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Do you know anything about that love letter that appears on Diane Blair's papers? Was it from Bill to Hillary? If it was, it looks like they were apart, maybe not speaking to each other. I don't know, it looks so mysterious. Sometimes it feels like Bill was only writing it to himself and not really wanting to send it, but other times I feel like Hillary was angry at him and that if she didn't appear on that place it was all over. Why would Diane have it? Do you have an opinion on all of this?

That’s always been something of a mystery to me too. I wish it had an exact date on it to gather a little more context, but it was supposedly during the mid 70s because the letterhead is the same one Bill was using around that time. So we know they were away from each other a fair amount during those years as Hillary was in Massachusetts and then in Washington, but then if he was hoping she would meet him the next day like he writes then she can’t have been too far away. It’s strange. I also have no idea why it ended up in Diane Blair’s possession, that has always seemed mysterious to me too so I’m sorry I don’t have a better answer to give on that! The only theory I’ve ever managed to come up with is that it was passed either from Bill (unsent) to Diane, or from Hillary after receiving it to Diane, for a reason completely unrelated to the letter itself. Maybe she was sharing the photograph that was attached and the letter ended up left with her along with it perhaps.

Now this may be an unpopular opinion…but I have wondered if it was even to Hillary at all. It’s been reported on different occasions as ‘a love letter from Bill to Hillary’ and ‘a love letter from Bill to an unnamed woman one year into his marriage’ so it seems like there’s no definite conclusion. As much as I really hope the second description isn’t the accurate one (and it certainly would have been odd for Diane to have kept it if that were the case) there is also a lot that doesn’t quite seem to add up with what exactly the scenario could have been during those years where Bill writing to Hillary while also hoping she would meet with him so soon would make sense. I mean if they were apart then the letter writing would make sense, but she wouldn’t have been able to travel to meet him so quickly as the letter asks (which makes me think it was something that was hand delivered rather than posted long distance, if it was ever delivered at all) And if she were staying close enough to meet him then in all likelihood she would have been staying with him anyway, whereas the letter really gives them impression that the intended recipient was someone he was not coming into contact with on a regular basis. So I’m not sure. It’s definitely a big source of speculation because the whole thing does seem a little off.


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