause I am” You energetically greeted the camera planted in front of the couch. “So, I know I´ve been sort of absent and there haven´t been much videos recently, but, I have an excuse. Today I´ll be doing a QnA” You took out your phone and began searching for questions send from fans. Bless Amanda for showing you how to use Twitter.

Around half an hour passed with you trying to answer as many questions as possible, alternating from silly ones to more serious ones. The creativity from some questions astounded you. Sadly, you were having so much fun that you forgot that your sweet Bobert was coming over.

“Alright, last question. What is your favorite conspiracy theory? Well-”

“The existence of the Dover Ghost” A scruffy voice said and you let out a manly shriek. Your gaze shot to the doorway to see Robert looking confused yet grinning. “Uh… what are you doing?

“You know… My… job?”

-You explain the whole concept of Youtube and what you did

-Inmediately wants to join in on the vlogs, but he would act all cool and grumpy ´cause he´s Robert.

-He loves it

-Also makes you record all your cryptid hunts

Craig Cahn

-You do entertainment

-Like… I don´t really know how to put it

-I inmediately thought of Shane Dawson so idk

“Wow bro, what´s all this?” Craig had just come home to see you surrounded by papaer bags with random objects inside.

“Hey, I´m just working on a new video. I went to the dollar store and…” You shrugged while letting out a nervous chuckle. Craig smiled and joined in on the fun.

“Nice” He fished out a can then procceded to spray it around without knowing what would later happen, a catastrophe. You both groaned and waved at the air in front of you.

“What have you done, bro?” Craig turned to you with an offended look.

“Me? It was you who bought it!” You would later thank Smashley for taking care of baby River and the twins staying over with a friend so they couldn´t witness the disaster that were you two.

-You started your Youtube channel since college so… he knew

-When you began, Craig would do constant appearances in your videos

-He still does

-Fans love when you do boyfriend tag/couple challenges

-They also go crazy when River or Amanda do appearances

Brian Harding

-You do enterteinment

-Mostly skits tho

-You try to be funny and spontaneous, but not go crazy like some of the younger members of the community

-Your dad bod isn´t up for that

-You never mentioned this beacuse you couldn´t let Brian beat you at the job game

-Brian nor Daisy are into the internet so you´re not afraid of them finding out

You and Brian were watching some random movie that was on and, most importatly, cuddling on the couch. Brian had had a long day at work and wanted some relaxing time. You had just uploaded a new video and wanted to give some love to the cuddly bear. Amanda walked in by the middle of the movie nibbling on a waffle.

“Hey dad, there´s this guy that´s badmouthing you over on Twitter, want me to block him or you wanna say something?”

“Someone is insulting you?” Brian frowned as you began shaking your head. “I can go on… uh that thing and show them not to mess with you”

“No-It´s normal-”

“It´s normal? What do you mean by ´it´s normal´?”

-You end up having to come clean about yur career

-Brian dosn´t get it, but doesn´t think less of you because of it

-Before being a Rival Dad he is a Supporting Man

Mat Sella

-You are an animator

-You love to put up vlogs or if the creativity is high, then create your own little short

-And living with an aesthetically pleasing, beautiful, artistic boyfriend helps with that

-He had seen you drawing a couple of times and complimented your art, but always thought it was just a hobby

-He has also thought about posting some of your art at the Coffee Spoon

-Recently you´ve considered improving your content by adding original music and, who better to complete the job than your talented boyfriend?

You and Mat sat in front of your computer. He was watching your most recent work with a fond smile . You glanced every second to see his reaction everytime the frame changed. This was just so exciting. Once it ended he complimented the work.

“This is really neat (dadsona), I don´t know how you do it” You smiled and waved dismissively. “I bet people would love to see this”

“It´s nothing and actually they already do” He raised an eyebrow. You procceded to log in Youtube and search for your channel. You scrolled down your videos. “This is sort of what I do. For a living. And I´ve been meaning to ask if you could help me”

“But I don´t draw”

-You explained your plan and Mat started getting nervous about putting his music alongside your kickass animations

-Does it in the end and loves knowing he contributed

Hugo Vega

-You´re a gamer

-Oh yes, the highest status in Youtube

-You have a below average yet faithful community of fans

-It was actually Ernest who recognized you

He didn´t move once he saw you. He just stood still, frozen. Hugo didn´t understand, Ernest was everything but quiet. And he had already seen you, so why was he speechless?

“(Youtuber name)” His voice was barely audible, but you listened right and clear. ´He knows me!´ A smile started stretching your lips and you didn´t try to hide it.

“Woops, I guess I´ve been discovered” You step closer to him and hold out your hand. He moves his stare from you to your hand and numbly shake it. “Nice to offiicially meet you Ernest”

He stammers out a greeting that seems to wake him up from his daze, and then he hides his hands inside his sweater and looks away grumpily. Hugo looks from you to Ernest and back. “Am I missing something?”

-You tried to vaguely state what you did for a living

-Hugo wasn´t satisfied but decided on researching after you went home

-After all that, he was glad that your relationship with Ernest wouldn´t be so horrible.

Joseph Christiansen

-You are an arts and crafts/ cook youtuber

-And a good one at that

-Scarily good at it

-You quickly became a must in his bake sales. You just know how to make sweets that not only look great, but taste great.

-You never thought much of it so you didn´t mention it.

One day Christie invited you to bake some cookies with her and Joseph. She wanted to do the same chocolate chip cookies they always did. To change their pace a bit, you offered doing a recipe you had done already but didn´t quite remember. So, you checked the video for reference. Just then, Joseph happened to come in the kitchen to see you watching… yourself?

“Sweetie? Is that you?” You send him a charming smile and made way for him to see. You scribbled down all the ingredients and instructions while Joseph enjoyed the video. Once he ended he turned to look at you with shinning eyes. “Is there more?”

You softly chuckled and nodded, opening your channel´s main page. “Now you know the secret to my baking success”

“I guess. Wow, this is amazing. (dadsona), you could come to church and teach the youths some of this, right?”

-Opens a space at church just for you

-The twins love your channel after they found out

Damien Bloodmarch

-You are a beauty guru

-And it´s been tough

-At first no one took you seriously, being a guy and all, but with a lot of perserverance you managed to create a name for yourself

-Needless to say, you´ve mastered nail painting, make up, hair stylying, DIYs and costume making.

-And also make a certain young goth that just happened to live in your cul-de-sac, your fan

-You surprise Damien by helping him do his make up and helping him with his hair

-He becomes even more surprised when Lucien suddenly becomes a pro at doing his make up

Father and son were in the master bedroom, the oldest sitting down in front of a mirrior with his hair down and the youngest stood behind him. “Pass me a bobbypin” Damien did a asked and admired as his son started pulling braiding his hair into a crown.

“Where did you learn to do this wonderful hair style?” Lucien throws him this sort of confused face, but answers.

“From your (dadsona)´s Youtube channel?”


-He is bothered you didn´t tell him, but is super supportive and even lets you show him in some of your videos to try out whatever new idea you´ve come up with.

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You actually think that Louis didn't have any say at all on the JLY video...? The Niall comparison is apt imo. You seem to think less of him than I thought. Do you like anything he's been doing during the hiatus? This is a serious question because I don't get the feeling that you care about him in the least. (And I'm not saying that as a guilt tripping thing, I don't care about 4/5s of 1D so clearly people are allowed not to care about Louis or like what he's doing.)

Where did I say that I think he didn’t have “any say at all,” anon?

Why do you seem to think there are two options (he is in charge of every bit of that video or he had nothing to do with the concept) instead of a middle ground?

There is a middle ground, you know. He could have say in the concept and idea and let the team go from there.

Shockingly, this is how a lot of people work! For example, when I got my tattoo, I told the artist what I was thinking, sent her some references of pictures, and let her make the art. I did not tell her to put whatever she wanted on me and I did not bring in a drawing I did myself. Amazing–middle ground! When I remodeled my bathroom, I told the guy what I wanted, he gave me some options in my price range, and I chose the ones I liked. I did not give him free rein and I also didn’t install any of the materials myself. I had say in the concept and let someone else take care of the execution.

(For the record, I think Louis had a more hands-on approach to his video for “Back to You” since it was shot in his hometown and included friends and family members–so yes, let’s please compare that to Niall’s video for “Too Much to Ask.” But while we’re comparing Niall and Louis, can we also consider that Niall has talked many times about how he keeps re-recording songs, is worried about exactly what the album will sound like, etc. You do know that these are two different men who will approach their work differently, right anon?)

I think the song is about thinking you know the whole story from the media, but that you don’t. I think it’s about trappings of celebrity and about not knowing people’s struggles.

As such, it completely makes sense to use articles about the media, newspaper clippings and the like to make a lyric video. I think Louis likely had some say in that, and probably said something about wanting to refer to current events and scandals.

Beyond that, do I think he sat there choosing news articles with the intention to make that about Harry? Or with the idea that every article should be read to be about himself? No, I don’t.

I think if he were the one to choose news articles, they would have had a greater range of dates instead of having articles that were written in approximately three weeks before the video came out (including being written the day the video came out; how did he manage that? Did he plant the article so he could use it later?).

I think if he had hand select articles, and especially if he wanted to make a point about closeting or Harry, he would have been much more selective. For example, he could have chosen an article about George Michael from The Advocate or one that was more focused on him coming out. Too risky because of his Sony overlords you say? Fine. I still think he could have thrown in an old review of the Script concert that he and Harry attended before they met (The Script is with Sony). I think if he really wanted to make a point about the “I wanna lay where s/he lays” split, that would have been the only word in the video made that way.

Now! I do know that perhaps Louis had nothing else to do and somehow knew that an article he wanted to use about George Michael would also be published the day the video came out. (I also grant that maybe it came out the day before in print? Maybe the date given online is wrong–it’s possible.) If it is the case that Louis hand selected these articles, I don’t think he would do so with the intention of them being read the way my side of the fandom is reading them. Why? Because the articles are about things much greater or bigger than the self, and I would assume that was his intention.

I lost several followers overnight, and I can only imagine it’s because of my tags on this article, which I assume have been misunderstood. So let me spell it out:

I don’t think Louis Tomlinson would make an article about the displacement of 11k people about himself.

So you say that I “think less of him” than you thought? No, my friend. I seem to think more of him than the people who are seeing shit tons of Larry symbolism. Why?

Because I don’t think Louis is so fucking self-centered that he would make the displacement of 11k people about a relationship head canon. I don’t think he is so tone deaf that he would use the large H in an article about an actress being abused by Harvey Weinstein to represent Harry. I don’t think he would make these grand problems all about himself!

And if that is who you think Louis is, then please unfollow me, because the Louis Tomlinson you want to look up to is not someone I want to look up to.

Underrated/Rookie Groups to Look Out For (with song suggestions)! (Feel free to add)*Updated

100%: Ubeauty / Beat / Want U Back
1punch: Turn Me Back / Nightmare
2000won: I’ve Come to Hate Seoul / GOODBAM
24K: Secret LoveHey You
4K: Bye Bye Bye
4ten (poten): Tornado / Why
A.Cian: Ouch / Just Leave
Alphabat: Tantara / Surprise Party
A6P: Face Off
AKZ: Wa / 청담동그녀
Awesome baby - Why should I
Badkiz: Babomba / Ear Attack
Bambino: Oppa Oppa / Mongsapo Beach
BESTie: Excuse Me / Thank You Very Much
B.I.G: Between Night and Music / Are You Ready?
Bigflo: Delilah / Bad Mama Jama
Bigstar: Run and Run / Be Brave
Blady: Come to Me
Blast: Git It Girl
The Boss: Rilla Go / Who? / Why Goodbye
Boys Republic: Hello / Video Game
BTL: Too G
C-Clown: Justice / Let’s Love
Chocolat: Black Tinkerbell / I like it
CLC: Pepe / Like
Cross Gene: Amazing Bad Lady / Play Wirh Me
Dickpunks: WE YOUNG / Goodbye Girlfriend
Dalshabet: Joker / Big Baby Baby
December: She’s Gone
D.Holic: Chewy
Delight: Hate You! / MEGA YAK
Evol: We are a bit different/Get Up
Excite: Try Again / We Just
EXID: Ah Yeah / I Feel Good
F.Cuz: CHA-GA-WA / Dreaming I
FIESTAR: We Don’t Stop / You’re Pitiful
FIX: She’s My Girl
FlaShe: My Day / Star of Stars
G-Friend: Glass Bead / Me Gustas Tu
GI: ㄱ(Gi-yeuk) / Bullshit
GOT2B: Only You
Halo: Can You Hear Me? / Come on Now
Hello Venus: What Are You Doing Today? / Wiggle Wiggle
HIGH4: Baby Boy / Headache
History: Dreamer / What Am I To You
HOTSHOT: Midnight Sun / Take a Shot
Jace: My Serenade / Goodbye
JJCC: Fire / At First
K-Much: December 24 / Good to Go
Laboum: Sugar Sugar
Ladies’ Code: I’m Fine, Thank You / So Wonderful (I still cry when I listen to I’m Fine, Thank You. May they rest in peace)
LC9: Hold On / Mama Beat
LedApple: Someone met by chance/ Run To You
Legend: Left Out / Shadow
Lip Service: Too Fancy / Yum Yum Yum
Lovelyz: Hi~ / Goodnight Like Yesterday
Lu:Kus So into U / Break Ya
Lunafly: Superhero / Can I Kiss You
M.I.7: We The Best 
M.I.B: Falling Flower / Nod Along
M4M: Sadness
Madtown: New World / YOLO
Mamamoo: Don’t Be Happy / Um Oh Ah Ye
Minx: Why Did You Come to my Home / Love Shake
Melody Day: Love Me
Monsta X: Steal Your Heart / Trespass
MrMr: Do You Feel Me / Out
MYNAME: Too Very So Much / Message
N.Flying: Awesome / Heartbreak
Nine Muses:Hurt Locker / Dolls
NOLZA: Bubi Boom / Candy Boy
NOM: Kidding Me
Notice: Dangerous
NOXX: Going Crazy
N-Sonic: Blackout / Run and Run
N*White: Hello Boy / Paradise
Oh My Girl: Cupid / Hot Summer Nights
Phantom: Burning / I Already Know
Pocket Girls: Bbang Bbang
Purfles: 1, 2, 3
Rainbow: Black Swan / Tell Me Tell Me
Rion Five: 뚝뚝뚝 /  Tears Are Falling
Romeo: Lovesick / Smile
Royal Pirates: Betting Everything / Drawing the Line
Say Yes: Get Out / Feels Good
Seventeen: Adore U / 20
SHU-I: So in Luv / Bomb Bomb Bomb
SPEED: It’s Over / Baby U
Sonamoo: Deeply Love / Just Go
Spica : You don’t love me / Tonight
Stellar: Vibrato / Fool
Step Girl: Step Girl
Supernova: On Days That I Miss You / Goodbye
SUS4: Shake It
Tahiti: Phone Number / Love Sick
Target: Please Love Me
The Ark: Light
TimeZ: Awaken / Hurray For Idols
Topp Dogg: Arario / Peekaboo
Touch: Let’s Walk Together / I
Tren-D: Candy Boy / Jung
Two X: Ring Ma Bell
Underdog: Delete / Zombie Run
UNIQ: Falling in Love / EOEO
WannaB: Attention
Wassup :  Nom nom nom / Shup Up U
Wings: Hair Short / Blossom
Ye-a: Up and Down
ZE:A: Ghost of the Wind / Phoenix
ZPZG: AOAO / Go Crazy

Feel free to add if there’s any I missed. This was really time-consuming and while I tried my best,  I know there’s probably (definitely) quite a few I missed.
I tried not to include groups that were confirmed to have disbanded/that I was aware disbanded but I may have included some so I apologize for that. On the same note, if you want other great music and can handle the fact that the group no longer exists, feel free to contact me. I also did not include solo artists and would be glad to give suggestions on them as well

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Don't steal art please! You know which one.

I didn’t ‘steal’ anything. No one did. Someone called Karla linked me to an amazing piece of artwork of me and my wife. I didn’t see the watermark at the bottom, it’s tiny and not bold and not hard to miss. I assumed Karla was the artist and thanked her on my Instagram. Karla never said she was the artist, or lead me to believe that in any way, so she wasn’t ‘lying’ or ‘stealing’ art, in fact, she was the reason I saw it and instagrammed it in the first place, I wouldn’t have even known it existed if it wasn’t for her. When the original artist emailed me saying I’d made a mistake and that SHE was the artist, I immediately changed the description on Insta and credited the correct person. No one ‘stole’ anything.

What I’m most concerned about is the fact that for some unfathomable reason, some people, instead of politely pointing out a mistake and asking me to correct it (like the original artist Harteus did), decided to hurl abuse at me. People have been writing disgusting things to me, it’s like a witch hunt. Have all of you forgotten that any person in the world is capable of making a mistake?There doesn’t have to be any malicious intent, and you don’t have to spout abuse to get things to change. All Harteus did was just tell me she was the original artist and it got changed immediately. 

Everyone who has sent me ugly, nasty messages because of an honest mistake needs to walk up to the mirror and take a good, long, hard look at themselves.There are better ways of going about things. How are you going to cope in the real world? If there is a mistake made at work? Are you going to get all your friends to all send abusive, disgusting messages? Frankly I’m embarrassed at the way people have been behaving.

I know what it’s like to have work genuinely stolen, I spend hours making youtube videos only for people to download them online and re-upload them and make money off content they have put zero work into. I understand the severity of this, the impact it has on the original creator, how disheartening it is. Obviously I would never intentionally do the same. I also appreciate the beauty of art, go to art museums, I’ve been tweeting about the fact that in the UK, the subject ‘History of Art’ is being abandoned by our curriculum because Michael Gove sees it as a ‘soft’ subject, and I’m outraged. My wife and I sit down and draw together to relax. 

But I literally can’t believe what a bunch of condescending pricks you’ve all been, and how you’ve all been throwing around words like ‘thief’ and ‘stealing’. That’s absolutely fucking disgusting to label anyone those words without knowing the entire facts. Grow up.

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I saw a post the other day that said people seem to forget this: and then quoted "Zayn": "There’s no secret relationships going on with any of the band members" and I was thinking: People really seem to forget (or didn't really ever recognize) the ‘I won't mind’ lyrics. I know it's kind of an old topic but I think about this song so much! It's so beautiful and so telling and so obvious! But so many people don't see it. And I don't know it just baffles me so much... (1)

I mean he says he loves this person (“Don’t look around cause love is blind, and darling right now I can’t see you”) and that they are committed to each other (“we found the one thing we said we could never ever live without“) but it’s something hidden/secret (“we are who we are when no one’s watching“) and he’s “not allowed to talk about it”!!!… What or who else could this be about!? (2)

And the song had to be “leaked” with the words “Let the music do the talking” so Zayn definitely wanted to get the message out there… I think songs/lyrics are more truthful than interviews… and I think Zayns lyrics tell so much! I really really liked your analysis of the Mind of Mine lyrics! But I couldn’t find anything about I won’t mind… And I want to know what you think about that song and the lyrics? Or If you have made any posts about it could you please link me? Thank you:)) (3)

Hello!  The funny thing is that when I was done listening to Mind of Mine, my first thought was, “My favorite of Zayn’s solo music is still I Won’t Mind”.  The remix that Eminik made is really good, so I listen to that a lot on my mp3.

I’m not sure that it was leaked by Zayn exactly.  I think the Twitter fight between Naughty Boy and Louis was set up in order to draw attention to the drop and since that fed into the Zayn vs OT4 narrative and eventually the Zayn vs Naughty Boy fight, it was part of the official narrative.  

It was an official release framed as a leak.  They needed something to legitimize Zayn as a solo artist and put distance between him and One Direction in the public eye since his actual music wouldn’t be released for almost a year.

There are many ways for songs to be interpreted, but some are more direct and detailed than others.  The more details a song has, the harder it is to make multiple interpretations fit it.  I think “I Won’t Mind” is probably somewhere in the middle range.

I did a full interpretation below the cut XD

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baronbattlereblogs  asked:

If you don't mind my asking, how did you land the job at CN? I ask because I am also interested in the same line of work, but don't really know where to start as far as getting my work seen and stuff. Thanks!

A recruiter from Cartoon Network found my tumblr and I was given a board test for Ben 10, and they really liked it! This surprised even me, so I don’t really have any advice in regards to that. Telling someone to work hard and one day they might be discovered doesn’t sit well with me. A lot of that was luck, there was no real science to it. 

But I was working at a studio before Cartoon Network, so I can speak a little more confidently about how I got that job since it wasn’t completely determined by luck. 

I was working as a storyboard revisionist at Oddbot Studio. I got that job because a friend of mine recommended me. That only landed me the interview though. I still had to show them that I could do the work. (More on that later.) I’m very grateful that I worked there before I landed a gig at Cartoon Network because I got to learn firsthand what was expected from a storyboard artist, without actually being one. It was pretty tough, but it was necessary. I’ll go over what I think assisted me in landing that job. YOU READY!?

- Find out what it is you want to do

  • Sounds simple enough. Don’t generalize what you want to do, since there are multiple jobs. If you say to someone “I’ll do anything!” they probably won’t know what you’re good at and just won’t consider you. I used to do this. Don’t do this. Thankfully, my roommate helped me realize what i wanted to do, which was storyboarding. If you like drawing backgrounds, maybe go for a background designer position. If you just want to animate, be an animator. This is important for the next step

- KNOW how to do it, and show it

  • So let’s say, you like drawing characters. Just the characters. You’ve decided you wanted to be a character designer. That’s cool! (Please teach me) You start applying to places, or you start asking people about those types of jobs. The first thing they probably want you to do is show them character designs. Lots of them. ONLY them. So, basically, make sure it’s obvious what your work is tailored for. If you say you wanna be a character designer, but your portfolio is mixed with a whole bunch of stuff, they’ll probably be like “what?” I made this mistake before. Showed someone my comics like “Look, I can tell stories!” And they were like “yeah, that’s cute i guess, but where are your storyboards?” After learning my lesson, I knew not to apply to a job without the actual thing they wanted. But i’m pretty dumb, I’m sure everyone knew this. But some people DON’T! Also, if you have a portfolio site or something, make sure everything is easy to find and obvious. 

- Make Friends

  • I’ve been drawing for a long time, and i had skills I guess, but they didn’t get me anywhere until I started meeting people. This was particularly hard for me because i’m not the most talkative guy, but I desperately wanted to be around more artists. When it comes to things like that, you gotta step outside of your comfort zone. My roommate, (before he was my roommate) was really supportive though, and helped me make the move. Actually, I wouldn’t be where i am right now if it wasn’t for him. We were cool online and were good friends for a long while, and that’s when he was like, “yeah come stay with me in LA!” “Networking” is great, but it gives off the wrong message sometimes. Forming genuine relationships with your peers is the way to go. Don’t force conversations, don’t go straight into talking about work (unless it’s that type of party I guess), don’t be thirsty! Introduce yourself, find some mutual interest, and talk! Do that over a period of time. It should be natural, not some sort of psychological game. Art school works for people because there are lots of other artists to connect with. You become friends with them over a long period of time, and then you just want your friends to succeed and vice versa. (Unless you’re some kind of asshole or whatever) Not every person is alike. Some people take more time to open up (like me, personally) Respect their space! Eventually, people will remember you. And if they know you AND your work, they’ll want you to get work. If they don’t, whatever man! Your sole intention shouldn’t be to use that person for their resources. That’s a dick move and they can probably feel it. 

- Always keep at it

  • So you know the people, you know your stuff, you’re doing everything right! You apply to your dream job and you’re waiting! And waiting! And….waiting! You send a follow-up email. No reply. Or worse, you get a rejection email. Who cares!? Don’t give up! You might get discouraged, or question your own abilities, but that’s silly. It’s not the end of the world. Keep applying and don’t give up. If there’s one thing I personally learned growing up is that even when things go bad, it’s never the end of the world. (I’ll eat those words when the world ends) That big job will come around again, so just keep trying. You should always apply to multiple jobs anyway, regardless of what industry you’re in.

Nobody’s path is the same, but if you really wanna be in this industry, just keep working at it. Definitely do some more research too! By asking me, you’re already on the right path! It means you’re interested, for sure!

Hope this helps

anonymous asked:

You said that the reason you made mexico a female was because you wanted more females. What about the others? You don't have a lot of females, so may I ask why? I'm sorry if this comes off as rude but it seems to me is that you saw a really popular Mexico and went with it kinda lazily.

Yes, you sound rude. Forgive me if I interpreted it wrongly, but it seems you are suggesting that I just ripped-off a Mexico character, and the evidence is because 1) I said my Mexico is a woman too because I want representation. 2) But I don’t have a lot of female characters, so 1) must be false and therefore, ergo, I ripped-off.

Please don’t make such accusations because I’m not even sure you looked through my blog, which you should do before you accuse an artist of ripping off. I don’t know if English is your first language, and if you genuinely didn’t intend to offend, but your word choice is really quite hurtful to any artist.

okayyy, on the first issue of representation- let’s do a count.

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kaleandgreens  asked:

Uhm... Okay I don't mean to start anything but have you really not seen the whitewashing and the erasure of POC in the vld fandom? I just really like your posts but it kinda seems like you don't care or recognize these problems happening and that makes me super sad because I really liked your blog.... I guess I'm just asking for your opinion.

To be frank… I guess I’m just following the right people or seeing the right fanart, because I personally haven’t seen anything that could be construed as whitewashing and erasure. I did see one fanart, and I talked to the artist, and they agreed that they needed to saturate Lance’s skin tone a bit more, which they did. I’d personally like some demonstrations of all this whitewashing art, even though I find receipt culture exceptionally distasteful.

As for erasure, I agree that not enough love is given to Hunk, Lance and Allura. Lance I’m certain is only appreciated because he’s half of the most popular pairing, and that breaks my heart. I want to give them more love, but I don’t think that that means tearing down other characters, either. Love them all equally.

And I’ll be honest, I’m 25 and I’m fucking tired of children fighting with each other all day. I’m not here to fight with people, I’m not here to babysit or play “who is morally superior because I happen to have a better command of a colour palette”. It’s been less than two months and already people have ruined a writer’s enjoyment of their craft and torn each other apart and made accusations over FICTIONAL CHARACTERS IN A CHILDREN’S CARTOON. Surely everyone can see the absurdity of this? None of this is real. None of this affects your lives. If it does, then please please please go outside and get another hobby, because it’s really not healthy. And look, I’ll admit I put too much emotional strain on myself over fandom when I was younger, but you WILL grow out of it. You will look back and be horrified at how stupid you acted over cartoons. You’ll realise that you really just wanted to have fun and write stories and draw pictures and make shitposts and that this is not the place for Racism 101. People definitely know fan-creators are easy targets compared to the big names who actually create shows and they take out their anger on them. It’s obvious. But it’s also extremely unhealthy, and promotes a toxic, vicious culture that fuels itself on negativity. For fuck’s sake, who the hell thinks it’s ok to keep tormenting people until they feel the need to attempt suicide over A CARTOON CHARACTER? How is that normal? Please go outside and live in the real world.

What the fandom does does not influence the creators, and changes nothing of the character is in-canon. It does not take away their representation. They will still be themselves the next time you log in to Netflix. They’re safe. If someone whitewashes, tell them, but don’t fucking attack them, don’t make call-out posts like a child. Respect goes both ways, you can’t just demand it. You don’t have to see what you don’t want to see, since your entire Tumblr experience is dictated by who you follow. Don’t like what someone is posting? Unfollow them. Stay out of the tags. Blacklist their username. Block them. Simple. No one is here to hold your goddamn hand and play nursemaid because one iota of something in-fandom doesn’t cater to you. If these problems are happening, be civil about it. Act like fucking adults, for once. Real adults talk about their problems civilly and rationally.

In the end, I don’t have to justify myself to anyone. My blog is my blog, and if you dislike it, unfollow. I’ve seen enough shit in my time to know that a fucking cartoon fandom isn’t the be-all and end-all of life and that it definitely shouldn’t make people so angry. It’s childish and pathetic and everyone needs to get the fucks over themselves. And I mean EVERYONE.

Think of this as a life lesson. In the real world, you can’t go around attacking people for minor transgressions that might be dictated out of sincere ignorance. That’s not how the world works. That gets you enemies, it gets you fired from your job, it destroys your relationships, deprives you of a support network. Real life is compromise, as much as everyone hates it.

Voltron is not real. It has no impact on real life, or the real world. It does not affect society in the slightest, and nor does the behaviour of its fans. Please understand this and if you need to take a step back, do so.

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Prompt: Jack accidentally texts Hiccup thinking he's texting his best friend, Aster, about his crush, Hiccup. Love your writing!

ok! Sorry for the wait anon, my friend didn’t infore me on these auditions I had to do, i am getting called back anyway and *lesigh* 

Well here you go!


I had just realized anon who asked me this thank you for liking my writing ;w; I didn’t say it at first because I was so excited to post this 

If Hiccup wasn’t able to sleep not he just shouldn’t even try.

He had gotten someone texting him late at night over something important but at the same time hadn’t checked where the messages were going. Hiccup groaned at the continuous buzzing and wondering if he should tell the poor human they had the wrong number. He sighed and finally turned on the phone and blinked out the light to glare at the offending texts that seemed to stop.

Well it was a one sided, given Hiccup wanted the other to figure out he had the wrong number. Hiccup reached over and pulled his glasses on to text the other back not really bothering to read to the text. Only something caught his eye in the body of the text that had him scrolling to the top to find the context.

It was about him.

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