i don't know if you're a boy or a girl but

Having a type: 100% okay! Knowing what you like and what you are attracted to is cool!

Saying who would never date a trans person: This is not okay! It goes along with the assumption that you can spot trans people and immediately know a trans person when you see them. It also says that you think all trans people look alike, which is not true at all. If you saw a trans person on the street, chances are you wouldn’t be able to tell they were trans, and you might’ve even thought to yourself “yeah, they’re cute, I’d want to date them,” Now, let’s say you did date them for a bit and never found out they were trans for whatever reason, that does not mean they were lying to you. Trans people do not have to disclose their gender status to you, dating or otherwise. Now, let’s say you are only sexually attracted to specific genitals, well gender reassignment surgery is always a possibility which means a trans person could fit your sexual attraction criteria, but unless it’s a strictly sexual relationship or you need sex along with the romantic relationship, it’s kind of irrelevant to bring that up. Ultimately, saying you would never date a trans person is transphobic due to the assumptions and finite language. Make sense?

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name: kenzie

nicknames: kwenzy or kevin (except no one really calls me these anymore so)

height: 5′4

sexual orientation: i honestly don’t know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

hogwarts house: gryffindor

favorite color: black, purple, blue, pink, grey

average hours of sleep: 7-9 hours

cars or dogs: i mean i’m a bit more of a cat person, but i love both a lot!

favorite fictional character: all the undertale characters and the belcher family from bob’s burgers

number of blankets i sleep with: 1

favorite musical artists: panic! at the disco, boys like girls, twenty one pilots, fall out boy, skillet, melanie martinez, linkin park, DJ howell

dream trip: tokyo 

when i created this blog: around october 2014

# of followers: 6,084

when did this blog reach its peak: i don’t know, i don’t pay attention??

tag twenty people u want to get to know/like on tumblr: no

Do you know what comes out of mixing a t-shirt canon full of glitter and your adorable youtuber of choice?

Me neither but somehow it ended on this. Magical girl boy Ethan-kun.. yeah, makes sence. To clarify this isn’t (entirely) my fault, blame @tinyboxbri as well

I would say I’m sorry, but considering how much time I spent on this… nah, I regret nothing.

oh, yeah.. Charlie was involved too ps I have no clue how see-through skirts work, I tried :v


         which girl?”  klaus’s voice is tight and taut and trembling – not with any sort of fear, though, of course, it is very likely that klaus fears count olaf, for the intolerable actor is a thoroughly despicable person and, as most despicable and intolerable people are, a wildly unkind individual.  klaus clenches his jaw, glaring up at his tall guardian with nothing short of disgust and rage and frustration.  he’s tired, and he knows violet and sunny are exhausted as well from doing all of count olaf’s difficult chores and from sleeping very little in a bed far too small for three children to share.  “i have two sisters.  you’ll need to be more specific about which one you want to see.”

                   ‘don’t get smart with me, you little runt.’   – here comes the way dark nails grip forward and take the boy by the collar, and here comes the way he snarls forward at him and arches the jagged rungs of his spine forward– the boy smells like soot. haven’t you ever heard of a bath, orphan?

                      ‘the girl– the other one!’                the other one– the one with ribbons in her hair. or– violet? viola? vi– one of them. the other one– violet! that’s it! that’s the name!– not that ghastly baby– good lord, no. (if he had it his way, the baby would already be strung up for good. soon, children. soon.)

        ‘you know, for a boy who reads so many books, you’re not very smart, are you?’

this re7 shirt also looks like it could be a screamo band shirt…..n i dnt know what would be worse?? a teen gamer fanboy thinking im a teen gamer fangirl…. or an edgy teen emo boy thinking im an edgy teen emo girl……………..

both sound really bad and either way I’ll be mistaken for a teen girl so i can never wear this shirt outdoors………………….

The Last Dance: a riarkle fanfic

He watched her as she came in. Her hair held back just the tiniest bit by her headband and her yellow dress flowing goddess-like around her small frame. She looked nervous but excited to at least be there, which was a complete 180 from how she was feeling about the dance earlier that day. Neither of them had noticed him as he was covered by the crowd, but he saw them, just like he always had. Maya with her fiery red dress and Riley with her calm, yellow one.

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The boys finding out you are extremely ticklish (4/4)


“I don’t care if you had a rough day and would like to spend the entire evening in front of the TV.” You said with a very pissed voice. “I was home the whole week, waiting for you every evening to comfort you and cuddle with you. But now it’s my turn, and me and the girls are going to have an amazing (and more importantly) drunk evening, so quit bitching Luke!” You referred to “She’s Kinda Hot”. You knew he didn’t like that, but at this point you don’t care anymore. Who the hell does his famous ass think he is to tell you to stay home?
“Baby”, Luke said in a calm voice, “I don’t want you to stay home for me and miss the fun but I’m leaving soon for the next tour and I’m going to miss you like hell, so please stay with me.” He sneaked an arm around your waist and rested his hand on your stomach. You flinched a little, but kept your poker face, not wanting to reveal one of your biggest weaknesses.
It was a wonder he didn’t know already; you have been together since summer one and half a year ago. But being that smart little shit Luke was he grinned and began moving his hand, digging his fingers into your sides. You couldn’t contain yourself anymore and started laughing and bend over, pressing your hands onto his. Luke stopped, turned you around and said: “Have fun with your friends babe, but when you come home we’ll continue this.” He gestured towards your stomach and winked dirty.


You were both cuddled together as you made your way to his car. The meeting you two just attended was so boring that you couldn’t suppress the yawning, the sneaked through every two minute. It was with the band, the management and a lot of other important people you didn’t know. They discussed the upcoming tour and stuff, but Michael’s girlfriend made the evening somehow endurable. Her sarcastic comments were constantly on point.
You climbed into his car and immediately turned the heater on. Being sleepy always made you cold too.
“Cal” you whined, “I’m cold, do something.” Calum looked at you, smiled and put one of his large hands between your thighs in attempt to warm them. You, being surprised by his sudden move, giggled but tried to cover it up with a cough and looked out of the window. “Are you ticklish?” Calum asked with an astonished sound. “No” you lied, trying to be the most convincing you could manage at your sleepy state. “Oh my god, you are. Why didn’t I notice that before?” “Can you please just drive, Cal?” you asked. “Mhm, sure. I have plans with you as soon as we come home” he said while tightening his grip, not leaving much to your imagination. Who the hell was tired now? Certainly not you!


You, Diana and her boyfriend Derek sat in a little café at the least known part of the city. You met Diana (a former school friend) a few days ago and couldn’t deny her invitation to meet and talk about all the years without contact. The lacking of contact had a reason and the “former” ahead of school friend, too. You realized that some friendships only consisted through sharing the same school class and not having much options when it comes to friends. She was okay though, but as soon as school ended and you moved away, the friendship faded.
You smiled politely and nodded to something Diana’s boyfriend said. You hoped Ashton would come soon and pick you up, so you didn’t have to put on a a show any longer. You didn’t even know what they were talking about. Was it about the last vacancy the two made? “And that’s how Diana found out I’m ticklish as hell” Derek ended his monologue and stared at you expectantly. Apparently not. “Oh, I’m also ticklish, but just on my waist” you said, just to say something.
“Hey honey”, Ashton interrupted and looked at you mischievously. “Uhm hey”, you answered, hoping he didn’t hear your last words. Not wanting to waste more time on the happy couple in front of your eyes, you grabbed your coat and said goodbye while hugging and promising to visit them in their new flat. Your fake smile vanished as soon as you stepped through the door and turned into a real one as Ashton kissed you softly on the forehead. “Ticklish huh?”, he murmured and escorted you to his car. “I’ll have to test that at home” he wiggled his eyebrows and made you laugh.
Suddlenly he pushed you against the car and moved his hands up and down on your sides. You burst into laughter. “Jesus Ashton, stop please, I can’t breathe.”, you begged. “Last night you begged me to continue, but that was another case”, he grinned with a smug undertone. “Oh shut up” you grinned but blushed never the less.


You came home and found Michael sleeping on the couch. You smiled diabolic and sneaked to him. You stood over him and examined his face.
He looked so innocent and peaceful when he slept. ‘No longer, baby’ you thought and threw yourself on him. You waited until his anticipated reaction came. “Y/N what the hell? What are you doing?”, he screamed in a high voice and kicked you two over on the floor. You laughed and started tickling his sides. Michael grabbed your hands, rolled you over and hovered over you. He stared at you playfully angry and wanted to give you a spank. But instead he missed your ass and met your sides. You squealed and tried to squirm free under his hands. Michael’s eyes widened as he realized that you have been ticklish all the time but never told him. He could have repayed “the pleasure” of tickling all over the years but he never knew that.
He stood up and ran through the whole house, trying to find you. “Y/N come out and play. You thought I’m gonna let you get away after learning that you little shit arE TICKLISH AS WELL?”, he screamed. You hid behind the counter in the kitchen and giggled. You pressed your hands over your mouth to cover up the sounds. “Payback’s a bitch, baby” you heard him coming closer. “Merry Christmas, Michael” you chuckled and throw some decorations in his direction in attempt to distract him. Didn’t work.
He grabbed you and growled: “Don’t fucking merry christmas me Y/N, you’re in big trouble” and with that he tackled you to the ground and tickled you to the next year. Payback’s a bitch, indeed.