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Someone: The vampires aren’t the bad guys!!! They’re actually nice and good!!!





uh huh. yes. 

interesting. very interesting. 

I mean. If kidnapping and abusing children is benevolent then I guess so. Ya know, causing trauma, torturing and hurting them needlessly, killing tons of people…but hey, they did that one Good Thing once, right? When was that?

Maybe it was that time one of the higher ranking progenitors backed a taboo experiment that millions, if not trillions of humans were killed for and she’s prbly gonna get off scot-free bcs PLOT REASONS but hey whatever nameless side characters, lol.

Also if anyone thinks the vamps have it worse off than the humans, pls tell me how much humiliation and suffering the humans caused vampires. About 0, imo. But how much humiliation and suffering have vampires caused humans? Killing them for pleasure, calling them livestock, using them as bait and letting them get killed or hurt just for entertainment? Hm, that can’t add up to THAT much. Nah, vampires are just misunderstood. They’re just misunderstood, right? I’m sure its only a matter of chapters before the author reveals that vampires actually want to protect kids and save the planet out of the kindness of their heart and everyone they killed was just the humans imagining things. Good thing to know that Yoichi’s sister and Yuu’s adopted family aren’t dead after all.

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How beautiful is Jongin in person? I keep seeing posts saying he's unreal and glowing!! Oh my life, I already cannot stand him just by looking at fan pics. Don't know if I can stand looking at him if he's in front of me!!! Asdhdjlfkjds

I have been this close to him, so I guess whatever i’m going to say has some legit-ness in it

yes the gif above is a video that i took i was shaking so much kjhsadj

So where do I even begin? Honestly, his beauty in person is something that even I cannot explain in words. You just have to see him with your own eyes! Seeing him in person will make you think that… wow he is real. Like his skin! It’s so healthy and glowing! Pictures legit don’t do him justice! You see a very ethereal pic of him? Make that 100x more ethereal. That is kim jongin in real life. He is veeeeeery beautiful in person. I’m not even exaggerating. When he’s dancing, his hair just bounces and it looks a thousand times softer in real life. And his smile? Wow. 20/10. Seeing his smile upclose is like facing the soft rays of sunlight in its waking hours of the day. And his body size is so overwhelming in real life. We all know that he’s tall and has broad shoulders. But when he begins to dance (especially his artistic ones) it just… wow. I dont have the words for it. But, it’s so breath taking. Kim Jongin is extremely beautiful, gorgeous, and stunning in real life. And pictures and fancams legit don’t do him justice.

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I think it really is a lovely idea! I can only encourage everyone to post a selfie - Don’t be shy! We are basically a big family, right? If you are not comfortable with sharing a pic it’s obviously ok as well.
So here you go! You already know my face in black and white - this is the body to it in color. No shirtless action though haha 😋

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I was tagged by my lovely friends @kirschtein , @justapieceintheirgames , and @anntakemaki to post 8 characters I relate to and a picture of myself (haha maybe one day i’ll post a pic of myself on tumblr)

i struggled with this tbh because im not sure if i understand my personality. i feel like it’s always changing and i think i have a peculiar one (maybe im overthinking it). there aren’t a lot of characters i can relate to, but i think it’s fair for me to say that i can relate to the ones that i’ve chosen in one way or another.

i tag @durararas , @allenswalkers , @zakurio , @celty-san , @antheise , @natszume , @twelves , @kishitan-iis , @kofee , @shikamaru , @sungeol@snufkiin , @xion-t , @ryuzakki (anthea i know you already did this but im tagging you anyways lol)

It’s been a long time since judgemental Solomin was here

Dippica is one of those ships that I don’t care if it’s romantic or platonic, I just need these two goobs interacting more!

Also that feel when you’ve been trying to fix an art piece for like two months but no matter how much you stare at it you;re still not satisfied with it so you say “Fuck it!” and post it anyways.

.・゜゜・ Go To Space With Me  ・゜゜・.- a mckirk playlist because im in too deep

Gravity - Sara Bareilles || Chances - Athlete || Light - Sleeping At Last || Gone Away - Lucy Schwartz || Oh My Stars - Andrew Belle || You Are The Moon - The Hush Sound || This Heart I Know - Westward The Tide || Can’t Go Back Now - The Weepies || Heart Like Yours - Willamette Stone || Start A Riot - BANNERS || In Your Hands - Joshua Radin

{ listen }

Yakuza boyfriends on their days off.

I swear I’m going to stop making doodles and actually make colored pics of them. Also Virus is an actual doodle made on computer, this is why he’s more messy. Trip is just a paper sketch I “cleaned” on computer.

I just wanted them with their hair down.

Goodnight ~

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: boys be ??? boys be what?? @seventeen please put me out of my misery already i just want to know what your comeback is i mean honestly i KNOW joshua has a tumblr and is watching us react like this.... how seventeen gonna play us like this? tellin us to wait until september 10th, always posting at 10:10, and then suddenly pulling this shit on us!! i WILL lose sleep over this new photo and truthfully, i don't think i can survive The Next 10 Days. what's next? continuous teaser pics? more updates from hoshi? repeated death? i'm not ready

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Some days I'm just like "Zayn could just announce he's coming back today and I wouldn't be surprised and him and Liam are gonna be happy forever" and other days I get so convinced that he's gonna have a solo r&b career and start hanging out with the weeknd and date a model or something I don't know what to believe??

Well, with the stunt seemingly headed to an endpoint (@Zayn posting a pic of himself in the studio after UAs said he was there with the boys is pretty unambiguous), I’m inclined to think he’s coming back sooner rather than later.  I don’t think that will stop him from having a solo career on the side, he’s already flexed his zolo muscles a little and I’m soooo here for it.  

Plus, he’s already dating a model: