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i was tagged by this cute angel @ukihyunnie for the bias selfie tag,thank you precious lananh for tagging!😇💖

i’ve chosen dawon this time bc i love him too lol🙈 / tagging : @93kihyun // @monbeboo // @jo0heonie // @nam-tarn // @kihqun // @kyunie // @jooheonypup // @rapmonhyuk // @minhyukie i know that i always say this but please do not feel pressured to do this whatsoever!☆♡


i’m emma and i really like girls!!

What are you?
  • Interviewer: So.. I was wondering, guys. If someone come and asks you "what are you?", what would be your answer?
  • Victor: Ice daddy, of course!
  • Yuuri: A katsudon, I guess...
  • Yuri: Ice tiger of Russia. Or.. Russian fairy? I don't know. But I like Ice tiger the most.
  • Guang Hong: People tell me I'm a cinnamon roll, I suppose I will answer that...
  • Otabek: The hero of Kazakztan.
  • Phichit: A selfie lover! I love selfies!
  • JJ: A king! I'm the king!
  • Christophe: ....
  • Interviewer: Christophe?
  • Chritophe: A bless. I'm a bless.

to my friends and mutuals: if i haven’t liked your selfie it’s because i haven’t seen it so send it to me and you know that i’ll take care of business

Don't think for one second because ya selfie ain't got notes or reblogs that you ain't 🔥🔥🔥🔥. POST THAT SHIT AND REMIND US WHO TF WE FOLLOWING

You are the whole motherfuckin 🌊 bitch.
Trust me.
I’m a Black Girl.
I know this shit.

We know you’re pretty, okay?

I’m going through my non-mutuals’ blogs and trying to figure out which ones to unfollow in order to get my heavily-spammed dash under control, and when the first 10 posts I see are reblogs of the person’s own selfie, it’s a really easy decision.


this angel @spellboundcastiel tagged me to post my lock screen, last selfie,  and the last song i listened to!

i never did a post like that because i just assume no one ever tag me in anything

so i’m tagging 

the angels that like/reblog most of the shit i post everyday!!!! (you guys need to know how much i love you 💕💕 )

@maybeidontwannachooseaname ; @whovian1077 ; @sheiswrappedinrainbows ; @deepconvosintheimpala ;


Ohoho! I was tagged by the spooper sweet @miinyoonxi and her frick fracking cute doggo, Louis, to do the lockscreen/homescreen/last selfie i took/last song i listened to. Thanks for tagging me bby! :)

I suffered through two winters (the one at home and the one in Newark/New York) so I am trying to surround myself with sun and good weather by making this my background LOL. Also ‘Passionfruit’… so chill. I’m loving it.

I tag @jiminieownsthisass @monni-dionne @dephibulator @sugaselfie (I think you already did this one, Karly, but don’t quote me). If you don’t want to do this, totally fine!! If you weren’t tagged but want in on the fun, by all means go for it and tagggg meeeee! :)

their tumblr blogs, moffat era
  • 11: videos of small animals making a fool of themselves tagged "AHAHA same," clumsy selfies of him and Amy making silly faces, hipster aesthetics ruined by enthusiastic and not at all restrained comments like COOOL I LOVE BOW TIES, tries to help out anons as much as he can but worries about them all the time, dance music and colourful toys
  • Amy Pond: hot selfies and silly selfies that are somehow still hot, sunset wild hair aesthetics, a surprisingly fervent passion for second-rate sci-fi, nail polish tutorials, occasionally mentions her various jobs offhand and confuses all her followers, super stylish minimalist theme with a splash of gif colour here and there
  • Rory Williams: instagram pictures of travelling, helpful text posts about how to look after yourself in tough situations "with love from a trained nurse", reblogs all of Amy's selfies with increasingly amazed 'i cant Believe i get to be with you' tags, occasionally reblogs 11 and Amy's conversations and reminds them both to turn off their capslock
  • River Song: curly hair positivity, photos of her standing on the Great Wall of China like 'i had the afternoon off so', archaeology blogging, space blogging, lowkey passionate about everything blogging, got that aggressively pan aesthetic like "i am a very queer woman so FIGHT ME"
  • Clara Oswald: "raise your hand if you are short and bi and here to fight", highkey literature nerd queen, secretly loves the Beatles but is too feminist not to criticise their behaviour, gets into fights about the historical legitimacy of Robin Hood, pretty minimalist floral theme with impressively organised tags, gay for Jane Austen, just wants to talk about ancient philosophy to anyone who will listen
  • 12: angry scot pride, sad pictures of misty moors, caffeine blogging, long rants about everything up to and including; banter, sword fighting, having to babysit small children, his friend's boyfriend who SUCKS, and people not paying attention to him. Moonlights as an absurdist "do you ever think about your kidneys, i mean REALLY think about them" shitposter. Reblogs Clara's occasional book and tea selfies with weird ambiguous comments like "you have enormous eyes" and "what's your nose even DOING" and "ok", mainly just messages her like "MUSHROOMS" and she's like "doctor my ask says you sent me this at 3am what is actually wrong with u". One time made a post which was just clara's name written out twenty one times
  • Missy: would shitpost from a shitposting jail if it had wifi, vagueblogs like "it's such a shame that some people don't know how to forgive even when u apologised three times for straight up murdering their friends", stalks Clara's blog and sends her little black heart emojis, messages 12 like "SEND ME NUDES", still thinks rick-rolling is fucking priceless
  • Danny Pink: "doctor i know it's you sending the 'u stink' messages please stop it's getting embarrassing"

So this is me and my natural, crazy, curly mixed girl hair. I’m Jamaican and Canadian. (Yes I know I look young here lol) There are a few little white girls that devoted their lives to making me feel like having curly hair makes me ugly. The sad part is I’m getting this hate from this girl and her friend because her boyfriend is now with me…. When he dated me before her in the first place… All I’m trying to do is just embraces my curls. I straighten my hair for a year becuase I didn’t feel that I was pretty, didn’t fit in, didn’t feel like boys would like me, wasn’t normal. Now I accept it and this is what I get, getting called ratchet by white girls with straight blonde hair, or getting called ugly, flat ass and chested. I know for a fact that my ass is fat and my boobs are normal. I love my curls, and who I am. Reblog if you think those girls are wrong about curly hair…. Being a mixed chick is great.

tumblr rules of thumb

these are a few things i think people should always make sure they do while on this wonderful website.

1: Always like someone’s art, even if it isn’t as good as yours. It’s just nice and a lot of times people find comfort in the amount of notes their art has. You don’t have to reblog it, but it’s just nice to press the little heart button. I mean, what harm could come from that? Honestly.

2: If someone makes a personal post and they’re upset, send a nice anon message to them! Again, what harm does it do to say “You’re strong, you can do this” or “I believe in you” when you know someone’s down? Wouldn’t you want people to do that to you?

3: Never shut someone down if they’re happy. Don’t ever say what they like is dumb. That’s just not necessary.

4: If you want to reblog an ask-box prompt post, send the person you’re reblogging it from one of the asks! Kind of like a pay-it-forward thing. I always do that when I reblog those because if I want asks, I should give people asks too. See what I mean there?

5: Always like people’s selfies! This is basically the same thing as rule numero uno, but it’s the same concept basically. People often take solace in the notes on their selfies as confidence boosters!

I would love it if you guys reblog this though, because these are things I think everyone should do. Also feel free to add on more things!! :)