i don't know if these people exist

I don’t want to just be alive, I want to live. I want to experience things, and to see the world. I want to take risks and meet new people. I’m tired of just existing, I want to spend my life out of my comfort zone. When I die, I want to go knowing I have actually DONE something, and that I have lived this one, precious life given to me, to the fullest.

At first, the people thought him gentle and kind. Powerful. The most powerful. But soon, they learned not to be wary of his magic, but of his silver tongue and the madness therein. The Mad King slipped into existence as the sun sunk below the horizon. 

Well. Two years in the making, and finally my King’s project has come to a close. Quite a ride! I enjoyed it a lot. I had thoughts to add Jeremy, so I’ll throw him up on the list in case I get an itch some day… but for now! It’s all done :) Thank you everyone!

King Michael | King Ray | King Geoff | King Gavin | King Jack | King Ryan | King Jeremy

Representation in video games (but mostly overwatch)

Honestly guys not everyone is gay, straight people exist and you can’t expect Blizzard to just simply exclude them from representation because you don’t want that. The way I see it overwatch is a game about diversity it has a character for everyone, every overwatch player gets something they like, and that does not exclude straight people. Everyone deserves sexual representation in this game weather you gay, straight, bi, or anything. It doesn’t matter we’re all human.

I feel like what the overwatch writer’s are trying to achieve with their game is this. No matter who you are, or who you like, or how you look, or what gender you are, if you are a supportive person a defensive person or an offensive person, no matter what you are. You are just as important as everyone else, because at the end of the day we are all human therefore…

We’re ALL heros.

Thank you.


lavi for best wingman 


u kno they dead


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Gray asexual/romantic

I almost never see any posts with the majority of these, and people need to know that we exist too. It’s easier to find some of these on places like Tumblr and Google more than others. If yours is often forgotten and not on here, please feel free to add it on. Stay wonderful!


I… Didn’t know this existed? I feel like people /should/ know??

I mean it gets weird towards the end but:

Cosette: “you’re so hot!”
Enjolras: “thank you!”
Marius: “thank you so much”
Cosette: “i mean, you both are but i’m gonna go with this one he looks less likely to die”
(*enjolras throws his arm up and leave* *so does everybody else*)


Javert: “go on. Kill me like the convict you are.”
Jean valjean: “no. You’re free to go. Have a nice… Life.”

apparently reylo “erases finn from his own narrative”?

sorry, didn’t realize finn’s sole narrative purpose was to be a romantic interest to rey and couldn’t exist in the narrative non-romantically


It’s defined as a lack of sexual attraction, with the exception of where strong emotional bonds are present, or only experiencing sexual attraction once a strong emotional bond has been formed.

But apparently this is a really difficult concept for some people to wrap their head around, and lots of different arguments are made about how it’s “not a thing”…

“Demisexual isn’t a thing! Where’s the science? Where’s the psychological research? It’s just something tumblr made up!”

I hate to break it to you, but things exist, whether a scientist has validated them or not. Up until the 80s there was legitimate scientific research done by highly esteemed scientists which suggested homosexuality was a mental illness and unnatural and damaging to individuals and society. That was a scientific fact of the time. So was that the truth then?

If you think that the bias of science is a thing of the past, you’re either incredibly naive or just plain ignorant. Science is not some all-seeing, constantly objective force in society. It is influenced by and used to justify sexism, racism, ableism and multiple other forms of oppression. So I literally couldn’t care less if no scientist has a written a paper titled “Science now says Demisexuality is indeed A THING.” Queer and transgender identities have existed for as long as people have, but they’ve only very recently been ‘validated’ by science. Do you think that queer and trans people suddenly popped up into existence as soon as the first scientific paper in support of them was published? Of course not. Do you see where I’m going with this?

A group of people discovered they had a shared experience with their lack of sexual attraction and the way they experience it. So they put a name to it and told other people about it. Now it’s clear that a multitude of people experience the same thing, and were grateful to find that there was a word for their experiences, and they weren’t weird or broken.

“Everyone is basically demisexual because most people won’t sleep with someone unless they’re emotionally attached to them.”

No, what you’re taking about is how most people wait until an emotional bond is formed to act upon already existing attraction. Most people, for reasons ranging from religious, to cultural to simply personal preference, would not have sex with strangers and/or would only engage with somebody sexually after they’ve got to know them or got close to them (for a lot of people, that means forming a romantic bond). But that doesn’t make them demisexual. If everybody was demisexual, one night stands, porn, sexual advertising and hypersexualisation/objectification wouldn’t really exist.

If you’re still struggling with it, imagine them as asexual, until occasionally, after they’ve fallen in love or got close to someone they might start to experience sexual attraction. People who are demisexual do not experience sexual attraction. Zip, zilch, nada. The only exception to that would be some occasions when they’ve formed an attachment to somebody - maybe they’ve become close friends, or maybe they’ve fallen in love. And it doesn’t mean that everyone you form emotional bonds with you become sexually attracted to either; just like allosexual people aren’t attracted to everyone in the world, it’s just as hit and miss with demisexuals. Once an emotional bond is formed - that is when the possibility for sexual attraction opens up.

Some demisexuals might only ever experience sexual attraction once, with one person they’d formed an emotional bond with. Others might experience sexual attraction with almost everyone they’ve become romantically attached to. They’re a very diverse bunch of people.

“Demisexuals” are just special snowflakes! They just want to feel special / they’re not oppressed / they’re not queer.

I’m getting really tired of this “special snowflake” bullshit, particularly being aimed at the asexual spectrum community. I have been a part of this community for about a year, and have been on tumblr, still sharing and seeing posts about the asexual spectrum before I realised I was asexual for almost 3 years now. In all of that time, I have never come across people using lesser known acespectrum identities, like demisexuality, to get people to feel sorry for them or to claim they’re being so oppressed. The overwhelming majority of people respond to finding a word that accurately describes their sexuality and experiences is ‘omg I’m not a freak, there’s actually a word for me!’

Okay, I get most of the fandom is not happy with Heroes of Olympus, and a lot of people like to pretend that saga never happened, but here is a fact: with all its flaws, most of the main characters of Heroes of Olympus are POC. A lot of people saw their representation on this saga, so please, let’s stop saying “let’s pretend this saga never existed” because it’s here and it’s giving representation. 4 out the seven main characters are POC. Reyna, who also had a huge part on the saga, is also a POC and Nico is gay. I understand people are not happy with this saga, but please don’t wish it never existed.

Reblog if you don’t mind interacting with an Autistic RPer

Just wanted to spread the word that Autistic people who roleplay do exist. And to also get some reassurance that there are people who won’t get freaked out by me. I’m relatively new, so hate and the like hasn’t happened yet, but it’s bound to and I just wanna know I have people who will support me. 

Do you ever feel like you don’t really belong anywhere? Not with your friend group or family or clubs, and it’s not the people there it’s you. Like you’re just sorta there and missing out on some joke everybody gets but you and it’d all be okay if you never were there 

I’ve noticed a recent trend in the fanfic recommendation lists crossing my dash to not include the author’s names?? Just to type fic titles?? Or to give fic title, summary, and maybe rating and word count? But no writer??

This is SO weird to me, and not cool. Guys, we created that content, and we deserve credit. Further, it’s useful information for people seeing the rec list to know, AND authors like to know when their work is being recced. Why *wouldn’t* you include an author’s name? Sure, there’s a link to the story, but omitting the writer makes it seem like, on some level, there’s this belief these stories popped into being without a creator. Many people will never see anything other than this list and the title of the fic. We writers have worked *incredibly* hard to create this content for readers, and we give it away for free. The only credit we get is that our names are attached to the works.

When you create a rec list and distribute it without naming the authors of the works, you take that away.

If you wouldn’t reblog a piece of artwork that doesn’t credit the artist, why would you reblog a fic rec that doesn’t credit the writer?

Please, please stop this trend. Please take the five extra minutes when creating your lists to type out our damn names as well as the names of our fics.

Let’s nip this in the bud. Credit your writers, my friends. Credit your writers.

Thank you.

Goodness gracious for someone who is too introverted to exist I just really love people, everything about them, we’re all so damn human and I love it, I love all our stupid little backstories that maybe don’t mean shit because we’re all insignificant self absorbed beings but if those stories didn’t happen the universe wouldn’t be the same, I love all our languages and customs and cultures and traditions even the bad ones because they just make us so human, I love humanity so fucking much I don’t know how to put into words how poetic it is that even those of us who give our all to everyone else place ourselves on pedestals of some sorts, we’ve all got a God complex and I. Love. It. All the things we create from overly filtered instagram pictures of the sunset to political graffiti to the most realistic painting to the most detailed carving to all our little poems scratched into bathroom walls and everything in between, I love how we just feel this need to be somebody, to leave something behind, to not let the universe swallow us up without a trace, I love I love I love humanity and all of its countless imperfections with every ounce of my being because we’re all just specks of dirt that have barely begun to exist when we dissolve back into dirt but we still feel this deeply. I love it. I love you all. I love humanity.

Degenerative Illnesses Exist.

Shout out to everyone who has to figure out how to live knowing it doesn’t always get better. 

I’m sorry about the people who try to make you believe it’s your attitude and not your illness that is making you sick.

They are wrong.  And you are fantastic and amazing for facing this head on, even when others try to shut you down for the sake of positivity.