i don't know if it's creepy or cute

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I just realized all the people I follow on here and insta are LGBT. All the comics I read are also LGBT and I am the only hetero/cis person in my friend group. but you know what? This stuff GIVES ME LIFE I DON'T CARE someone send me all the Mitjo fluff you can!!

lmao alright buddy I dont need to kno ur whole life but uhh?? here I guess 

also uh.. if ur only doing that cause u think gays are cute or whatever pls dont do that its creepy as shit 

Soo this happened XD Happy (early) Halloween from Herald!

The idea to make this popped out of nowhere last month literally on the day of the super blood moon.
I’d seen THIS post pop up on my dash again the week or so before and when the idea popped up I couldn’t ignore it XD I thought it was too hilarious not to! (My way of doing a sort of fanart since I don’t draw much anymore)

I finished him within a week too, probably the fastest I’ve ever completed something for the fun of it. It worked out perfectly though since you know Halloween and all :p
I really want to redo the kigurumi though, I ran out of free time to work on it.

@spaggel thank you for making that ridiculously hilarious post (and creating Herald!) because it makes me laugh way too much every time I see it XD and without it, I never would have come up with this ridiculous plushie!

I have a feeling Halloween would be Heralds favorite holiday and I can only image how terrifying it would be (or rather how terrified everyone would be of It)

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I don't know how louis can handle harry being so damn cute and gorgeous and such an adorable dork and how can harry handle louis being so funny and caring and protective. Then I look at louis' fond eyes and harry's creepy love stare and it's simple: they don't. They're still not over how amazing the other is and it's been 4 years. The way they look at each other is the most beautiful thing.

I read the first sentence and my first thought was: they don’t handle it. And then you basically confirmed it yourself :D

Not handling it in 2010

Not handling it in 2014

And in 50 years they still won’t be handling it

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One of the thing i don't understand about this band is that yes syco is tying Louis to this girlband but they are not using him as much as they could. it's like they are doing the bare minimum..? like just a few pics at a bowling venue or kart stuff and a creepy pics at soho house and a few likes on instgram? i don't get what even syco is doing here...

from where i’m standing it looks like syco is already screwing those girls over. your band name is your brand. but we don’t know what it is! and it’s not.. cute.. or mysterious. they present themselves to be at a stage where they’re trying to gain a following, playing small gigs, being under a big record label’s wing.. but. they have no name, no demos, no videos. there is a huge disconnect here.

they’re loosely tied to louis but he has never in any official capacity supported them or promoted them on social media. yes, he has attended events and presumably studio sessions with them but we only know about that because of the girls’ social media. and people who are casually following louis on twitter won’t even know what his “BIG day !!” tweet meant. this isn’t how you promote your supposed proteges to your own fandom. and if we’re getting cynical, he used their “special” nights to stunt off of their backs. they’re really not getting the best bargain here. and neither is louis.

and frankly speaking, after last night’s findings (the girls’ ties to UAs), i’m even more turned off of this supposed business venture.


well hiiiiiii, friends! i’m clarice :)

the first is an attempt at a cute outfit/picture but then me being me happened. oops. the second is me getting lazy and changing out of said cute outfit after wearing it for about 20 minutes and instead wearing a huge oversized t-shirt and making a face. typical.

happy troyler tumblr homecoming! my lovely date is Casey aka troylerissocoollike <3 you are all such gorgeous human beings asldkjfaksjdhf. hope you all have a wonderful day!

exo as sale promoters
  • Xiumin: ...please? *cute face*
  • Suho: *gives you a one hour lecture on how you would benefit from the product while encouraging your dreams and goals in life*
  • Lay: *stares at product* I don't really know what this does, but I think it will be good for you.
  • Baek: Noona~ you look so pretty today~ *infinite flattery*
  • Chen: Buy it come ooOoOoooon buuuuuuuy it why wouldn't you buy iieiiiieiit~~~~~~~~
  • Chanyeol: Buy it for me, okay? *winks*
  • Kyungsoo: It's okay if you don't buy it... *creepy evil smile* ...but I wouldn't recommend you doing so.
  • Tao: Bitch why would you even think of not buying it this product is almost as awesome as me ok I cant believe it
  • Kai: *half buttoned shirt* *wet body* *seductive stare* *thrusts crotch* ...Wanna buy?
  • Sehun: *fishes your wallet out of your pocket, takes the money and tucks it back without even saying a word or giving you the product*

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Hi I see you in school in the halls sort of often and you're hella cute if just like to say And at points I might stare at you but not in a creepy way I just don't realize I am and I don't know where to look in the halls so it's either at the floor or awkwardly at people

Awwww. You know you can talk to me. I’ve actually been approached by a good amount of kids at school who follow me and are like “HI I KNOW YOU FROM THE INTERNET.”

Don’t worry about staring I’m use to being stared at. Either because my hair or the fact that I am the only openly transgender student in our school.

If you are looking at the floor you can often find me in the mornings lying down on the floor near classroom 215 in the hall making whale noises and giving up on life. 

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fuck coworkers one of my cashiers was gong on & on last shift abt how he was impervious to tazing & pepperspray and "if you did either to me i'd just stand there and tell you how cute you are" and ik he was just bragging abt how Manly and Tough he is bc he's ex-army and it's all he ever talks about but?? that's such a creepy thing to say??? & he was like "oh i know how scary that must sound :)" no m8 you obviously don't, pls just get back to work & leave me alone

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one thing i really appreciated in the ghostbusters is just how *weird* holtzman is. she kept doing things that i didn't really expect her to do, in the oddest ways (not plot wise, just.... in how she is) and it kept striking me over and over again how rare it is for female characters to be allowed to be, well, odd, like that. not 'quirky', and not 'creepy', just, unabashedly weird, in the most loveable but honest way possible. female characters don't get to be weird. and it's sad.

i know :’) i just love it literally nothing she did was meant to be attractive or cute or quirky she was just straight up a weirdo… my kid,,

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this is gonna come off as kinda creepy I'm sure but sometimes I seriously want to cry because I don't look like you, I'm so chubby and baby faced it's weird, I'd do anything to be as beautiful as you ha

baby chubby girls are sexy! those thights and hips to grab onto, that shape around the belly… hell yeah, embrace the hell out of it. and baby face? come on, we all know men like the cute girls ;) 

love who you are. 
stop comparing yourself. 
you are hot as fuck.