i don't know if you can tell but i have a hard time drawing eren

screaming, then silence.

a/n: this was originally going to be a full oneshot, 5k words and all, but that obviously didn’t happen. whatever. eremika week day seven: ocean. because mermaid aus. they’re good.

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word count: 1,199

The mer hadn’t always been the vile seductresses they’re known for being today, they say. Some say that they had been mere mortal girls a long, long time ago, cursed by some other power to become the lurking creatures of the deep that they have become.

Eren doesn’t know if those legends are true. He knows he doesn’t want for them to be true. After all, when you’ve dedicated your entire life to hunting down every last one of said creatures for want of revenge for your deceased mother, it’s so much easier to have peace of mind killing a creature with an expressive human face when you tell yourself they are nothing but sinful meat sacks, lower than the scum on the bottom of the boat.

Being face-to-face with one now, he’s suddenly not so sure.

He’s not sure what force in the universe compelled him to freeze, leaving the tip of his harpoon just centimeters away from the unblinking girl’s face, but now that he’s looked into her dull, grey eyes, he’s not sure what force in the universe can compel him to unfreeze.

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outerscience2point5  asked:

Out of all of the characters, who is the most romantic? (I don't care which characters actually make it, but at least tell me where Jean would be on that list!)

this is going to be a long and sort of calculated post forgive me ((i stuck to the 104th i’m sorry if this wasn’t what you wanted!))

Eren likes to think he’s romantic most of the time, and granted, he usually is. He gives off an old time gentleman vibe, like he’d pull out the chair for his partner and open their car door for them. Eren’s a big fan of physical contact, so a lot of times he’ll hold their hand or wrap an arm around their shoulder. 1-10: about a 9

Jean is a super awkward baby, but he does try. He usually shows his feelings through actions and will make them food or even draw them something. Since he’s not the best at communicating, it brings down his score, but he does do things to make up for it. 1-10: he can be anywhere from a 6 to an 8

Mikasa isn’t very romantic at all in public. It embarrasses her and makes her feel super stiff, which is not a good feeling. Behind closed doors is where she really shines. She’ll do things for her partner, sit with them, talk about their day, and is ultimately super good at listening to them. 1-10: She gets a 10 A+

Armin gets super shy with affection and shows it in very obscure ways, but it still touches his partner’s heart. Sometimes he gets mad at himself because whenever he starts to say something lovey dovey he gets all shy and stutters lots. 1-10: an actual 5 but a 10 in the soul

Sasha gets pretty uncomfortable with romantic things in general and would rather have a more friendly relationship than not. However, she does like touching her partner and will hug her partner a lot. 1-10: 6 with words but an 11 with actions

Connie is also like Sasha, and he really likes to mess around and have fun instead of cuddling and whispering sweet nothings. It’s not his thing, and I’m pretty sure anyone would know that before dating him. 1-10: like a 4 but he makes up for it with everything else this boy is f u n

Marco is already gonna be a 10. Spoiler alert. Did you think he would be anything less? Marco is a Casanova without even trying and makes everyone swoon with his kindness. He likes to cuddle with his partner and takes them out for nice dates frequently. 1-10: 10

Reiner is sarcastic about affection in public and calls his partner unflattering pet names like “Snookums.” When he and his partner are alone, he actually gets a bit shy with real affection but does a lot of nice things for them anyways. 1-10: A strong 7

Bertholdt is dream bf. He gets super shy but it’s in a cute way and it makes his partner’s heart flutter. The way he smiles so sweetly at them and how he has super good etiquette really boosts up his score. Bert is good at listening to his partner and can give super good advice as well. 1-10: 9

Annie doesn’t initiate much romantic things just because it really embarrasses her, but it doesn’t stop her from planning small outings with her partner. Most of the time, she leaves her partner to initiate things, but she’ll always partake unless she has a task she has to complete. 1-10: 7

Historia is perfect. She somehow knows exactly what her partner wants and how they want it. She’ll cuddle them whenever they need it and help them with household chores when they’re lacking. Dates with her are fun too, because her partner never knows what she’s planning. 1-10: 10

Ymir has never been very romantic, and can never fully grasp it as hard as she tries. She can get pretty bad at reading people, but she really does love her partner and hugs them a lot no matter where they are. Ymir has a habit of holding her partner in front of her friends. 1-10: 6


April 6, 2015 | I need you

When they first learned Eren was pregnant, no one expected Levi to demand that Eren be rid of that thing. He was adamant and furious, eyes glinting darkly and dangerously as he shook Hanji’s shoulders, intimidating them to rid Eren of an abomination hailing from Levi.

Levi threw a startling tantrum that left everyone around him reeling in hesitance and caution. He was not finished. After all, he had to make them understand-

They don’t need another like him.

|A monster|

Eren had silently watched Levi, hand tentatively touching his flat stomach almost curiously. As he splayed his fingers across it, his eyes softened considerably as he listened to his lover, waiting till Levi grew silent with hands that couldn’t close from trembling too much and eyes wide with panic.

Eren slowly turned to Levi, approaching him with long confident strides. He cupped Levi’s face with a calming feather touch and smiled at him.

“What are you really afraid of, Levi-san?” he murmured softly, thumb drawing slow circles on Levi’s cheek. It left Levi breathless- how he had opened up so much of him for Eren to be able to read him so easily now.

Levi leaned against Eren’s touch, shuddering and sighing haltingly. It took a long moment for Levi to compose himself and look sharply at Eren. His voice was whole and low as he finally spoke.

“Understand, Eren, that this thing is poison that will weaken you. It could tear you up and leave you tattered. It could eat you up like the beast I am.” Even Levi could hear the bitter tone as he paused hesitantly. Eren kissed him softly, coaxing Levi to tell him what makes his monster grow.

Levi’s brows furrowed in indecision, eyes flitting from Eren’s eyes to Eren’s ear.

“It could kill you.” he finally whispered, remembering childhood memories as a living regret of a woman who didn’t want him, memories as an abomination that had ruined everything that would’ve been perfect, were he not born. Of street rats, street brats- the makings of a robber or a killer or both. There was blood in his hands, and darkness in his eyes…. even though he was already tainting pure and precious Eren as it is.

|They did not need anyone like him|

There was a shadow passing Eren’s face as he bowed his head, carefully listening to his older lover. Levi steeled himself, expecting Eren’s agreement, Eren’s disagreement. He expected fire to counter his, expected an explosion that would rattle the foundation of their relationship. He expected to finally free Eren from the dark grasps of whatever’s keeping the brat right beside Levi, hand unyielding from the push and pulls it received as it held Levi’s firmly.


-his beautiful wide-eyed Eren, had only patiently smiled at Levi, pressing their foreheads together. “But Levi,” he started in breathless wonder, “Isn’t he part of me too? A beautiful child made from our love, isn’t he?”

He pressed a soft, lingering kiss on Levi’s lips, soothing his lover more than Levi thought he could at this time.

“Imagine what the color of his eyes would be when it finally settles. Is it like yours, the color of the sky lit up brightly by the sun, or like mine? Would he be reserved, spontaneous? Would he have a beautiful snow-like skin like yours? Or would he be dark like me?” He pulled Levi into his arms,  not seeing the way Levi had let his thoughts be guided by Eren’s voice, the way Levi had readily surrendered to Eren like he was weak-willed. “Would he say your name first? Would he talk too much or too little? Wouldn’t it be surprising when he finally learns to turn himself to his stomach without help? Or crawl and curiously clean our floor with his pajamas?” Eren laughed softly, heart feeling full from excitement as it dawned to him that he was really going to be a mother. He  was breathless, eyes sparkling brightly to Levi as he got carried away in wonderment, continuing,

“Wouldn’t it be amazing to see him walk towards you for the first time while I guide him from behind? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see our child grow up,  answering these questions of mine one step at a time?”  

Levi buried his face against Eren’s neck, closing his eyes firmly as he let Eren paint a future in his head with a child who has bright emeralds and laughs too much and cries too hard. Eren laughed when he felt the small, almost indiscernible nod against his skin and vowed to paint a canvas of their family in vivid colors for the rest of their lives.

Sometimes I need a little sunshine
And sometimes I need you
Keep giving me hope for a better day
Keep giving me love to find a way
Through this messy life I made for myself
Heaven knows I need a little

Part 4 of 5 of Eren’s Birthday Special. Thank you taejin-otp for dropping by with this <3


Muffledscreaming here’s a pregnant Eren and i’m basing it on the omegaverse so that it can make sense because i need a little bit of sense and Eren’s fucking bootiful kay?  Kay.

**whispers** I’m totally up for headcanons if you have them >.< I love Riren babies

theheichouwesawthatday  asked:

Heheh ereri, #6, and could you maybe make it fluff? Like with a cute little kiss at the end? Only if you want to of course!! :)

6. meeting at a coffee shop au

Hehehe of course I can… ;)

Nineteenth date

Foamstache. Wipe your mouth. Foamstache. Seriously, I’ll wipe it for you. I’ll wipe it with my mouth. Please, god, just get that thing off—

A hand comes up as if to wipe at the offending object—up a little, your upper lip, come on—only to drop back down. Levi drops his head, biting back a groan. Having a crush is torture; having a crush on some idiot who doesn’t wipe his mouth after drinking foamy coffee is worse.

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