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Stuff My Dad Said During Hamilton (Act 1)
  • Hamilton: Is this that musical that has made you obsessed with dead people?
  • Aaron Burr, Sir: If someone started rhyming my name I would leave. It's so annoying.
  • My Shot: Okay they asked who he was - this - this is not the answer to their question. Oh wait now he's spelling his name - YOU KNOW IN THIS TIME MANY PEOPLE WERE ILLITERATE!
  • The Story Of Tonight: Okay so here's drunk dudes being pals and so not flirting with each other.
  • The Schuyler Sisters: AND PEGGY IS MY NEW MOTTO!
  • Farmer Refuted: You said this was the High School Musical dude right? (Me: Yeah.) STICK TO THE STATUS QUO ALEXANDER!
  • You'll Be Back: Okay George whichever shut up and let America rebel. Rebellion is good - *turns to me* That being said ever start to rebel and you'll be grounded till you die.
  • Right Hand Man: Burr got BURR-NED! Get it? Cause Burr. Burrned. It's funny you're just being stupid.
  • A Winter's Ball: Didn't we already listen to - oh wait no this is different.
  • Helpless: Oh God I hope girls don't act like this. *I give him a confused/dirty look* I mean you should make a boy beg for you not fall at his knees. You should make him helpless.
  • Satisfied: This song is just....*exploding hand moves and noise*....Feelings.
  • The Story of Tonight (Reprise): Another drunk song. And the French dude. (Me: Lafayette) Okay well I'm gonna call him French Fry.
  • Wait For It: Did everyone cheat in this time?
  • Stay Alive: Fucking Charles Lee man. Who's Charles Lee?
  • Ten Duel Commandments: They keep saying "Most Disputes Die And No One Shoots" I feel like they're lying to me...
  • Meet Me Inside: Uh ph, Daddy Washington is mad.
  • That Would Be Enough: How do they know it's a boy? I don't think they had ways to tell in this time.
  • Guns And Ships: Rap off. This dude (Me: Daveed) Yeah him, versus like, Eminem, Jay-Z and...uh other rappers.
  • History Has Its Eyes on You: Okay this went from fun to deep...
  • Yorktown: You know we live an hour from this site...*Looks out window*...We should go and reinact this.
  • What Comes Next: Oh right. Georgey is still there. He can piss off.
  • Dear Theodosia: I feel one of them will die...just how everything is worded. AJ, do I get...feels in this?
  • Lauren's Interlude: Wait what the fuck...is he? Oh my God. Alex's boyfriend!
  • Non-Stop: This is too cheery for killing someone. I quit.

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“Do you trust me?” djwifi/(fox!alya+turtle!nino)-- i don't know their ship name..

“Do you trust me?” Rena Rouge asked, offering her hand.

Carapace eyed it, amusement in his eyes. “I feel like I should say no.”


He took her hand in his. “Now what?”

“On the count of three, we’re going to drop our transformations.”

“Our identities are supposed to be a secret, Rena,” Carapace frowned.

“Well, I’m, like, ninety-three percent sure I know exactly who you are under all that green so it really isn’t much of a secret.”

He quirked a brow behind his large tinted goggles. “Is that so?”

“Yep. I have a certain familiarity with the person I’m pretty sure you are,” she nodded. “Miraculous magic or no, I’ve got this figured out. I want to know I’m right.”

“And if you aren’t right and I’m some random guy whose identity you just uncovered?”

Rena Rouge dropped his hand and crossed her arms. “Fine,” she huffed, rolling her eyes. “Are you or are you not Nino Lahiffe?”

Carapace pursed his lips. “That depends. Are you Alya Cesaire?” he smirked.

She blinked in surprise. “How… You should not have been able to figure that out!”

He grinned. “Because you’re the only detective? Also, you definitely just gave yourself away, Al.”

She pushed his shoulder lightly. “Nino! You’re not playing fair!”

He laughed. “Sorry I messed up your fun but I figured out it was you by the second time we worked together.”

She lifted her chin defiantly and sniffed. “I figured it out the first time.”

“Did not.”

“Whatever. Well, now I guess I won’t be mad at you for flirting with me.”

He put his hands on her hips, pulling her closer. “Oh, have I been flirting with you?”

“Ridiculously,” she nodded. “You should be ashamed of yourself.”

He leaned in, lips hovering over hers. “I most definitely am.”

“Dude!” Chat Noir yelled, landing on the rooftop with a thump. “You have a girlfriend!”

Rena Rouge pulled back slightly. “He’s been–”

“Watching us the whole time? Yeah, probably. He lurks sometimes.” He turned to Chat Noir. “It’s fine, I promise.”

Chat Noir grimaced. “It is not fine, man. No offense, Foxy, but he has a girlfriend and she…she…” He glanced between the two of them, realization dawning. “She’s standing right in front of me, isn’t she?”

Rena Rouge waved her fingers at him. “Hi, Adrien.”

Chat Noir’s face paled. “You, uh, you must have me mistaken for someone else.”

Rena Rouge laughed and turned to Carapace. “He’s so bad at this.”

“He really is.”

Chat Noir’s shoulders slumped. “I really am,” he agreed.

“So since we’re all in the know now,” Rena Rouge continued, “who are Ladybug and Queen B?”

“You know, it’s okay if there are some secrets left unknown,” Carapace chuckled, throwing his arm around her shoulders. “Are you guys hungry?”

“I could eat,” Chat Noir answered, straightening. 

“Mmm, we should go see what Marinette has leftover from the bakery. She’s my favorite place to visit after patrols.”

Chat Noir frowned. “Hey, that’s where I go after patrols.”

Carapace raised a hand. “I was there last night.”

Rena Rouge looked at her boyfriend. “Wait, does she know who you are?”

“I don’t think so. Why? Does she know who you are?”

“Maybe,” she flushed.

“She definitely doesn’t know who I am,” Chat Noir added proudly.

“Yeah, she would die.”

“She would absolutely die.”

Chat Noir tilted his head in confusion. “Why?”

Rena Rouge put a hand on his shoulder. “Poor, sweet Sunshine Child. Please never change.”

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BNHA x The Avengers (Bakudeku + minor KiriKami and Shotoko fun)
  • Midoriya: We have orders, we should follow them.
  • Bakugou: Following's not really my style.
  • Midoriya: And you're all about style, aren't you?
  • Bakugou: Of the people in this room, which one is A: Wearing a gaudy green bunny outfit with weaponized thigh-highs and B: Not of use?
  • Everyone: -glares at Bakugou's costume with judgement-...
  • -
  • Midoriya: What I want to know is how he controlled their minds like a bunch of flying monkeys!
  • Kaminari: I do not understand.
  • Todoroki: I DO!
  • Bakugou: -rolls eyes-
  • Todoroki: I understood that reference.
  • -
  • Aizawa: We have no quarrel with your people.
  • Shigaraki: An ant has no quarrel with a boot!
  • Aizawa: You planning to step on us?
  • -
  • Tokoyami: Did I hurt anybody?
  • Shoji: No, there's nobody around here to hurt. You scared the h*ll out of some pigeons though!
  • -
  • Midoriya: I gotta say, it's an honor to meet you, officially. I sort of met you, I mean, I watched you while you were sleeping. I mean, I was, I was present while you were unconscious, from the ice. You know it's really just a, just a huge honor to have you on board.
  • All Might: Well, I hope I'm the man for the job.
  • -
  • Twice: Target acquired.
  • Bakugou: -jumps on villain Twice's back, while screaming bloody murder-
  • Twice: Target angry! Target angry!
  • -
  • Tsuyu: Gentlemen, you might want to step inside in a minute. It's going to get a little hard to breathe.
  • Midoriya: Is this a submarine?
  • Bakugou: Really?! They want me in a submerged pressurized metal container?! -ship takes off into the air- Oh, no, this is MUCH worse.
  • -
  • Aizawa: Is everything a joke to you?
  • Ms.Joke: Funny things are.
  • -
  • Bakugou: What else you got?
  • Todoroki: Well, Midoriya is taking on a squadron down at Shibuya Station.
  • Bakugou: And he didn't invite me...
  • -
  • Hatsume: An intelligence agency that FEARS intelligence? Historically, not awesome.
  • -
  • Tamakawa: -as All Might, all the Pro-heros of UA and class 1-A and 1-B board the plane to fly to Tokyo- Uh... You are not authorized to be here!
  • All Might: Son... just don't.
  • -
  • Present Mic: Having trouble sleeping?
  • Aizawa: I've been asleep for 70 years. I think I've had enough rest.
  • -
  • Todoroki: You speak of control, yet you court chaos.
  • Tokoyami: It's his M.O., isn't it? I mean, what are we, a team? No, no, no. We're a chemical mixture that makes chaos. We're... we're a time-bomb.
  • Midoriya: You need to step away.
  • Bakugou: Why shouldn't the guy let off a little steam?
  • Midoriya: You know damn well why! Back off!
  • Bakugou: Oh, I'm starting to want you to make me.
  • -
  • All Might: You people are so petty... and tiny.
  • -
  • Ashido: Where's Tokoyami?
  • Bakugou: You mean the hawk? He's up in his nest.
  • -
  • Shigaraki: I have an army.
  • Midoriya: We have a Kacchan. -grins cutely-
  • Bakugou: DIEEEEEEE -crashes through window with explosions going off-
  • -
  • Police Council: Pro-Hero Eraser Head, the council has made a decision.
  • Aizawa: I recognize the council has made a decision, but given that it's a stupid ass decision, I've elected to ignore it.
  • -
  • Midoriya: Kacchan... I think now is the perfect time for you to get angry.
  • Bakugou: That's my secret, Deku. I'm always angry.
  • -
  • Midoriya: Kacchan, we need a plan of attack!
  • Bakugou: I have a plan: Attack!
  • -
  • Todoroki: Be careful what you say, he is my brother!
  • Tsuyu: -talking about Dabi (headcanon not canon)- He's killed 80 people in the last two days.
  • Todoroki: He was adopted.
  • -
  • Midoriya: I know guys with none of that worth ten of you. I've seen the footage. The only thing you really fight for is yourself. You're not the guy to make the sacrifice play, to lay down on a wire and let the other guy crawl over you.
  • Bakugou: I think I would just cut the wire.
  • Midoriya: Always a way out... You know, you may not be a threat, but you better stop pretending to be a hero.
  • Bakugou: A hero? Like you? You're a lab rat, Deku. Everything special about you came out of a bottle!
  • Bakugou: Put on your hero costume. Let's go a few rounds.
  • -
  • Uraraka: -via phone- Hatsume-san, we need to talk.
  • Hatsume: You have reached the life model decoy of Hatsume Mei, please leave a message.
  • Uraraka: This is urgent.
  • Hatsume: Then leave it urgently. -Uraraka then enters Hatsume's penthouse, hanging up her cellphone with Midoriya at her side-...Security breach.
  • -
  • Kirishima: -cheerfully beating up villains easily- This is just like Hosu all over again.
  • Kaminari: -electrocuting villains easily- You and I remember Hosu very differently.
  • -
  • Shigaraki: Bakugou Katsuki told me everything. Your ledger is dripping, it's GUSHING red, and you think saving a man no more virtuous than yourself will change anything? This is the basest sentimentality. This is a child at prayer... PATHETIC! You lie and kill in the service of liars and killers. You pretend to be separate, to have your own code. Something that makes up for the horrors. But they are a part of you, and they will never go away!... I won't touch Bakugou, not until I make him kill you!
  • Midoriya: -eyes wide, face turning fearful-
  • Shigaraki: -snarling- Slowly, intimately, in every way he knows you fear! And then he'll wake just long enough to see his good work, and when he screams, I'll split his skull! This is MY bargain, you mewling quim!
  • Midoriya: -turns and takes a few shaky steps away-
  • Shigaraki: -smirking wickedly-
  • Midoriya: -crying intensely- You're a monster!
  • Shigaraki: -laughing- Oh no, you brought the monster.
  • Midoriya: -quickly dropping facade- So, Tokoyami... that's your play.
  • Shigaraki: ...What?
  • Midoriya: -on earphone piece communicator- Shigaraki means to unleash Dark Shadow. Keep Tokoyami in the well lit lab. I'm on my way. Send Todoroki-kun as well. -turning back to Shigaraki, wiping fake tears- Thank you... for your cooperation.
  • -
  • Ashido: What's the matter, scared of a little lightning?
  • Bakugou: I'm not overly fond of what follows...
  • Kaminari: -appears out of nowhere like the lightning god that he is-
  • Kirishima: -gets all excited like a puppy because Kaminari arrived-
  • -
  • Hatsume: What's the stat, Midoriya-kun?
  • Midoriya: -looks at all the complex technology- It seems to be powered by some sort of electricity!
  • Hatsume: ...well, you're not wrong.
  • -
  • Bakugou: -screams- WAKE THE FUCK UP, DEKU!!!
  • Midoriya: What. The. Hell- What just happened?! Please tell me nobody kissed me.
  • Bakugou: You fucking wish, you damn nerd.
  • Todoroki: ...We won.
  • Midoriya: Alright-Hey. Alright. Good job, guys~ Let's just not come in tomorrow. Let's just take a day. Have you ever tried shawarma?
  • Bakugou: -snorts and rolls his eyes-
  • Midoriya: There's a shawarma joint about two blocks from here. I don't know what it is, but I wanna try it.
  • Uraraka: A big man in a suit of armor, take that away what are you?
  • Aoyama: ✨Uh Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist.✨

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I don't even ship J x D but the modern AU with dragons as kids and Jon as the teacher is just so LOL I love it. Like what if they had a hot steamy hook up in a bar and then the next day is the the triplets first day at school and surprise! Jon is their teacher. And J&D are all well we should call it off because this is frowned upon and inappropriate but they keep bantering and eye flirting until the ~~sexual tension ~~ is too much and sex happens. Aaahhhh IDEK what this is bt I ship it now lmao

so i know you didn’t send this as a fic prompt but my hand slipped

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SNK 93 in a nutshell
  • The setting: We are now in Marley, 4 years after the battle for Shiganshina. After losing the colossal titan to Armin, the Marley military weakened, causing a rival to start a war. They just won that war.
  • Reiner: He's about 21 now. Big bro figure to the younger warriors. Remorseful.
  • Zeke: Important warrior, respected by Eldians and Marley alike. Royal blood.
  • Magath: The Marley commander in charge of Eldian Warriors. Rough and pragmatic, but not a horrible person.
  • Galliard: Current holder of Ymir's titan (Oh yeah, Ymir got eaten). Medium-High key bitter towards Reiner for letting his brother, Marcel, die.
  • Peak: The Mule Titan holder. A cute girl. *SHOCK AND AWE* She seems pretty chill.
  • The Warrior Cadets (all about 14):
  • Gabi: Excitable, proud, and capable. Loves Reiner a lot, unclear if it's hero worship or if she's pulling an Asuka and wants his ARMORED DICK.
  • Falco: The Shinji Ikari in this Asuka-Shinji-Kaji analogy. Doesn't want to be a warrior, disillusioned. Very selfless, but pretty sarcastic. Probably likes Gabi.
  • Udo: Paranoid, loud, speaks his mind, and kicks shit when he's mad.
  • Sophia: Little shit, deadpan, may or may not be best girl.
  • Marley Admiral: So basically what you're saying is that we won, but at the cost of revealing to the whole world that the Titans are totally beatable with modern military technology.
  • Magath: Not to mention, we're in some serious shit since we colonized all those foreign people thinking the titan's power was enough to keep them in check. So we've got more shitstorms approaching than we can count on your two hands.
  • Zeke: Guys, I think we should invade the walls and try to get our titans back.
  • Admiral: Were you listening to anything anyone said in the past 5 minutes?
  • Zeke: Yes, and that's why we need to get the titans as soon as possible while they'll still serve as some minor deterrent. That way we can build up our military.
  • -------------------
  • Colt: Wow Zeke, you sure are cool, talking to Marley officers without bowing towards them the mandatory 9 times.
  • Zeke: Eh.
  • Colt: You're also the coolest titan ever. For some reason, when you inject someone with your titan's spinal fluid, you can turn them into titans and then control them when you want. Why can you do that? It's not like you have ryal blood.
  • Zeke: Heh Heh, yeah, totally. By the way, wanna hear a secret.
  • Colt: What?
  • Zeke, noticing Magath approaching: I can use my titan's long-ass arms to wipe my titan's hairy-ass ass.
  • Magath: Please, don't mind me. Continue talking about your titan's ass.
  • Zeke: Oh nevermind, let's exposition the audience some more.
  • Magath: Sounds good.
  • Zeke: All our ships we sent to the walls vanished, presumably destroyed by their titans. Not to mention, they have the Ackermen(TM) who were genetically engineered using Titan Science(TM) to kick my ass and haunt my dreams.
  • ------------------
  • Reiner, having dreams about almost dying twice: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH.
  • Galliard: Sup bitch, I saw you having a nightmare so I decided not to wake you.
  • Galliard: By the way, fuck you for letting my brother (Marcel) die by being eaten by Ymir. Well, at least I got to eat Ymir and get his power back.
  • Audience: OH GOD MY SHIP IS DEAD.
  • Peak: Hey guys, I'm the cart titan and also a cute girl.
  • Audience: .........go on.
  • ------------------------------
  • Gabi, Falco, Udo, and Sophia hanging by the ocean:
  • Reiner: Heya, kiddos!
  • Reiner: Sure did, kiddo! *Pats head*
  • Sophia and Udo: Oh hey it's Reiner! *Head over to Reiner*
  • Reiner: *Pats heads*
  • Reiner: Hi, Falco!
  • Falco: ....Hello.
  • Reiner: *Sneaks head pat onto Falco*
  • Falco: Reiner should be in bed.
  • Gabi: Falco, you can Falgo fuck yourself.
  • Reiner: *Urge to protect these adorable children intensifies*
  • ----------------------------
  • On a train heading back to their internment camp:
  • General: Magath, shut them up.
  • Magath: Oh, let them have their fun.
  • Reiner: So Gabi's probably going to inherit my Titan.
  • Falco: Yeah, and then she won't live a day past 27, if that.
  • Reiner: Are you talking shit about inheriting one of the 9 titans? You know they can punish you for that.
  • Falco: No, I, uh, Inheriting the titans sound great!
  • Reiner: Then do you want to? Do you want to inherit it in her place?
  • Falco: *Thinks about how Gabi will die if she inherits it*
  • Falco: Yes, I want to inherit it instead.
  • Reiner: Then become a better warrior than Gabi. Please, you have to, if you want to save her from the hell I went through.
I Don’t Know- Corbyn Besson

Summary: Communication is key. You and Corbyn can’t seem to find it. 

Requested by @avanunez13 she practically wrote it herself 

A/N: I’m trying something different :) Nvm it felt weird whatever is in strike, I wrote b4 finishing and I might write in the dolan twins bc I love them :D Also, I might write in Christina I might not, but if I do they’re just friends and they were never together  :) wow that hurt my heart but it’s just for the story  

Lol the summary sucks but I hope you enjoy this! :) 

You sat alone in your room, thinking about the last couple of days. You stared at the darkness, wondering how everything you and Corbyn had worked so hard to keep, despite being told by everyone that it would never work, came crumbling down in a matter of seconds. 

Tears streamed down your face as you remembered the fight you two had, the fight that ruined your relationship. 

“Why were we so stupid?” You cried out, throwing your pillow across the room. “Why was I so stupid?”

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  • Me: What do you think about problematic shipping in general :)?
  • Date: I actually really hate it tbh...
  • Me: *begins to shove breadsticks into purse* oh well uh, I gotta-
  • Date: But I'm not going to go out of my way to harass, verbally abuse and dehumanize people I don't even know personally over it. As long as people know the actual ships aren't healthy in real life, then I don't see why people should overreact about it.
  • Me: *pulls a breadstick out of purse* I'm listening
Strawberries & Blueberries

H2OVanoss au ft. Jon as the guy a little lost in life and Evan as the cute neighbor who just wants some blueberry Pop-Tarts. (Guest starring: Ohmtoonz, as the background couple) 

Hope you all enjoy! :)

He doesn’t know how it happened, but Jon’s pretty sure he’s not ready to live alone, have a place he could call his own, or deal with the independence that comes from being an adult.

Sure, he’s reaching that 27 year mark, and maybe he’s technically been rooming with Luke for a good three years, but, this is different, on a whole other wavelength of being not ready.

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jealous | chapter five

pairing: baekhyun x reader x chanyeol

genre: angst, fluff, smut

word count: 2,994

summary: baekhyun is heartbroken after you leave him. he decides to start over and try to get over you by moving into a new apartment building where he meets chanyeol. what he later finds out is that chanyeol has been your boyfriend for the past month.

pov: baekhyun + chanyeol diary entries

rating: whether you’re an underage hard stan or a legal soft stan, reader whatever the hell you wanna read.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 |

October 28, 2017 [Fri.]

[23:45] I am fucking tired. Thank god tomorrow is Saturday because if I had work, I wouldnt be able to wake up probably. Park fucking Chanyeol is such a pain in the ass. I don’t hate it though.

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Bound to Vengeance

Words: 9006 (oh..my..how?)

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Drama, Caretaker!Au Disability!Au 

Summary: Revenge. How far and how much are you willing to go?

Originally posted by chokaivlicious

His breath staggers in and out. He runs with numb legs, mind blank.

Finally, he comes to a screeching halt on his heels and throws open the large double doors, brown in colour and engraved with deep swirls.

The judge slams down the gavel. “Silence! Silence! Order in the court!”

Immediately everyone hushes, the lawyers taking their seats once again. “In the circumstances presented, I make the following order.” The judge’s voice ricochets off the high ceilings. Taehyung slowly stumbles forward. “Based on the evidence presented, there is an insufficient link that the defendant’s actions caused the plaintiff’s death. We cannot rule beyond a reasonable doubt and as a result…”

Taehyung’s heartbeat pounds in his ears.

He swallows hard.

“…the defendant, Miss L/N Y/N, is found not guilty.”

No. No. It can’t be.

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Lookin’ Out For You

So this came about almost entirely because of this work of art by @iron-rion (this one by @gunnslaughter had something to do with it too tho). (Can also be found at AO3, if you prefer)

Actual Dad Gabriel Reyes tries to confront his tiny, drunk, cowboy son after he loses his arm. Enjoy~

“That cooool breeze feels real good on m’ stump.”

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Stay With Me—F!Reader x Noctis

A smutfest in which the reader is in love with Prompto, but falls prey to Noctis’ charms over some drinks and smoke. Angsty fluff, witty banter and hot, naked Noct. Fucking to forget. Let’s go, shall we? Oh, also, let it be known that I take requests! Stop by my page, read my rules and shoot me an ask. 

You wanted to drink away the importance of his name—you wanted to watch the letters frantically fly from your memory like hummingbirds. You wanted static in place of his thin lips, curling into a smile. You wanted him to be a blur in every picture. You wanted his beautiful blue eyes to be smudged like ink on paper, like a misplaced stroke on canvas. You wanted every perfect freckle to disappear from your mind.

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How about a surge of emotion causing a hug with Pidge and Hunk?

She’d finally done it.  It was done.  The next time they found a mining colony or a slave ship or a prison or any other of the godawful places her father might be, the scanner in her hand would be able to tell her, from the outside, whether he was there or not.  It would give a number of life forms, then break it down by known species, using the information she’d downloaded from the Castle’s mainframe.  Every living thing would show up, numbered and categorized, and if there was a human on the list, she could be almost certain it would be her family.  They would know the number of guards.  They would know the number of prisoners.  They would know everything.  And she would find her dad.

Hunk was excited too, sitting next to her in the away pod they’d borrowed to run this test, but she knew he couldn’t really be feeling what she was.  Not really.

She took a deep breath and turned the scanner toward the castle, initiating its first scan.

Nothing happened.  The scanner whirred, and beeped, and made a thunking noise, and left her with a blank screen.

No.  No.  She’d worked on this for months.  She’d hunched over her laptop, coding until her back was sore.  She’d cannibalized half the technology she owned, and some of the technology around her that she didn’t.  She’d custom-made parts when she had to.  It couldn’t be a failure.  It couldn’t.  She felt like she’d been punched repeatedly in the gut.  A squeak came out of her mouth, but she wasn’t sure a squeak of what.

“Whoa, there, Pidge,” Hunk said, “It’s uh - let me just -”

He took the scanner out of her hand and she didn’t stop him.  Why should she?  It was worthless.  She was worthless and her dad and Matt were still out there and she was never going to be able to find them.

“Hmm,” Hunk said, opening the back of the scanner with a tiny screwdriver he’d pulled out of his belt pouch.  'Hmm’ nothing.  It hadn’t worked.  Pidge tried to keep breathing even against the sudden flood of despair that made it seem easier, for the moment, not to.

“Ah, no, see, there’s the problem,” Hunk said, and she turned toward him, too distraught to really make sense of that.  Why did he sound so chipper?

“You’ve got these wires crossed,” he said, gesturing to something in her peripheral vision. “Easy to do when you’re working without a blueprint.  I told you an electrical diagram would help, instead of just doing it all out of your head.  Don’t you remember what Professor Montgomery said the first day of school?  Engineering is half math and half -”

“Wait - Are you saying you can fix it?”  Pidge asked, turning toward him as her brain finally caught up to what he was rambling about.

Hunk looked up from the scanner, beaming at her.  "Oh, yeah.  I mean, I think so.  I’m like 90% sure.  The signals just aren’t making it.  Your programming’s probably fine.“

After another moment, he slipped the cover back over the scanner’s inner workings and started screwing it shut.  Pidge shouldn’t hope it would work.  Not when it meant she might have to feel disappointed all over again.  But she couldn’t help herself.  Hunk was - well, he wasn’t confident, but he was never confident and maybe-”

“There,” Hunk said, handing the device back.  "It should work now.  I think.“

She bit her lip, staring at it for a moment.  No.  She couldn’t do it.  She shoved it back at him.  "You do it.  I can’t -” she cut herself off, not sure how to explain.

“Oh, yeah, I get that,” Hunk said, “You did a lot of work on it.”  It wasn’t the point, but it didn’t matter.  He’d taken the scanner back and was pointing it at the castle.  This time, it whirred, and beeped, and dinged.

There was silence in the pod for a minute, and then she decided she was ready to know.  Not knowing if it worked was even worse than being afraid it didn’t.  "What’s it say?“ she asked.

"5 life forms,” he read off, “2 Alteans, 2 humans, and 1 question mark.  That’s probably Keith.  We should probably work on that.”

She should feel happy.  Her brain told her she should be happy.  But there was still a ringing emptiness in her chest where the shock had been when she failed.  "It worked?“ she asked.  Before Hunk could answer, it sunk in, like just saying the words made them true.  "It worked!”

Her heart filled up like it might burst, and she flung herself sideways at Hunk, hugging him as tightly as she could in such tight quarters.

“Heck yeah, it worked!” he answered, hugging her back.  "You did it, Pidge!  Now we’ll be able to find your family in no time.“

She didn’t realize she was crying until Hunk started rubbing her back.  "Whoa, wait, whoa.  This is good, Pidge!  It’s a good thing!”

She buried her face farther into his shoulder.  "I know.“

"Oh, good.  You just stay right there then.  As long as it’s happy crying.  I can get behind happy crying.”

She laughed, and almost wanted to slug him in the arm, like she would if it were Lance, but not as much as she wanted to stay here, twisted around awkwardly, for a little bit longer and embrace the knowledge that she’d done it - that they’d done it.  She was going to find her family.

fennix-fox  asked:

I love that story, and (if you don't mind) I was wondering if you could be so kind as to accept another request from me? I was wondering if you could write a story where the Heathers, JD, and Martha all go out to find things for Veronica's birthday? (Ram and Kurt could tag along too, because reasons.) Thank you!

HEck yeah I can write that! It sound so cute! Sorry this took so long, I had a bit of a depression episode but I’m feeling much better. Sorry and thanks for being patient with me. Enjoy the story!
Also I’ve seen the idea of Kurt, Ram and Martha being in a healthy poly relationship floating around. Idk who started it but credit goes to them! Send an ask if you find out so I can properly tag them! But I liked the idea and I saw a bunch of people using it so I thought I’d jump on the train hahaha
I saw it first on @we-killed-the-dinosaurs, IDK if they came up with it or somebody else did. I don’t want to take credit for anyone’s idea I just think it’s a really cute ship! Ahh I’m really nervous I’m ripping somebody off! Ignore me all the time and for always jajaja

“I think we should split up.” Mac broke in. “Me and Heather can go find a gift for Ronnie while Heather and JD go find a gift for Ronnie too. We can get it done fast.” She explained.

“As much as I don’t want to do anything with JD ever, Heather’s right.” Chandler put her hands on her hips and JD rolled his eyes. A fight ensued and Martha rolled her eyes, putting her purse over her shoulder. But she turned around when she heard voices behind her.

“Ask her!”

“No dude you ask her!” Martha turned around and saw Kurt and Ram fighting, over JD and Heather fighting.

“Hey guys, you good?” She asked, approaching the boys. Kurt and Ram scrambled to their feet and both tried blabbering something at the same time. “Woah, slow down.” Martha laughed and brushed her hair out of her eyes.

“Uh well we were just wonder…” Kurt started.

“Well Veronica’s birthday is coming up and Heather invited us to the party…” Ram continued. “She said it was gonna be wild but… we don’t really know what to get her…” He added, rubbing the back of his head.

“But you’ve been her best friend since diapers! So we thought maybe you’d wanna go shopping with us!” Kurt pushed his buddy out of the way and Ram rolled his eyes, yanking him back. They continued to bicker like an old married couple and Martha laughed.

“Sure, we were just all gonna go out shopping for her anyway, I’ll ditch the Heathers and take you guys around.” Martha joked. Kurt and Ram smiled big and high-fived each other.

When the group made it to the mall JD groaned and put his head in his hands. “I hate this place! What are you all shopping for!?” He shouted at the people. “Nobody even buys anything! You all just come here and walk around like zombies then go home!”

“JD shut up!” Chandler hissed at him. “We need to go find Ronnie the best present.” She grabbed the boy’s trench coat and pulled him along as the groups split up. Heather dragged him into a clothing store and began looking at all the dresses. “It has to be blue.” Heather began to go on and on. She continued to look and then saw JD just sort of was standing there. “Are you gonna find a gift for your girlfriend?” She demanded.

“Well… maybe I don’t…” JD looked confused. “I’m not really good at this. I mean… I know what she likes but I don’t know… you know?” He asked.

“No I don’t.” Heather crossed her arms.

“I mean I feel like no matter what I get her she’ll hate it, but she’ll pretend to like it so she doesn’t hurt my feelings and… she deserves something really great.” He sighed. “And I feel bad because I’m her boyfriend… I should know what she likes and stuff but I just feel lost with everything.” He continued. Heather bit her lip and took his hand.

“Come on.” She told him. JD let himself get pulled across the mall by the girl in red until they came to a little shop. “It’s okay that you don’t know what to get Ronnie as a gift. Boyfriends never do. That’s what girlfriends are for.” Heather smiled to herself and flipped her hair. She took JD into the small shop. “No matter what you get her, she’ll love it, but I think she’ll really like something like this.” Heather showed JD a shelf in the jewelry store. They were little necklaces with one small gem hanging from it.

“They look so simple.” JD smiled a bit, he liked simple.

“Ronnie really likes this stuff. They’re birthstones. And her birthstone is blue so that works for both of our standards.” Heather grinned.

“You really think she’ll like this?” He asked, unsure. Heather nodded.

“Yeah I do. She’s pointed it out for a while now. And see, you would have never known that if you didn’t ask for my help. You don’t need to know everything about Ronnie… you love her… and I guess you being a stupid boyfriend and a dumb nice person is enough… idiot.” Heather grumbled, deciding she was being too nice.

JD smiled a bit and asked for the store owner to get him the September birthstone necklace of Sapphire. He handed it to him in a little box and he paid. “She’s gonna look nice in this.” He grinned. “Th-thanks Heather…” He trailed off.

“No problem… Now enough about your dumb gift, I still need to find something better.”


“Oh look at this cute little box!” Martha exclaimed. Kurt and Ram looked over her shoulders. “You guys don’t get it, me and Ronnie shared a box just like this when we were kids! We put our barbie doll dresses in it.” Martha smiled at the memory.

“Hey! Let’s each get something to put in the box.” Kurt suggested.

“That’s a cute idea.” Martha smiled. Kurt blushed deeply and rubbed the back of his head.

“R-really… you think? It just sort of like… you know… came to me…” He blabbered. Martha giggled and went to another table in the East Meets West store, where they kept bracelets.

“I think I’m gonna get her this, because if I know JD, he’s getting her a blue necklace. So this will match.” Martha guessed perfectly. The boys were scrambling all over the store, trying to find something they could get her, but they were both having a hard time. “Hey guys, follow me. I think I have an idea.” Martha assured them. They paid for the box and bracelet and Martha took them to the store across the mall.

She walked in and handed the boys a mini-football. “A football? Does Ronia like football?” Kurt asked.

“No. But she LOVES her friends. I think you guys should both sign it like you do with the game ball, and give it to her. Even if she doesn’t like football, she’ll think that’s really sweet and love it. Because it’ll remind her of two of her friends.” Martha explained. “Like… Ronnie never liked princesses when we were little, but I loved them! And one year I gave her a princess doll… and she still has it…” Martha smiled to herself.

The boys nodded at each other and got the ball. “You got a marker?
Ram asked the man behind the counter. He nodded and handed them a marker with the Philadelphia Phillies logo on it. Kurt and Ram both signed it, then Ram tossed the marker and ball to Martha. She dropped them both and scrambled to pick them up. “W0why are you giving this to me? I-I don’t play.” She reminded.

“Yeah but you’re part if the team.” Kurt assured.

“No I’m not.” Martha reminded again.

“Not the football team, silly!” Ram corrected. “You’re part of OUR team, now sign the ball.” He told her. Martha smiled and signed the balled with hearts, Kurt signed it with a lewd picture, and Ram tried to draw a lightning strike, but it came out like a scribbly line.

“It’s perfect.”

stressedmutual  asked:

i don't know if this was asked yet, but if possible, how would the RFA (+ v and saeran if you could) react to an mc who is trans/nb and coming out to them for the first time? it could be a teary come-out, a slip up, or a "oh hey btw im trans lol", whatever you think suits each character. thank you ^^ have a nice day

hey, love💛 I hope you have a nice day/night too ^^ I hope you like this! And I hope I did it justice ^^; 

im cis so i can only hope;;;; plus i’m, uh..feeling..some kinda way today. so i thought i’d start with something cute


  • mc was not in the mood today
  • for anything, really. they would much prefer to stay in bed all day
  • especially because they really did not want to be misgendered today, as they were bound to be 
  • even by zen, who was as cheerful as everyday, but he didn’t know
  • maybe they should just tell him 
  • “hey, babe” zen said, walking back into the bedroom. “I have breakfast ready, would you like some?” 
  • “…no, i’m okay.” they said from under the blanket. zen pouted, “princess, you know you have to be healthy..”
  • the nickname made mc cringe - and not in the usual ‘zen’s being cheesy’ way
  • he felt mc shift under the covers. “are you alright, hun?”
  • “yeah…” “mc, tell me what’s bothering you.” “zen, I said nothing-” “i can tell when something’s wrong, princess, just tell me”
  • and tbh, they couldn’t handle it anymore
  • “that’s what’s wrong!” mc said, uncovering their face from the blanket. 
  • zen jerked back in surprise, looking at them. mc was tearing up as they spoke again
  • “I know you mean well, god, I know you’re only trying to be good to me. and you are, you really are, I mean that. but I- oh my god- I can’t handle that nickname.”
  • “mc…can I ask why?” now mc was crying. 
  • out with it then, mc. there’s no going back now.
  • “I-” they sigh, “I’m not a girl, Zen. I’m nonbinary.”
  • he was honestly confused, he never heard of that before
  • so the day was spent explaining and being in bed. 
  • zen listened, wiped their tears, brought in that breakfast for both of them. he asked questions, mc answered them. and he understood, in the end
  • “well. now I need a new nickname!” “isn’t ‘babe’ enough?” “no! i want to shower you in adorable nicknames for being an adorable person”


  • it was an accident. 
  • mc ordered a binder and it came in when yoosung checked the mail
  • he saw what was on the package and asked mc about it
  • “hey honey, there was a package for you. something about a binder?”
  • mc froze. oh no.
  • it’s ok mc, damage control. just make something up, it’s fine. he doesn’t need to know what it’s really for.
  • “oh, thanks, honey! I didn’t expect it to come in yet.” “I put it on the bed, okay?” “yeah, of course.”
  • nice save, mc. 
  • “why did you need a binder shipped to you, though mc? can’t you just buy one at the store?”
  • mc laughs, “sure, honey. just buy a binder at the store. I wish I could, so at least I can try it on before buying it. It would help a guy out, you know?”
  • ……….. wA I T
  • “what?” yoosung asks. mc flushes. “oh, um…”
  • “not…that kind of binder, than.” mc freezes again and looks at the ground
  • yoosung stands up and walks over, putting a hand on mc’s cheek 
  • “honey…it’s alright. you can tell me.” mc looked up at him, seeing a soft, warm smile.
  • “…I’m trans.” mc says. yoosung smiles wider, but it looks nothing like a teasing smile. “I’m a guy, yoosung.” 
  • he hugs mc tightly. “you’re the best boy I’ve ever met, honey.”


  • this was also an accident, but this time, it was on jaehee’s part
  • she didn’t know how to tell mc, especially since she just figured it out herself too
  • mc was a normal girl..and jaehee was nonbinary
  • but she would accept jaehee. of course she would…right?
  • guess she was about to find out
  • mc got home that day and jaehee spoke, “I need to tell you something, love. come sit with me?”
  • mc nodded, taking her hand and following her to the dining table. “I actually need to tell you something too, jaehee”
  • oh now jaehee was nervous
  • they sat down next to each other and jaehee took a deep breath
  • “you go first, hun.” mc said. jaehee nodded.
  • “mc, i’m…i’m nonbinary” jaehee waited for her reaction
  • mc kept quiet for a bit, staring at her and blinking
  • “…love?” “are you serious?”
  • oh no, there it was. mc was going to break up with her
  • “um, yes-” “i was just going to tell you that I’m trans!”
  • “wait- what?” “I’m a transwoman, jaehee…i couldn’t handle hiding it anymore..”
  • jaehee just pulled mc into a hug. “oh, i love you.” she let out in relief
  • mc chuckled, “i love you too.”


  • ok ok ok we can do this, mc
  • jumin won’t mind, he’s repeatedly told us he loved us for who we are, not for what we look like
  • ….but what if who we are isn’t.. 
  • oh, just do it….no no no don’t
  • the door opens and jumin calls out, “mc, I’m home!”
  • oh no
  • “hi, love! how was your day?” “busy, as always..but I’m glad to be home.”
  • mc, don’t wait any longer, do it now!
  • “um, I need to tell you something, honey bun..” 
  • jumin looked up at them before going to take his shoes off. “go ahead, my love.”
  • before mc could speak, though, they started tearing up
  • they were nervous. too nervous to say anything
  • jumin looked at them again, stopping what he was doing as soon as he saw mc crying
  • “my love, what’s wrong? are you hurt? did someone hurt you or-”
  • “no, no jumin that isn’t it, I’m sorry..” “don’t be sorry, my love. what’s wrong?”
  • “I just…I don’t know how to tell you.” “You can tell me anything, mc. I love you and I trust you.” he’s getting really worried now
  • “I’m..I’m trans, jumin. I’m a male.” 
  • he stops for a second process, but automatically moves to wipe mc’s tears
  • “oh, my love. you scared me…I thought you were really hurt..” 
  • “you don’t mind?” “of course I don’t mind. You are who you are, and I love every bit of that.”

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • he called mc after he signed them into the rfa
  • “hello? is this the new cutie in the rfa?” 
  • “have you really seen pictures of me?” mc says, making him laugh
  • “straight to the point, then. yeah, I have.” “then you know..”
  • “you’re cute, and I do mean that.” “…i am?”
  • “the cutest girl in the rfa! well, there’s only jaehee. but there’s me sometimes too.”
  • “..what?” “i’m genderfluid. but anymore about me is a secret~” 
  • “huh, alright. then I guess I can just say it.” “if you want to practice with me, sure.”
  • mc smiles. 707 catches it on the CCTV. “I’m trans.” 
  • 707 smiles too, though she can’t see, “atta girl.”
  • the conversation doesn’t stop there, of course
  • the two of them talk for a while, about how they relate to each other, how the rfa reacted to him coming out 
  • he assures her that the rfa is very welcoming, but she can take all the time she needs
  • they confide in each other, which only adds to why they get along so well 

v / jihyun

  • it was so casual with jihyun, actually
  • like, mc couldn’t explain why, it just felt so easy to just say it 
  • the two of them were laying on the couch, legs intertwined while they both read a book
  • it was quiet and V was focused, but mc kept getting distracted from their book and kept glancing at him
  • he noticed, but didn’t say anything.
  • it was actually really hard for him not to smile 
  • “hey, jihyun?”
  • “yes angel?” he said, looking up from his book.
  • “i’m nonbinary.” 
  • v smiled and sat up, leaning over to kiss mc’s forehead
  • “alright, my love. i’m glad you decided to tell me, thank you for putting that much trust in me”
  • mc blushed and sat up to kiss his cheek, “you’re so amazing, V. I don’t understand”
  • he chuckled and shook his head, leaning back to his original position
  • “you are mistaken. I’m a simple human. you, however, are an angel”
  • “jihyunnnnn” mc whines
  • “what? it’s true! angels are nonbinary too.” “who told you that, jihyun?” 
  • “every story I’ve heard of them. Plus the person right in front of me right now.”


  • honestly, saeran just had to be taking questionnaires right now
  • and mc was too used to making this damn joke
  • “full name.” saeran says
  • “don’t you know that?” mc answers
  • “true, alright. birthday?”
  • “saerannnn, you know all these things about me. why are you doing these in the first place?”
  • he fills out mc’s birthday before shrugging. “bored. we’re not sending these out anyways”
  • “fine. what other questions are there?”
  • “the usual for now. next is gender”
  • “alien.” mc says 
  • saeran looks back at them. “what?”
  • “i’m an alien, saeran.” “no, mc, like…male and female”
  • “i have to pick??”
  • oh wait, mc, saeran doesn’t know- 
  • “…can you explain?” he asks.
  • “um…i’m nonbinary?” 
  • saeran also needs a little explaining. he has more questions than zen, too
  • but he’s totally understanding
  • “…they should make an ‘alien’ option.” he says after their talk
  • “honestly.” mc says
  • he draws a circle near the ‘male’ and ‘female’ options and marks it as ‘alien’ before filling it in. “there.”
Lucas/Maya One Shot...Kinda
  • Setting: Outside Topanga's. Lucas enters store, sees Josh with mystery girl in booth, talking close and laughing together, backs to the door. Lucas turns around and stops Maya short in her tracks:
  • Lucas(dodging and blocking her as she tries to look/get past him): Hey! Hey. Hey Hi. How are you?
  • Maya (Confused, annoyed): I’m…fine? I’ll be better once I get my smoothie though, so if you’ll just kindly move out of my way-
  • Lucas (Physically blocking her again, coaxing her like a child): -Orrrr maybe we could go get ice cream. You like ice cream, right? Yea? Come on, you know you do….mint chip? Chocolate? Strawberry with fudge? Isn't that your favorite? Great so let’s go then-
  • Maya(Increasingly annoyed): No-get off me Huckleberry I don’t want ice cream, I want a smoothie. “Lets go get a smoothie” means let’s get a smoothie not let’s get to the place where they sell the smoothies then decide to go get ice cream.
  • : Gives him strange look as she passes:
  • You are SUCH a freak sometimes…
  • Lucas(to himself): Nobody ever listens to the freak.
  • : Lucas follows Maya inside
  • Maya (Has spotted Josh, stopped short): Oh. So that’s why you didn’t want me to come in.
  • : Maya turns and walks back outside, Lucas follows:
  • Lucas: Maya, I…
  • Maya (Shaking her head): You know what? It’s fine.. We said the long game, didn’t we? We never said right now. If he want’s to…talk with someone else then that’s just part of the deal we made. It doesn’t mean anything changes between us, right?
  • Lucas: I-I don't know...
  • Maya (tearing up, desperately): No I’m right Lucas, say I’m right... You’re Mr. Moral Compass you know the difference between right and wrong, tell me that it’s fine he’s in there with some other girl and that it doesn’t change anything.
  • Lucas (Beat): …Okay. It doesn’t change anything then.
  • Maya (Wiping tears, fake chuckling): Great. So…How about ice cream?
  • Lucas (Looking back into Topanga's): Sure. Good idea. Just… give me a sec, OK?
  • Maya: You’re not gonna try and be a hero are you, cowboy? Because he’s obviously…busy and I don’t need to go bothering him-
  • Lucas: -I just need to use the little boys room, is that allowed?
  • Maya: …Oh. Ok. Gross.
  • : Maya exits up stairs:
  • : Lucas enters, taps shoulder of Josh:
  • Josh: …Lucas? Uh, hi, whats up man, how’s it going-
  • Lucas: -How could you do this?
  • Josh: Do what?
  • Lucas(gesturing at Josh and girl): This, how could you possibly do this to Maya?
  • Josh(Gesturing towards girl): Dude!
  • : Josh gets up and pulls Lucas aside:
  • Maya and I had an understanding-
  • Lucas: Yea? Did your understanding include her coming in here to see you sitting with another girl, again, and then go running out of here crying...AGAIN?
  • Josh: I...I didn’t know she would be here-
  • Lucas: -You didn’t know she would show up at a place she goes almost every day after school?
  • Josh: Well I didn’t think-
  • Lucas: -You didn't think.
  • Josh: Ok hey, wait a second, that's not very fair. I TOLD Maya she should focus on the now, that we both needed to live our lives.
  • Lucas: Do you think that makes any kind of difference when she walks in here and sees something like this?
  • Josh: It wasn’t like I was trying to hurt her. It was an honest mistake-but you know, Mr. Western Hero, you sure are getting pretty heated about something that isn't really your concern.
  • : Maya enters, standing watching, Lucas and Josh don't notice:
  • Lucas: Except it does concern me. Because I care about Maya…a LOT. She's one of my best friends and the most selfless person I know. She would do anything to make the people she loves happy and she deserves someone who can give that back to her.
  • Josh: I want to see her happy.
  • Lucas: Do you? Cause if I were you I would-
  • Josh: But you're not me.
  • Lucas: Nope. I'm not.
  • : Stares at ground, long beat, thinking/hesitating, launches into speech:
  • Do you even see the real her? Or really know her at all? How unbelievably beautiful, creative, and funny she is? Not to mention brave? Do you? Because if you don’t Josh? Walk away. Walk away now. Maya doesn’t need any more reasons to feel broken. And she definitely doesn’t need to get caught up in waiting around for some guy who isn’t going to take her feelings seriously. She needs someone who is going to appreciate how special she is.
  • Josh: And who is that someone supposed to be? You, Lucas? That person is supposed to be you?
  • Lucas: I didn’t say that-
  • Josh: -You CHOSE Riley. Not Maya. Riley. Or do you not remember that?
  • Lucas: Of course I remember, but that doesn’t mean-
  • Josh: -That you don’t like her?
  • Lucas: This isn’t about me this is about Maya-
  • Josh: -Oh no I think this is definitely about you too, man. You still like her…You still like her a lot.
  • : Lucas stares at Josh, they don’t break gaze:
  • Lucas (Gets serious, close to Joshs face, quietly and fiercely): All I know, is that if I see her cry over you one more time, I might have to ruin the reputation I’ve worked so hard to get around here. And I’d rather not do that. So how about you just do whatever it takes to fix this and save us all the trouble.
  • : Josh looks past Lucas, sees Maya. Lucas catches his gaze, turns around to see Maya there:
  • Maya: Lucas…I-
  • : Lucas gives one last glare at Josh, storms out past Maya. Maya stares in disbelief for a second, then follows him out:
  • Maya: Lucas!
  • : Lucas turns around on the stairs:
  • Maya: ….Thank you? What you said, I mean, I didn't think you-
  • Lucas(Shrugging): Don't mention it. It was nothing.
  • : Lucas exits:
  • Maya(to herself, confused): It was definitely something.
Nalu Fluff Week 2017: Within the Law, Chapter 1

fanfiction by impracticaldemon
Words: ~2500 | Also available on FFnet and AO3

Author’s Note:

Once again, I’m too behind on writing to be able to complete all the prompts for this ship week, but I did want to contribute at least a little!

The main prompt for this story is “Rain” (Day 2). I am also throwing in “Vacation” converted to “Work” (Day 3), and a smidgen of “Fashion (Day 4). I haven’t yet decided what else I may do for this ship week but you can probably look for a couple more pieces. Please remember: “a fanfiction author is never late, nor is she early, she publishes precisely when she means to.” Thank you, Gandalf (and Tolkien, I suppose).

I hope that you enjoy the following shenanigans!

Chapter 1 ~ Sunshine in the Rain

Law school was tough—it turned out that Professor Porlyusica’s class on Trusts was just as bad as they’d told her—but this was infinitely worse. Here she was in downtown Magnolia, wearing her best—and currently only—suit, a tailored white blouse, sheer nylons and conservative dark heels. And she was lost. Not very lost, just momentarily stymied. Any one of the three mega-towers in with entrances onto the plaza looked like it could house the prestigious Makarov & Vermilion law firm that had granted her this precious and not-to-be-missed interview for a summer student’s position.

Unfortunately, a small contretemps at a subway turnstile involving a little white dog, an oddly bluish-grey cat with a green bandanna for a collar, and a guy rocking a great suit and neon pink hair, had caused Lucy to drop the paper with the firm’s street address. The guy had been apologetic, sort of—he’d viewed the whole thing as more funny than serious. Then he’d told the animals to meet him at the ‘usual place’ and off they’d trotted without further fuss. It had been a little weird. The man looked like he worked at some high-powered job—Lucy had assumed that the animals weren’t his.

“Don’t worry,” pink-hair-great-suit had told her, “you didn’t hurt Happy or Plue.”

That hadn’t been Lucy biggest concern, but she’d murmured something appropriate and gotten a wide grin in return. She’d even returned the guy’s wave as he rushed off—though whether to his job or to rendez-vous with his pets was unclear. He wasn’t to be seen getting on the subway, in any event.

Keep reading

How Supergirl Season 2 Was Made

Deep within the bowels of the CW, four people in suits stand around a cauldron labeled ‘Supergirl Season 2’.

Suit #1: Alright everyone, now this was the easiest brew yet, CBS gave us most of their ingredients, we just need to wrap this up with some personal touches. We’ve already added our own experience with making superhero shows from the Arrowverse, but I was thinking we could do something extra…let’s make Alex Danvers gay. It’s not like she had a love interest for people to get mad at us about, and after her wardrobe in Taxi Brooklyn half the internet is convinced Chyler is gay anyway. Now then…anyone know where we can find some Gay?

Suits #2-4 perk up and all run in opposite directions. Eventually Suit #2 comes back carrying a five gallon bucket full or rainbow liquid.

Suit #2: Hey, a friend gave me this. It’s the left over gay from Rookie Blue. There’s not much since the finale ended with the one lesbian main character having sex with another girl and being about to adopt a child, and none of the lesbians in the show got killed or went evil, but it should work.

Pours the rainbow liquid into the red and blue liquid of the show. Suit #1 looks in at the new mixture, Alex has a light rainbow aura now, but it could be waved off by the straights if they really wanted to. Suit #1 pats Suit #2 on the shoulder.

Suit #1: That’s just the right amount of gay! Good job!

Suit #2 walks off pleased. Moments later a forklift pulls up carrying a 50 gallon drum with a nozzle at the bottom, which Suit #3 aligns with the cauldron.

Suit #1: Uh…what is that?

Suit #3: Oh, this is all the leftover gay from The 100! Given the backlash we got from killing Lexa I thought it only right to apply it to our new show as a sort of apology.

Suit #1: Well that’s a very nice thought but we already added 5 gallons of gay to the season, I think that’s enough…

Suit #3 ignores Suit #1 and opens the nozzle, pouring more rainbow colored liquid directly into the cauldron.

Suit #1: Oh…okay…well alright

Suit #1 looks into the mixture as Suit #3 drives away. Alex is unmistakably, Kristen Stewart, Tegan and Sara levels of gay now, and a new character, Maggie Sawyer, appears to have materialized. Moreover the presence of Katie McGrath is drastically multiplying it, and now there’s a light rainbow coating to Kara, Winn, and Mon-El too.

Suit #1: Oh well, I guess this will just get us a cult following now. Shipping wars are always good. Plus Kara’s got a canon relationship with a guy, and Winn was with this universe’s terrible version of Siobhan Smythe, so it should balance out. We’ll just have to add a few more James/Kara dates. Wait…what’s that sound?

The massive door used for truck deliveries opens and a cement mixer backs up towards the cauldron, it’s spout lowering onto said cauldron.

Suit #1: …What the hell?

Suit #4 hops out beaming.

Suit #4: Well after TNT ended Rizzoli & Isles…

Suit #1: Are you insane? You can’t dump all the leftover gay from Rizzoli & Isles in here! We’re trying to make a superhero show, not the L Word set in the DC universe!

Suit #4: Oh no, this isn’t all of it, this isn’t even half.  Disney bought A LOT of it to spread out among their own stuff, Star Wars, and Marvel, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network both bought a bit, NBC and CBS bought some,and most of what we got the movie people took for the Amazon Island in Wonder Woman and the standalone Harley Quinn movie they’re working on. No, this is just what was left over.

Suit #1 stares in shock as Suit #4 hits a button and a river of rainbow liquid flows out into the cauldron. When it’s all done J'onn is the only one of the main cast NOT coated in gay, the James/Kara relationship has ended by the end of the first episode, and Katie McGrath doesn’t seem to have realized that she wasn’t supposed to have brought the leftover gay from Dracula with her and directed it all solely as Kara. Even Winn and Mon-El are super gay now! And while the prevailing colors of the season are still blue and red, there’s an undeniable rainbow under coat.

Suit #1: … we’re going to get letters about this.