i don't know maybe red herring

Olivia was sat behind her laptop at one of the local cafe’s, her fingers flying across the keyboard as she started intently at the screen. She only had 30 maybe 45 more seconds before this doctors office realized she was switching around appointments to accommodate her own. Sure, the red head knew she wouldn’t be caught (oh the beauty of public wifi) but the waitress that kept coming over was starting to look at her bit suspiciously. After a few more moments Liv shut her laptop victoriously and lifted up her cup of coffee to her lips, only to notice one of the fellow patrons staring at her. “…You know, I’ve heard if you take a picture it’ll last longer.”

i have s3 theories

and they’re probably all wrong but who cares, it’s theory time!!


who i can imagine has been learning one or two things about chemistry from jasper in s1 when he made gunpowder and other explosive shit with her, creates some sort of drug (possibly even mixed with the red reaper drug from mt. weather?) to numb her pain in order to not be restrained by her disabled leg, she wants to get shit done and starts taking this drug, not knowing it has horrible side effects. maybe that’s what abby was talking about in the trailer, “it’s eliminating more than just pain”.

we can see raven aggressively banging her head against the wall in this scene. can she not feel anything anymore, does she try to make herself feel pain now? does the drug turn her partly into a reaper? what’s going on here, i’m so excited to find out about her storyline.

also i can imagine that jasper might possibly have actively helped her creating that drug. i mean, we know he grew weed on the ark with monty and has been a druggie and he’s the main chemist of the delinquents (according to the writers). plus, him and raven might develop their friendship some more in s3, after raven carried his goggles with her everywhere in s2, waiting to meet him again to give them to jasper.

they seemed to be a pretty good team in s1 as well. and jasper is probably seeking emotional numbness as well, trying to get away from the trauma-induced pain he feels, so the two of them might team up again and create some drug they underestimated. but who knows. not me.

lincoln or indra

die (or even both?!). i feel like the fan fave death might be them. as we know, pike riles up a lot of skypeople against the grounders as to him they are all the same and he wants to free “his land” of them. it also seems as if bellamy ends up on his side (he can be seen walking into camp with the soldiers, pike following closely behind him).

in this scene we could see lincoln fighting off several skypeople and he sure as hell is in danger what with living in camp jaha, trying to keep peace between his people and the skypeople etc. same goes for indra, she can be seen in camp jaha and she seems rather tense and worried and pike can be seen in the background, watching her.

what if lincoln or indra or even both get killed because of one of pike’s plans? what if bellamy, not actively wanting to kill lincoln or indra ofc, was involved in that plan and is therefore “dead” to octavia who beats him up with so much rage and sadness? she does say bellamy is on the wrong side and pike doesn’t seem to like her either so i feel like there’s a lot of tension building up between the blakes that will eventually result in octavia losing a loved one. which makes my heart hurt just thinking about this possibility. i don’t want anyone to die jfc.


what if the ice nation captures clarke’s new love interest niylah and they torture and kill her just like they tortured and killed costia because of lexa? there’s a person in the trailer with their lips sewed shut, overall looking pretty dead. at first i thought it’s murphy because of the nose but what if it’s niylah? jessica and richard do look quite similiar since they’re siblings. it’s probably a man in that scene though, the lighting is really bad. but even if it’s not niylah in that particular scene, what if she still gets decapitated and the ice nation sends her head to polis for clarke to see? maybe that’s the scene in which titus tries to hold back/comfort clarke who looks devastated and quite shocked?

and maybe that is the reason for clarke and lexa to team up again, against the ice nation. because now clarke felt some of the pain lexa did when she lost costia and that makes clarke understand her more, maybe that’s when she understands why lexa is so pragmatic and seemingly cold-hearted. she possibly forgives lexa for the betrayal then and joins her in the war against nia and the azgedakru.

though, is that a guy from the ice nation with them? does he lead them to the battlefield because he does not agree with the ways of nia? or is the woods clan actually forming an alliance with the ice nation because of a much bigger threat (i.e. A.L.I.E. and whatever she created)? 22 days to go until we can finally start unwrapping this mystery box.