i don't know if it's underrated but i love it

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Harvest Celebration

Figured it was an appropriate time of year to remind everyone of my favorite, somewhat underrated, song from the OTGW soundtrack. I love the harmonies!

From flesh removed our chalk footfall
tempers this holy ground
Where timeless spirits meet
Round the heart of Pottsfield town

O Hi thee forth o’er golden mead
yon is the maypole set
A ribbon to wind thy soul
And to bind love to thy breast

I’m watching Quest for Camelot for the first time in about a decade and while I was always a big fan of Ruber (huge surprise I know), he was never on the Villains I Want To Bang list until








underrated glee - 1/ ∞


crystal’s endless list of favourite video games:

↪ Resonance of Fate;

Oshea Jackson Jr - iTunes Q&A
  • Question: What's your favorite song?
  • O'shea: The Perfect Beat by Afrika Bambatta
  • Q: What's the scariest movie you've ever seen?
  • O'shea: I don't get scared by movies, really. But I'm easily disturbed. When I first saw 'Hills Have Eyes', I couldn't get some images out of my head. Still actually
  • Q: What's your favorite movie starring your dad?
  • O'shea: All about the benjamins. Super Suuuuper underrated
  • Q: What's your favorite Ice Cube song?
  • O'shea: Natural Born Killaz
  • Q: Whe do you think you'll finish screenwriting at USC?
  • O'shea: When I feel like my writing is missing something. I'll know it's time to sharpen back up and get to my cinematic roots.
  • Q: When can we expect music from you?
  • O'shea: Ingratiate I would love to do music. I still snap over instruments to myself. But they might typecast ya mans if I put certain type record. For now I'm focused on my craft as an actor but my older brother and I have started a producing team.
  • Q: Why haven't you used your snap?
  • O'shea: Everytime I'm on any social media I'm just thinking. "Why am I not on instagram?"
  • Q: What is your favorite part in SOC?
  • O'shea: Smashing Bryan Turners office. We've all wanted to break things with a bat before.
  • Q: What do you like to do in your free time?
  • O'shea: Crush my enemies. Not really. But I'm a real Nerd and I am completely unapologetic. When I gotta unwind it's video game time.
  • Q: Why didn’t you release the video for ‘Ain’t No Place’? Was it because of being typecast?
  • O'shea: Yes. With the movie having buzz around the Academy I didn't want any possibility of the song affecting the film. And I didn't want it to look like I'm Ice Cube part 2 out here. lol.
  • Q: Were you nervous about trying out for the movie?
  • O'shea: I was extremely nervous. I had to audition for two years and when you've never been through the process. You don't know what could've made you or boke you during that little time you had auditioning. If I didn't take the role. The world woulda killed me. If I didn't win the role. The world woulda killed me. And I was it was as movie. The world woulda killed me. At the end of the day, nothing was gonna sop me from immortalizing my dad in film. A lot of people ain't want me to get the part. Be he did and that's all I needed.
  • Q: Celeb crush?
  • O'shea: She's taken already. Don't wanna start waves.
  • Q: Did you practice some of the songs with your father or did you learn on your own?
  • O'shea: The performance and studio scenes in SOC are me in my element. What I'm used to doing. So when I was there it's like, wait y'all want me to rap my DAD's songs? I BEEN DOIN THIS.
  • Q: Were any of the scenes hard to do?
  • O'shea: More cowbell #SNLjoke
  • Q: Actors you look up to?
  • O'shea: Denzel and Leo
  • Q: Did you re-record some of Cube's verses or lip sync?
  • O'shea: We recorded the whole album, fam
  • Q: Marvel or DC?
  • O'shea: If you gotta ask. Somethin must be wrong.
  • Q: Do you like your fathers older movies?
  • O'shea: of course. People don't appreciate what a great film Players Club is.
  • Q: Do you ever feel pressure to surpass all that your father has accomplished?
  • O'shea: I've felt it since I was in the 5th grade. (The pressure) it doesn't come from him. All of it comes from me because I don't want to feed into the narrative of talent skips a generation or the whole "was born on 3rd base, and thought he hit a triple." Aspect. I'm so appreciative of my blessings and the only way to ensure my own legacy is to perfect my craft.
  • Q: Worst movie you've ever seen?
  • O'shea: Movie 43
  • Q: Best compliment you've ever heard?
  • O'shea: When I hear that I inspire someone. Being a celebrity is cute and all but it's smoke and mirrors. I understand that this all can be taken away in an instant. FAME is a jellyfish. Yeah it's beautiful but don't you dare get wrapped up in it. So while I do have a platform, the best thing i can do is to encourage or inspire. If not i'm just being selfish.
  • Q: Are you going to see Kobe play his very last game?
  • O'shea: Yeah I'll be the guy crying uncontrollably being escorted by security
  • Q: Would you take a role in a Tyler Perry movie?
  • O'shea: Is it about a single parent overcoming obstacles while still maintaining their strong christian values?
  • Q: What artist would we be surprised you listen to?
  • O'shea: I love Imagine Dragons and F.U.N.
  • Q: How was it growing up as ice cubes son?
  • O'shea: It has it's perks of course. But kind of annoying until you grow up lol. I have to put people through so many trials in order for you to be considered my friend. You don't know people's motives. My friend Tanner was my very first friend EVER. Met in kindergarten. Just said 'hey I'm Shea lets be friends.' After that.....Everyone else know me as ice cubes son. But my friends. Call me Shea. And it's 5 of them. You just grow up thinking different being ice cubes son.
  • Q: Would you want your kids to follow in your footsteps?
  • O'shea: If it was their choice by all means. My parents allowed us to find our own paths. But give everything your best effort because if you don't, then why are you doing it?
  • Q: What advice would you give your younger self?
  • O'shea: learn how to dunk
  • Q: Fave Rappers?
  • O'shea: Dwayne Michael Carter and Sean Anderson
  • Q: Which Ice Cube verse is your fave?
  • O'shea: "G-d damn I'm glad y'all set it off....."
  • Q: What's your fave app?
  • O'shea: ESPN Radio
  • Q: Will you answer me on day? :(
  • O'shea: "Maybe one Day..." - Drake
  • Q: Do you like Justin Biebers new album?
  • O'shea: I would be lying if I said Justin Bieber didn't have a few tracks on that thang
  • Q: Do you think education is necessary?
  • O'shea: I definitely feel that education is important. But I also feel the mind will not process information it feels it doesn't need. Find what interests you and educate.
  • Q: Growing up, what was the biggest problem you faced?
  • O'shea: Keepin the snakes out the grass.
  • Q: What type of films would you develop as a screenwriter? Is there certain topics that you're passionate about?
  • O'shea: I'm into smart comedies. And movies that don't give a lot away so you're not in the theater tryna guess things before they happen. You kinda just take the films scene by scene like life. If I could write a modern day Big Lebowski, I would be happy as an accomplished writer.
  • Q: Your thoughts about ride along 2?
  • O'shea: needs more me
  • Q: Any difference between before SOC and after?
  • O'shea: I'm a lot meaner and nicer at the same time
  • Q: Any tv shows you want to be part of?
  • O'shea: I would love to be apart of Better Call Saul
  • Q: Favorite place to relax?
  • O'shea: In a woman's presence. #CasonovaAnswer
  • Q: Rihanna or Beyonce?
  • O'shea: Beyoncé whole personality reminds me of my mom. I've never been attracted to her because I see too much of my mom.
  • Q: If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
  • O'shea: For everything to go my way at that moment.
  • Q: Favorite hip hop song of all time?
  • O'shea: Y.O.U. by Redman/Methodman
  • Q: Do you like Hockey? What's your favorite team?
  • Q: Do you know how to cook?
  • O'Shea: Only if the BasedGod is okay with it
  • Q: New or Old School?
  • O'shea: 90's. It had more Ice Cube and Dr Dre.
  • Q: Favorite historical figure?
  • O'shea: Mark Twain
  • Q: Dream starting 5 for NBA Basketball?
  • O'shea: Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, James Worthy, Kareem-Abdul Jabbar and Shaq
  • Q: What's your favorite word to say?
  • O'shea: It's a cuss word.
  • Q: Star Wars or Harry Potter?
  • O'shea: This can't be a real question.
  • Q: How many Yeezys you got?
  • O'shea: 3. 2 Nikes first editions
  • Q: Would SOC be better if Jason had Eazy with him?
  • O'shea: The fact that he didn't have Eazy is why I would've nominated him
  • Q: If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?
  • O'shea: I'd make everyone more understanding. We'd be fine.
  • Q: Was wondering if you'd like both (Harry Potter/Star Wars)?
  • O'shea: Definitely like both. But give me the force over Magic. #RIPSeverus
  • Q: If you could speak another language what would it be?
  • O'shea: German and Spanish
  • Q: Are you worried that people will only ever see you as your dad's son and not you as yourself?
  • O'shea: Of course. But then I look at people like Kobe, Steph Curry, The Rock...they took their family legacy to new heights. That's my goal.
  • Q: Do you have any tattoo's? if so what do they mean?
  • O'shea: the Roman numeral for 24. XXiV. And before the Kobe talk starts. 24 has always been my number. It's my birthday. 2/24. It just always feels so complete. And my life changed at 24. It's only right
  • Q: Boyz n the hood or Barber Shop?
  • O'shea: Boyz n the hood had a message.
  • Q: Why learn Spanish and German?
  • O'shea: both are used in a vast variate of regions. May come in handy if ever abroad
  • Q: Do you still workout?
  • O'shea: Yeah dude. Still am. But decisions were made and now I'm makin work. #BooHoo
  • Q: What motivates you?
  • O'shea: My family.
  • Q: How are you handling all this attention you're getting?
  • O'shea: in my room ignoring most of it
  • Q: What is the most like you, chocolate or gummy bears?
  • O'shea: Hardest thing I ever had to do
  • Q: Fave Dragon Ball Z Character?
  • O'shea: Kakarot
  • Q: What do you fear most?
  • O'shea: Not being happy is my biggest fear
  • Q: Any advice for aspiring actors?
  • O'shea: Ask yourself why did you start acting. If it's to be famous. You will lose.
  • Q: Favorite disney movie?
  • O'shea: Lion King
  • Q: Do you find it hard to trust people?
  • O'shea: my whole life I couldn't trust anyone.
  • Q: Favorite cartoon to watch growing up?
  • O'shea: Dragon Ball Z or Ed Edd n Eddy
  • Q: How did you deal with people that were only your friend because of your dad?
  • O'shea: I don't deal with them. Bad energy.
  • Q: If you were an animal what would you be?
  • O'shea: Orca. Biggest and strongest in the ocean. And I'm a genius!? In pods running from 12-30 of the homies deep!?
  • Q: What's your type of woman?
  • O'shea: Sexy kind.
  • Q: Number one pick up line?
  • O'shea: You know how much a polar bear weighs? Enough to break the ice. O'shea Jackson, nice to meet you.
  • Q: Do you like apples?
  • O'shea: I got her number....
  • Q: Advice you would give to aspiring actors?
  • O'shea: Be an actor first. And a star 3rd.
  • And the last question, deserves it's own post...That's all folks.

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lisa you have to read you've got to see yourself from far and wide!!!! it's such an underrated fic but it's so good, it's a football au and it's hate to friends to love and it's honestly incredible, i don't know if it's already on your list but it should be!!

I haven’t heard of this one! I do LOVE football au’s and hate to love. I’m down to try this

You’ve got to see yourself from far and wideHarry and Louis meet at a very early age under all the wrong circumstances, which leads them to absolutely loathe each other for years on end. Eventually they both make it as professional football players in (very) rival teams, but are suddenly bought by the same club and depend on one another to either make it or break it at the height of their careers. With a side of sports journalist (and bridge friend) Niall, teammate Liam and wannabe football rep Zayn. They say that there’s a fine line between love and hate. That line might as well be shaped as a football trophy.

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Lisa Teige is so underrated. I don't know if it's because she is more introverted than the others, but I never see interviews with her, she wasn't even interviewed at the farewell party either. And she was really good in S1, she is so talented.

i knooow, i wouldve loved to watch interviews w her at the party but i guess it was her decision not to so, yeah:/ but she definitely IS underrated and its sad bc it was her thatmade me fall in love w the show:(

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idk why but i just feel like sophie is so underrated.. okay she's a bitch sometimes but she's just like agatha. she was leaning on so many people bc how would you feel if everybody would go on and off about how evil you are but you don't feel like a never ?? i ship sagatha come @ me

im fine with people shipping agaphie/sagatha it’s cool! even though its “technically” incest a lot of people agree that it was an unnecessary plot twist *sigh*

on the topic of sophie, i dont necessarily believe too that she’s underrated - in fact, i think a lot of people even admire her! its just that a lot of people love to hate sophie because… you know (the reasons are too many to list here lol)

and when she’s always besides a girl like agatha, it’s hard not to make a comparison. i mean, who would want as your best friend? sure, agatha has her flaws but dang that girl is loyal and brave to a fault!! the fact that she took sophie back after so many betrayals from the girl astounds me

like sophie even tried to steal tedros from agatha so many times and she was so unapologetic about it?? like how can you not even feel the tiniest bit of remorse for trying to take your bff’s happy ending??? (and dont even get me started on hort i swear)

she manipulates people to her own advantage and plays the victim card at the same time (which is kind of amazing and intensely frustrating at the same time)

sophie is such a complicated character tbh which is why she always evokes such mixed feelings from me

and on her “she doesn’t feel like a Never” tbh i feel that deep down she always knew she was Evil. the only problem was that villains never get a happy ending, so she desperately tried to be Good so she wouldn’t end up alone like her mom. once she came to terms with it tho she decided that Evil should finally get its happy ending, which is probably her main objective as Dean of Evil

tl;dr sophie is a complex character but that’s just who she is. not a lot of people will like her completely (im one of those haha) but the fandom understand how integral her role is to the story of the Woods

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OMG I love season 9 hair!!! It might be the way that he has that little curl that flicks around his little ear or that it has a good amount of poof so its not flat on his head, or that his fringe falls forward a bit. I just don't know. (I mean, no, I havent given this a lot of thought at all...) :)

You and me both!

Truer words have never bee spoken, Anon! The poof and the hair flip were flawless. Season 9 hair is quite underrated, which is a bit surprising, since it’s the season that gave us Yoga!Sam. (Though I suppose it’s not too surprising, since it was also chock-full of pain and sadness.) My favorite Sam hairstyles are s1, s8, and s11, but s6 and s9 are right up there, too. Tell me you didn’t love soulless!Sam’s fluffy mop of beauty. Season 6 and Season 9 hair deserve more love. 

I mean, look at this.  (x)

And these (please notice his stupidly cute elfin ears). (x, x

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And the fluffy layers he had in s6 (if you can spare the attention):

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And how his hair perfectly frames his jaw here:

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And the way it curls away from his neck:

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Send help.

And while we’re on the subject, perhaps we can address how his season 6 sideburns were basically the perfect length to bring attention to his startlingly amazing bone structure. Look at those cheekbones.

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And some freshly resouled!Sam to top it all off. (x)

Gaze upon it and weep.


gif/graphic tag game: favorite dw female character + favorite outfit (tagged by cooltennant)
↳ tagging: rundalek and anniviech

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Do you know the movie Bolt, if I'm not mistaken that was Byron Howard's first Disney film in wich he was on the director's chair, I like that movie a lot, to me is kinda underrated or at least I don't hear about it as much as other previous Disney films, but it's kinda special to me because of the characters and how likeable they are and also because it has some artistic values I didn't notice at first until I bought the blu-ray, do you like that movie?

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Like it’s not my fave by any means, but gosh it’s so fun and what a cute dog and what a good group of characters. Not the best story, but it’s one i’ll have no issue sitting down and watching if it’s on.

I named my first bird Billy after that pigeon near the end of the movie. His mate was named Kevin. She was cute…




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the documentary made me love their personalities even more?? like tbh phil is really funny and underrated and i love him and dan is just a squish and soft and i love him and i don't know how to cope it's all too much for me right now i love them so much wtf

pHIL IS SO FUNNY AND I WILL NOT SHUT UP ABOUT IT BYE HES JUST LIKE THE FUNNIEST PERSON ALIVE OK and dan is the softest person and cares for phil so much (u know that part where dan screams because phil can’t walk correctly i die). it’s so hard to cope knowing they really exist but they do !and it’s so fucking Great

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Sometimes I think about how they included that speech between Lexa and Clarke about Bellamy (L: you care about him C: I care about all of them L: yet you worry about him more.) and I don't know, it is really important to me that it was Lexa, Clarke's love interest, to say this. I think it's a seriously underrated moment since I see it as an acknowledgment/foreshadowing of the bellarke relationship. What are your thoughts?

My thoughts are they put it there because it’s really really important, but they didn’t TALK about it because it emphasizes the long game plan of Bellarke and points out that the C/L relationship is, well, not as important to Clarke as the C/B relationship is… even without romantic overtones. Even without a kiss or Lexa’s obvious sexual desire for Clarke. Clarke loves Bellamy in a very real, very deep way. 

I have always maintained that, for all they say the show isn’t about love and ships, the show actually IS about love and all the many ways that love is shown amongst the characters. Romantic love is part of it, but not the only part. 

Lexa has ALWAYS recognized Bellamy as being important, not just as a warrior, but to Clarke. Lexa saw that Bellamy was the one who defended her, and discovered Gustus’ betrayal. When she told Clarke that love was a weakness, are we sure she wasn’t intending to get Clarke to send her protector away, possibly to his death, the same way she sent Gustus to his death? Maybe it wasn’t even romantic at that point. Her relationship with Gustus wasn’t romantic, but she recognized it as love.

When I was answering that huge Lexa ask, I had to go back to that defining C/L moment, the kiss in the tent.

That scene always caught me weird. Because it always seemed to me that a lot of the fandom, C/L and C/B both, had decided that the kiss made a relationship between C/L canon. It made a kiss canon. It made their sexualities canon. But it did not make a romantic relationship canon. 

Clarke did not expect that kiss and at first was shocked, but then she kissed her back. So she showed canonical interest in Lexa.

But then, Clarke stopped the kiss, pulled away and said, “I’m sorry… I’m not ready to be with anyone… not yet.”  And then immediately, the signal from Mount Weather is seen. The next line is: “Bellamy did it.” 

That is some funny timing there.  “I can’t date you– oh look Bellamy is awesome.” 

That’s twice, maybe three times, in Lexa’s courtship of Clarke in season 2 where Bellamy is connected to the thought of caring/relationship. Actually, Clarke and Lexa talk an awful lot about Bellamy in that part of the show. Bellamy is a constant presence between them.

I think it was really important to Lexa that she keep Clarke away from Bellamy in season 3. She was going to let Clarke go home to the sky people until Bellamy showed up. (Maybe that’s why Kane didn’t let Bellamy come to Polis. Maybe it wasn’t about his leg at all, but about their relationship.)  She also told Clarke she couldn’t leave, in Hakeldama, when she wanted to go to Arkadia. That’s when she outright told her she was her prisoner. 

It’s really easy to focus on the C/L romance, and to ignore the underlying thread of how much Clarke cares for Bellamy and how jealous that makes Lexa. Especially since the social media campaigns have put an emphasis on the current active (well not active anymore) romance, rather the one that was building under the surface. Lexa recognizes Bellamy as her romantic rival, even when Bellamy never looks at Lexa as his romantic rival at all. Even if Bellamy never looks at Clarke as his romantic interest (yet). 

Maybe that’s why the fandom has attacked Bellamy and Bob with such fervor, because they are adopting Lexa’s jealousy. 

But the people who have the most stake in Clarke’s heart? They see what is going on between Clarke and Bellamy. No one more than Lexa.