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hi. the 1st time i heard bastille's songs was in april (i think). but i wasn't a fan. now, i'm in love with the band, but i don't know anything about them, i only know the names of them, and i just know who is dan and woody, i always get confuse with kyle and will. also, i didn't understand the videos (only bad blood). i'd like to ask you to explain to me the band, the videos (if you know), 'cause i don't want to say "i'm a bastiller" without knowing anything about the boys... pls

i’m really sorry for not answering this earlier mate but i only noticed i got this message at like 4 am and i went to sleep right after i finished writing it (and also my power went out just as i was about to publish this and stuff so i’m sorry if you thought i was ignoring you)

(disclaimer: i wrote everything at like 5 am so if nothing makes sense it’s because i was really just sleep deprived, also it’s really fucking long because i got a bit too excited)

kay so for starters this is daniel campbell smith (but he just goes by dan smith as everyone knows i dont even know why i’m saying this), he’s 27 years old, his birthday’s on the 14th of july and he’s 6’1 (1,85 cm?) tall if you were wondering, and he’s awesome (even though he doesn’t really think so)

he’s the lead singer and the person who writes/composes all the songs and stuff and he plays the piano/keyboard like a damn fuckin pro (cos he is one) and during live songs he bangs like 2 drums and its just hella cool. just to sum it all up he used to be a solo singer and all of a sudden he just decided he wanted to form a band cos apparently being a solo singer didn’t really appeal to him so he grabbed woody and will that were already on his live band and later kyle and then made bastille a thing

some funfacts about him: the band’s named after bastille day which happens to be the on his birthday, he’s a hUGE david lynch fangirl (see: his entire fucking wardrobe, that one song he wrote about laura palmer, his hair???, etc), he really really likes movies (he studied english literature because he wanted to be a journalist so then he could write about movies), he’s also a pessimistic little shit and he’s like negative about everything but he’s really humble and kinda shy and stuff and basically just a really nice guy i’d totally go out to have a drink with him sometime

anyway moving on this is kyle johnathan simmons(apparently his middle name is johnathan according to like some sites??), he’s 25/26 so he’s like the youngest person in the band which is really weird to me?? either way, his birthday’s on the 5th of february, he’s like 6’3 (1,90 cm) and he’s also awesome

he’s the guy that plays the synths and the keyboard and the bass in some songs and does backing vocals and bangs the drums with dan like at the end of of the night and he also shakes that weird egg thing i don’t know the name of and fuck it he basically plays a lot of shit there you go. he was like the last person to enter the band. legend tells that one day he was on a houseparty dan was also on, and at some point dan got kinda (i mean really) drunk and he just started to go around inviting literally everyone that even held an instrument to join the band and kyle was literally the only one that said yes, and thus bastille was formed

funfacts: he’s got like the best moustache in all the land, all the fans give him weird cat apparel because he has an “obsession” with cats, he’s pretty much a 6 year old child?? i mean like according to some of the other members he watches a lot of disney movies and stuff like that and like until a few months ago he’d never drank coffee in his life???; he’s got a lot of bling like hella son and he doesn’t like fish. dont make him eat fish.

anddd here we have woody. his name is actually chris wood but no he’s woody. dont call him chris because nobody is gonna know who the fuck ur talking about. anyway he’s 29, born in july 6th, he’s 5’6/5’7 (1,70 cm?) (EDIT: APPARENTLY HE’S LIKE 5'10 BUT WELL) which makes him the shortest in the band, and he’s less awesome. he’s also awesome. no he’s more awesome.

anyway he’s the drummer and a professional clapper when they have to do acoustic sessions and stuff, and like everyone else that isn’t dan he does backing vocals. back in the day when bastille wasn’t a thing and dan had his little solo project his mum gave him a flyer she found about some drum teacher and she was like “you should call him, he might have some students!!” so he marked a meeting with the guy thinking he was some 80 year old bloke with a beard but he turned out to be woody and as he didn’t have any students he just offered playing for him and dan was like lol k

facts: he has some nice ass hair i’m seriously jelly of (though he’d switch hairstyles with anyone else in the band because he bumps into things a lot because of the long hair though apparently cutting it isn’t an option), he’s from plymouth and i dont know why that’s relevant but they always seem to bring that up in a lot of interviews so yeah and he’s muse’s number 1 fan and i can’t think of anything else to put here i’m writing this at 5 am don’t blame me

and last but not least we have my fav member of the band william farquarson. he’s 30 years old, his date of birth is on the 22nd of september, he’s 6’1 (1,85 cm) as well and he’s awesome. like real awesome.

anYWAY he plays the bass and the guitar and sometimes in some live songs the keyboard aaaanndd he does backing vocals. as far as i know one of his friends told him to check dan out and he went to one of his gigs and he was like “oh he’s really good” and then he kinda became obsessed with the idea of joining his band so he just started to talk to dan and basically just lie about every single thing like how he could play the keyboard and sing and how he disliked jazz while he loved it just to make a good impression and join the band (which worked out in the end go will)

and for some facts about him: he’s got the best fucking beard in the entire planet (hashtag tru confirmed by me), he’s an actor, like a decent one, he does the art thing like really well too, he’s a suave motherfucker, maybe a tiny bit gay, and he’s the only one in the band with tattoos (he’s got a spider, the parker pen logo or whatever the hell that is and ‘bad blood’ written on the most embarrassing font possible which he got while really fucking drunk in texas on the release date of their album), and as stated before he lies a shitload so i wouldn’t believe a thing he says

also by the way bastille fans aren’t called “bastillers”, they’re “stormers” which is a reference to the storming of the bastille and stuff and i think that’s kinda cool tbh

and if this wasn’t really enough for you there’s this post that like has a lot of links to other guides to bastille and such

i’d try to explain the vids to you but man i don’t understand like half of them so i’m not even gonna attempt, i’d recommend asking other people about it if you really wanted to know though.

January ('Tween the Dream and the Real)

He could just go, if he wanted.

That’s what was terrifying about it all. If he wanted, if he truly wanted to, he could just give it all up and leave everyone and everything behind without so much as a goodbye. What was stopping him? He had a car, and some money, and God he certainly had the desire. It always came at this time of year, when the year was changing in the depths of a pale bright winter, that longing to give it all up and vanish. Something about the newness of it all, the possibility, the weight of anticipation that would linger for months until the coming of a spring that would leave him feeling undone and unsatisfied, it made him ache.

But to throw a handful of possessions into his crappy old car and start driving, now there was a thought. To load up the Civic with its busted tape deck and AC that liked to think that it worked but wasn’t fooling anyone, to weigh down the underinflated tires with just enough to keep him clothed and fed for a while as he drove and drove, it was the most seductive thing he could imagine. No more classes, with professors who forgot him and assignments that didn’t matter, no more work, with a thousand dishes to be washed and no money to show for it, no more lonely nights spent painfully alone in an apartment he could barely afford to heat. Just the road, the whistle of the wind both wild and free, and his own thoughts to keep him company. God, think about it.

He would strike out west like the adventurers of old, seeking out the open spaces and the mountains and the endless possibility in between. He would forge new paths untrod by generations of 24 year old losers before him, discover a brave new frontier of unguided exploration, fulfill his dreams like he so obviously wasn’t doing right now in the mindless grind of school and work, school and work, school and work and nothing more. And when the road stretched out before him, sharp as an arrow in endless flight as it winged straight and true through rolling seas of grass into distant mountains, he would feel complete.


Oh there were a thousand buts. But what about school, and all the work he’d put in to get here? What about money, that pesky thing he slaved and slaved for and never had enough of? What about family, and the people who called themselves friends, and the responsibilities that came with both? For every daydream of zooming down an open road away from his worries there were two realities that stepped in to drag him back down to earth. No matter what he told himself, he knew the truth of the situation. He couldn’t just leave, no matter how much he wanted to.

And yet when the pallid January sun shone down on him with no warmth at all, when the wind whistled through the city buildings and avenues to ruffle his hair with the promise of freedom, when the sky and the road and the journey called to him, the tiny flame of rebellion that never left him sparked itself into life again. And in those moments, when the terrifying, heady danger of a brand new year surged within him, Tanner could smile to himself and whisper a private truth that was both affirmation and promise.

“I can’t just pack up and leave. Not yet.”