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“The boy in him has cried and begged not to touch the young wolf, but who was he to tell him No to such tempting prey. Derek never even had a chance…" 

… and further with my Void Stiles drawing. 

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Do you know if they'll ever finish uploading the comic voice overs? I don't think they finished?

They did not finish, you are correct. They uploaded videos for Vol. 1, #1-3, but never posted the videos for issue #4 or #5. The Voltron tumblr teased “More motion comics coming soon :) ” back in August. And during this SDCC interview, Bex asked Tyler if the Pidge issue of the motion comic had come out yet, confirming that the cast has already done the voice work at least through issue #4 (but probably for the whole volume.)

So I think it’s very likely, but I have no idea when! TBH, I don’t understand why they wouldn’t have wanted to finish posting the the motion comics for Volume 1 before the Volume 2 issues started coming out. But then, the Dreamworks promotional materials often follow a pattern that I don’t understand.

There’s also this quote from NYCC, where Lauren says she thinks it’s likely there will be more.

Thunderborgs AU- Kayo and Virgil

Kayo is a full-body cyborg with a background in law enforcement. Her status as a member of the team is still unofficial, and she seems to spend just as much time pursuing her own goals as she does following orders. She’s probably more reckless than Scott and Gordon put together, and Virgil is trying to reign her in… Or find out what she’s really up to. Her suit has cloaking technology that can render her fully invisible, perfect for recon missions.

Am I maybe getting a little shippy here? Yeah, no you aren’t imagining it. The more I thought about Kayo’s role in this AU the more I realised how well they’d work together. In other words this is my sandbox and I’ll do what I want in it!

First attempt at colouring this went miserably so I’m just going to upload the lines and leave it at that for now. I’ve been working on this far too long already.

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You know, you would totally pass cami on the subscriber count if you upload more lol Don't tell her I said that Lol

Not really. I have been super busy with life and work at the moment, that explains why there haven’t been upload any new video’s lately.

Even if she already know.

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i remember a cullavellan comic you were working on.. just wondering what happened to that if you don't mind me asking? i was so excited for it

ehhhhh…I’ll be honest, I abandoned it. The reason is mostly my old computer stopping to work making it impossible for me to work on it. Too much time passed until I had a new computer and I lost interest. I don’t think I will ever actually finish it. It’s a shame actually because I have all of the lineart already!

I might upload what I have if you guys are interested!!! 

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wait, they're already married? I don't want to miss that! Do you think they'd skip it on purpose to save time?

Is this an actual worry floating around the fandom?

You know that they know that they’ll be crucified if they did that?

I uploaded a post the other day – just my thoughts aired, nothing revealing or anything; I droned on and on – where I wrote this:

Maybe it’ll be episode 1. Yet, it’s been alluded to occur during the crossover to which generates the idea that the first 9 episodes will be kind of like one bigflashback OR they’ll get hitched in secret first…


In episode 1, we’ll get a flash forwards to when they’re married and then back in the present, they’ll get engaged, thereby confirming Emily’s awesome announcement:

“They [Olicity] are already married, they are getting married, they are never getting married…”

So, they’re getting married. It’s all the stuff in between that’ll be interesting and open to debate.

Emily gave us two truths and one lie, the lie being that they’ll never marry because we know that’s not true.

So, they’re already married and they’re getting married. What does that mean?

Think about it (I put it on that post): they’re already married and we’ll see them marry, possibly. 

Either they’re married and we’ll see them get married in flashbacks or they got married in secret and then everyone finds out and makes a huge deal out of it (such fanfic possibilities): ergo crossover celebration.

Either way, right or wrong, we’ll get a wedding. Small or big, outlandish or painfully simple.

Don’t expect anything on Arrow. You’ll rarely get the outcome your’e looking for but if you don’t expect a thing you’ll probably GREATLY enjoy the outcome.

Nothing to worry about. We never had anything to worry about.

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If it's ok to ask, how did you think to publish your web comic to line webtoon? I'm thinking of publishing one to webtoon myself but I don't know how to or if it might be a good idea. Would there be anything I need to think about before if I want to publish one?

Hi nonnie!

In my opinion, I think you should go ahead and share your comic on Webtoon, the best way to learn is to start doing it! Here are Webtoon’s uploading instructions if you haven’t already checked them out.

As for how I approached publishing on Webtoon…I didn’t! I was publishing UtA on Tapastic back in 2014 and was contacted by the Webtoon team. They offered me a contract and they took care of publishing for me in exchange for weekly episodes.

My newest comic is pending for a Webtoon upload so I’ll pretty much be in your same position, but I’ve had great experiences on this platform and it’s a great way to get discovered as well as find new reads to obsess over!

I suggest taking some time to check out existing webtoons and see how other creators are handling things. Webtoon’s scrolling format can be taken advantage of in a variety of ways, so play around with it! I can truthfully say that you will learn as you go.

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Hello Nini:) I know you're not the one who's translating it, but do you know if Hidamari ga Kikoeru is still being scanlated? Someone on mangago said in the comments that it has been dropped, and it feels like it has been forever since a chapter was uploaded:( I would be very sad if it's not being continued bc it's one of my favorites and there isn't an official english translation yet so I can't even buy it😢 It's fine if you don't know tho:)

Good news my sad little Anon-san!
It has been dropped because there wll be an english release ^^
I mean, for the people who can’t buy it, it’s sad that it has been dropped of course. But apparently you can, so follow this link CLICK :)
I already preordered it and I’m extremely excited and happy for Fumino Yuki-sensei <3


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I don't know if I've already requested this, but could you make a Wallpaper with the korean lyrics "꿈 희망 전진 전진" from the Epilogue? thanks in advance~~

Hey! I hope this is okay!

BTS Lyric Wallpaper | Young Forever

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