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Ravenclaw Headcanon

Ravenclaws are very happy that their dormitory is in a tower. Most of the windows can be climbed out of and they pull themselves onto the roof. They don’t do it like the Gryffindors do, for bravery, but for solitude. There is an unspoken rule that if a Ravenclaw sees another Ravenclaw on the roof, they don’t talk. On the roof or afterwards. It’s a safe space. Sometimes it’s where Ravenclaws be the teenagers they are and smoke, while sometimes it’s a peaceful place to just read. If a Ravenclaw is sitting on the roof crying, any other Ravenclaw, friend or not, will go and sit on the roof with them until they calm down. And another unspoken rule is that if someone sat on the roof and cried more than twice in a week, they have to talk to someone about it, a friend, a professor, or Madam Pomfrey. This is what once led a third year Ravenclaw to march a first year Gryffindor, who had somehow made his way on the roof of Ravenclaw Tower, to Professor McGonagall. He thought he was in trouble, but became very confused when he was simply asked how he felt.

  • Ryan: *walking into the room, covered in mud, clearly pissed off*
  • Lads: *all trying to not laugh but failing*
  • Ryan: You're all dead to me
  • Lads: *not surprised in the slightest*
  • Ryan: Except Jeremy, we're cool
  • Jeremy: Alright!
  • Michael and Gavin: WTF?

-Despite Neil’s slow start into the world of technology, once he discovers the wonders of online trolling, he has a very active social media presence.

-Usually he’s just commenting on fan pages and responding to his fans and the like.

-But it’s his birthday and fans have been leaving nice comments on his pages all day and it’s a little overwhelming but eventually by like midnight he’s gathered himself enough to be able to respond.

-And since it would take forever to respond to every comment individually and he’s tired, he decides to just post a video on his page saying thank you.

-Neil doesn’t intend for Andrew to also be in the video, but 1) it’s midnight and they’re already in bed and moving sounds hard

-2) It’s not like they’re purposefully hiding or not hiding their relationship, they’re just living their lives and

-3) Neil is still completely oblivious to things like public image

-So he thinks nothing of turning his laptop on and waving at the camera (like a nerd) and saying thank you and how much he appreciates his fans.

-He goes on for a while until Andrew rolls over into the frame, wearing his glasses and looking sleep rumpled and says “It’s 12:15 am and some of us want to sleep sometime this year. Say goodnight Neil.”

-And Neil just smiles and says goodnight, but doesn’t turn the camera off in time for it (and the fans) to miss him kissing Andrew’s cheek sleepily before rolling over.

-The jury’s still out on whether that was obliviousness or Neil being a shit starter.

-But anyway the internet explodes.

-Fan comments on the video are through the roof.

-Nicky makes no less than 12 separate fan accounts just to comment on how adorable it is.

-Andrew wants to kill Neil

-But what else is new?

-And if Andrew retaliates by posting a picture of Neil sleeping in one of Andrew’s hoodies on his Snapchat, who’s to say?

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Hey! Hopefully this is okay? But you could you please do an RFA+V+Saeran comfort a reader with Nightmares? Thank you so so much!!! <3

Of course it’s okay! And ahhh thank you to everyone who followed me, I woke up this morning to 30 followers & 50+ notes on my first hc post, thanksss ❤

Yoosung :

  • With how clingy he is while sleeping, there’s no doubt he’d immediately wake up if his s/o was having nightmares or if they woke up in a panic because of one.
  • He’d be worried but he’d also be extremely sleepy since it takes some time for him to wake up completely – he’d be a bit slow to understand what happened at first and will be confused as to why they’re awake so early in the morning.
  • Once he does though, he’ll fuss over them and do what his mother did when he had nightmares as a kid; put extra pillows under their head, cover them with two more blankets, he’d bring them some hot chocolate and bring Lisa so they can cuddle with her; he’d even sing a lullaby if they asked him.

Zen :

  • He’s so worried omg his s/o will be the one who has to calm him down because he’ll make a mountain of it; he’ll ask what was wrong, if they had trouble breathing, if they also had psychic dreams like him..
  • Once he’s alright, he’ll wrap his arms around his s/o and whisper comforting words in their ear before singing a lullaby to get them back to sleep.
  • After they’re asleep, he’ll probably spend an hour brushing their hair and trying to make sure they’re not about to have another nightmare again, he feels like maybe if he watches over them, he can protect them from bad dreams.

Jaehee :

  • She gets a little motherly when she wakes up to her s/o trembling from a nightmare; she’ll hold their shoulders and gently hush them, telling them it was just a dream and that everything was fine.
  • She’s not the very talkative type but she’d try to talk to her s/o about anything that came to her mind so they could think of something else and hopefully feel a little better.
  • If they didn’t want to go back to sleep, they’d make mug cakes together and watch tv until they fell asleep – when it’s morning though, Jaehee will spend hours on her laptop trying to find ways to help her s/o so they wouldn’t have nightmares anymore.

Jumin :

  • He won’t wake up right away but if his s/o tries to leave the bed or if they start crying, he’ll be up in seconds. However, he’d be at loss as to what he’s supposed to do to help them since he’s not used to this. He’d just hold them and wait in silence so they can get over whatever happened in their dreams.
  • He’d get them a glass of water and ask them if they want to take a relaxing bath with him, especially if it was an especially bad dream and they woke up sweating and shaking; he’d sit behind them in the bath and gently wash their hair, nuzzling sleepy kisses in their neck until they tell him what’s wrong.
  • If his s/o let him, he’d get an appointment with a doctor so they could get medication or a therapy depending on why the s/o has nightmare.

707 :

  • He doesn’t really sleep at night so he won’t be in bed most of the time his s/o has nightmares but he checks up on them all the time, especially after learning the troubles they have when sleeping.
  • He’s not the best with serious stuff but he hates seeing his s/o distressed and his priority would be to put a smile on their face again. He’d do what he does when he has his own nightmares : build a massive blanket fort, watch funny vines and eat a bunch of stuff. He’d wear a fluffy onesie what a loser and be their cuddle fluff-wearing man.
  • He’d have trouble leaving his s/o alone for the night because he’d be worried in case they had another nightmare; he’ll get some sleep with them and wake up early to finish his work.

V :

  • He’s a light sleeper and wakes up every time they have a nightmare. He doesn’t say anything, he already knows what’s wrong and he’ll just rub his hand on their back until they calm down.
  • He’ll just tell them that he’s there if they want to talk about it but otherwise, he’ll go to the kitchen and come back with a glass of water or a cup of tea before lighting a candle on the bed side table.
  • He won’t let them go back to sleep until they’ve relaxed. He’s willing to do anything they want, be it looking through the photographs on his camera until morning because they don’t want to fall asleep again or hold them in his arms, tracing patterns on their shoulder as he kisses the back of their hand until they’re too tired to stay awake.

Saeran :

  • He has his own nightmares so he understands how they feel and I don’t think he gets to sleep much either so he’s probably already awake when they wake up from their nightmare.
  • He would softly press his forehead against theirs until they calm down and then, he’d talk about his own dreams to persuade his s/o to share theirs with him; he’s never had anyone to talk to about the things keeping him awake, and he’s tired of keeping everything to himself so he’ll want to share his thoughts with them – even the bad ones.
  • He’ll hold their hand and put some background noise to help them sleep, he likes the sound of rain hitting the roof and waves crashing on the shore – it calms him down – so, he’d download one of those apps that lets you choose and combine sounds like these.

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hey, so you're the only person I could think of to turn to. I'm beginning to think I'm nonbinary or maybe a demiboy? I'm not sure, and it's scary and my anxiety goes through the roof when I think about it. I want to express myself as more masculine, but my parents don't approve of me dressing or speaking like that. I don't know what to do, and I can't stop thinking about all of this.

I love you. I think you’re wonderful. Here’s something it might be delightful to know. Being yourself isn’t something you *think* about, it’s something you feel. And really, it’s something you feel your way into for the rest of your life.

Of course it’s ok to be scared. And, it’s ok not to spend another moment thinking about this. We assume that thinking about things will get us somewhere, but it doesn’t. Feeling always does.

“What will they say when they find out???” is thinking. Knowing in your heart who you are and what you love in life is feeling. I wish you all the feelings in the world. 💛💛

hamilton characters as shit my classmates have said
  • alexander hamilton: bitch let me do it. i know how to motherfucking write, thank you very much.
  • john laurens: i don't know what happened in class, i was having a gay moment
  • lafayette: can i just transport myself back in time and steal all their bread?
  • hercules mulligan: that shit is beyond fucked up. it's like jump off a roof fucked up.
  • angelica schuyler: we shouldn't use "man" as a generalization of the human race, it's sexist and it makes me want to vomit.
  • eliza schuyler hamilton: i wrote this poem for class, but it's actually about the guy i like so..i'd rather not read it...
  • peggy schuyler: guys can you shut up? i, for one, am trying to actually pay attention to the lesson, so..
  • thomas jefferson: *is 15 minutes late to class* i had a hair emergency
  • james madison: if i was absent every day i was sick, i'd never be in school.
  • aaron burr: shut the fuck up before i murder your ass bitch
  • maria reynolds: is it wrong to make out with someone during a lesson?
  • philip hamilton: i hope the teacher doesn't notice me dying over here
  • king george iii: if i have any interest in you, i will probably go to your house and kill you, i'm not really open to "love"

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I would like some backstory on why Rip is being held captive by BlackHat to make fan art and take care of his blog.(Don't feel pressured to answer this though. I follow your BlackHat blog so I know you've got alot going on)

OK OK so you’ve unlocked my backstory here we go–

Black Hat saw the attention I was raking in after the Villainous tag started booming, so he gave me an offer… I won’t get paid, but he’ll give me a roof over my head and food, as long as I draw for him. I had to sign a contract in my fucking blood and shit. It was pretty cool. I mean, I’m set for life! What could possibly go wrong?


Yeah, everything.

  • Chase Chrisley: I'm 16 and want a tattoo.
  • Todd Chrisley: people in hell want ice water, that don't mean the gonna get it.
  • Chase: I'm 18 so I should be able to come home whenever I want.
  • Todd: as long as you are living under my roof like hell you won't. The only thing open at 2 am are emergency rooms and girls legs, and you won't be found in either.
  • And my favorite!
  • Todd: talking to his oldest son, "How in the hell did you get a girl pregnant with something that small! I am ashamed."
  • My favorite family!
Teaser: “I Am Forgotten As Though I Were Dead”

1. A special dedication for @stepantrofimovic because their tonight prompts were very sad – and both were, curiously, very satisfying yet dreadful examples of Treville abuse. It’s up to me to return the balance to the universe.

2. Additional dedication for @pipuhattar - because I decided to try and take a stroll through her usual playground. A happy “Everybody Lives” AU because I was desperate to write something joyful for once and thought “Those little fluffy drabbles of hers are so amazing! There’s no way even I can ruin it!”

Me to me later: “You ruined a perfectly good, happy AU, that’s what you did. Look at Armand, he’s got anxiety… again…”

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Do you think if Lena and Kara got into an arguement and like Kara stopped speaking to Lena, she would just like be a drama queen and jump off the roof to get her girlfriends attention because being face to face, texts or calls weren’t working (obvs she knows Kara is SG)

Lena: babe, pls talk to me

Kara: …..

Lena: *jumps from L corp balcony* Oops, I fell

Kara: for the love of Rao *flies after her*

Smooches at the end

Steven Universe Fan comic, Dioptase


About this comic: After The Kindergarten Kid, before Gem Harvest. Peridot and Lapis have been bonding during their time on earth, but Lapis still can’t let go the feeling of being fused with Jasper, so she asks Peridot to help her but, things don’t always goes as planned…

Story and art by me, updates on fridays/saturdays. DON’T REPOST.

Wanted to have this ready yesterday but I returned home late :3c so yeah, happy late Christmas guys! Have an extra update~

When I was concepting this scene, I wanted to make them dance Genghis Khan (yall know) but I was listening lots of Wada Kouji and end up liking Grace for this scene, but you can make them dance whatev you want xD also don’t dance in the roof, it can be dangerous :3c they don’t need words rn~

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you know, there's a certain type of loneliness when you have so many friends but don't tell them anything; like how you're on roofs and in fields at 11pm because you want to get away from it all. the one person i want would never want me back again i regret basically everything and it hurts to breathe. i wish i could run away but i'm too young, i wish i had somebody, anybody.

i know this feeling all too well and it sucks so much. all i ever want to do when i’m in this situation is listen to calming music and lie on my bed, trying not to think of anything and numb out the pain. but honestly, i think the best way to try to get rid of the pain is talking to friends about it, spending time with people who are willing to listen and understand you. i know it feels like hell, please make it through

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Hiiiii do you have Dylann's online activity? I remember there was a document and in one of them he said something like "sorry i didn't mean to sound so mean" because he was fighting with someone and suddenly said "why don't you get that jap(japanese) dick out of your mouth" 😂those are really funny and i want to read them but i cant find them anywhere, please could you post it? (If you know wich one im talking about)

Haha yes i know exactly what you’re talking about, you can read them here: https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=5596e35dbc6f1a78&id=5596E35DBC6F1A78%21112&authkey=%21AEnAnpXA42YY1uY

I wanted to write some KaiShin today, so I threw this together in a few hours.  Hope you guys enjoy!

Kaito watched his reflection in the mirror, his eyes following the lines of the dress, trying to decide if it was a good fit.  If he gave himself breasts, it would probably look better.  The lines filled out, his curves made softer…  He mentally checked it off for use in disguises and began changing into the next outfit, a cute striped skirt and a loose blouse.

As he was adjusting them, he heard voices outside the door, one of them a familiar masculine one and the other a familiar (somewhat shrill) feminine one.  They seemed to be arguing about something.

He turned in place, watching the skirt swish around his legs.  This one was good for general use as well as disguise use, he decided.  He liked the way it caressed his legs, and the blouse’s coloring made his skin look amazing.  Not to mention it drew attention to the slender cut of his waist.

“Listen, Sonoko,” Kaito could hear from the walkway outside the changing rooms, “you should have brought Ran, I have no interest in watching you try on clothes.”

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Everyone needs to chill out with the IG stalking. Seriously, it's social media. They're in a relationship, very obviously. They don't need to go liking each other's pix to show that they're "ok" or whatever. I like them together as much as the next person, believe me, but they don't owe us any proof, and the deeper people dig, the more crazy theories are going to pop up. Everyone should relax and be happy that they're happy. Because they are!

that’s true, they don’t owe us anything. though I know it is just a super little thing, I think it’s cute to see when they like each other’s photos on sm. I know it’s just a simple double-tap to the screen but shit, whenever the person I was interested in liked one of my photos, my heart when beating through the roof. LOL. 

but yes, it does seem like they obviously could be together. we just gotta take what’s given to us and know when we shouldn’t cross a line. 

That mobile game....

I’m kind of laughing…..check out the long list of “can’t” below (borrowed from the official forum).  It’s a downgrade from Sims Free Play!

I mean….no stairs?  Seriously?  WOW

Everything and I mean everything is either locked or costs some sort of money. Very linear play, very money grab game……seems like everything is goal driven.  It reminds me of one of those cooking dash games from the videos I saw.  

*shakes head and laughs*

- Items can only be rotated at 90 degrees.
- Only 1 floor/story. No stairs were seen.
- No pools shown
- No basements shown
- Overall it’s 90% random objects from Sims 4 packs. No cohesion at all.
- Some items are in fact new.
- Sinks automatically come with mirrors
- Not as many objects as in the Sims 4
- No different item swatches were shown.
- Only 1 lot was shown, but the map shows a few more lots.
- Items can be placed in “half squares” positions.
- No diagonal roofs or walls.
- No wall swatches, just several basic recolors in their own slots in the wall paint selection.
- The improved lighting introduced in an update to the Sims 4, is not present here. 
-Can’t create spouses in CAS
-Can’t rotate to another household, seems like there is the “ancestral” home and all your sims live there forever.

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Cait:</b> "This bitch ended up slapping me afterwards, and being the smart ass I am, I asked if it was the best she could do. Fun fact: it wasn't!"<p/><b>Codsworth:</b> "Technology these days."<p/><b>Curie:</b> "My insanely hot science teacher taught us about eukaryotic cells. I don't know which I was into more."<p/><b>Danse:</b> "My mom told me that all those twinkies would go straight to my ass. Like, ma, everybody luv da booty."<p/><b>Deacon:</b> "I got grounded today. Apparently, wearing an afro wig for picture day isn't a good idea."<p/><b>Dogmeat:</b> "Dogs are fucking great."<p/><b>Hancock:</b> "I got invited to smoke weed on the school roof earlier. I said no, but this chick showed me her marijuana anyway and it was really just parsley. I love high school."<p/><b>MacCready:</b> "I'm young and hella broke."<p/><b>Nick:</b> "I asked them if I was attractive because they're brutally honest douchecanoes. And they legit gave me the best compliment ever. Like they were like, "No, but your personality makes you hot.'"<p/><b>Piper:</b> "I may or may not have written fan-fiction about (friend's name) and (friend's name)."<p/><b>Preston:</b> "Oh my goodness. I'm gonna hang out with friends tomorrow and I'm so pumped because I usually don't have those."<p/><b>Strong:</b> "I spilled milk and winded up crying for an hour."<p/><b>X6-88:</b> "Um, I had an emotion. What the fuck?"<p/></p><p/></p>

show pony, kobra, and ghoul would be so terrifying as a trio tbh… they’re like those groups of fuckboys you’d see on YouTube or something always daring each other to do stupid shit like “bro I can’t believe you’re daring me to jump off the roof into this inflatable pool” “you don’t have to if-” “*climbing roof* I can’t believe this this is so messed up man”

they’d probably do the cinnamon challenge and brag about the fact that they almost choked…. poison and jet are screaming… dr d is too tired to deal with this

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i have a calendar at home that i put birthdays on and i put yuuris and victors on there and my mom saw it and asked if i one of them were my bfs and i was like no mom, they're each other's fiances and long story short my mom thinks i have real life friends named yuuri and victor and i'm not mad at it at all

LMAO anon,,,,,,,,my bank acc password is victor’s birthday,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i once named two baby possums that fell from my roof ‘yuri’ and ‘victor’,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ur not the Worst of us alsjlaksjaksj