i don't know if you realize how much i love them

One of my favorite little changes they made to the new beauty and the beast was when the beast realizes that belle has come back. First off, I love how belle grabs the arrows from gaston and breaks them over her knee, “where is he?!” like girl…I love you so much, and then she wrestles with the gun gaston has! That was so great to see because you see how desperate belle is to protect the beast because she knows the type of man gaston is and what he can do. 

So at this point the beast is jumping from turret to turret on the castle because he’s trying to get his footing, but everything is falling apart where he lands. That’s when it happens. Belle, who runs to an opening on one of the turrets, looks out and see’s the beast almost fall and she screams “No!” and the beast stops, whispers “belle?” and looks over and there she is. She’s wearing her white under garments and against the darkness, she sticks out, the light of hope and love that the beast thought he had lost. 

He then jumps up to another turret and it’s this shot that I adore

“Belle!” he screams and it shoots back to her face and she looks so relived that he’s ok, “You came back!” and EVERY TIME I see this movie (i’ve seen it like…5 times…maybe more) I get goosebumps at that line. The way that Dan delivers his performance as the beast is fantastic. Belle then screams that she tried to stop the villagers from coming, but the beast is all focused on belle. “Stay there! I’m coming!” and he has this focus on belle, he’s completely forgotten about gaston, he just needs to get to belle, to see belle, to be with her again. 

Fast forward a bit and the beast has this great line when he’s holding gaston over the edge, “I am NOT a beast” and then it quickly shoots to belle who gets this watery smile on her face, and the beast yells to gaston to leave. And the beast is getting ready to jump over to belle and she’s all panicked, “no! it’s too far!” so worried about him, and he does make the jump, pulling himself up and then they stare at one another and it’s a moment of peace because finally they are back together. 

BAM. Gaston shoots the beast and belle quickly runs over to him and is trying so hard to get him out of harms way but he’s too heavy and he’s too hurt to move on his own, and she’s so desperate. Calling for gaston to stop, trying to pull the beast, “come on!” she says at one point (caught this on my 3rd viewing, she sounds so scared and desperate as she tries to get him to safety) and then gaston shoots the beast AGAIN and he tumbles out of belle’s arms and she runs to him. 

Yes, the end exchange between them is quick. But, for me, that makes sense. The beast has been shot 3 times in the back and had been hit multiple times. It would make sense that he is dying faster in this version. That was something that always bothered me in the animated version (which i love and adore mind you) because…he gets stabbed in the side. And maybe he gets hit in a vital organ, I don’t know. But he gets stabbed with this little knife (after an arrow to the leg and being hit a few times) and just dies on the spot. It’s an animated movie of course, so things will differ because of our suspension of disbelief. 

Am I saying one is better then the other? No, because I love both movies. I love them for all their similarities and their smaller differences. Some tweaks I like more in the live action movie, and some things I like more in the animated. But for me, both these movies are pure magic. 

fic editsHiding Place (ao3) by @alivingfire​ ​ - E, 365k

Louis never wanted a soulmate, didn’t really care for the whole Bonding thing at all, really. Enter Harry Styles, who’s wanted to be Bonded for as long as he could remember. With one fateful meeting in an X Factor bathroom, Louis gets a dagger on his arm and the realization that just because Harry is his soulmate doesn’t mean it’s mutual.
From the X Factor house to Madison Square Garden, from the Fountain Studios stage to stadiums across the world, Louis has to learn to love without losing himself completely, because someday his best friend will Bond to someone and replace Louis as the center of his universe. Meanwhile, Harry begins to think that maybe fate doesn’t actually know what it’s doing after all, because his other half has clearly been right in front of him the whole time. All he has to do now is convince Louis to give them a chance.

the canon compliant Harry and Louis love story from the very beginning, where the only difference is that the love between them is literally written on their skin, and there’s only so much they can hide.

// how do you draw burns!? @dailymaeshughes :our AU//

AU where Maes survives Envy’s attack, but when promised day comes Roy gets so caught up he doesn’t realize until it’s too late who he burned. He ends up accidentally burning Maes horribly, and this only seems to make everything so much worse


Rickyl Week: Day 1 

the moment you started to ship them or fell in love with their friendship

all i’ll ever be is replaceable. i’m the friend you keep until a better friend comes along and makes you realize that i’m too much, a liability, a flight risk. i’m a good fuck but never good enough to love. i keep myself distant because opening up only leads to disappointment because no one sticks around. you think you have people until they find someone else and no matter how much i’m there for them, somehow i always end up being the second choice. i’m left out of plans. i’m deleted and blocked whenever they get tired of me. i overshare because i have to move quickly since i never know when they’re going to leave and this is honestly a shit way to live and like i feel like this is basically a slow suicide but it’s cool it’s whatever u know i’m fine. 

altrxisme  asked:

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My Opinion on;

Character in general: Jackson is such a lovely human being, and he’s such a surprising character. When everything is going wrong and the Blight is destroying everything he’s working to help people and simultaneously finding a way to smile and keep his chin up. A truly unique individual, and one that I feel Vanora is just in being wary of in the very beginning. Not often does one run into a character as ready to smile and joke who is entirely genuine and does not have some ulterior motive. 
How they play them: I was so pleased to find how dynamic a character Jackson is. Sure, he’s positive and upbeat, and he is a genuinely lovely person, but he isn’t some cliche 2D character who doesn’t go beyond smiles all the time. He’s got dimension, and he’s got his ups and downs. And you don’t shy away from that! You hit on the fact that even while he’s smiling he can still be hurting or uncertain behind that smile. I so appreciate that depth, because I understand how easy it can be (from personal experience) to have a happy-go-lucky character who ends up turning out much flatter than you hoped for.

The Mun: Skye, you are a lovely human being. As lovely as your darling muse. You’ve been friendly and open since the day we started talking, and as a massively shy potato I deeply appreciate that. You’ve always been open and honest about all our threads, and I love how enthusiastic you are about your muses. Not to mention that you’re the only one who did anything with Xetiash ever, which I will always appreciate <3

Do I:

RP with them: Uh, duh.
Want to RP with them:  Why wouldn’t I?!

What is my;

Overall Opinion: I worry that this section becomes a little redundant, but it can’t hurt to repeat just how awesome you and your muses are. Even though I haven’t had the chance to interact with Johanne, Vanora and I love Jackson to bits. He’s enthusiastic and a spot of sunshine whenever things are going poorly. I’m so glad that I got to meet you and that I’ve had the chance to interact with Jackson! Especially ‘cause Vanora likes being alive, and also enjoys demi-adopting/mothering the young people she runs into. But only the best ones.

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty

Love is terrible. It burns your chest, makes your stomach clench, your lungs hurt from lack of breath around your love. At least, that’s how Akiteru explains it – he uses nicer words, he loves love – but the general concept is there. That’s why Kei avoids it. He doesn’t want his heart alight by some unknown force, doesn’t want to lose his lunch thinking about someone, wants to be able to breathe. He likes things just the way they are, thank you very much. 

“I’ll be right back– a- are you sure you don’t want to come with me?.. Th- The time might pass faster for you if you were around some cute dogs?..” 

“I don’t like Ishikawa-san’s dogs, I think I’ll stay with Momoe.” Kei pats the golden retriever’s head, and the pup nuzzles into the touch. “Just don’t stay outside with them while they do their business, it’s freezing outside.” 

“Ok, Tsukki! Have fun!” 

“Yeah. Come back safe.” 

This is normal for them– Tadashi and Kei’s routines. They always try to look out for the other’s health and safety; always tell the other to come back safe if they have to leave to do something. Others think it’s endearing, think it’s sweet, think they’re a couple. Kei doesn’t mind; he and Tadashi both know they’re not an item, who cares what others think? 

Kei watches Tadashi leave, bundled in Kei’s – Kei’s – winter jacket, and when he’s gone, Kei takes a moment to take in his surroundings. He’s in Tadashi’s living room, snug under the kotatsu table, looking over some notes he’s supposed to be copying from Tadashi after he spaced out in class. Momoe, Tadashi’s therapy dog, sits next to him where Tadashi previously occupied, reading a book while Kei did notes. 

Ha, Kei thinks, Book. He picks it up, and looks it over. The “book” is exactly what he’d thought it was, a book cover from a thesaurus not-so-discreetly taped on over shiny bright pink. The new shoujo manga Tadashi had bought on their last outing into town a week ago, pages still neat (not tear stained like most of Tadashi’s manga), spine unbroken (like all of Tadashi’s manga). Kei scoffs. He doesn’t get why Tadashi tries to hide it, it’s not like Kei cares either way that Tadashi’s studying habits involve all nighters and ten cans of Redbull (ok, he does, but he’s given up trying to change that part of Tadashi; there are some things that can’t be taken from that boy). 

With a shake of his head, Kei loos at the back of the book and rolls his eyes. 

Kumiko Akiyama is in love with her childhood best friend, Akira Fujioka; she’s tall, charming, and smart. Everything Kumiko thinks she’s not. Kumiko is clumsy, her hair unruly, and she’s very awkward. But Akira thinks Kumiko is perfect, and that she’s unworthy of her best friend. Follow these two girls through high school, awkward encounters, and confessions! 

A typical teenage girl book– a typical Tadashi book; he’s always read shounen-ai and yuri manga with no shame, and this manga is no different. Though, as Kei flips through the pages, barely paying attention to the – who he assumes is – totally bland main character as he sees tear stains already on the first few pages. He frowns. It doesn’t look like a sad book, it looks like a normal slice-of-life type. 

Kei knocks it up to curiosity. What could make Tadashi cry so much in the very beginning? He doesn’t want to read Tadashi’s stupid shoujo manga. 

He opens it, and starts to read. It starts out boring enough; the main character, Kumiko, talking about how she and Akira became friends, how Akira was always there when other girls picked on her for being ugly, how she fell for her best friend. All very generic. 

Then the scene cuts to Kumiko and Akira walking to school and Kumiko explains their routine (which oddly reminds Kei of his own walks with Tadashi). The entire time Kumiko tries not to think of how she just wants to take Akira’s hand, so close to her own, and hold it, but she doesn’t want to ruin their friendship. And then

“Ah. I have to go help sensei, will you be ok for a few minutes while I’m gone?” 

“Sure, go ahead. Come back safe.” 

Oh. Oh. Kei knows why there’s– He understands now. 

Love is terrible. You’ll be happy for years, going on with your life, your best friend at your side, and then one day you read a manga about childhood friends falling in love and think “well, that’s like me and– fuck” and the world turns upside down. 

More Patater Family!AU

Follow-up to this post. Last thoughts on the Patater family for tonight because I realize I’m going overboard with this buT LAWD i love them so much

I imagine that even with how involved Kent and Tater tries to be in their kid’s life, there are just some moments that they will miss because of how much they have to travel. Their son understands; his parents more than make up for it when they come home and he knows they love him a whole bunch but it still sucks sometimes to only talk to them through Skype for weeks at a time. Like in third grade when he made it to the final rounds of his school’s Spelling Bee, but lost at the end, he really wished that his Pa was there to tell him he did a good job, or to see his Dad in the front row probably trying to stifle his backseat coaching because “Kenny, is spelling, you cannot coach. That is actually cheating.” Like yeah, they always do the thing with the matching suits and accessories whenever they go to Back to School Night, and Karen from the PTA basically wants to slaughter Kent for dissing her baking skills, but he’d rather have that than walking home alone from school to an emptyish house (nanny is there) for weeks at a time.

Every single time, the regular season pretty much coincides with the annual school play, and ok, their son doesn’t really care about the play. He’s playing a tree that says about five lines total, but looking in the dark at the parents and not seeing his blows a lot more than he’d expected. When the play is over and they all stand in a line to bow, the lights turn on and suddenly, amidst the clapping and cheering, he hears a familiar accent yelling, “That’s my son!! You see! The third tree!” And their son notices the two figures in the very back, still in hockey jerseys and looking pretty frazzled, are Kent and Tater, who’d immediately jumped in the car post-game interview (tbh Tater only said “I have to go to my son’s play I am sorry maybe next time!!! Ask Zimmboni questions he was very good!!!” and Kent just straight up walked out). Kent and Tater are the first parents to rush forward to collect their kid and are extremely alarmed when their son barrels towards the two of them, crying because he missed them. Tater raves about how convincing he was as a talking tree and Kent wipes the tears away and gives a bunch of gross cheek kisses like he did when he was in first grade. (Headcanon that Kent calls their son Tater Tot and does kid-friendly chirps while giving said kisses.)

BONUS: All the parents in the auditorium are turning their heads and you hear the crowd whispering excitedly as they recognize Kent and Tater in their jerseys. Except for Karen, who glares at Kent for a full minute while Kent narrows his eyes and look highly unimpressed.   

On youtube fan culture and entitlement

The fact that Colleen Ballinger sat in front of a camera crying for eleven minutes absolutely vulnerable and devastated in part because she was so afraid people would hate her and blame her and be disappointed in a personal choice we know nothing about is so so so sad. 

Youtube is surrounded by this wild culture of balancing personal lives and sharing things with Millions of people all over the world. Content creators often choose to share personal experiences including relationships which results in their viewership creating very personal bonds. I have so many people and couples who I follow and have come to love, but you have to realize that at the end of the day they are people. Many only share the beautiful, happy moments. No matter how much they share, folks always seem to want more. Then things like this happen, and the outrage is evident. 

It’s understandable to be upset, you love these people and you feel like you know them. But you have to realize that they don’t owe things to you. They have the right to live their lives, and while they love us, keeping thousands of people in the loop can be daunting. 

Please respect Colleen and Josh in this time. They are in vastly different places, but each deserve love. Each deserve time to process without all the prying. 

This isn’t a “screw the youtube community” post, because I have met some of the most wonderful people because of vloggers. This is a “Please examine your words and the effect they have” Be kind. Remember that you are not owed things by content creators. 


Gabriel being Hawkmoth would not be boring.

I know you’re all upset that that would mean they’re going with the, “I am your father” thing, and you’re all “sooooo sick of that plot line”, but just… just think about this.

Gabriel loves Adrien. So much. And it’s obvious he loves his wife too. 

And according to Adrien, he was never cold and dark before his mother left. 

I don’t think that’s boring. I think it sounds hecka interesting.

I want to know what happened, and yeah, if he’s Hawkmoth, I want to know how he can still hold so much love for Adrien and do nice things like let him go to public school, and yet be this super villain. How can he balance that?

I want to know why he wants that ultimate power. I want to know what he’s trying to fix that he sees as broken. 

And most of all, I want to see how he deals with the fact that Adrien is Chat Noir. 

I want to see how he can wrap his head around the idea that he’s fighting against the person that means so much to him and that he protects constantly on a day to day basis with bodyguards and restricting rules.  

And if he’s doing this all to help Adrien in some way…. I want to know what he’s going to do when he has to face his son in a final battle.

I don’t think that sounds boring at all, I think it sounds like a very interesting villain who isn’t a bad guy ‘just because he’s evil and that’s what evil people do’.

Give it a chance please.


So I feel like up until now, I haven’t understood the scope of male privilege. 

I haven’t driven my car with the windows down for more than a year now, because a man once yelled rude things at me while sitting in traffic, and because it was Atlanta, I continued to sit next to him for another half hour. I spent the rest of the drive terrified that he was following me, and I’ve made the decision multiple times to drive past my house because I thought someone was following me and I didn’t want them to know where I live.

But here we see my wonderful best friend who also happens to be a straight male. It wasn’t until I saw his reaction to this situation and heard him say things like “She was hot” or “She seemed nice” that I realized just how much privilege cis men have.


IF I DID THAT THE NEWS WOULD LITERALLY SHOVE A CAMERA INTO MY CORPSE’S FACE AND BE LIKE “She was asking for it; it was her fault for pulling over etc.”

I tried to explain that to him and he was just like “lol hot girl’s number”

Seriously, I love him to death but god I’m so jealous. I want to live without fear like that.


On behalf of our director Bartlett Sher, we want to say something — we want to say thank you for coming to help us send this out into the world, because this is by no means going into the ground

For all those of you who don’t know how it is to be in theatre or what it is to make a show, we work really hard together to do the emotional part, and it’s so heavy for us; and every person in this cast, this crew, the men and the women in the front and the back, all on the stage, the house staff, everybody has done this; and I know I can speak for them all when I say it’s been a labor of love. This is something that we’ve believed in from the very beginning. 

I thought today wasn’t going to go over very well, and then I realized that I could do this show because I felt the exact same way every single night of performing it as I felt tonight…which is absolute and complete gratitude; and I will never feel any other way, and I have never worked with more sincere, uncynical, beautifully talented people in my entire life and I don’t know that I will again.”

- Kelli O’Hara after the final performance of The Bridges of Madison County at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, May 18th, 2014.

okay you know what I need when Killian gets rescued?

basically just a dogpile of hugs.

Obviously there will be an incredibly tender and beautiful reunion between him and Emma, that goes without saying.

But then I need shoulder-clasps and bro nods with Charming and Robin, knowing gazes between men whose warrior queen ladies will not let them come to harm.

I need Henry to practically tacklehug Killian, to tell him how glad he is that Killian is safe.

I need a motherly, warm, accepting hug from Snow, who is just delighted that her daughter has found true love and he is a part of their family

I need a halting, snark-filled almost hug between Killian and Regina, who wouldn’t have minded it quite so much as she lets on


PSA: Gay OTP's

Hello, this message is mostly caused by me seeing multiple (straight) people talk about gay OTP’s in both tags and other networks. And i have come to the following kind suggestion:


Do not boast how many you have, how you LOVE your gay boys, how much trash you are for shipping two guys together, and how you like discussing who tops etc. Yes, fanfiction and such is wonderful, and it could be a start to you realizing you are gay yourself, sure.

However, do not make it come to the point where LGBTQA+ people have to feel uncomfortable by you doing this. Do not see us as mere characters, do not fetishize us, do not act as if liking homosexuality is gonna land you in hell. You are in no way ‘edgy’, you are in no way ‘special’. You’re just frankly making people annoyed and uncomfortable

Of course it is important to know that this is simply a lesson, and sometimes we know you simply did not know this yet. Do not worry, i’m pretty sure i used to do this myself. I just find it very important, that especially within fandoms, problems like these get talked about to make it a safe space for everyone regardless of race, sexuality, or gender.

Thank you ❤️

you know what, as much as i love ashton, i gotta admit that i’m pretty fucking tired of him repeatedly knocking his own fans simply because majority of them are young females. not only is it incredibly misogynistic of him to undermine female opinions, it’s also incredibly stupid if he wants to keep to his beloved career afloat. he’s alienting the most influential demography because he’s under the impression that we only care about cute boys and silly things, instead of the things he deems “important” (which is incredibly shitty of him tbh but also super misguided). i hate that he reduces his entire fanbase to “chicks” because not only does he actually have fans besides females, but the term itself also holds an incredibly negative connotation. basically according to ashton, music isn’t “real music” until it’s been acknowledged by a predominantly male audience and that’s just plain sexist. i realize that his comments are probably not intended to be harmful, as he’s a white cis male who probably doesn’t know any better, but that’s a shit excuse because people have spoke up and tried to educate him before, yet he keeps saying the same shit. honestly i love him to death and i would die to defend him, but his attitude towards all of this is just not okay.