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MAIA WEEK — Day two: favorite (relation) ship

maia x happiness

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Not totally sure this is an unpopular opinion but my top has to be Oikawa and Suga. I just think they'd really balance each other out but I don't think they really interact much in the series (I'm not caught up to the manga yet)

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I like OiSuga a lottttt!!!!! It was something I didn’t know I liked until I read a fic about them. But honestly why wouldn’t they be a good ship?!?! They’re both pretty setters with a sassy attitude and a sweet/silly side. I think they would be cute together!!!!

💕 Thank You 💕

Thank you for sticking with me so far ;v;! I know a lot of you followed me because of Kylux and Techienician. (It’s not that i don’t love them but my interest do change from time to time. I know once Episode 8 come back in December i’ll probably draw them more.)

But right now my ships are simply rare? Lol and more toward Star Wars Rebels characters..(Lyste, Zeb, Kallus, Thrawn..etc). So i won’t get offend if you need to unfollow me because of that. But for those who stay, thank you. Thank you for the reblogs, likes, and simple talking to me ;v;. (I’m very timid and get anxious a lot but i really do like talking to people.)

What can i say…Thrawn is a big fan too. Veers hold him back!


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Look, tomco is good, but only as a bromance, I just don't see them as a couple, I'm sorry, I like the bromance they have but yeah I don't think a lot of people want to see something like that...well not yet

Only as a bromance?

Dude, you don’t have to ship them. But you can’t really come here and tell me it’s only good as a friendship and state that as pure fact.

They’ve had plenty of moments that do imply romance.

Not to mention this:

Bromance:  a close but nonsexual relationship between two men.

“If i was nonsexually getting close with you Marco…..If i was (Because for some reason Tom needs to reassure himself here), you would know it.”

Tom, what in the world are you talking about ? XDD

(I mean either they mean that or something else by “Bromancing” and no matter which way it sounds, it comes out like Tom is trying to imply something romantic )

Tom and Marco do make good friends, but they have couple potential. Tom’s a hopeless romantic and clearly very loyal, as well as accepting of people. Marco’s insecurities would unlikely bother him. and Marco’s lack of fear and compassion for Tom and what he’s going through is really sweet.

You could imagine Marco taking his hand to reassure him, and telling him that at least he’ll always have him to support him and help him even when things go wrong.

You don’t think alot of people want Tomco to happen? Tomco is a pretty big ship in the fandom….

My followers, If you would like to see tomco happen, put some notes on this post.

Let people ship whoever they want in fandoms

Okay so the thing is that I’m noticed being in many fandoms of ships and all

Is the insults, harass on others peoples ships. Example and I don’t care but I ship gency and I am not afraid of admitting it. But I’m honestly fine with others ships in the overwatch fandom because that’s peoples ships.

But when people who say that the gency shippers are toxic or pharah x mercy. Or that anything is toxic, that some shippers are being homophobic or lesbophobia…. there the ones who are toxic….

P.s nothing is really canon yet for ships in overwatch yet… so don’t be mad for what I said cause it is the truth..

P.p.s if anyone has a problem for what I said in this post go ahead I’m ready for what you have to say and I’m not afraid… I think all ships are great like pharah x mercy, mchanzo, or mcsombra, or widowmaker x Tracer (((even though she’s with Emily)) and spiderbyte.

Me with my (guilty) ships
  • Me: Eh what is this fandom
  • Me: Looks cool so far on tumblr
  • Me: Let's check out some of the tags
  • Me: Oh, this is a ship?
  • Me:
  • Me: Fanfic library:804 Headcanon Likes:3098 Gallery about to combust and still counting
  • Me: *Also starts to draw fanart*
  • and i still haven't even watched the actual show yet wtf

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I'd like to see some kind of sequel to the bit where Luke becomes Emperor two days after Palps dies. He's so overwhelmed, he finds a way to call a Rebel base for help, and Leia or Mon Mothma are all "...Really?", and Luke's "YES! PLEASE HELP, I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!"

Hehe, I was considering doing more on this universe, so that’s just perfect.  Thank you, Anon. 


The Star Destroyer had exited hyperspace fifteen minutes ago, and done absolutely nothing since then. 

Leia Organa watched as evacuation proceeded, though none of the ships had launched yet.  They’d wait until everything was packed, then send everyone up in two waves. Hopefully, that would insure that the majority got away.

Leia tilted her head.  She wished Luke were here.  He’d been captured a week ago, and there’d been no word on him yet.

“Sir!” the communications officer called out. Leia couldn’t remember the Bothan’s name right away, but he was good at what he did.  General Rieekan turned and headed toward them.  “The… Star Destroyer is trying to reach us,” the comms officer said, sounding confused.

“Put them through,” Rieekan ordered. 

“…peat.  This is Luke Skywalker on board the Indomitable, please respond.”

“Luke!”  Leia called out, almost involuntarily.

“Leia, thank the Force!” Luke said.

The comm officer made and adjustment, and a small holo of Luke appeared.  He looked alright, in the holo, though tired.  He smiled slightly.  “Thank the Force,” he repeated as he looked at her.  “Um…” he paused and shifted.  “This is going to sound bad,” he admitted.

“What happened, Luke?”

Luke sighed.  “I was captured a week ago, and brought to Emperor Palpatine.  An hour or so after, Vader stormed in and… he killed the Emperor.  Two days later, Vader died of the injuries sustained in that fight.  But… uh… he was Palpatine’s heir,” he admitted.  “And he… he named me his heir.”

Leia blinked, but long years as a princess helped her connect the dots rapidly.  “You’re saying you’re the new Emperor.”

Luke looked down.  “Yeah,” he said.  He looked back up.  “I have no idea what I’m doing, Leia.  Help?”

Leia tried not to laugh, she really did, but Luke looked like a little boy who’d gotten caught with his hand in the cookie jar. “Only you, Luke,” she said.  “Only you.”

Luke grimaced.  “Maybe, but I really could use some help,” he said.  “I…” he took a deep breath.  “I am still committed to the cause of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. As the new Emperor, I can dismantle the powers Palpatine gained, and restore the Senate.  I just need help to do it peacefully.  I’d appreciate it if you can contact the rest of the Alliance Council and bring them my proposal- a peace treaty.”  He paused.  “I also would like some advice on how to keep the mess of vipers that is Palpatine’s advisory cabinet from sabotaging this.”

Leia laughed.  “Can you guarantee my safety, Luke?”

Luke tilted his head.  “On this ship, yes,” he said.  “Probably not on Coruscant.  You’re safe with me, though, I can guarantee that.”

Leia nodded.  “I need to speak with the Council, then,” she said.

Luke smiled.  “Thank you, Leia,” he said.  “It’s good to see you.”

“I’m glad you’re still ok, Luke,” Leia responded before the holo cut off.

She exchanged glances with Rieekan.  He looked to be fighting a smile.  “Only Skywalker,” he muttered.

Leia nodded.  She wasn’t sure how she felt about this, but… only Luke would get in a mess like this.  Only Luke.

The REAL reaction (in some cases)
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Brain:</b> Nice OTP you got there<p/><b>Me:</b> aww thank yo-<p/><b>Brain:</b> It'd be a shame if....<p/><b>Me:</b> wait. No.<p/><b>Brain:</b> one of them<p/><b>Me:</b> don't do it!<p/><b>Brain:</b> DIED<p/><b>Me:</b> .....huh. Actually, go ahead.<p/><b>Brain:</b> oh. Wait, really?<p/><b>Me:</b> ya, I saw it coming. Actually want it.<p/><b>Brain:</b> Uh, that's kinda messed up<p/><b>Me:</b> I know. That's the point.<p/><b>Brain:</b> I thought you liked them?<p/><b>Me:</b> I do!<p/><b>Brain:</b> .....I'm confused<p/><b>Me:</b> I dont know either<p/><b>Brain:</b> .....we need therapy<p/><b>Me:</b> yup!<p/><b></b> This is the angst writing process everyone.<p/><b></b> Tadah!<p/></p><p/></p>

me and my little sister (she’s 12) were watching ouat and I said that I will murder the writers if the show will end without Emma/Regina hug. My sister said that maybe they haven’t hugged yet because they like like each other and are too afraid, and I was like

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Len, Kara and Barry relationship head canons?

Listen nonnie, I feel strongly about this crackship okay? They’re my precious little orphan babies and they need each other. Examples: 

  1. Kara and Barry bond over loving their adoptive families while missing their biological families and the weird feelings of guilt they have for wanting to have back one family that would mean not having another family they love just as much.
  2. Also, because I (as most people I think do) headcanon Len as biracial, that means Kara, Barry, and Len all grew up in interracial/inter-species families. Given that I also headcanon that Lewis, after Len’s mother died, cut Len off from that whole part of his identity, I think Len and Kara in particular would bond the most over that feeling of being disconnected from a part of your heritage, a part of who you are, even if in Len’s experience it was out of malice whereas Kara just didn’t have anyone anymore.  
  3. People always assume Kara and Barry drag Len to Pride, because they’re all decked out in rainbows and bi/pan/ace colours/flags while Len isn’t, but Len is actually just as excited to be there. He remembers being Kara and Barry’s age, when the idea of Pride was such a scary thing, and to see them so open and carefree warms his heart (not that he’d ever admit it) Plus, seeing Supergirl and The Flash make appearances in the parade doesn’t just make Len proud of his identity, it makes Len proud of them
  4. Kara and Barry are just so emotive and loud and in your face, especially when they’re upset, and they yell and cry and are impossibly strong and fast and break things and sometimes Len needs to take a time out and get away, which at first worries the hell out of Kara and Barry (especially because the first time he does it he just… disappears without telling anyone where he’s going), but once they realize that Len’s not running away from them, just trying to stave off his own panic, they know how to give him space. Kara and Barry also work on being more open and not bottling up their feelings so they don’t come out so explosively and make Len feel unsafe, because that’s the last thing they want. They’re mostly successful, and when they can’t be, they deal with each other and talk each other down and invite Len back into the conversation once things are calmer again. 
  5. Kara gets stuck playing mediator in Flash and Captain Cold business when it inevitably comes up at home. It’s not exactly fair, because Kara’s almost always on Barry’s side. It’s one of the few glaring sore spots of their relationship, and she doesn’t want Len to feel like he’s being ganged up on. She always waits until the fight between Barry and Len is over then speaks to Len on her own, usually over pizza and pot stickers. Her “we’re not angry, just disappointed” speeches often end up sounding weirdly maternal, but they seem to be effective as after each one, Len drops more and more of his criminal habits. 
  6. (Barry is the king of make up sex, and Kara nearly always gets to reap the rewards too, so she’s not exactly complaining, turns out there are fun ways of being stuck in the middle)    
  7. They don’t technically live together, but they basically do, hardly ever spending more than a night alone without at least one of their partners around. They all have their own places, and rotate where they stay over, which isn’t that inconvenient with Cisco’s breach device. Still, they end up spending the most time in National City, especially Len, because he has no reputation on this Earth as a criminal and plans to keep it that way. 
  8. Len jokes that National City is like his “clean” alias, but Kara and Barry can both see the bit of longing behind the flippant remark, to be able to start fresh. Len’s even teamed up with Kara and Barry a few times on her Earth with the DEO, and Kara and Barry know how proud he is that to the people of National City, Captain Cold is a hero, even if Len tries to play off that he only likes it because Kara and Barry like it.  
  9. The more Len gives up thieving professionally, the more he starts thieving casually. Like, he lifts Kara and Barry’s wallets off them all the time. He steals them flowers as they walk by storefronts (just individual flowers, not full bouquets, so Barry and Kara let it slide, even if it always gets them super flustered at first and they chastise Len for doing something illegal, which he doesn’t take too seriously as neither Kara or Barry are any good at hiding how much it flatters them) 
  10. Also for someone so emotionally repressed, Len is stupid romantic. He manages to upstage Barry. There was a full week where Len and Barry were just competing back and forth to see who could do the better job of wooing Kara (even though they were already dating), which Kara thought was just the sweetest and Winn was unbearably jealous of. 
  11. Kara identifies as panromantic homosexual, which when she first tells Barry and Len after a few months of dating sends Barry into a huge guilt spiral. Len and Kara talk for hours, until dawn, after she comes out - about sexuality and gender and society - while Barry angsts and makes himself scarce. In the morning, Kara and Len corner Barry and force him to sit and listen as Kara explains that she hasn’t been unhappy in their relationship or doing anything she doesn’t want or isn’t comfortable with. It isn’t until Kara explains her views on sex with men in the same context as Barry’s views on sex at all as an asexual person that Barry is able to relax and stop feeling guilty (a headcanon I will expand upon if anyone’s curious) 
  12. Kara and Len like quiet evenings in where they paint their nails together. More often than not, Barry joins them, not because it has anything to do with his gender identity or his gender expression the way it does for Len but just because he doesn’t want to feel left out. Also, Len usually ends up turning painting Barry’s nails into a hand massage before he even opens the bottle of polish, and how could Barry ever pass that up? Nail Polish Nights also usually involve wine and ice cream and face masks and rom-coms, all of which Barry is also super into. 
  13. (One night, Barry and Kara coerce Len into a blanket fort, which totally messes up his back for nearly a month - he’s too old for this, damn it! - and they are never speaking of it again)
  14. Len clams up any time the subject of kids or parenting comes up. Barry and Kara haven’t pushed yet, but they both know they’re going to have to soon and anticipate it to be very messy. Like, we might break up messy. 

I mean, I could go on, but I don’t think I should, because this could get really out of hand and I can’t fall in love with another crack ship, I just can’t

(but seriously, how much do I love these three?)

SHIPPING INFO // answer the following for your muse(s) so people know how shipping works on your blog. REPOST. don’t reblog.

I have really no otp per se, currently I only have two active ships which is with @crownviper​ and @magicbound​ so consider them my otps if you are going to consider for an otp *shrugs off infinity* And like the one with Roche has not even reached that point yet but you know, ships with me take forever to set actual sail.

I am not sure what I’m meant to answer here but like I don’t tend to write smut, and I usually prefer the fade to black when things are about to get specific. Anything else? I’m totally willing to talk about it at least but there are a few things that I do feel iffy about because of the priestess’ personality. She is not the easiest person to deal with and it’s definitely something that she is not looking for, so like it’s always a matter of discussing.

The priestess is old as balls. She will not get involved with anyone under 40 and they need to look the part when it comes to beings of ‘this age’ ( meaning, those that can age and will die ). 

Yeah, I definitely am, mostly because the priestess’ personality is as it is and she is not really leaning towards romance or relationships in general. The fact that she only gets interested in older people also doesn’t help because there aren’t that many and even those that are immortal is basically ‘nah’ for her. She is very picky and chemistry is important, so is the way that their relationship works because the priestess can, at times, not be a good partner at all and I need my rp partner to understand that.

Hm. I rarely write actual steamy moments, but I guess when stuff starts getting hot and heavy I just throw down the nsfw towl.


I definitely prefer one to ask me, but at the same time? If we’re interacting a whole lot? It becomes obvious if the characters have chemistry and in that case it’s sort of a given, especially because I don’t do most interactions without actual plotting. But yeah, asking is always better just to make sure because the priestess is not keen in openly and obvious flirting and will probably won’t respond to it well. As of right now I don’t ship her with anyone else other than the ones that I have already.


With a good plot? All the time.


I am??? In between, I guess? Most people that I ship with are not on the same timezone as I am so it makes it basically impossible to actually you know talk and plot extensively or talk with them wihtout just leaving a skype message for whenever which is fine. I also don’t tend to speak a whole lot ooc and get extremely self conscious about sending things with worry that I’m bothering people (I’m working on this and simply going by the laws of ‘fuck it all’) I think I am a mix of the two. I love the ships that I have and I will always be willing to scream at them but I’m not to the point to seek them actively out. If it happens great and I will love it dearly, if it doesn’t it doesn’t :’)) does this make any sense?? :’))


ye boy.

uh *scratches own face and squints* uh, let me think. squints really hard. whispers fucking kill me I am?? Can I just go for ocs and stuff from the actual rp scene? @makerbound and@brightflight gives me life for example, @onioning and @canticleofmercy don’t judge me it hurts my heart @vintyvanora and @molioanimatra is also good :’))) The ships that I have here at the priestess are also my faves, don’t even touch me, they are my life.


Write with me, speak to me on tumblr im ( because anywhere else there’s the chance of me taking longer to reply ), the speak to me step is not mandatory but you know. Talking in the tags?? Is such a huge thing for me, I love to do it and I do it often. In the end, it simply boils down to the point whether if our muses have chemistry or not, that and if we can come up with a good plot. I fucking love to plot and really romance with the priestess is not happening without plotting and even with plotting it can fall flat. :’))

tagged by: @youriinquisitorialness​​ and someone else but now I can’t recall :(( thank you even if I fucking sweat everytime I answer memes like this

tagging: consider youself tagged :’))

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Do you ship Ochako and izuku? You're art is the bomb it makes me cry inside. like izuku is stuttering and blushing super hard and ochako is really sweet and all might cackling of laughter. This ask is a ray of sunshine to lighten up the angst.

Hey, Anon!! Thanks so much for the kind words ;o; I can’t lie, Midoriya and Uraraka would make a PRECIOUS couple and I cry to the thought of a red faced Midoriya introducing his first girlfriend to All Might and his mom ;;; But I have not shipped them romantically as of yet, and I think they would be just as cute if they were inseparable best friends as well! ;o; 

These are the current ships that I’m weak for in BNHA! I didn’t include them, but I also gave thought to shipping Midoriya and Tsuyu ;o; Also I really love Present Mic and Eraser Head together! 

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omg i don't mean to be rude and i'm not hating i swear i'm just really curious to know why you ship taekook :]

just to clear things up, in no way am i saying that they’re dating irl i just think their dynamic is hella cute and the both of them are so different yet so fucking similar at the same time. they’re a pair who never fails to have fun with each other yet there are also the softer moments which are not always obvious but you can tell they really care/support each other afhoiergfjds 

well, this wouldn’t be solid without some moments so!!!!

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So I just started S6 of Spn, and I have a question. I hear so much about Destiel being canon, and I'm trying so hard, but I just don't see it yet. I really love the idea, but I am having a hard time getting when it even started. Is this just a "You're still too far behind" problem? Is there more evidence as I continue through S6 and beyond? Maybe I'm spoiled by Sherlock because there are only 9 episodes, so it's pretty quick to spot Johnlock. I don't even know if this makes any sense. >.<

Well, if you just started s6, there isn’t any indication that it will go canon. Nonny, let me tell you about my personal Destiel shipping experience, and I think things will become clearer.

Before I started watching SPN, I knew Destiel was a thing and a big thing at that, but I figured that there probably wasn’t much narrative/structure/intent behind it, like most popular slash ships. So, when Castiel showed in s4, I was somewhat vindicated. Yes, Dean and Cas shared long stares and there was something interesting and dynamic about their relationship, but I thought a snowball had a better chance in hell than the story acknowledging their relationship, and acknowledging it seriously.

And the ‘seriously’ part matters! SPN throughout the Kripke and Gamble eras played homoerotic subtext as a joke. As you move through s6, you will see this crop up again and again where characters make references to the perceived homoeroticism of Dean and Castiel’s relationship, but they are mocking or part of jokes. So, as my boyfriend can attest, I joked about it, too, all throughout s6. I, like you, didn’t ship it and didn’t get why people shipped it, beyond hot dudes with sexual chemistry. Not to say that sexual chemistry’s not important, but if that’s all that’s the show is giving me, that’s not an indication that the show is going to do anything with their little slash ship, no matter how popular.

However, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked when I saw 6x20. I don’t want to spoil you, so I won’t give you any details, but 6x20, also known as The Man Who Would Be King or TMWWBK, was a game changer in terms of the narrative of the show and the myth arc of s6, the character arcs of s6. It also has some significant moments that made me rethink the way I was thinking about Destiel and the complex and intimate relationship between Dean and Cas.

Basically, you could run a poll asking Destiel shippers when they started shipping it, and I’m sure a majority would say 6x20. 

Now, just because TMWWBK made me start shipping it doesn’t mean that I thought at that point it would ever go canon. And that was very strange for me. My shipping history is almost exclusively canon pairings or had a very good chance of going canon but didn’t for whatever reason. But with Destiel, again, I didn’t think it would ever go canon even after I started shipping it. s6 and s7, the Gamble era, have boatloads of DeanCas subtext, but zero indication that Gamble had any plans for going canon with it. To understand Dean’s character arcs in s6 and s7, his relationship with Castiel and the state of that relationship is absolutely crucial, but most of the exploration of that impact is left to subtle parallels and subtext. The end of s7 is absolutely brutal in terms of their relationship (in my opinion); there’s a focus on their (lack of) communication and effects that has on their friendship, and that’s the only real textual acknowledgement of closeness and intimacy of their relationship.

But then came s8 and the Carver era. While I’ve seen many jump ship in the Carver era, I REALLY LOVE S8 AND S9. There are some issues with the Carver era, but it’s greatest strength is its clear and consistent structure. One of the great things about watching s9 has been seeing themes and ideas and arcs that were set up in s8 getting brought back and paid off in s9. So, it really wasn’t until about halfway through s8 that I even thought that romantic canon!Destiel could be a thing that’s in the cards. 

Finally, while romantic/sexual DeanCas is still mostly subtextual in the Carver era, there are a multitude of structural indications that we’re going to get canon Destiel. Instead of winks and nudges, like what we got in the Kripke and Gamble eras, the Carver era has given us parallel story arcs, making them true equals (or at least moving that way), and hints that they want to be together, though whether romantically or platonically is yet to be seen. When you get to s9, I recommend reading this by deathbycoldopen and this by thecaptainsoiree and just about any meta by crossroadscastiel and this meta by me, because they are all canon!Destiel positive, and the arguments rely on evidence from narrative structure. 

So, while you may not see Destiel now (and you might not even see it ever! and that’s ok!), there’s a good chance that you’ll see it soon. And while I’m pretty optimistic that something romantic is going to happen and DeanCas is endgame, I know there are some people who don’t agree. So, I recommend watching for yourself and reading as much meta as you can and making up your mind for yourself. And I hope that when you get caught up, you come back and talk to me about it! :)

Time is a ribbon with many folds. 
Formed from our past together 
and our future yet to come.

So I just found this post, and I just wanted to talk about it a little bit.  At least in terms of Garrett, because — I think it’s just really important in getting to know him?  I don’t know if anyone will find this post relevant or not, but I’ve put these thoughts into tags before yet not an actual post, so… yes.

Anyway, when it comes to other muses — either for ships, for friends, just talking to anyone really — Garrett tends to know almost right away if he’s going to like this person or not.  Yes, he wants people who are talented and intelligent, yes he wants people who are ambitious, who don’t sit around waiting for life to happen, but who go out and happen to life.

But I think what gets lost somewhere along the way with that is demonstrated kindness.  

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I think I belong to demons and hell
Because I tend to burn people at the stake
For sins they have yet to commit
Because all I ever learn was that
People tend to leave and fall out of love
So I made it a goal of mine
To never be the last one holding on
But as I leave lovers and as I leave you
I am starting to realize
Loving so much that you decide to sink with the ship
Isn’t so bad after all
I want to find a way to reverse this mind set
And fall so deeply in love
I forget that I can swim

So yet again, I will set you free
Know that this was never meant to be
I am abandoning hope once again


I don’t really give people a chance.


Actual lines from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, part BB-8
  • *An average day outside Maz Kanata's tavern. Rey and Finn are walking by a babbling brook. Yes, there totally was a babbling brook*
  • Finn (romance novel-like): Rey, I have something really important I want to ask you. First off, I want to say...you look really beautiful today. The way the light catches your eyes, I just want to stare into them for the rest of my life.
  • Rey (in her head): Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god...he's finally doing this. I don't know how I feel about this.
  • Finn: I can't deny what I feel for you. You're my forever girl and I want to ask you-
  • *Suddenly, Kylo Ren drops from the sky. He removes his helmet and flips his hair sexily. Rey and Finn both blush*
  • Kylo (tortured soul mode activated): Hey babe...we've only just met but to me, you're the real chosen one. You bring balance to my life because I love you. You bring me to life and you taste like Vader, only sweeter! I want to be with you to the point that I'm willing to brave the coldness of the light...as long as you're the light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Rey (in her head): Oh...okay. I didn't know that about him but for some reason, I'd be totally okay with that. Man, what's happening right now? Is this 'confess your love to Rey day'? Who's next-
  • *Poe Dameron flies in on his X-Wing and jumps out, blaster at hand*
  • Poe: HEY. Get away from Rey, I'm her one true love!
  • Finn: What are you talking about? You didn't even share a single scene with her!
  • Poe: The absence of a scene does not mean the scene did not occur! Rey, you remember that time I confessed my love to you before taking on a rancor, an army of jawas, and a Sith lord that was sent to kill you, right?
  • Rey: Um...I think...I think I gotta go. Yeah, this has been great and all but-
  • *At this point, a whole bunch of characters start showing up as Rey looks more and more confused*
  • Jessika: Hey Rey...you, me. Ladies night. Then maybe we can go back to my place and test out my whips. (winks)
  • Statura: Only an admiral can show you a good time, not like these clowns! You like ships? I got a whole fleet! (starts tossing out credits, making it rain)
  • Chewbacca: *sexy roar*
  • BB-8 (in droid speak): I'm just a bachelor! I'm looking for a partner! Someone who knows how to ride! Without even falling off!
  • Luke: Well, we don't know if you're my daughter yet so...
  • Captain Phasma: *flexes muscles while still in chrome suit*
  • TR-8R: I'M A TREYTOR BECAUSE I HAVE FEELINGS FOR YOU! JUST FOR YOU, I WILL ALSO DESERT THE FIRST ORDER! (performs an elaborate mating dance routine with his spinning baton thing)
  • /
  • /
  • /
  • *as everyone argues, Rey flees*
  • Narrator: And at that point, Rey realized that this was one star war that she wanted no part of. No other war was as deadly as a shipping war. That's why this chapter's called, 'Rey Doesn't Need a Lover'-
  • Rey (breaking the fourth wall): Damn it, Quentin Tarantino, go back to the Hateful Eight!
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