i don't know if this already exist lol

  • Friend: Ugh, why can't people just eat healthy and work out it's not that hard.
  • Me: I don't know lol maybe they just like donuts too much hahahahaha...
  • What I really mean: You have no idea what you sound like you arrogant asshole, You can't stop because when you eat to feel good you realize you’re forever in a destructive eating loop which worsens an already existing depression, and you really don’t want to quit because the really bad food releases immediate endorphins, and it feels so good because you’re so depressed and that is the quickest relief and it feels better than crying, and by the time you stuff yourself full you have no desire to workout because then you’re tired all the time because the bad food gives you no energy and the depression takes away what little motivation you had left, so you just keep eating more and more, until none of your clothes fit, and you get even more depressed about how you look and have absolutely no confidence in yourself or your body, so you fall back into old habits of eating to make yourself feel better, thus perpetuating the cycle of eating to feel good.