i don't know if i already posted this pic

You know what would be better than asking Louis for a fan pic? Pretending I’m not a girl with a fan blog dedicated to him that cries endlessly about his everything and say something like “Oh yeah I heard that new song you have out. Your voice is amazing dude. Congrats on the deserved success!”

rinzlerkitty replied to your post “I don’t want to be super triggered and idk if you know already, but…”

I agree that they did horrible things under that flag, but Imperial Japan is an important part of history we can’t afford to forget.

That is true and I very much agree. However, it wasn’t really appropriate of a pic considering this is more of a crack blog. Of course Hetalia is a parody of the human atrocity that is WW ll but I’m not really doing anything to parody Imperial Japan so taking it out seemed more appropriate. 

really important you guys

so guys I just discovered there’s this new eddsworld blog now calling itself wefuckinghate-eddsworld-fangirls

I think that name already says everything you need to know about them. They even have a crossed out paultryk pic as an icon and they just talked shit to my good friend @glitchy-n3bula

So guys PLEASE for the sake of everyone in this fandom, block those guys, and reblog this post to warn other people and spread the message.

Even though I don’t agree with a lot of stuff people in thisfandom do, I keep that to myself (yea okay sometimes i slip and bitch around a bit but i really try my best and i do usually delete that hatefull stuff afterwards immedinatly) and blogs like these are just sickening and gross.

So please remember

reblog this post to warn other people in this fandom

And block the shit out of this blog

If you feel liek reporting them for this hatefull shit aswell that’s a gerat idea too

Yakuza boyfriends on their days off.

I swear I’m going to stop making doodles and actually make colored pics of them. Also Virus is an actual doodle made on computer, this is why he’s more messy. Trip is just a paper sketch I “cleaned” on computer.

I just wanted them with their hair down.

Goodnight ~


KINGDOM HEARTS TRASH. I had sworn I would never EVER post a picture of me online, but in all honesty, IDGAF ANYMORE :D This is a special #KhFandomSelfie thingy for fuckyeahkingdomheartsseries, who recently hit 30K. Congrats man <3 Let me also add a HUUUGE thanks, for you reblogged my KH photoset the other day and its notes were doubled in a matter of hours. I really appreciate that :)

Except for Axel, everything else is handmade by me :)