i don't know if someone has already done it

  • Zen, climbing inside 707's car: So guys, how did you get into that car accident?
  • Yoosung, glaring at Seven: Luciel, should you tell him or should I do it?
  • Seven: *blushes and puts his face in his hands*
  • Yoosung: *sighs* So we were driving one night and there was a deer in the road that Seven didn't notice. So I said 'Seven, deer!'
  • Seven: ...
  • Yoosung: *raised his eyebrow* And would you want to tell him your response?
  • Seven: *looking up from his hands* Yes, honey?


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Day6 on a roller coaster

• Jae: Was all talk while waiting in line to go on the ride. Practically fainted on the coaster’s way up and didn’t wake up till the ride ended.
• Sungjin: Keeps screaming for the ride to stop. Teeth visibly grinding.
• Young K: Smiling throughout the ride because he knows it’s one of those coasters with a hidden camera that takes your picture during the ride. Internally screams.
• Wonpil: Having the time of his life. Probably manically laughing throughout the ride. That one friend who buys the picture as a keychain or refrigerator magnet at the end of the ride for “memorabilia”.
• Dowoon: Was quiet the whole time. Possibly hiding behind the arm of one of the other members during the ride or was able to sneak out the line before getting to the ride and nobody noticed.

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Cami, I don't know if you know about this, but someone has either stole your work or done something bad that they got the Undyne vs. Betty fight from "Love" I saw this on YouTube, and I knew you never posted "Love" yet, so what's going on? Do you have any idea what's happening? Someone's is releasing spoilers for "Love"! Are you going to do something about this? (Not trying to sound rude or anything.)

I already tried reporting, flaging, taking it down. But youtube isn’t exactly trustworthy. That video has more than 10k views and I’m rather dissapointed on people that call themselves “fans” but they comment on that video like “I don’t care if it’s copied I just want to know what happened”

I beg for all of you to shut up about the issue because the more awareness you raise to that jerk the worse it’ll get. Believe me, just hold yourself a little longer so I can release the episode, and then I’ll gove you guys a link so we can rightfully take the videos down, and hopefully the channel. Cus the entire channel is a troll channel about nazis and is patheticly disgusting lol.

As for now, keep it quiet. I’ll let you guys know when you can help me with it

Voltron as shit said in my house
  • Shiro: "The cat's planning to destroy someone. He's seen some shit and wants revenge, I can tell."
  • Lance: "Siri, am I a Very Beautiful Mermaid?.... Ha nevermind, I know it already!"
  • Pidge: "Listen! Sometimes you just gotta dress as a dude and get shit done! Now if you'll excuse me, I have a kite to fly."
  • Hunk: "I swear to God, if the tv-remote is in the fridge again, I'm gonna smack someone."
  • Keith: "The cat keeps bringing me dead rats. I think she thinks I'm dying."
  • Allura: "The dress means nothing. I can fight you with a spoon AND WIN. Don't think I won't."
  • Coran: "I wanna be Batman, but I know inside I'll always be someone's Alfred."
  • Zarkon: "Hey guys, wanna steal a dog and set fire to my ex's house?"
  • *someone insults raphael*
  • raphael: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • *someone insults simon*
  • raphael: *pushes up sleeve*
  • raphael: you wANNA FIGHT?!!?
  • raphael: *pushes up other sleeve*
  • raphael: yOu WANNA FIGHT?¿!!¡@#
  • raphael: *pushes up someone else's sleeve*
  • raphael: YOU WANNA FIGHT ??$#$$%*(?&?@"!!??

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Okay but can you do head canons for what Henry would be like in a relationship like with the reader? (I don't know if you do that kind of stuff but...)

Sure thing, Nonny! Though I’ve sort of done a few of these already. ^^

  • Henry is very territorial. When he has someone, everyone will know they belong to him.
  • He doesn’t like to show vulnerability and it takes a while for anyone to work their way behind his walls.
  • His father is a very big cause for fear in his life, and he tries to hide his relationships as long as he can.
  • His father is also his only real role model for “love”, and that leaves him pretty well fucked when it comes to romance.
  • All of his most romantic thoughts and actions are directly linked to him complaining about having a hard time with his lover to Belch.
  • He has a hard time talking about his feelings so most of his sweetness comes from his actions.

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As an author setting out to create unique fantasy cultures, do you have any recommendations about how to avoid cliches and tropes? I don't want to fall into the pattern of 'medieval based country' 'Asian based country', etc when creating, but don't know where to look for inspiration.

Originality is damn hard, isn’t it?

And the thing about it is, every element of your story has been done before. That’s the hard truth. Somewhere, someone has already written that character or that setting or that plot or that voice…And about 90% of it you could find on a list of tropes. You think, “Well, this idea is an overused trope…so I’ll just do the opposite!”

Well, too bad. That’s a trope, too. And so is half way between those two extremes.

Originality isn’t about coming up with new ideas. It’s about taking existing ideas and sticking them together in new, fun ways. 

But it’s also about your writing voice, too. Because you could give two writers an identical list of characters, settings, plot, etc. and they would likely write two very different stories that are enjoyable in their own rights. 

So don’t stress out too much about utilizing tropes or borrowing ideas. 

Now, that being said. Developing cultures can get tricky because you have to balance several things:

  • Familiarity - giving your readers something familiar to relate to is rarely a bad plan and usually helps to give them more to relate to 
  • Usefulness - abitrary choices that add nothing to your story might be fine for you to know in the background, but can be distracting if they don’t serve a purpose
  • Originality - obvs

And you have to do that without crossing into any cultural appropriation. One reason it’s so easy to use medieval Europe as a setting is that a.) it’s familiar, and b.) you will offend literally no one (at least not for cultural reasons). 

I find that the easiest way to develop an original-ish culture is to start from the ground up, time-wise. I start with the origin point and figure out a summary of the history that led to the current culture. The motivation, the why behind culture, is often what sets it apart. If you have specific elements you want to have in modern day, then work those in. Figure out what happened in the past that made that thing exist. 

Here’s a quick example:

Three random headshot sketches of female characters from one of my worlds. Not a lot of similarity here (they’re all from different tribes) but there is one thing they all have in common. Their shoulders are showing. This isn’t a fashion statement, though honestly two of them might think so (one would know better. lol). 

This is a tradition that stuck around from ancient warring times. Male warriors took pride in the bulkiness of their armor, perhaps because it made them look physically more intimidating, but female warriors not only found this practice tedious, they also liked–you know–the ability to freely move their arms in battle. So it became a symbol of fearlessness to leave the shoulder plates off of their armor, sort of as a stab at the men and their insanity. Over time, leaving one’s shoulders exposed became a symbol of feminine solidarity (with female warriors and with women in general) and, eventually, just a thing. 

It’s not the bare shoulders that are interesting, but the history behind the style. I think that’s true about a lot of things in culture. And if it’s rooted in the history of your fictional world, not in the history of a real culture that you decided to borrow for no reason, then it tends to come across with that more original spirit. 

If you haven’t already, you can check out my brainstorming new cultures post. It gives you some aspects to think about that really help shape society. 

Thanks for the ask, anon. Hope that was helpful. 

Happy writing!

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if you didn't know already, Kinkpositivestims was taken over by the woody collective XD (if you don't what that is basically when a user deactivates their account (or maybe they hack it??) someone takes their url and replaces their icon with Woody from Toy Story and has the caption "Howdy Partner!" this is mostly done to shitty people who have deactivated)

I AM SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!