i don't know if that makes this better or worse


I’ve been drunk since Friday and I heard a thingy on the radio about one direction fans forcefully introducing the world to a song called No Control, and like I LOVE no control, and all my friends were too hungover to function today, so I drank some more and made this 👍

“No one here hates aces+aros… not at all… did u know ur orientation is TMI though. Don’t talk about it in polite company plz. And did you know that u r like a fandom with every privilege imaginable and no real problems. Also aces+aros on tumblr r so terrible haha. But more or less only on tumblr is what I’m saying, so it’s not like I hate aces+aros in general. lol but must be cool to have no worse problems in life than getting called a plant once. Also better not make any ace+aro headcanons under any circumstances of characters who belong to oppressed groups such as neurodivergent characters or characters of color, that is never acceptable, like why would you do that ever. Did I mention yet that ur orientation is TMI…”

Or: if someone claims “the discourse” is not anti-ace/aro in any way all, that’s the time to sigh deeply and leave probably

I’ve made out with an actual African.
—  white woman, in Boulder, on her sexual exploits

Man Joker’s dialogue in Harley Quinn 25 is just absolutely terrible. It reads so flatly. And his character is even worse. The whole exchange with Harley could have been different and a lot better. Joker would not have fought her back and kind of taken the beatdown, but whatever. I mean this book is infamous for sacrificing good character in the supporting cast to make the main character appear marginally better, so I didn’t really expect much.

At least, this seems like a good place to FINALLY close Joker and Harley’s relationship in the new 52, so we’ll never see Joker again in this terrible book ever again. Hopefully.