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We interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging to bring you even more of my ridiculous obsession with the arranged marriage royalty AU. You can blame @operaticspacetrash for this monstrosity. THE HYPE IS REAL and I am trash.

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I don't know if you've heard of it before or if someone's already told you about it but are you familliar with the upcoming short film called "In A Heartbeat"?

Yess!! I saw it when they were promoting it for sponsorship!! I can’t remember if I donated or just reblogged to get word out there, but I am SO GLAD it’s being made!!

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Hey, I don't know if someone already asked this (kind of new to the fandom), but the post about how would Gon react if Ikalgo couldn't save Killua kind of made me think. If Killua had died in Kite's place, would Gon react any different, harsher maybe? Ps: I LOVED THE IDEA IF A SENSE 8 AU!! P.s.s: sorry if something is wrong english is not my first language😅

Hello, anon! So, first off, your english is fine! Don’t worry, you’re doing well! And I’m glad you liked the idea of a Sense8 AU, I’m unsure what the next writing venture will be after my planned ones. After CSM, the Assassin AU will be a long multi-chap fic. Also, no one has asked this question before but just like last time, I’m going to put this reply under a Read More.

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youre so unthankful for your followers on here and the asks you get wait until the day youre irrelevant and no one cares abt your blog youll miss getting 100 messages/day. you lit complain abt ppl giving u attention. ppl go out of their way to send you well thought out asks and you still only answer like 30%? we will get tired of you only answering witty asks that make you sound funny. i wonder how it feels having everyone's saying this behind ur back and hoping you'll finally get wht u deserve

oh don’t worry i get loads of what i deserve in real life

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hi. so my friend wanted me to ask, cause she's a socially anxious shit (she wrote the message so she can say it){she not shittttt!} . we're both kinda new here so we don't know if there already was a headcanon like this but. what if roman is actually the only one who doesn't have to wear glasses and anxiety doesn't only cause he's insecure about how he'd look?{and it would destroy his emo self} (i mean he does but only when he's alone)

Okay I just want to say I love you both and also this ask just made my entire day holy wow

There was a bit of inhuman screaming there, for a bit, oh my god, i love this, please someone write it

@prinxietys? @prinxiety-fandom? @analogicality-sanders? @thebrightsun? @superwholock-stole-my-heart? @fluffbird? @everyone tbh? Anyone up for this? 

Story time(?)

When I started to know about Undertale AUs, I made quite a few (mostly for fanfics since I write sometimes) but never posted them here (except Lucky and Unlucky Sans, but they’re just a design I made for fun). Although, there’s one AU I never posted on any site because I thought nobody would like it. I made it even before I knew who Ink was, to one who inspired me to start posting art for this fandom, and on those days there wasn’t many AUs/I didn’t know many AUs, but now I see it again, I regret not posting it because there are a lot now and some things that looks like I took them from other AUs and I don’t want people to think I stole them from popular AUs. In that time it sounded interesting and cool to me and a few days ago I had a nostalgia attack from it xD so I drew the design again, keeping the things the look like from other AUs because that was how I made it and I don’t consider it as a copy… and now I want to share it with you!

Here we go *breaths*


The AU concept is that, after finishing the first pacifist run, Frisk (a male on this AU) started a genocide route over and over… until one day, Sans managed to make him remember the good times he had with the monsters. However, this was just a strategy to distract him and kill him before he could do anything. Frisk started to feel guilty and pressed the reset button, but Sans killed him after he did it, making the timeline to glitch. The reset button was corrupted and destroyed, making lots of changes on the timeline’s code.

Frisk was sent to the beginning, but not alone. This time, Sans was with him in the beginning, confusing them more. And that wasn’t to only thing that changed: Frisk grew up to 14 years old (He was 8 years old) and Sans was again an 16 years old (in human ages, of course) monster (he also was shorter than frisk).

Sans ignored the weird changes and, still blinded by rage, tried to end the battle, until they noticed that neither Flowey nor Toriel had appeared. Making a temporal truce, they made their way into de ruins trying to get some answers.

What they didn’t expect was to some creatures made of black goop(?) started to appear and attacked them without  mercy. Sans was the first to realize that they were the monsters that lived there, only that they were now corrupted beasts formed from their dust from the past genocide run.  The timeline couldn’t reset itself and corrupted everything, even itself.

Frisk didn’t want to believe it, but it was confirmed when he found Toriel. The once nice goat lady transformed into horrendous creature and he had to fight her alone. Sans had teleported somewhere to look for his brother. The fight alone wasn’t easy, having to run away so he couldn’t get murdered. The fallen human felt like it was his entire fault.

Meanwhile, Sans felt like living one of his nightmares. He found his brother and he also was corrupted, not even knowing who his brother was and trying to kill him. He couldn’t do anything; he couldn’t stand looking him like that. Sans didn’t attack, jut dodged and tried to make Papyrus remember him. This actually worked, for his brother stopped for a moment, fighting himself with foreign emotions and vague memories of him living with his brother. Sans managed to approach him and gave him a hug, making the promise of find the solution to this chaos… but this only lasted a moment. Papyrus attacked again, breaking Sans’s left eye and trespassing a bit of the infected code to him. He was about to kill him when someone Sans thought was dead appeared and saved him: Gaster.

Since the code didn’t reach the void, the skeleton monster didn’t get infected and managed to enter the timeline. He took his son to his laboratory where Frisk was and took a bit of his cracked skull to investigate the virus. Frisk and Sans didn’t know what to do and felt miserable, thinking that this was their fate. Meanwhile Gaster studied the virus.

It took a few days, but Gaster found a little bit of hope: a program capable to change the code and stop the virus for reproducing. With that, he created a patch for Sans, so he wouldn’t become a beast. However, this wasn’t enough. They had to save everyone.

Using some of his previous investigations, Gaster created some weapons for Sans and Frisk, they were capable of capturing the creatures and teleport them to special cells where Gaster could investigate them. They took a long time, but managed to capture everybody. Now they just had to wait and find a cure.

The three of them lived a “peaceful” life, enjoining each other company and some good things that this corruption brought (such as the expansion of the barrier to the bottom of the mountain. They could now exit mount Ebott and explore the forest) until Frisk found something weird.

Flowey was missing.

The demonic flower wasn’t anywhere and that made them worry. They searched in every possible place, going pale when they found a tear on their dimension with some corrupted vine on it. Sans investigated and found the Flowey managed to open a portal to the anti-void, jumping to other dimensions and creating more weird beasts. They now had to go after him, traveling through different AUs and trying to not be seen by anybody.


badly drawn desing aaaaaa


A now 16 years old Skeleton who wants nothing but sleep without worrying about crazy creatures trying to kill him. He’s a lazy and somehow strong monster and Frisk’s best friend. His left eye is corrupted, making his magic to work badly. His Gasterblasters now have their own mind and often disappear in a fight. He misses his brother and hope they can save him and everybody. His patch works as a mini PC and communicator. It gives him information about the AU they’re in and makes him able to see the creatures, since they aren’t visible outside his AU. His ATTACK and DEFENSE remains the same, but his HP grew to 5. The cure doesn’t work on him for some reason.


 A 14 years old human. Frisk regrets his actions and feels guilty with all of this, but also is determined to save their former friends. He swore to not reset again once they turn everyone back, and now gives mercy to his enemies, even Sans who is now his best friend. Gaster made an artefact to him capable of use the powers of the six humans’ SOULS and materializes their power in a weapon (like the toy knife, the burnt pan and etc… only he doesn’t have to bring the objects in his bag). He also has the golden heart necklace as his armour and it gives him the ability to see the anomalies. Frisk is now more bad-tempered and often finds Sans’s puns… bad-timed *gets shot*


The former royal scientist who somehow managed to come back to his timeline (even though he’s still “dead”). Gaster is in charge of the search for a cure to the monsters and helps the “Anomaly Catching Team Aka ACT” to gather information of the AU they visit. He doesn’t let them see their friends very often since there’s a possibility of them getting corrupted by the virus. He misses Papyrus. He managed to make a cure to the corruption, but it doesn’t seem to work in the monsters from his timeline, only with monsters from other AUs. He gave it to Sans and Frisk so they could save other AUs.


He is the main enemy and the most corrupted being. Flowey is still conscious and wants to use his “powers” to destroy the multiverse. He can corrupt codes but it takes time to actually work… giving ACT chance to capture the creatures and restore them. It’s not a very good villain, hehe!

Goopy Beasts: 

Former monsters now corrupted. They were created form the dust of ACT’s timeline and try to kill every non-corrupted thing. The cure (named RESTORE) doesn’t work with them since they’re dead.


monsters corrupted with the virus. They have the same appearance as before being corrupted; only changing their colours to a grey palette. Once a monster gets infected, they become aggressive and attack everyone. The cure works perfectly on them, but they have to use it quickly before they change into a goopy beast.


-Sans loves to sit on the exit of the underground and looks to the stars.

-Frisk makes fun of him being taller than Sans.

-Sans’s left eye glows red and blue. His eyesocket often shows some binary codes with “X” or 2 on them.

-They try to not be noticed from their AU versions but fail miserably… then run away.

-Frisk opens his eyes and talks normally on his AU. Outside it, he uses sign language.

-They have the exact outfit but with some changes.


Hehe… I feel better now I shared this! I didn’t do it for the reasons I told you before (Ya see? Sans’s outfit looks like Quatumtale!Sans even though I didn’t know the AU when I made it) aaaand because I’m not good making comics… like, serious comics. I’m better with fanfics! Anyways, hope you guys liked it. I’ll probably draw them more lkjdksjlk


that’s all


*runs away*