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MAIA WEEK — Day two: favorite (relation) ship

maia x happiness

why is everybody so upset people ship clalec? so far we had three episodes filled with angry looks, banter and sassy remarks, not to mention “you’re upset by the way jace is looking at her” and “if you really feel that way about her why did you help us”, generally alec being lowkey obsessed with clary and, let’s be real, some real chemistry game going on.

i’m personally not so big on hate-to-love relationships, but how are you all so surprised people who have not read the books jumped on clalec like thirsty wanderers on an oasis.

I think if anything, it’s easier for Karen to sympathize with Frank than it is with Matt in some ways, because Karen in a lot of ways is more like Frank… I think the relationship growth for Karen and Matt will be ‘How can they really open up and show their true self to each other?’ And in a way, I think she’s already there with Frank. I mean, Karen’s a vigilante more akin to Frank in many ways than to Matt, who has his religiousness and his righteousness that is sort of pulling him in many directions. I think in some ways, Karen can’t be really honest about who she is with Matt in a way that she can be with Frank

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Any Legends pairing + Once Upon a Time AU

You..you couldn’t have helped a girl out and given me just ONE ship?  DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY HEADCANONS THIS GIVES ME

Instead of five headcanons for one ship, I’m going to do one headcanon and five ships.  SO THERE.

1.  Prince Raymond of the Palms has been in love with Lily White since the day she ambushed his carriage and robbed him, only to later save his life by rescuing him from trolls.  For her part, science teacher Lilian Stein thinks the school janitor Ray Palmer is kind of cute, in a nerdy way, and the inventions he keeps in the school basement - along with a pet raccoon named Leia - are amazing.

2.  Gideon Ryder is not a ship.  She would know if she was.  But that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with the insistence of Rip Hunter, the town…eccentric…that she’s the spirit of his lost ship, the Waverider.  Sometimes she almost wishes it were true…

3.  Amaya Jiwe’s ability to work with animals is almost magical, a useful talent for a veterinarian.  Animals aren’t the only creatures she has a strange connection with - she can see there’s more to Mick Rory than rumours of arson and violence.  She just wishes he could see it, too.

(Mick knows he’s not the chief of Storybrooke’s fire department.  And as soon as magic returns, he’ll have the power to burn everything.  Because fire is the only thing that matters.)

4.  Clarissa Hofmann may be lonely, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to let it stop her from helping others.  Like that poor man who’s been in a coma since as long as she can remember.  The least she can do is read him stories of magical knights who burn like the sun.

5.  Leonard Snart is the mayor of Storybrooke, and he’s really good at his job.  In fact, he’s the best mayor the town’s had since, well, ever.  But when a smart-mouthed blonde with anger-issues and way too many knives to be legal comes to town, suddenly he’s having dreams of a life where he’s a little less law-abiding and a little more…crooked.

(Sara Lance is nobody’s saviour.  She can’t even save herself.)

Send my a ship + AU

“Wherefore art thou, Captain Anaantia?”

“You’ll like this one then. It’s about a grief mad ship which abducts an unremarkable miner pilot thinking she’s its long-dead captain. Hilarious, yet heart-tugging misunderstandings ensue.”

Episode Four: The Gerentate Menace!

Scene: Mercy of Amaat, Lieutenant’s mess hall.

ARIAT SESK is sat at a table, attended by AMAAT ONE.

ARIAT: I’ve told you time and time again, you delusional heap of junk! I’m not your captain!

AMAAT ONE: Really, Captain, you mustn’t say such things. If only Lieutenant Tam would wake up, she could examine you. You really must discipline her.

ARIAT: Your Lieutenant is a mummified corpse!

AMAAT ONE: Her implants are still reporting normal vital signs.

ARIAT: Her implants are in a bucket!

AMAAT ONE: Please, Captain, just calm down and drink some tea. The Presger ships have stopped pursuing us.

AMAAT ONE hands ARIAT a bowl of tea. ARIAT takes it, grimacing.

ARIAT: (muttering) Those were asteroids.

ARIAT: Look, what do I have to do to convince you?

AMAAT ONE: Begging your very great indulgence, Captain, but you can’t convince me of something that’s patently untrue.

ARIAT: (sighs) Look, at the very least we need to take on a new Lieutenant, yes? Even if Lieutenant Tam’s implants report that she’s in good health, I’m not comfortable with her having slept for… How long is it, Ship?

AMAAT ONE: Four hundred and three years, six months, fourteen days.

ARIAT: That doesn’t strike you as at all unusual?

AMAAT ONE: It is contrary to regulations. She has missed one hundred and forty-seven thousand, two hundred and eighty-nine shifts.

ARIAT: I would like her examined by another trained medic. So we must put in at a palace station. Which is nearest, Ship?

AMAAT ONE: Tstur palace is two weeks and one day distant.

ARIAT: Set course, then.

AMAAT ONE: Very good, Captain.

Cut to: Mercy of Amaat, Bridge

ARIAT SESK is in the Captain’s chair, attended by AMAAT ONE.

ARIAT: What’s that over there? Magnify.

The view-screen shows a Sword. Zoom in to hull markings, reading Sword of Phey

ARIAT: A Sword! Amaat be praised! Ship, open a channel. I want to speak to their Captain.

The lights go dim, sirens sound.

SHIP: Captain, it’s a Gerentate Banner-ship! We won’t be able to gate unless it’s destroyed!

ARIAT: What?! No, you malfunctioning bucket of scrap, it’s Sword of Phey!

SHIP: Your eyes must be playing tricks on you, Captain. Launching missiles!

ARIAT: Varden’s suppurating cuticles!


O Captain, my Captain, where have you fled?

I found you again, but you claimed to be dead!

Surely the battle has made you insane,

For your implants, I see, are not in your brain!

Lie down on the table, and as soon as I’m able,

I’ll open you up and connect you to meee…

O Captain, my Captain, why do you flee?

ARIAT: (shouted, distant) Stay away from me, you psychotic trash pile!


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Hello ! Well i'm a Joneys shipper for years but i would like you to explain me the Jonsa chemistery if you have time. I'm maybe an ignorant but i don't very understand this ship ...

First off, l sincerely want to thank you for phrasing your question respectfully. I really hope you don’t take this as patronizing and condescending, because I honestly appreciate it when people are open to having a polite discussion. Lord knows there are plenty of assholes in this fandom, in ALL fandoms, and I’m grateful that none have come to my inbox yet (that was NOT an invitation!).

I’m a little fuzzy on what exactly you mean by “chemistry”. Are you referring to the actors?

It is undeniable that Kit Harington and Sophie Turner’s chemistry is AMAZING! I wouldn’t call it “off the charts” since only one pairing will ever hold that title in my heart- Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe from Outlander- but it’s pretty damn close, right up there with the best of them. Certainly some of the best chemistry I’ve seen on GoT to date. Could it be due to their self-professed sibling-like relationship? Could be. That certainly doesn’t hurt. But a lot of it has to do with direction and the framing of shots. In a show of such magnitude, with famously perfectionist writers who have been known to refilm certain shots dozens of times to get the perfect angle, the way that scenes are filmed definitely has significance.

Being that the Jonsa ship is such a vast topic, and I don’t want my poor followers to develop “scroll-wrist” trying to get to the bottom of my post, I’ll let my lovely fellow-shippers contribute some of their favorite Jonsa meta theories to be found in the wider Tumblr-verse. After all, so many have explained it much better than I can.




If this is something you are truly interested, anon, there’s plenty more out there to read. Be sure to check out @jonsameta for lots more where this came from!

And of course, I’d be more than happy to talk via DM if you’d like to discuss some more.

P.S. If anybody has any other links they’d like to share, please please reblog and add. Let’s make this a Jonsa meta masterpost!

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(I don't know if anyone came up with this yet so let me know, but I just thought of something that I really hate and you're the first person I thought of to send this to) So about the polyam ship,, if the sides were having intercourse with eachother, wouldn't this be in Thomas' case... a mindfuck?


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Me with my (guilty) ships
  • Me: Eh what is this fandom
  • Me: Looks cool so far on tumblr
  • Me: Let's check out some of the tags
  • Me: Oh, this is a ship?
  • Me:
  • Me: Fanfic library:804 Headcanon Likes:3098 Gallery about to combust and still counting
  • Me: *Also starts to draw fanart*
  • and i still haven't even watched the actual show yet wtf

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I don't really get this idea that shuu would be outraged by kaneki getting married. I get he was obsessed with kaneki and possibly even was/is in love with him but what would be the point of karrens arc if shuu remains the same. What's the point of losing karren, doesn't her death lose meaning if he remains the same man? He got character development yet fans want to take it away and I don't get it. Only reason I see is they're upset about their ship.

Yeah, the Rose Arc was very much about Shuu coming to see people as people rather than objects for his satisfaction, and indeed, obsession. It took the slaughter of almost his entire household for him to really understand how much they meant to him, even turning against his object of obsession in Kaneki for their sake.

And really, he doesn’t know anything about Kaneki either. Because he’s truly seeing him as a person now, with good qualities and bad. The process began in the second half of the original manga when he started caring about Kaneki beyond his tastiness (though by his wholly positive reaction to the wedding I’m not convinced romantic love was ever a factor), but he still convinced himself Kaneki was just his Gourmet food. Now he sees him as he truly is, and the loss of the beautiful illusion - another major theme for this arc, concerning a certain Haise Sasaki - makes him feel lonely; much like Kaneki will.

But after discovering that not everything was illusory, that what he truly liked about Kaneki - his friendship - is still there, he regains his faith in him, but as a friend and vassal, not as a predator or an obsessive. 

In the same way, Kaneki discovers that no longer being Haise doesn’t mean no longer being loved - there are a great many people that love the true him that he never realised before.

So, to summarise Tsukiyama’s character arc in a gif:

Originally posted by hereliesafrozenheart

As such, Tsukiyama is the biggest symbol of hope for even the most far gone of Ghouls to pull themselves back from the brink of madness and depravity. He certainly hasn’t renounced his violent ways, but now he uses them towards his newfound sense of Giri, when once he was ruled entirely by his Ninjo.

So yes, as Tsukiyama treats Kaneki simply as an equal and as a friend now rather than his own personal property, his reaction was completely natural and showcases his positive development.

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Look, tomco is good, but only as a bromance, I just don't see them as a couple, I'm sorry, I like the bromance they have but yeah I don't think a lot of people want to see something like that...well not yet

Only as a bromance?

Dude, you don’t have to ship them. But you can’t really come here and tell me it’s only good as a friendship and state that as pure fact.

They’ve had plenty of moments that do imply romance.

Not to mention this:

Bromance:  a close but nonsexual relationship between two men.

“If i was nonsexually getting close with you Marco…..If i was (Because for some reason Tom needs to reassure himself here), you would know it.”

Tom, what in the world are you talking about ? XDD

(I mean either they mean that or something else by “Bromancing” and no matter which way it sounds, it comes out like Tom is trying to imply something romantic )

Tom and Marco do make good friends, but they have couple potential. Tom’s a hopeless romantic and clearly very loyal, as well as accepting of people. Marco’s insecurities would unlikely bother him. and Marco’s lack of fear and compassion for Tom and what he’s going through is really sweet.

You could imagine Marco taking his hand to reassure him, and telling him that at least he’ll always have him to support him and help him even when things go wrong.

You don’t think alot of people want Tomco to happen? Tomco is a pretty big ship in the fandom….

My followers, If you would like to see tomco happen, put some notes on this post.

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Not totally sure this is an unpopular opinion but my top has to be Oikawa and Suga. I just think they'd really balance each other out but I don't think they really interact much in the series (I'm not caught up to the manga yet)

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

I like OiSuga a lottttt!!!!! It was something I didn’t know I liked until I read a fic about them. But honestly why wouldn’t they be a good ship?!?! They’re both pretty setters with a sassy attitude and a sweet/silly side. I think they would be cute together!!!!

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I don't know if you guys can answer this, but what is the most popular ship and the most popular character in the fandom? I know Bakugou won the last Popularity pool in Japan, but I don't think westerns and Japanese have the same top characters.

deku came in first for the original american poll with tsuyu in 2nd place. there hasn’t been a second poll for the west yet. as for ships, kiri/bakugo and todo/deku seem really popular but there’s no official shipping poll that i know of -mod jirou

since there’s yet to be a 3rd JP poll and a 2nd american poll, we aren’t sure. as for ships, Japan is pretty big on kami//jirou and todo//momo (even their merchandise is sold together!) but the US is probably different as you said. Pixiv has a lot of kami//jirou art and tumblr is heavy on todo//deku and kiri//baku, so it really depends on where you go. –mod nejire

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I'd like to see some kind of sequel to the bit where Luke becomes Emperor two days after Palps dies. He's so overwhelmed, he finds a way to call a Rebel base for help, and Leia or Mon Mothma are all "...Really?", and Luke's "YES! PLEASE HELP, I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!"

Hehe, I was considering doing more on this universe, so that’s just perfect.  Thank you, Anon. 


The Star Destroyer had exited hyperspace fifteen minutes ago, and done absolutely nothing since then. 

Leia Organa watched as evacuation proceeded, though none of the ships had launched yet.  They’d wait until everything was packed, then send everyone up in two waves. Hopefully, that would insure that the majority got away.

Leia tilted her head.  She wished Luke were here.  He’d been captured a week ago, and there’d been no word on him yet.

“Sir!” the communications officer called out. Leia couldn’t remember the Bothan’s name right away, but he was good at what he did.  General Rieekan turned and headed toward them.  “The… Star Destroyer is trying to reach us,” the comms officer said, sounding confused.

“Put them through,” Rieekan ordered. 

“…peat.  This is Luke Skywalker on board the Indomitable, please respond.”

“Luke!”  Leia called out, almost involuntarily.

“Leia, thank the Force!” Luke said.

The comm officer made and adjustment, and a small holo of Luke appeared.  He looked alright, in the holo, though tired.  He smiled slightly.  “Thank the Force,” he repeated as he looked at her.  “Um…” he paused and shifted.  “This is going to sound bad,” he admitted.

“What happened, Luke?”

Luke sighed.  “I was captured a week ago, and brought to Emperor Palpatine.  An hour or so after, Vader stormed in and… he killed the Emperor.  Two days later, Vader died of the injuries sustained in that fight.  But… uh… he was Palpatine’s heir,” he admitted.  “And he… he named me his heir.”

Leia blinked, but long years as a princess helped her connect the dots rapidly.  “You’re saying you’re the new Emperor.”

Luke looked down.  “Yeah,” he said.  He looked back up.  “I have no idea what I’m doing, Leia.  Help?”

Leia tried not to laugh, she really did, but Luke looked like a little boy who’d gotten caught with his hand in the cookie jar. “Only you, Luke,” she said.  “Only you.”

Luke grimaced.  “Maybe, but I really could use some help,” he said.  “I…” he took a deep breath.  “I am still committed to the cause of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. As the new Emperor, I can dismantle the powers Palpatine gained, and restore the Senate.  I just need help to do it peacefully.  I’d appreciate it if you can contact the rest of the Alliance Council and bring them my proposal- a peace treaty.”  He paused.  “I also would like some advice on how to keep the mess of vipers that is Palpatine’s advisory cabinet from sabotaging this.”

Leia laughed.  “Can you guarantee my safety, Luke?”

Luke tilted his head.  “On this ship, yes,” he said.  “Probably not on Coruscant.  You’re safe with me, though, I can guarantee that.”

Leia nodded.  “I need to speak with the Council, then,” she said.

Luke smiled.  “Thank you, Leia,” he said.  “It’s good to see you.”

“I’m glad you’re still ok, Luke,” Leia responded before the holo cut off.

She exchanged glances with Rieekan.  He looked to be fighting a smile.  “Only Skywalker,” he muttered.

Leia nodded.  She wasn’t sure how she felt about this, but… only Luke would get in a mess like this.  Only Luke.

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Feelings on Kacchako? It's cool if you don't like it :) I know it's a lesser liked ship

im.. kinda neutral about it. but I think it’s the ship involving bakugou I like the most with bakushima. uraraka is one of the very few characters who dares to speak frankly to bakugou and I really appreciate it. I’m not sure yet about them in a romantic sense but kacchako is one of the most interesting bakugou pair to me so far

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just thought what if bellamy can hear all of clarkes messages and he's listening to her when suddenly she says "i see you." imagine him freaking out yelling into a radio he knows she can't hear "what? THATS NOT US!" "raven we can't wait any longer, i don't care about the damn reentry! we have to go back NOW!" "she might be in danger murphy!" and they'd all have to calm him down and reason with him that the ship isn't safe yet "bellamy you can't help her if we all die reentering the atmosphere"

lol this concept is really adorable but also painful bc he wouldn’t be able to get to her, just knows she’s in trouble… rip my emotional stability

The REAL reaction (in some cases)
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Brain:</b> Nice OTP you got there<p/><b>Me:</b> aww thank yo-<p/><b>Brain:</b> It'd be a shame if....<p/><b>Me:</b> wait. No.<p/><b>Brain:</b> one of them<p/><b>Me:</b> don't do it!<p/><b>Brain:</b> DIED<p/><b>Me:</b> .....huh. Actually, go ahead.<p/><b>Brain:</b> oh. Wait, really?<p/><b>Me:</b> ya, I saw it coming. Actually want it.<p/><b>Brain:</b> Uh, that's kinda messed up<p/><b>Me:</b> I know. That's the point.<p/><b>Brain:</b> I thought you liked them?<p/><b>Me:</b> I do!<p/><b>Brain:</b> .....I'm confused<p/><b>Me:</b> I dont know either<p/><b>Brain:</b> .....we need therapy<p/><b>Me:</b> yup!<p/><b></b> This is the angst writing process everyone.<p/><b></b> Tadah!<p/></p><p/></p>

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Hey, hope this doesn't come out too weird or anything, but I'm curios if you have any Trans!Kit headcannons? I actually love to hear about it

not weird at all!! I have LOTS of trans!Kit headcanons tbh!

Please, remember, this is diving into the nonbinary!species headcanons

  • He was about three years old when he realized he really didn’t like being called a girl.
  • He didn’t know what he was until he was around fourteen, after he was taken in by Ki-Adi Mundi after his first master Fell.
  • He only knew because he started researching his own species.
  • Not much was found, until he was fifteen, when he met a Nautolan on Alderaan, who sat and explained everything to him.
  • He went back to the Temple and told Ki-Adi EVERYTHING
  • Ki-Adi hugged the hell out of his padawan because he had NO IDEA his padawan was struggling.
    • he promptly told Kit that he could go to him for ANYTHING, no matter what.
  • Kit was twenty five when he told Obi-Wan (and after trying to figure out ages, I gather that Obi Wan is only a few years younger than him, if not the same age).
  • Kit tells the council shortly after The Clone Wars start(s?), because he literally cannot not say anything because now he’s on the council and Obi Wan is the literal embodiment of ‘Fuck not outing you, I’m using your right pronouns because I refuse to hurt you like that’, so it was kind of necessary.
  • Mace and Plo are flabbergasted that he never said anything before, because they’re FRIENDS what the FUCK Kit.
  • Ki-Adi is just proud that his padawan is actually finally completely coming out to everyone (or, at least, everyone in the Temple).
  • Luminara is basically the ‘bitch me too, the fuck’ gif
  • Nahdar is Angry that his master Never Told Him because GODDAMMIT MASTER WHY WOULD YOU LET ME HURT YOU LIKE THAT!?!?!?
  • When he gets a clone battalion, he isn’t found out until they get their first underwater mission and someone notices he don’t have a dick and they ask questions because now everyone is confused.
  • So Kit explains it.
  • And at least half his troopers come out via “SO THAT’S WHY I HATE BEING CALLED A MAN/WOMAN”
  • Kit immediately calls Plo and is told “Yeah, we figured that out already, talk to Rabé about getting them hormones. Also, I suggest getting some for yourself, it’s been long enough my friend”
  • Rabé makes a personally trip because she must meet him. She already met Luminara, so it makes sense she must meet Kit too.
  • Kit is slightly embarrassed, but his troopers are excited
  • When he meets Dormé, he gets utterly embarrassed about his body because why would she want him, she could have any man with proper body parts.
  • Dormé finds out eventually and kisses the hell out of him because he IS a man that has proper body parts
  • Obi Wan and Plo call him a moron again when they find out