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zayn likes big red lips. liam is known for having really nice plush lips. zayn stares at liam's lips a lot. fetus zayn stared at fetus liam's lips then touched them and then kissed his cheek instead because cameras. c'mon then c'mon happened. zayn has lips tattooed to his chest. i mean, it's all there, just put two and two together really.

about the lips with wings tattoo is really interesting indeed

the lower lip of the tattoo have this part that is not totally red is like is a line 

and okay it may well be the effect of the Lipstick

but maybe just maybe can be a cracked lip?

and this rumor about this new lips tattoo on his hand 

i find really interesting if is not really his tattoo nice rumor tattoo

zayn staring liam’s lips is something constant

whatever if was on fetus

on not so fetus

on present (probably) 

and on future i’m sure because zayn really really love liam’s lips 

i would say that he love so much that he should tattoo liam’s lips on his skin 

but i sure he already did so …

none of the gifs are minr

all credits to the owner


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Apparently I love Olicity.

Lock screen: My beautiful Oliver Queen damaged.

Home screen: With precious cupcake.

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Headcanon: The Monsters Have A Mission

Fact 1: monsters in SU used to be gems
Fact 2: there was a war on earth, i.e.- the Gem War
Fact 3: the two sides of the war each had a goal: squash the rebellion; protect the native inhabitants of the earth
Fact 4: Corrupted or damaged gems aren’t evil

Assumption 1: many of the gems on Rose’s side were friends
Assumption 2: friends would defend and protect each other
Assumption 3: some of the feelings prior to the damage/corruption would stay

What I’m thinking is, even though the monsters can’t talk and usually are quick to attack, I believe that they still have a sense of protecting their friends.
Maybe some like the bird monster attack the gems because, in their haze and disorientation, they confuse their once friends for the enemies that had come to earth to destroy them all.
What if they can still bubble just like Garnett, Amethyst, Steven, and Pearl, and they’re collecting these shards to protect the fallen friends they recognize?
What if their “attacks” aren’t even attacks?
I mean, think about Garnett’s reaction in Keeping It Together. Obviously, we all see her snap at Pearl. And the reason for this is she cares about these shards. She care about her friends. She wants to protect them, to defend them. Of course, she’d never attack Pearl unless absolutely necessary, but if you were to maybe imagine her in a haze…
Let’s just pretend Garnett got hurt one day, but it was different. She was disoriented and confused. Everything was amplified and she’s really scared. She makes herself look bigger to scare away anything trying to attack her, but that only makes them NOT leave her alone. Then she finally finds someone she recognizes–at least, somewhat. She’s still disoriented so she doesn’t recognize them by facials or voice, but rather, their glow.
She’s been all alone all this time. Wouldn’t it make sense for her to try to keep a bit of comfort? Wouldn’t it make sense for her to be protective of it?
Yet, wouldn’t it be possible for her to get caught up with her mission, and accidentally cause more damage than she intends? (Yes, I’m looking at you, Sugilite.)
We’ve seen so much of this behavior already from the gems. Not exactly in this way, but still enough.
Wouldn’t it make sense that the gems are– at least somewhat– still there despite the damage and corruption?

also like, i am wrong sometimes.  we all are.  there’s no reason to say that i smell bad or insult me.  have you tried just telling me why you think i’m wrong?  do you think we can maybe start there and then, you know, work up to the insults a little?  what’s a girl gotta do for a little foreplay around here?

I say I’m okay with it being over, but I’m honestly anything but okay with that. So many years. So many long nights. So many chats about which one of us loves each other more. So many plans for a future together. So many things just thrown in the trash one day to the next. If any of you can really let go that fast, please give me any and all the advice you can. I need it all.

Seriously what the hell is going on this time? the notes are suddenly gone out of nowhere well I don’t even know what to said anymore but this’s not going to be good at least I think so?

inhoami replied to your post:I hate it when people are being patronizing And…

*hugs* Yeah. Sometimes people are so frustrating it's… ugh. :/

yeah sometimes I just can’t help it. but when people are being nice WHY WOULD YOU (as in, a general you, not you you, you know :D)…

but then I think, if when I’m being nice I come off as patronizing, then maybe it’s just me misinterpreting it when others seem patronizing.

haha yeah don’t make me feel bad for my depression and anxiety
don’t make me feel bad for getting a panic attack
maybe i know i’m wrong and maybe i know what i said was stupid and fucked up haha what a shock huh?
so yeah don’t make me feel like i’m a shitty person for relapsing and then talking about it on tumblr which has been my only safe haven for 3 years and now it isn’t haha
good night “friends”