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right so, i am on episode 12 of my second lucifer binge viewing in a week, and it’s the one where they’re investigating the murder of the girl by the satanists, and lucifer just discovered that chloe makes him vulnerable, and he’s walking five feet behind her/trying to avoid getting too physically close

and she’s already annoyed that she’s been calling him for three weeks and he hasn’t answered, and now she literally asks “what are you doing back there” and is furtherly confused and unsettled when he’s not right by her side (because i have been watching the earlier eps and laughing at how their natural and default position is tucked right up against each other)

chloe, honey, have i got a lady named emma swan for you to talk to, in re: pretending you don’t want that handsome british asshole right where he is and feeling upset when your walls/defenses actually make him back off, and then being like “WAIT NO DON’T LEAVE I NEED YOU THERE”

because she is acting exactly like emma did in 3x18 when killian had been kiss-cursed and backed off (i.e. immediately started opening up and trying to bring him back). and i need help.

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So I can't for the life of me articulate my thoughts, but: do you happen to have any idea about the central theme of kuroshitsuji? Not like, the main plot, but themes? idk how to explain it

Yeah I totally understand! 

Many people has told it’s about a boy slowly loosing his humanity. Which I like. 

But then… Ciel is a Phantomhive. Did he really need a demon to succumb into human’s worse nature? And there’s also the fact Sebastian is the protagonist. Said by Yana Toboso herself. 

So the main theme could be how humanity touches a dark being. How does it interacts with him and affects him. Not nesecarily Sebastian becoming more human, but Sebastian gaining more knowledge from them, and changing while humans around him change with him. 

Not The Same Car!!

To begin, I don’t know much about cars, but my brother definitely knows about them. I showed him the car that Kr*stal posted on her IG.

There are still people who believe this is a picture of Kai’s car. (Although, there is no possible way it is since she was filming at the time)

Anyway, I also showed my brother the pic that Dispatch had posted along with the dating news scandal.  

I asked him if they were both the same car. He looked at them for a bit then started laughing. He said that there was no possible way they were the same cars. He explained to me why. To begin, my brother said that there is a high chance that they are both BMW since they both seem to have the same small vents in the front. The small vents in the front is a style that BMW use in their cars - along with their brand logo right above it. On both pictures, you can see that they both have vents. Although, you can’t see the logo on K’s IG pic but you can make it out in the Dispatch pic. However, both cars are from different years (if they are both BMWs).

This is the car that K had posted. It is an older BMW from the 3 series manufactured sometime in 2005.

This car has a different body from the newer cars later manufactured in 2012. In 2012, BMWs became more “bulky” and “sporty”. It was even made with different material. In 2005, BMW cars were made of a cheap plastic looking material - as shown above.

Now these are both BMW ¾ series cars manufactured during/after 2012. Notice the difference in the body from those from 2005. To begin, notice the body near the wheels on the back of both cars. In 2005, the body heads towards the wheels then rise to wrap right above the wheel. In the newer cars, the body just heads straight to the wheels while rising (doesn’t have the ugly bump). This makes the car appear more “bulky”. In the Dispatch pic, you can see the “bulkiness” of the car created from the back wheels. Moreover, the license plate in the front cars is different. (I know that diff countries use diff license plates but BMW are luxury cars and like to keep the same appeal). The BMW’s license plates from 2005 were longer in length but shorter in width. In the newer cars from 2012 and above, they popularized the license plates that were shorter in length and longer in width. In Dispatch pic you can clearly see the license plate is one from the newer cars.

My brother believes that the car from the Dispatch pic is possibly a BMW M4 from the 4 series, which was first manufactured in 2014 - judging from the body and back wheels (2 doors and 4 doors are the same except for the size)

Idk if Jongin has a BMW M4. He could have a completely different car! But I am certain that K’s IG post and Dispatch’s pic are not the same cars.      

(This post might be old news to some bloggers, but there are still some who don’t know)


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my laptop decided to abandon me for good along with two weeks worth of work for my exam which is next week

brb dying

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You are science and star wars and star trek and your star trek friends have no taste and mine do because mine all enjoy ds9 immensely and literally, seriously, honestly, how have we never crossed paths before

well my tumblr’s like 1.5 yrs old so there’s that XD

you can say you’re a lesbian if you only just figured it out

you can say you’re a lesbian if you haven’t dated any girls

if i was able to so surely say that i was straight (when i wasn’t) even before i dated a guy, kissed a guy, had a legitimate crush on a guy, then you’re allowed to say you’re a lesbian even if you haven’t “tried it” yet

you are real and valid and your identity is important, no matter what your dating history is

Momma CQ Kids & Friends

After reading @alainaprana​’s awesome fanfic about Asy and her comment about him being a great positive influence for Geno (and the kids needing a sitter sometimes), I was inspired to draw, but not just Asy and Geno. I thought about the kids’ friendships with Sugar, Decans and Ink, and this drawing came to me.

I spent all day yesterday on this, so motivation to color it is low, but maybe some other time. I normally dislike the idea of drawing group pictures (so much work ugh), but aside from a bit of frustration with a few parts, I had fun with this drawing. I’m actually mostly satisfied with how it turned out!

Enjoy this couch full of fluff!

OK may I just point out one thing:

Ash has all these people (and countless friends who are not in Kalos) rooting for him

While Alain has only her:

And it’s sad.

I know I’m late but here’s Day 1 of fandom week I chose family! I know it isn’t canon jut yet but I think when Adrien and Marinette become better acquainted Adrien would stop by before school to have breakfast since meal times at home are somber affairs. Tom & Sabine would of course always be more than happy to have him and would make a batch of fresh croissants just for him. Also close ups under the cut. I used these photos as a reference for the Dupain-Cheng household this blog has so many good references.

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Callout post for @oh-mother-of-darkness:

-Is very nice to me and is very good at listening to me practically talk to myself

-Is an extremely talented writer

-Is v pretty

-Makes me want to start writing again even with the fear of getting sent to angst jail

-Has a very nice blog that I am in love with

So basically I made this for her!! But she said I was talented in the tags of a post of mine she reblogged so now I have to take this back sorry I don’t make the rules