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McHanzo Week, day 1 - first time;
The First Time They Hold Hands™


Looks like staying up too late to draw bakushimanari comics that make sense only to me is becoming an ill advised habit


As most of you may know.. I HIT 10,000 FOLLOWERS!!

I thank each and every one of you for my accomplishment.

As a result, I will be having a competition!

I have thought about a new Icon picture lately. Mine doesn’t really scream… well… me

So here is where the competition takes place.

I want a new profile picture for my blog that has all the following:

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You have until January 13 to come up with an idea and draw\edit a new Icon picture before I pick. You have three weeks to finish and sent it my inbox.




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Haha ok so it’s late for valentine’s day, but fuck it, I drew this for @asmolbabu because ya know, romance. And it’s just us as all the ships that we’ve really bonded over/ been like “lmao it’s us” so yeah, the for the bottom two I drew myself with the hair that I had at the time of cosplaying Carter from Always Raining Here and Dave Strider so ye

Once upon a time: A story of how a Shadow fell in love with Sunshine.

For the Gajevy Week 2016 Bonus Prompt. Here’s my response to “Differences”. Enjoy :)

Everyday he watched her grace the green valley from under the protection of  it’s only tree, a large oak. From sunrise until sunset he sat there and watched, for he is confined when she roams around. You see, darkness cannot cover the world when there is light and he resented her for that. Shadow hated how the birds sang of her arrival. He was jealous of how happy the squirrels of the forest dashed into her warm embrace come morning. He despised her happy mess of sky blue curls and her eyes that shone like polished gold. He wished more than anything to not need her.

One day, when the darkness began to plot against the light, he volunteered to make an example of his Sunshine. He would force her to experience the clinging cold of the Shade just as life forced him. So he waited and waited until she unwittingly prances close enough to the border between light and dark. A dark, scarred hand reaches out and grabs onto the flowing yellow fabric of her skirts, yanking her from the valley and breeze into something she’s never known. Her delicate giggle transforming into a horrified gasp. A cry erupts from the forest. Every creature and plant shrieked in confusion for the Sunshine had left, yet her pained scream breaks through them all. The darkness burned against her freckled skin and left its mark.

Shadow completed his mission, yet he did not rejoice. The applause from his fellow night dwellers fell on deaf ears for he knew that this victory meant nothing. Rough fingers glided over pale, freckled skin. Never in his life had he experienced that texture…that softness… nor the warmth that continued to cling to her despite the situation. He knew light would come for her then she would return stronger than ever. If anything at all, hopefully she would return less beautiful because the Shadow secretly thought her so. His heart was cold and tired, yet it was because of her that he knew it had yet to totally succumb. Every time she laughed with the stream or danced among the daisies or even sighed he felt it twinge- he felt it ache at what he could not have. In that moment with her in the shade especially he grew to adore Sunshine even more. A strip of silk was wrapped across her chest solely for modesty- he knew. Oh god, how he knew! How many days has she taunted him with her bare shoulders and the delicate curves of her back all because she wants to soak in every kiss of the breeze. If her nature allowed her to run naked through the valley then she probably would have, yet her cheeks flush every mating season at the twitterpated animals. Yes, he was jealous of her happiness, love, and freedom, but beauty tipped him over the edge. How dare a creature possess all of these things while he had none! How dare she be so far above him! It wasn’t fair!

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Can anyone else see the sex scene happening if Abby’s the one to give him the Chancellor’s Pin after it’s decided Marcus is going to be the next Chancellor? Hear me out on this semi-fic thing that doesn’t have actual smut because I’m the worst, folks.

It’s late in Arkadia, and everyone’s just gotten back from Polis. Everyone’s exhausted mentally and physically, and almost the entire population of the camp runs back to their rooms, jumps in bed, and is out within a minute of putting their head on the pillow.

Everyone except newly-appointed Chancellor Marcus Kane.

Abby knows where she’ll find him - it isn’t difficult to predict where he’ll be, not after everything they’ve been through - and she doesn’t bother knocking before opening and closing the council room door behind her.

“It’s late,” she says. It’s both an observation and a bit of an accusation: Marcus, why aren’t you sleeping?

She knows the answer to that question, so she doesn’t bother asking. It’s the same reason she isn’t sleeping, the same reason Clarke and Bellamy and Raven are still awake.

Six months. That’s all they have.

“It is,” Marcus agrees, turning from the map of the areas surrounding Arkadia to give her his full attention. “You should be getting some rest, Abby.”

“I’ll sleep when you do,” she says, moving closer until she’s in his arms with her head resting on his shoulder. She hears him sigh a tiny sigh as she runs her fingers through his messy hair, hair he won’t have time to trim with all the chaos that’s about to erupt.

Clarke may have been the one to free them from the City of Light, but Abby knows how heavily this burden rests on Marcus’ shoulders. She can see it in his eyes when he looks at her, in the tension in his shoulders when he pores over maps and data.

“I have something for you,” she says as she leans back just enough to look in his eyes, rummaging around in the pocket of her jacket. For a small, frightening moment she thinks it’s lost - resting somewhere between Polis and Arkadia, submerged between countless layers of dust and leaves - but then she checks the other pocket, and thank God.

She pulls out the slightly tarnished Chancellor’s Pin, taken off Pike’s jacket before they left Polis.

“We’re still in this together, you know,” she whispers as she places the pin in his hands, remembering that sunny day in the market that feels like eons ago.

“No matter who wears the pin,” he says with a small smile. That by itself is a triumph - she’s managed to make him smile again. But he sets the pin down on the table instead of securing it to his jacket, and she worries her efforts may have been for naught.

When he looks at her again, there’s a level of despair in his eyes she’s never seen on the ground: not since their time among the stars. Her heart sinks.

“Abby, I-” he starts, then stops. “I have to figure this out. They’re looking to me for answers, and I can’t let them down. Our people need hope. They’ve been through so much.”

“You will,” she reassures him. “You’re going to be the best Chancellor our people have had.”

Another smile, this one slightly sheepish.

“Well, I don’t know if I can live up to you,” he says. “You were a wonderful Chancellor, Abby.”

She doesn’t think so, but that’s not what he needs to hear right now. What he needs right now is comfort and confidence, and neither of these things can be achieved on the less-than-three hours of sleep he obtained the night before.

“Something tells me you’ll be a tough act to follow,” she says with a smile, he laughs a self-deprecating Marcus Kane laugh, and she doesn’t know quite how it happens but suddenly she’s kissing him with all the force and passion she can muster at this ungodly hour of the night.

She traces her tongue along his lower lip, asking a question he answers by allowing her entrance with a soft moan. He tastes sweet, like the berries Lincoln taught her to find in the forest.

When she was under ALIE’s control, she hadn’t been able to think about how he tasted. But this is the opposite of that, this is all sensation and emotion, this is about exploring each other instead of getting information.

His hands find their way underneath her shirt as they stumble toward the couch, an endearing mix of clumsy and graceful. Her shirt and boots get lost somewhere along the way, as do his, and everywhere he touches her feels like she’s catching fire.

He pauses for a moment as she fumbles with the zipper on his pants, pupils wide with lust and love and a thousand emotions she doesn’t have names for.

“Are you sure?” he asks as his cheeks glow slightly red, and it’s all she can do not to laugh. Only Marcus Kane.

She answers his question with another deep, slow kiss, sliding out of her pants as the back of her legs bump against the soft surface of the couch.

“We have six months, Marcus,” she says, laying down and beckoning him to join her. “I don’t just want to survive. I want to live.”


if you like your coffee hot,
let me be your coffee pot.
you call the shots, babe,

i just wanna be yours.

—arctic monkeys, i wanna be yours

Happy stevetonyfest to laglemon, who wanted a tribute to the shamelessly adorable AA universe (arguably the happiest universe for stevetony right now). Hope you like it!! :)


Klance Week: Day 2 - Love/Hate

I know it’s late, but here’s my Day 2 contribution! I’ve seen a few cute headcanons about Angry Klance Forehead Touches developing into Romantic Klance Forehead Touches, and ….. that makes me real emotional.