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Does Sebastian ever refer to Ciel as "Ciel" in the original Japanese? I don't know if this is the same in the Japanese, but as far as I can tell, in the English version, Sebastian has never referred to Ciel as "Ciel". Only as "Master Phantomhive", "My Master" or "Young Master". If it's the same in the Japanese, it might add further credence to the 2CT, as Sebastian is not allowed to lie, and if the theory is correct our!Ciel is not really named "Ciel".

Throughout the series, there’s only one scene where Sebastian called our!Ciel “Ciel” and that’s this scene in ch5:

It’s Sebastian’s monologue, and as you can see, he clearly states the master of the house is “Earl CIEL Phantomhive”.

But aside from this scene, he has never called his master by his name, he only calls him “bocchan” (young master). Even when Sieglinde asked Ciel’s name, Sebastian didn’t answer that question himself, but let Ciel answer it.

But when asked about Ciel’s age, Sebastian had no problem answering it instead of his master.

Anyway, aside from that one exception in one of the earlier chapters, Sebastian basically never calls our!Ciel “Ciel”! :D

En’s name is weird when you’re Finnish because “en” means “I don’t”, “I won’t”, maybe “I wouldn’t” or sometimes “I’m not”, like once I had a text post drafted for a text post meme with tags “en sanois näin”, in English, “en would say this”, but in Finnish it literally reads as “I wouldn’t say this” and I stared at it for a couple of seconds confused about why it was in my drafts and why did I say I wouldn’t say it when it was, in fact, a relatable text post, until I realized that oh!! It’s about En!!

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hey, my name is ana, im from colombia, (i'm actually not sure why i'm writing this in english) anyway, i've been wanting to learn korean for a while now, i learned hangul but the thing is that i don't know where to continue or what resources i can use, since it's really hard to find something korean related here; so i just wanted to ask you how you started learning and how do you manage your study time. I hope i didn't bother you ^^

Hola Ana!! :D Learning hangul is the first step, asi que comenzaste bien! c:

What I did: learn hangul, build some vocab with memrise, and then not improve at all for months because I had so many resources that I didn’t know which one to pick. I did check a few lessons of TTMIK and I used the textbook My Korean 1 (made by an Australian University, I think), but to be honest I didnt improve as much as I could have. Now I know the two reasons why: 1. TOO MANY RESOURCES: I was accumulating resources, books, sites, EVERYTHING, but didnt actually pick one to use. 2. Lack of discipline: I didn’t make time to actually study.

Know that I’m more experienced I highly recommend yall to not repeat my mistakes lmao. PICK ONE TEXTBOOK OR WEBSITE AND STICK TO IT. Don’t worry about missing out extra information or whatever. Only look for another explanation if the first one you used wasnt clear enough and you really couldnt understand, but AFTER TRYING; annotate, practice, review, and if it is still unclear then switch to another (reliable) resource. I’m NOT saying that every explanation is going to be accurate and should be trusted, but if it isn’t correct you will probably realize it after you become more comfortable with the language.

Everyone praises TTMIK and they deserve it, they have awesome lessons. My advice is that you find their curriculum (on their page) and start. But remember: DONT STOP. You dont know what to do? Go to the next lesson. As simple as that. Listen to the audios, repeat what they say, read aloud, make flashcards with the vocab and say “I will learn ALL THIS WORDS by the end of the week”, make your own sentences to practice vocab and grammar points, KEEP GOING. You can even skip some lessons (advanced learners are gonna kill me for saying this tho). Dont stress over “but what im a gonna do after i finish all their lessons?!?” You’ll cross that bridge when you get there.

Another option that I recommend for grammar is using the book Korean Grammar In Use (Beginner). It has a lot of grammar points with simple explanations, sample sentences, conjugations and exercises. You can pair it with the TTMIK lessons if you are a little worried about not getting enough practice.

For vocab I suggest the list of ‘Most common verbs/adjectives/nouns’, and I think some people have already created them on Memrise/Quizlet/Anki (I personally prefer quizlet).

I try to study at least 5 minutes a day. I’ll make a full post soon about how I’ve been managing my time these past few months, but this is what I try to do every week:

  • Grammar: it can take just 30 minutes to make notes for a grammar point. How many G.P. you do is up to how much time you have. I’m doing 3-5 per week (intensively selfstudying) but I think even one per week is fine!
  • Vocab: make a list at the start of each week (or month) and review every moment you can: before sleeping, while eating, on the bus. It shouldnt take you too much time either: 30 minutes for the list and 5 minute breaks for reviewing. Make goals: Ill memorize this list by the end of the week, Ill review 5 days of the week, Ill review 4 times each day. Be honest with yourself, but try to step out of your comfort zone.
  • Listening comprehension: listen to audios of the lessons, listen without reading the transcript and try to pick up words, listen to kpop too and other media like dramas or youtube videos. Doesnt take much time either and its fun to do.
  • Some kind of pronunciation practice: imitating the audios and reading aloud. If you have a native friend or anyone who knows/is learning korean, talk with them
  • Some kind of writing practice like journaling your day, solving workbook exercises or making sentences with what you learn. Time varies with this. My journal entries take me 5-15 minutes (they are very short but sometimes I have to look up words that I dont know/remember)
  • Reading practice: write the dialogues from the lessons that you study and read them! they probably combine the grammar and vocab you are studying. Also write the sample sentences that they use. Read kpop lyrics and webtoons.

Hope this helps a little bit c: I’ll probably make more posts about this with more information. Lo mas importante es comenzar y seguir! No te bloquees. Si ves algo, aprendelo; no lo guardes para despues. 

art. art is god. because god is supposed to make you feel something good, she’s/ he’s/ it’s meant to be something tangibly intangible you can taste on the tip of your tongue, not exactly there but just enough and that’s god. God. the thing you can’t remember but always know. i will never call myself an atheist because i have heard you laugh at 3:45 am and i have left my world in your fingertips and seen my entire future in your eyes and i think that’s more than enough proof that there’s something more beautiful than our shipwrecked bodies out there. art is the seashore we fucked on for the first time, and art is the name i will worship until the day you die.  i will find heaven and hell in the sand. life is stolen treasure anyway
—  DO YOU KNOW WHAT GOD IS ? by x.v 

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y'know how koogi said she didn't really do any research on BPD? Well I'm thinking that because she's Korean and is not good at English, like at all, If it somehow got misinterpreted? I mean she obviously would have to know what BPD is like if it "describes Bum" So I don't understand how people say she didn't research it, when he clearly shows signs of it and she said it best fits his character? I mean shit, it's not like she just picked a random disorder & was like "hey lets go with this one!"

Koo//gi very, VERY clearly stated that she didn’t do any research. There’s a difference between knowing the name of a mental illness and actually knowing how it works, anon. Her level of research is the equivalent of a person telling someone with depression that “happiness is a choice.” Yeah, she may know vaguely what the illness is, but she has absolutely no clue how it works and how it affects a person. She admitted it herself, above.

In the future, you should avoid contradicting yourself, anon. You can’t tell me that she did no research and then immediately tell me that she did, it’s confusing and detracts from your credibility. 

Have a good day.

Wait wait wait. Wait.
I know that a lot of people in the Mag7 fandom use Spanish name for Vasquez.
He’s Mexican.
His necklace represents the Aztec calendar stone, I suppose.
What if his name is actually Aztec or however Mexican’s native?

(I mean, he could’ve wear a cross, or the medallion of a saint, it’s not like they show it to us well enough to actually see it anyway. But nope, it’s a necklace with the Aztec’s god of sun, fertility and sacrifice right in the middle of it)

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Hi, i don't want to bother you but do you have any fics where Louis(or Harry)Doesn't know he's gay (or he refuses to think that) and discorvers his sexualty when he meets Harry/(or Louis)? Something like 'Confessions of a gay Disney prince?' Thank you so much and sorry for my english, i hope everything it's clear. Have a nice day =)

Hi love ! Don’t worry about your English, I totally understood you :)

So I don’t know how to name this fic rec … Let’s say :

- standing here but you don’t see me  : “Louis being with a guy is something Harry has always known was a possibility. Ever since Louis told them he was gay, he knew that this would come up at some point. But it was just that. At some point. It’s always been a hypothetical. Harry never thought it would bother him. But now, watching Louis squirm as he watches that other guy, it’s just not a hypothetical anymore. And Harry is very bothered by it.“or: Harry’s discovery that he like boys as well as girls. One boy in particular catches his eye and he’s determined to get him. (22k)

- wishing for rain as I stand in the desert  : ‘I don’t cheat,’ Louis murmurs, but even now he isn’t pushing away.‘I know,’ Harry replies, his fingertips pressing lightly to the small of Louis’ back.‘Me and her. We’re on a break,’ he says, and his hands are slipping down Harry’s body, catching at the top of his jeans. ‘It’s not cheating.’Harry draws in a shaky breath, hypersensitive. ‘I know.’(Louis is moving out of the flat he shares with Harry because Eleanor thinks they’re too co-dependent. Harry can’t let him leave.) (8k)

- Photograph : Harry steadies his jaw. “What do you want from me?”Louis’ bottom lip wobbles. “I’m not gay.”“Are you trying to convince me, or yourself?”And at that, Louis seems to completely lose his shit. He rushes towards Harry, banging his fists on Harry’s collarbones in a frenzy, and begins yelling– “I hate you! I hate you! I fucking hate you so much!”Tears are rushing down his cheeks, and then he’s shoving Harry away, drunk out of his ass, causing Harry to stumble back a bit. Louis then begins to clutch at himself, fisting his own clothes to his chest, dribble falling from his mouth, his arms shaky and his back hunched.“Fuckfuckfuckufkcufkc!” He spits, face contorted, hands trembling. “I hate you!”“No, you don’t.” Harry steps forward, face concerned. “You don’t hate me.”- An epic love story in which Harry is too in love for his own good, Louis is in denial of his sexuality, and they write songs instead of actually talking to each other. (207k)

- i’m a beggar in the morning (i’m a king at night)  : ever since harry whispered things about louis at the grocery store they’ve been best friends and harry’s straight and louis’ not and that’s just how it is.   “Sweet dreams, love,” Louis murmurs, and even though he feels creepy, he slips his hand in between Harry’s thighs and it’s warm and he kisses his cheek. He turns and leaves and doesn’t see that Harry’s eyes snap open or hear that a whine comes from his mouth. (6.6k)

- Not So Typical  : Harry Styles; football phenomenon, academic prodigy and the most liked guy at Washington State.  Harry has it all; the looks, the popularity, the best friends and it doesn’t hurt that there is a line of girls ready to jump his bones at any second.  It all was perfect…almost perfect that is.  Until that one night, with that one too many drink still burning in his throat and those piercing blue eyes infusing themselves into his every thought.  (90k)

- how many secrets can you keep?  : Harry, a homophobic Christian, joins Louis’ gay-straight alliance club at school, hoping to somehow attract lesbians (he’ll work out the logistics later). Louis shows him what he didn’t know he was actually there for.  (11k)

- I’m Trying Not To Make A Sound  : Louis thinks he could die right there. He can’t feel anything but the tingling sensation all over his skin. He’s throwing away all his past thoughts on trying to be straight and denying his reactions towards other men, he just wants more of this numbing feeling. Everything else is a long lost memory, can’t think of anything else besides, wow, this feels incredible. or basically, "I am in fact straight.” / “Don’t knock it till you try it.” (10k)

- Fumbling In The Dark  : Louis is straight, Harry is not. They still shag a lot. (21k)

- Supposed to Be  : “I’m making a movie for a film competition, and I want you to be in it,” Harry told Louis. “I think you would be a great leading actor in it.”
“Why?” “Because it’s you. I mean, who wouldn’t want to know all about the amazing Louis Tomlinson? It would be a great movie.” “You don’t have some weird crush or, like, secret obsession with me, do you?” Louis asked.
Harry bit his tongue so he didn’t say “Ew, I have standards.” He didn’t think that would go over well. Of course, that was assuming Louis understood what that meant. — Or, the Geek Charming AU where Harry’s a film geek, Louis’ a popular jock, and they both need each other to get what they want
. (20k)

- Both Showing Hearts  : Louis Tomlinson is, in fact, not straight. Harry Styles isn’t sure what he is. Together, they figure it out, and maybe fall in love along the way.Or, the Uni AU where Louis helps Harry figure out his sexuality, Niall crashes a bachelorette party, Liam works in a printing centre, and Zayn happens to need lots of printing done. (113k)

- you and me  : au; harry is potentially screwed and louis is definitely hopeless, but its ok because as long as they’re in each other’s lives, everything will somehow probably turn out the way that its supposed to. (12k)

- and it was like slow motion  : What’s up?“ Harry asked. Niall shook his head. "Nothing, I just was wondering what was going on with you and Louis.” Harry could feel his cheeks heat up and he shook his head. “There isn’t anything going on.” He raised an eyebrow. “Ye'sure? You guys are just rather touchy. You’re not like- fucking, are you?” Harry nearly choked on his spit and waved his hands violently, making Niall stop. “No! No, I swear. There’s nothing going on. We’re just friends. Besides, I don’t even like guys like that.”  He gave him an even more disbelieving look, but nodded nonetheless. “Alright. The way you guys look at each other doesn’t quite say "just friends” but. Don’t fuck anything up if you do end up doing anything.“ Harry rolled his eyes but agreed. "Nothing’ll happen but if it makes you feel better.” “Something better,” he said, walking out the kitchen. “I’ve got 20 bucks on it."or harry and louis are roommates that like to get each other jealous a little bit too much (6.6k)

- Talk Dirty When You Talk To Me  : After a night out with Stan, Louis gets a dirty text message from a unknown number. Thinking its his best friend he replies. It turns out to be a boy named Harry. An experience Louis’ never had before happens after a heated discussion with said boy. (8.8k)

Update (last update on October 30th 2016)

- Supposed to Be : “I’m making a movie for a film competition, and I want you to be in it,” Harry told Louis. “I think you would be a great leading actor in it.”
“Why?” “Because it’s you. I mean, who wouldn’t want to know all about the amazing Louis Tomlinson? It would be a great movie.” “You don’t have some weird crush or, like, secret obsession with me, do you?” Louis asked. Harry bit his tongue so he didn’t say “Ew, I have standards.” He didn’t think that would go over well. Of course, that was assuming Louis understood what that meant. —
Or, the Geek Charming AU where Harry’s a film geek, Louis’ a popular jock, and they both need each other to get what they want
. (26k)

- Pillow Talk :  “So, do you think I should… find someone to fool around with?” Harry asks, nervous again. “To see if I like it?”  Louis swallows hard but hopes he covers it pretty well with a casual shrug. “I mean, it would probably help to know that you actually want everything that goes along with being with a guy. If you can’t handle the machinery, it’s probably not for you, you know?”  Harry nods and appears to be steeling himself. Louis tenses, afraid that he knows what’s coming.  “Would you do it?”  “Do what?” Louis plays dumb.  Harry has to take another deep breath before he can say it.  “Will you help me figure out if I like it? Being with a boy?” Or When Harry starts having confusing feelings for a male classmate, his sister’s best friend, Louis, helps him figure himself out. Cue lots of kissing, sex, and falling in love. (25k)

- Nobody compares to you : Harry has a long-term crush on his bandmate and best friend Louis, who is straight, at least as far as he knows. He also starts falling in love with this guy he met on tumblr. Who also has a crush on his own best mate. Things are about to get complicated.Or, the one where Harry falls in love twice, Louis is just incredibly sweet and supportive, and Al from tumblr is super nice but also really secretive about his identity - not that Harry can blame him, considering his own blog is run under false pretences, too. (10k)

- Let Me Teach You Something : AU: College/UniversityIn the last year of their degree program, the five boys are put in a group for the duration of a year long Capstone class. They will spend days and nights together working tirelessly to finish school. Louis has no problem with his sexuality and has the notches on his bed post to prove it, but will straight-laced, straight-boy Harry change all that?  (72k

- Completely, and Absolutely : Louis is so completely and absolutely NOT gay that the fact that anyone thinks Harry is his soulmate is just being ridiculous. Including himself. He just thinks they’re mates that are two parts of the same soul, and that’s not weird at all. Okay?Or, the one in which Louis spends the entirety of X Factor so deep in denial that he doesn’t realize he’s gay until he’s already 3000% gone for the dimpled mess in his arms. (2.5k)

- the impossible now : A wish on Christmas Eve sends Louis to an alternate dimension where Harry is a member of One Direction. (49k)

INTP, You are Google
  • ENFP: Hey, INTP, I bought these snacks from the Asian mart. Do you know what they are?
  • INTP: *looking from across the room* They look like Satsuma-imo fries. There isn't an English label on the back?
  • ENFP: *flips over the package* What's "satsuma-imo"?
  • INTP: It's a type of Japanese sweet potato.
  • ESTJ: Why do they call it "satsuma-imo"?
  • INTP: "imo" means potato. Satsuma is probably the region it came from, but don't quote me. I'm not al that sure about the Satsuma part...
  • INFP: You know INTP is like google...She knows all sorts of things...
  • ESFJ: She will also make up stuff if you're not careful...
  • *INTP is fidgeting with something else and not really listening*
  • ENFP: Hey, they are Satsuma-imo fries! It says here in English lol
  • ESTJ: *skeptical* Well, INTP, do you know what part of Japan Satsuma is?
  • *INTP looks up*
  • INTP: Ummm...I feel like I've read this information somewhere...and I'm not 100% sure but I think Satsuma is the name of an area of feudal Japan or something...it's modern day name is something else.
  • ENFP: Do you know where exactly, INTP? *starts looking it up on his phone with ESTJ*
  • INTP: I feel like it's somewhere in Kyushu, but who knows. You have your phone out. Why don't you tell me?
  • ENFP: She's right...
  • ESTJ: What?! You're kidding?! Geez, you are like Google.
  • INFP: Told you...
  • ESTJ: I'm just going to call INTP Google.
  • Percy: You know, Annabeth, I really don't like your name.
  • Annabeth: Uh, excuse me?
  • Percy: Your name. Particularly your last name. It sucks.
  • Annabeth: *angry* What's wrong with my last name?
  • Percy: I don't know... It's just doesn't suit you. You should change it.
  • Annabeth: Change it?! To what?!
  • Percy: Jackson *walks away*
  • Annabeth: Did you just
  • Annabeth: DON'T YOU WALK AWAY
  • Annabeth: ARE YOU SMIRKING?
  • Annabeth: COME BACK HERE

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1, 3, 17

1. Hebrew Name

Heiki Elishevitz. Please forgive my spelling. I don’t even know what this would look like in hebrew so I’m not trying. I also don’t know how the transliteration is officially spelled so I’m going with how its pronounced. Either way its probably spelled wrong. In english the first name is something from Heidi or Ida or something b/c my grandma wanted to name me after her family-I think it was her mom or grandma and they were named Ida- and my mom was like no, but to appease her its my hebrew first name rather than my actual name. Which is cool a)cause my whole english name is super catholic (lol thanks dad) and b)because I’m super uncomfortable sharing identifying information like my actual first name on tumblr so its cool this doesn’t actually link back. Elishevitz is a straight (but probably done badly) translation of Elizabeth into hebrew. Wow I haven’t thought about my hebrew name in ages. Its not something that comes up when living in secular spaces. Funnily enough I do know how to spell my actual first name in hebrew even though I have no idea how to do it with my hebrew name. 

3. Denomination

Reform and comfortable with that fact. Though my Hillel at school is technically reconstructionist because we get our rabbinical interns from the reconstructionist rabbinical college that’s based in the area.

17. Fiddler on the Roof or Prince of Egypt?

You’re asking the hard questions now. Part of me wants to say both and another part of me wants to say neither. I can’t remember the last time I watched Prince of Egypt though I know I had to because I have vague memories of doing it in Sunday School. I don’t know if I’ve ever sat down and watched Fiddler on the Roof all the way through and it’s been a while since I listened to the soundtrack. I think I’d have to pick Fiddler on the Roof because that one is a truly unique Jewish story that belongs to us in every way shape and form and also while its not modern anymore it still feels a little more relevant to my life than a children’s story set some mumble-thousand years ago that the Christians have also feel they have claim to. Honestly though this opinion could go either way since I’m a fan and also disconnected from both of them. 

Jewish Ask Prompts

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I'm such a chicken ;-; So I wanted to ask... Obviously with your writing being so incredible (girl u got talent) you've received SO MUCH popularity and love 😊 with such series and stories you must now have a reputation? This probably means you spend a great deal of your time at your laptop writing your great content. So have your parents noticed? And do your parents know that you write fan fiction? If so what do they think of it? My parents would judge so hard smh ;-; (p.s ily)

AWWW you’re too kind to me :’))) love you so very much too boo!! i really don’t think i’ve established much of a reputation here on tumblr… which means that my life outside of tumblr hasn’t been affected by my writing either. on most school days, a vast majority of my school work has to be done on the computer anyways, so my parents don’t really notice me writing much. sometimes they’ll see me typing things up, but they don’t really ask me much about it LOL my brother, on the other hand, knows i’ve written fanfic before… HAHHA 

me and some friends purposely watched an awful movie (snow white & the huntsman 2 -the revenge of frosty the snowman or something) but we really loved the credits song (the only good thing about it where the credits tbh), but we all agreed that it sounds like she sings “old man sitting on da floor” and so lina (the meme queen) wanted me to draw her in charlize theron’s dress with an old man on the floor. 

she also knows about my obsession with ford but she doesn’t watch gravy falls and only knows him as “the old man” (she always forgets his name) and sooooo …. i drew her in that dress with ford sitting disapprovingly on the ground :D

things i have heard because i know an "obscure" language
  • person: why?
  • person: that exists?
  • person: *tries to convince me that it's not a language*
  • person: what
  • person: but it's so useless?
  • person: don't they speak english there?
  • person: are you from there? me: no them: *slowly walks away*
  • person: where do they even speak [a language that has the country's name in the name of it]
  • person: why not chinese? or spanish?
  • person: if i were you want wanted to be an interpreter i wouldn't be learning THAT.....

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Dino/Bubbler acting as Adrien's bodyguard

back off, chloé, this model’s got a fully functional dino-fense system

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Hello! I don't know if you noticed but there is some kind of a debate between Claudia and Cloudia in English and I was wondering if maybe the Japanese version could help? Some people say Yana meant to write "Claudia" but messed up since she apparently doesn't speak English (like for Francis that is male name) but some others say it's supposed to be Cloudia because it's "written" like that in English in the manga (except that on the tree it definitely looks like Claudia to me). What do you think?

Mmm, I’m really not sure about this tbh! Her name is spelt “Ku-ro—di-a” (クローディア) in Japanese, so technically speaking it can be Claudia or Cloudia.

Iirc there were three scenes where Claudia’s name was mentioned in the manga:


It could be ‘Cloudia’ or ‘Claudia’.


This looks definitely like ‘Cloudia’.

And ch103

This is the most recent one and it rather looks like 'Claudia’ to me.

So I don’t really know what to make out of it. There’s an inconsistency, obviously, and it’s most probably an error on Yana’s part as she does often misspell words and names in English, e.g. she once misspelled “The Times” (“The Tims”) and also “Queen”(“Qween”), etc. Anyway, I personally go for “Claudia” :)


Bleach ch 624 //Yaaass!! He’s back!!


Remember my semi controversial Disney princess and their countries post? Well, I’m bringing it back with a few changes. I’ve added Honey Lemon and Gogo Tomago despite not being princesses, and I put Merida and Aurora together under the United Kingdom flag. Jasmine and Ariel are left out because their countries are not specified, even though we know Jasmine lives somewhere in the Arabian dessert, and Ariel lives somewhere in the Atlantic ocean. Hope you like his post now that it’s updated! Click the pictures for reasoning or specification! 

It's time for yet another rant. I really don't understand all of this Iggy Azalea hate.

The majority of people who criticize Iggy Azalea sound very ignorant, narrow minded and very unintelligent. You judge a girl who’s doing something you could never do in your life. I’m going to detail everything so you can all have several seats.

1. Her rapping accent - In case you Americans don’t know, I will let you know now. In many countries across the world, namely Europe and Asia artists are trained to rap and sing in english and an “American” accent. You may have noticed this when a few of your favorite artists from the UK put out globally successful songs. So in knowing that, her rapping/singing accent is quite different from her normal talking accent.

2. Her being mentored/groomed by T.I - She was basically groomed by T.I near the beginning of her career and she has also said MANY times that he has had a huge impact in her sound and her music. So you saying that she is trying to “appropriate” the black culture is ignorant.

3. Controversial things she has said - I don’t know not 1 artist (hiphop) who has not said one thing that is very controversial. So you picking at things she has said when there are black/white artist saying like things. They glorify violence and objectify women yet you want to put down this one girl?

4. Her life - I’ve seen many people say that she raps about things she has never experienced or she doesn’t know about. If you have ever listened to her interviews or paid attention to the things she has said about her life then you would know.

5. Her music - You are entitled to your opinions, but many of your opinions are ignorant and the things you say come off as unintelligent and baseless.

6. Competition - Why would you try to pit her against Nicki Minaj? Neither of them have a similar sound. They barely have anything in common with exception of them coming to the US at a young age. They don’t even make the same kind of music. Yes they will be nominated for the same awards and will go against each other in numerous ways but you do not have to put another person down just to glorify the other. Appreciate their talents and their differences.

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Hey, just wanted to let you know that I love your blog! It's a beautiful collection of some seriously cute owls, I adore it. Also I love the fact that you write latin name of each owl in the tags, it's really helpful for people who don't speak english as their first language :) Keep up the good work! Love, Ida

Thank you!! I love sharing the beauty of owls and it makes me happy that others enjoy it too. :)

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