i don't know if laughing is right in these situations

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I agree with you abt th plan possibly failing if anything we still have to solve the Quinx's situation. It's possible the plan may be divided into 2 parts. One part will be realized by the aces and the last part by the Quinx. I don't know, but the Quinx must necessarily have a part in this.

Yes, I agree. And I’m actually kind of laughing right now because you know me and my Mucchan love, but looking at this from a purely narrative perspective, Mutsuki is literally the reason I have hope both for Kaneki and a good story.

The Quinxes were created as a stopgap for Kaneki. The fact that Furuta thought of them when announcing his Dragon plan means that they should certainly have a role in dealing with Dragon.

Hide’s plan, on the other hand, from a narrative perspective, really should fail. The aces are not capable of helping Kaneki at this point in any way except in the short-term (which they might be able to do). But if you don’t address the faulty mindsets that got Kaneki into the place where he had no choice but ti slaughter 100 kids and turn into a giant worm eating Tokyo, why wouldn’t it happen again? It’s not like no one addressed his issues from Anteiku and he repeated that mistake again… oh wait.

The aces love Kaneki, and I think that’s beautiful. But their love right now looks like it’s not focused on addressing Kaneki’s flaws.

See, Shuu isn’t holding Kaneki accountable or even acknowledging Kaneki’s true attitude towards ghouls:

Hide is not either; he’s instead blaming himself and taking responsibility instead of acknowledging that Kaneki made his own choices:

Touka is the only ace whose opinion we have not heard, and tbh I do have some hope that she might be more willing to hold Ken accountable based on the fact that she did that the entire first TG, but we’ll see.

But the Quinxes?

Mutsuki is literally the only character in :re who has said “this isn’t okay” to Kaneki. He’s the only one who challenged Kaneki and tore apart his hypocritical way of relating to people:

No, the way Mutsuki’s been going about it has been 0% okay and he’s been in some ways blaming Touka rather than blaming Kaneki, but he’s at least saying this isn’t okay.

And Urie would be with Mucchan here. Urie isn’t nearly as close to Sasaki as the rest of them, but I’d be shocked if he didn’t hold Kaneki accountable. Saiko is the wild card. I don’t know what she’d do, but she did at least try to hold Mutsuki accountable for smelling like blood (well, she knew something was wrong at least) and did attack Urie and yell at him for his refusal to take responsibility for the CCG’s atrocities. Not that she took responsibility to do anything herself, she didn’t, but she is capable of holding people accountable.

Not to mention the Quinxes are the embodiments of Kaneki’s flaws.

If the story is going to be well-written and save Kaneki, the Quinxes are the ones who should do it.

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Astro Scenario where you are Sanha's first gf and you have a serious fight and the rest of Astro likes to tease Sanha about his relationship but they don't know about the fight so Sanha gets really mad

“Aish just shut up” Sanha whined out in annoyance. It all had started off as a simple argument, but was now turning into a heated fight. “How many times do I have to tell you I don´t have any feelings what so over towards Eunwoo!” You said trying your best to make him believe the truth. “Yeah right” He said as he let out a sarcastic laugh. “Don´t you think I don´t notice the way you look at each other or how you always bring him up in every situation possible?”. 

“You´re kidding me right?” You said not believing the words that just came out of his mouth. How could your own boyfriend ever accuse you for cheating, with his own freaking best friend! Unbelievable. “You know what, believe whatever you want! I´m just telling you none of the shit you´re saying is correct in any way” You said as you walked past him, hitting your shoulder against his, and making your way out of his dorm. 

Later that day Sanha and the rest of the members were hanging out in the dorm, doing literally nothing. Ever since the fight, he had been laying on the coach not saying a single word to any of them. They had noticed how strange he was acting, but decided not to say anything thinking he might just be tired.

“Dude, what´s that thing on your neck?” JinJin suddenly said pointing at a red stain on Eunwoo´s neck. “I have no idea. I´ve been getting these weird rashes on some places of my body lately” He explained. “Are you sure you haven´t been having some fun with Y/N too?” Rocky said jokingly while wiggling with his eyebrows making all of the members laugh. Well, except one. Sanha on the other hand was not feeling the joke the tiniest bit and felt himself heating up inside. “How the fuck is that funny to you!?” he yelled out standing up from the coach. “Chill, it was just a joke!” Rocky said putting his hands up in defence. The members were shocked by the way he reacted, especially since they had never heard him curse before. Normally Sanha would laugh along to every stupid joke the boys made about your relationship, but not this time. 

“How is that a joke to you!?” Is our relationship a joke too, huh?”. The boys locked at each other, having no idea what to say. “We´re sorry. Rocky really didn´t mean for it to come out that way.” Eunwoo said. “Next time make sure to tell Y/N to make the hickey less visible” Sanha said as he glared at Eunwoo while making his way out of the dorm, slamming the door shut.

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You know what's the worst?

Starting off by talking to someone, just talking not expecting or searching for anything from them. Soon the talking becomes constant and you become friends, friends leads to something more. Someone who finally makes you whole again. Someone who makes you happy to get out of bed on a Monday morning. You learn all his pet peeves and some you do just to drive him crazy. You will know what causes his anxiety, his stress and you will know how to help even if it’s just a little. You will know how he takes his coffee and what kind of jeans he wears. You will know what makes him laugh, smile, and call you a dork. You will know how he moans during sex and how your name followed by curses leaves his lips. You will know what every inch of his body looks like including every birth mark and every scar and you will memorize it just so when you don’t have time to talk you can draw out each part of his body in your mind. You will know how to get him mad and which family members drive him crazy. You will understand his love for his mom and his aggravation toward his brother and father. You will know what he sleeps in and how he gets when he’s tired. You will know how his hands look after he works and what turns him on and do it at the worst times just to fuck with him. You will know his favorite color, food, and show. You will know he likes m&ms in his popcorn and that he watches YouTube videos for hours. And you will understand all of this and love it about him after 8 months but he no longer loves it about you. That is the worst. The worst is seeing his interest slowly peak away. Suddenly he isn’t laughing and smiling at you because you put the stars in the sky but simply because he feels it’s right in the situation. And soon you will know he was too good for you and too good to be true and that will be when you know what pain feels like.

A conversation between a Hufflepuff boy and a Slytherin boy (Flirting)
  • Slytherin: I'm just saying that Amortentia /would/ smell good, if you would get it right.
  • Hufflepuff: I did get it right!
  • Slytherin: *Sarcastically* Yes, I believe that dark green and bubbles are traits of a perfect Amortentia potion, rather than light punk and smooth.
  • Hufflepuff: *Indignant as they lightly hit the Slytherin boy's arm* Hey, I don't have a wizard parent; I don't know how to make potions!
  • Slytherin: *Laughs and lightly hits them back* That doesn't have anything in this situation! I bet it smelled bad, too, with your skill.
  • Hufflepuff: *Blushes* Actually, I think I got the smell right. *Turns his head so it won't be seen* It smelled very...enchanting.
  • Slytherin: *Notices he feels jealous* Really? And what did it smell like?
  • Hufflepuff: *Still averting his gaze* It smelled like saltwater, grass, fresh air, maybe...
  • Slytherin: *Still jealous, but also curious* Is that it?
  • Hufflepuff: No, it also smelled like cinnamon.
  • Slytherin: *Confused* But you hate cinnamon?
  • Hufflepuff: *Still blushing* I know, but I like the smell of it on the one dessert you like. You know, the one that always gets all over your face and I have to tell you to wipe it off? Of course, you never listen and I have to chase you down with a napkin... *Looks away, tense*
  • Slytherin: *Flattered* So...You like the smell of cinnamon?
  • Hufflepuff: And saltwater, grass, and fresh water. What did you smell?
  • Slytherin: Soil, plants, bonfire, and coffee.
  • Hufflepuff: You hate most plants, and coffee.
  • Slytherin: Well, some plants smell pleasant, like the ones outside your room. And your coffee is one of my favorite smells in the morning.
  • Hufflepuff: Oh, really?
  • Slytherin: Yeah, really! *Moves closer to the Hufflepuff boy* Is that a problem?
  • Hufflepuff: *Smiles and steps closer to the Slytherin boy* It's not a problem for me, if it's not a problem for you.
  • Slytherin: *Smiles* Not at all.

i’m just trying my hardest to be there for people, friends or strangers. but some stuff is beyond anyone’s control; there’s no comforting words or advice to give. but i hope, in those situations, that just listening is enough. i hope it brings some small comfort.

i love you guys. i hope each and every one of you have a nice friday.

also a ziam stepbrothers!AU where their parents get together when they are really little and they’re best friends from the start and they’re supper happy to have their best friend at home, 24/7. exceptby the time they’re 11, their friend niall suddenly keeps going on about these girls and liam seems to always go along with it, but zayn’s really not feeling it. he’d just rather stick to his comic books, if it’s the same to everyone. and then it’s the first time he and liam aren’t attached at the hip at all hours of the day, and zayn really misses it, if he’s honest; he misses being the focus of liam’s attention. he gets used to it eventually – it’s not like liam’s not his best friend anymore, far from it; they just find a new balance for it, make room for other stuff. one thing zayn does notget used to, though… the dates.honestly, the last thing he needs is for niall to keep trying to set liam up and then have to hear all about it afterwards; it irks him something fierce. and then they keep pestering him to go with them, liam saying they’ll have fun and niall trying to push him towards some random girl he knows. he’s got better stuff to do with his time than worry about silly dates, alright? i mean, if he wants to go see a movie, he can just ask liam to go with him after. but only because getting ready for a date and dealing with all the expectations and formalities is so boring to him. whereas with liam, he can just relax and have a good time. he doesn’t have to worry about what to say or do… it’s just simple. his mum is always joking that he’s a late bloomer, it’s okay sweetheart, I was too, and no one spares too much thought on it.

so that’s how they work for a long time: liam knows zayn is not interested in the dating thing, so he stops mentioning it; and zayn goes on as usual, making his art and reading his books and hanging with liam. except one day he finds himself panicking, barely 17 years old and clutching his own hair because he doesn’t think the way he just felt when he accidentally barged in on liam sleeping, naked with the sheets rumpled around his ankles, classifies as ‘brotherly’. and really, they aren’t brothers, they’ve never seen themselves that way. ‘best friends’ is what always came to mind when they talked about each other – the stepbrother thing was just a minor detail. It still makes zayn choke on a few breaths, though, because he certainly didn’t see it coming, this desperate want  he got smacked with the moment his brain registered the scene and that he just can’t seem to shake off now.  It felt like hitting a freaking wall and he’s dizzy with it. And the worst thing is he keeps questioning himself now, his own motives – something he didn’t even think he ever had, not when it came to liam, for christ’s sake. he starts to wonder about the hard time he has trying not to care whenever liam has a date and they don’t get to hang out in one of their rooms, watching movies and talking nonsense until their eyelids are too heavy to handle; or about the way he’d never been bothered by anyone, but liam was always interesting, always someone worth being around, even if they were literally doing nothing; about the way he had no idea what he wanted to do with his life and yet how knowing that liam would be a part of it whichever direction it went was enough for him to be content with figuring the rest out later.

It’s just not the same after that, not for zayn. It’s like a veil was lifted from right before his eyes and he can’t help the way he notices liam now, how hyper-aware he is of him. He keeps catching himself right before he hugs liam, arms in midair and a hesitance in his movements that was never there before, because now he recognizes the gesture for the excuse it is, the need to be close, to touch. He’d never known someone could be so oblivious to their own feelings, otherwise he might have caught this rampant emotion from the start, nipped it in the bud and prevented it from making such a mess of him, from thrashing about and sending his peaceful world flying into the air. And fuck whoever said ignorance was bliss, because the fucker was right: now that he knew, now that there was no way he could even lie to himself, it was pure torture. Living in such close quarters with liam, seeing him just as he’d always been but under this new light – it was driving him mad. And Liam remains oblivious, doesn’t notice zayn’s awkward movements right after his epiphany nor the looks he steals and his softer touches when he finally embraces his feelings.

Christmas comes around and everything’s fine. zayn’s learned to live with this new secret he’s always holding so close to his chest as best as he thinks it’s possible, until they’re having dinner with their parents and it’s happening again – zayn’s breathless and trying to pull through it, because apparently liam is about to ask out this girl he’s had a crush on forever and it matters enough that he’s telling their parents for the first time. Zayn thinks it’s funny how things can change in literally a matter of seconds, because he’d always hated the obligatory trips to his dad’s house in Bradford whenever the holidays rolled around, always coming back in 3 days at most, and suddenly he couldn’t be more grateful for the fact that he can get away from here tomorrow, away from liam and the obligation to pretend like everything’s the same while his heart is fucking breaking. He steals himself for the rest of the night and family traditions go on as usual: having dessert sitting on the carpet with Christmas music playing softly in the background and photo albums strewn everywhere, all of them laughing and reminiscing just the same as every year. Liam and zayn always sit beside each other to share pictures and jokingly gang up on their parents, but zayn simply can’t seem to make himself act normally right then. Liam keeps giving him worried looks, tentatively trying to engage him in conversation over a picture of both of them doing something or other at a beach, or trying to make him laugh about his dad’s inability to take a single picture in focus, but zayn’s smiles look more like grimaces and his few remarks sound hollow.

Liam’s dad and his mum go to bed and zayn goes to do the same, but liam holds his arm and asks him to stay. He asks if Zayn wants to go to his room and see the presents his grandma got him, or watch a movie or they could just hang out, really, but then Zayn’s found an excuse for everything and liam decides to just go ahead and ask him what’s wrong. And the thing is, zayn’s got this plan of going to his dad’s, taking a breather and coming back feeling a bit better about everything, so why even say something is wrong and create a problem where there needn’t be one? So he lies through his teeth and says nothing’s wrong, but apparently living with a person for more than 14 years will make it impossible for you to lie to them because liam just forces out a laugh and asks again. They end up having some kind of argument over nothing – the first in all the years they’ve known each other –  liam pressuring him and zayn deflecting, snapping at liam and telling him to stay out of his business. Liam starts to get that zayn’s mad at him but doesn’t know why, so he keeps pushing, demanding to know what he did and privately wondering if that’s also the reason why zayn was so subdued before. Zayn’s frustration keeps building and he’s starting to feel trapped, because there’s nothing he could say in this argument that would get him out of this mess safely. All he can see is liam’s face, his expression torn between frustration and worrying, trying now to gently get zayn to talk to him so he can know what he did and make up for it. Zayn’s thoughts are a jumble of jealousy, sadness and longing, and the realization that without liam he has nothing – and, therefore, nothing to lose –, makes him reckless; before he can ever even agree with the command his spine is shooting through his body, he’s tasting Liam’s lips.

 It’s such a gentle kiss, for how fast he moved; his hands hold liam’s face still as his lips open a tiny fraction and tenderly close over liam’s own, lax from the surprise of it and being mid-sentence. Not another part of their bodies move; liam’s arms are still at his side while zayn’s lips just stay there pressed lightly against liam’s, his thoughts divided between savouring the moment and already feeling the pang of knowing this first kiss is also the last he gets. His eyebrows are furrowed with the intensity of it, and he decides that he needs to commit this to memory before he ends it. Lips still pressed against Liam’s, he slowly opens his eyes, expecting to just bask in their closeness, steal this one moment so he can marvel at it later, and is surprised to see liam’s eyes already open, slowly flitting between his own in a mix of confusion and something else zayn doesn’t even have the courage to decipher. Never detaching their lips, zayn looks straight into liam’s eyes with all the finality he feels while he moves his lips in a last tiny movement, a little kiss like an understated full stop after a simple, terrible truth written on paper, like a resigned bow of the head after the enormous struggle he’s held within himself all this time. He steps back slowly and the silence is deafening when he closes the door to his room after himself, liam staying there motionless. He finishes his packing and leaves the house at first light after sticking a note with his goodbyes to his bedroom door, telling everyone some lie that he was lucky to notice the departure time of his train was earlier than he’d thought and he didn’t want to wake up anybody, praying nothing gives away that liam knows better. He spends the four hours until his train is due to leave sitting on a bench at the station, thinking about his recklessness and liam, wishing he had grown out of both a long time ago. It would have probably saved him some heartache.


Can I just say something? I’m sick of people mocking and laughing for the lack of Kaistal interactions and questioned how could they be real if there were almost zero interaction that we could see since the past years?

Well the answer is easy, they don’t want to show you. Idols dating is a taboo in that industry especially in that country. So they would prefer to do it very secretly. It is not impossible. Very recently, Yezi mentioned in WGM that idols saying they never dated are most probably lying. SNSD’s Sunny and Nana mentioned that they even dated a celebrity but we never knew about that don’t we? They said that there are famous spot where celebrities would go for dates and they’re usually very isolated. They also said they know who and who dated (they said because they’re in the industry, it’s easy to hear those stuff) but of course they were never publicized. (if you wanna know more, then watch the Roommate episode when Sunny, Nana, and Gookju talked about celebrity dates). In summary, celebrities know the tricks to hide their relationships so it is NOT impossible to find out a couple dating without seeing any public interactions! Furthermore, Kaistal are from the same company. They have a lot of chances to meet within the building.

But why do they hide it? Simple, because it is that horrible to date as idols. You saw what happened with Baekyeon, and now it’s happening to Kaistal. People bashed them so much for dating, I don’t even wanna talk about the horrible words they’ve said to him. Especially after they got caught dating, they would be more careful with it. Any more moments together would only become another subject for anti fans to bash them. So would I love to see them interacting? Of course. But do I want it to happen so that people can bring him down more? Not at all.

There are lots of individual fans in Korea and Japan (also known as ‘akgaes’, which are fans who support only one or a few bias in a group and hates the other members) that would twist the whole situation about him dating so Jongin could lose fans who were still supporting him because of these akgaes. So now if they go on dates without caring about what people think, he’ll become ‘someone who gives no fcks about his team and the fans’. That’s what akgaes or anti fans are capable to do. Now they’re saying he should leave EXO for dating. Crazy isn’t it?

Yes I can bear having to see some people laughing for their zero interaction and calling them fake, because I would rather nothing to happen so no kfans or jfans would mock him more for it. Because that’s the worse. Sure, since everyone knows they’re dating, why not they just date freely right? Well he can, if he decides to lose every single kfans or jfans. Jongin fans don’t even dare to MENTION about Kaistal now. So if you actually care about Jongin and his reputation, stop asking for these interactions just to ‘prove’ something.

Lyric Pranking Keith
  • Lance: I won't lie to yoy
  • Keith: What?
  • Lance: I know he's just not right for you
  • Keith: Excuse me?
  • Lance: And you can tell me if I'm off but I see it on your face when you say that he's the one that you want.
  • Kieth: Wh-What?
  • Lance: And you're spending all your time In this wrong situation And anytime you want it to stop
  • Keith: What do you-
  • Lance: I know I can treat you better than he can
  • Lance: Wait-
  • Keith: What?
  • Pidge: *Rolling on the floor Laughing*
I will laugh until i cannot breathe anymore...

If some say that Heechul is SM’s pet because of what he said about Kris’ situation, it’s obviously because they don’t know a thing about Heechul.

He dissed his company in the past. He’s the only one i trust to stay truthful right now. 

Don’t waste your time hating on our diva, he doesn’t care.

Don't do it

Don’t imagine Daryl and Beth in the time between Still and Alone, now that they have this connection, this unbreakable bond they’ve created in a mixture of moonshine and fire.
Don’t think of how they’ve cried together and continued sharing their memories and fears and not a ton of hopes because there’s not much hope left in their world.
Don’t imagine them coming up with their own little inside jokes as they walk through the woods, and the most random thing they find in a house they’re scavenging through will remind them of it and cause them both to glance up at the other one and share a smile and a tiny little chuckle, then get back to finding things to ensure their survival.

And don’t you DARE imagine them on the first chilly night after summer, before they’ve found his black jacket and her gray cardigan, and they realize to find any warmth, they have to get over that first bit of awkwardness and lie next to each other, swearing that it’s only to stay warm and promising to find warmer clothes tomorrow.

Don’t imagine them waking up with his arm around her waist, her back against his chest. Don’t imagine that one moment when Daryl pulls her into him, ever so slightly, just before he jerks himself fully awake, the sudden movement waking her as well, and they can’t quite meet each other’s eyes right away.

Don’t imagine her being the first to make eye contact, offering him a tiny reassuring smile, then goes about getting ready to start their day, and Daryl immediately feels the relief of her acceptance of the situation.

Don’t imagine them both imagining what might happen in the nights to come, now that they’ve shared this shiny new connection. Don’t imagine them both swearing it was all only to stay warm, to survive, even though the tiny voice in the back of their minds is laughing at their naïveté and chuckling at them, “Yeah, right.”

Don’t imagine either of them hoping for a cool night again tonight.

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We don't talk enough about the car scene where Bonnie rants about Damon and Enzo's laughing because she's so damn adorable when she's angry and just Enzo laughing in general because we hadn't seen that before and MM is so pretty ahhh

I KNOW RIGHT?? When have we ever seen Enzo laugh like that! These two are so in love that they can make each other laugh and smile even in a situation as angsty as this. Also, Malarkey’s smile *_*

  • Nikita [snatches her phone from the laughing party goers, rolling her eyes as she extracts herself from the situation and tries to block out their cat calls and questioning of who is calling her and why she has to leave. They don't get it. She doesn't even get why she's at a party in the first place, except she does know the answer and doesn't want to think about it. Her tone is harsh as she answers the phone.]: What do you want? Why can't you just leave me alone right now? I turn my phone back on to find that everyone is calling me and it's too much. Why are you all so worried? Just stop!


“But I can’t help to get quite angry and annoyed at it as it seems to go on and on and I feel harassed.”

This really says it all, right? Poor Carmencita feels that Benedict’s private life is out to get her.

Well, I have some news for you, Carmen:

- It’s not Benedict’s fault that you do not want to accept that he’s married.

- It’s not Ben’s fault that you do not like Sophie.

- It is not Benedict’s fault that you are a misogynistic asswipe who accuses Sophie of the most heinous acts just because you can’t deal with the fact that she’s the one he chose to marry.

- It’s not Benedict’s fault that you think he’s a spineless moron that can get tricked into marrying and faking a baby just for show.

- It’s not Benedict’s fault that you are so deep in denial that would rather believe that a woman faked a pregnancy (but only you lot could tell it was fake) rather than deal with the idea of Ben being intimate with her.

- It’s not Ben’s fault that you decided out of spite that his marriage was just a publicity stunt for awards season and now you are outraged because it’s blatantly obvious that he married her because he wanted to.

- It’s not Benedict’s fault that you have arbitrarily decided that Sophie must be a broke bitch and a goldigger, who is blackmailing Benedict into submission to get his money, when all the evidence points to the contrary.

- It’s not Benedict’s fault that you have decided to demean, mock, and ridicule his wife’s accomplishments because you feel the almost pathological need to shame her to feel better about your own shortcomings. It’s also not his fault that you have decided to confuse the information that has been put out there by an overinvested fan and reporters who don’t factcheck with her actual CV.

- It’s not Ben’s fault that you decide to body shame his wife, judge her every move and fashion choice, and assume the worst possible behaviour from a handful of pictures that only depict a fraction of a second in time.

- It’s not Benedict’s fault that a handful of women old enough to know better have decided to act like petulant children throwing a tantrum because their favorite toy isn’t acting the way they expected him to.

- It’s not Ben’s fault that you are so lost in your own fantasies that have become convinced that you have some kind of influence in his life and behaviour. It’s not his fault that you are displaying worrying symptoms of erotomania, thinking that he is trying to communicate with you and that he actually gives a fuck about what you have to say about him.

What really is insulting and pathetic here is that you’ve been doing this for a year, not a single thing that you predicted would happen has actually happened, and yet you have convinced yourselves that you are right and Benedict is living a lie and his career is in shambles.

Of course, if another year passes, and Benedict keeps working, is still married to Sophie and they are happy with their son… it will also be his fault, right?

Finally, if you feel so victimized and harassed by the situation, you can always move on with your life. Nobody is forcing you to stalk their every move and comment on it. What are you still doing here if this situation makes you so unhappy?