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Idk if you've been asked this before, but what are your thoughts of Bensavi?

I have ruined my family and it's because of Dan and Phil

Here I am, in the back seat of the car traveling home from a Vegas weekend minding my own business, watching some videos wasting my data as you do. When I look over and literally my two cousins and my aunt are all watching DAN AND PHIL

but to be honest, it’s pretty great.

Another note on the whole ‘certain factions of the Rebellion have done some morally terrible things, also infighting’ thing:

A lot of time gets wasted in the early days because everyone’s busy emailing everyone else alleging that X politically fraught ally is actually a mole being planted by the Empire and they are acting in collusion with the Empire to bring the rebellion down from within. Rebel intelligence goes berserk trying to verify these claims because they’re serious allegations! They don’t want people entering the alliance and making their way to the top leadership only to then blow the covers of all the various senators who are doubling as politicians in the Imperial senate and running the rebellion on the side. But most of these claims are ridiculously unverifiable. Some of them involve like grainy shots of former separatist insurgents just in the vicinity of an Imperial officer at a cantina, followed by an incredibly obtuse and complicated series of accusations of them having been blackmailed into infiltration to release some friend or family member from prison (the actual family member or friend is never named, rebel intelligence first has to procure a map of this persons social history and then track each person down individually. The slicers are not happy.) Others involve like deep net forum style tinfoil hat conspiracy theories alleging that certain old Republic defectors are actually in the pay of the Empire and all their actions against the Empire and all their information are all plants to instill trust in the rebels but look here! They once shook hands with the Imperial governor of their sector at a public event and then had a closed bigwig dinner with them afterwards.

The sheer amount of time and effort that goes into chasing all these claims down and crosschecking them means that the HUMINT side of rebel intelligence is kept busy just trying to keep the alliance from eating itself alive - for nearly three years. And three years in they get lucky because Draven, of all the people, manages to land an intelligence network on Nar Shaddaa by getting in with a couple of teenage refugees who are busy making homemade dirty bombs to send back home to aid the freedom fight on their respective home planets purely by accident, while he’s covering for another agent extracting a piece of boring factchecking intel about whether or not the official rebel cell on Corellia is actually a mask for an Imperial agent who is involved in suppressing insurgents on Ryloth.

(A good chunk of rebel intelligence HUMINT is just made up of teenage (and children) refugee insurgents in the early years because they’re the only ones who are naive and idealistic enough to pass on mostly real information to the rebellion and whom its easy enough to hide old Republic pasts from so they don’t end up grudgewanking all over rebel intel. No one is really proud of this and it’s all kept extremely hush hush and codenamed so the rebel leadership can maintain plausible deniability wrt using child soldiers in their war. But it gets the job done and that’s what counts.)

But on the even seedier side of things: rebel intel is definitely complicit in the actual murders and deaths of some of the folks in both old Republic member rebel cells and in formerly separatist/nationalist insurgent type rebel cells on various planets. It’s extremely difficult to make an ethically sound call when someone is messaging you on a closed encrypted channel about how the Empire is going to blow your cover unless you agree to take violent action to stamp out your local insurgent threat. Sometimes they just have to stand back and say “may the Force be with you” and watch as allies from local insurgent cells are murdered so that a Republic turned rebel agent can keep their cover - all they can do is minimize the damage as much as possible if even that. And it’s difficult to want Republic turned rebel agents when a piece of insurgent executed rebel secret action is about to take place on their terrain and possibly endanger their lives because the point of these acts is they’re secret and they have to look as realistic as possible so that the Empire doesn’t catch wind of any large scale political organization and it’d look suspicious if a bunch of imperials died and these particular guys managed to escape successfully each time and sometimes you just have to turn the other way for the sake of the greater good.

(Rebel intelligence reports are extremely sanitized. So many hostiles killed, such and such shifts in the sociopolitical landscape, so much vacuum of power. On the few rare occasions where the rebel leadership does hear about the truth behind these bland and sanitized reports through other channels, someone is chosen as the metaphorical sacrificial pig and delivered up to the leadership to bear the brunt of their wrath and deflect blame as much as possible and conceal as much of the truth as possible.)

  • Zed: Are you gonna fight me right now? Come on and try it. I have the strength of twenty lizards right now, okay? Big lizards! Bigger than you've ever seen!


Isn’t he pretty?
I actually really like this because usually the bumbling, lay-about roles are reserved for our terrible eldest. I know that his role here is still a gambling magic teacher, but it’s cool to see him taking on a skilful, intellectual role rather than just the brute force or the waste of space for a change. I wonder what his speciality is~

His face in that second sprite is to die for, look at him XD

We gotta move on, but who’s gonna notice we’re gone?
—  Lin Manuel Miranda, In The Heights

sorry i’ve not been as active as i hoped in the past few weeks, Sherlock got hold of my whole self
and left it shattered
never wanted an hiatus to end quicker tbh
i’m in such a turmoil of contrasting feelings right now


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Hey do you know if there's already a subbed version for Danganronpa 2.5? I know there was a stream but it was without subs I think??

I’m pretty sure there isn’t! I’ve had “watch dangan ronpa 2.5” on google search ever since the release date and I keep refreshing the page to see if it pops up - which it hasn’t yet.

I only know of one person who’s streamed it without subs (I posted about it earlier but that was last night? not sure if others are streaming it though???).

I’m not a very reliable person to ask about these things I literally know nothing??? The subbed version comes out when the subbed version comes out hon.

over half the personal things i talk about on tumblr, I wouldn’t dare even mention in real life, this is the only place I open up because no one actually knows me so no one to judge really and I just want to say it’s pretty sucky when people get hate for expressing their thoughts. they’re not harming anyone so just let them be.