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Hi! I know you've already done a post about jimin's weight/ dieting stuff but I was wondering if you had any other links to things he or the other members have said related to it. Also I understand how you feel about this so if you don't want to I understand completely

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I tried really hard to avoid this question, because it’s a very sensitive topic…. But I decided to answer this question, the reason being because I feel like everyone should know. Everyone should know why it isn’t smart to pick at someone’s weight, everyone should know that Park Jimin is only human like the rest of us. It really saddens me to bring this up again, but I’m fighting through the tears in hopes that Jimin one day will finally be confident enough to stop physically and mentally hurting himself to the point of exhaustion. Honestly, the only thing we can do now is to show him how perfect he is to us, in hopes that he will learn to fully love himself. I don’t doubt that Jimin find himself attractive or that he loves himself, but he does have his moments where he feels like he could do better. It happens to the majority of us, and like I mentioned before, Jimin is only human. 


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Someone: The vampires aren’t the bad guys!!! They’re actually nice and good!!!





uh huh. yes. 

interesting. very interesting. 

I mean. If kidnapping and abusing children is benevolent then I guess so. Ya know, causing trauma, torturing and hurting them needlessly, killing tons of people…but hey, they did that one Good Thing once, right? When was that?

Maybe it was that time one of the higher ranking progenitors backed a taboo experiment that millions, if not trillions of humans were killed for and she’s prbly gonna get off scot-free bcs PLOT REASONS but hey whatever nameless side characters, lol.

Also if anyone thinks the vamps have it worse off than the humans, pls tell me how much humiliation and suffering the humans caused vampires. About 0, imo. But how much humiliation and suffering have vampires caused humans? Killing them for pleasure, calling them livestock, using them as bait and letting them get killed or hurt just for entertainment? Hm, that can’t add up to THAT much. Nah, vampires are just misunderstood. They’re just misunderstood, right? I’m sure its only a matter of chapters before the author reveals that vampires actually want to protect kids and save the planet out of the kindness of their heart and everyone they killed was just the humans imagining things. Good thing to know that Yoichi’s sister and Yuu’s adopted family aren’t dead after all.

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How beautiful is Jongin in person? I keep seeing posts saying he's unreal and glowing!! Oh my life, I already cannot stand him just by looking at fan pics. Don't know if I can stand looking at him if he's in front of me!!! Asdhdjlfkjds

I have been this close to him, so I guess whatever i’m going to say has some legit-ness in it

yes the gif above is a video that i took i was shaking so much kjhsadj

So where do I even begin? Honestly, his beauty in person is something that even I cannot explain in words. You just have to see him with your own eyes! Seeing him in person will make you think that… wow he is real. Like his skin! It’s so healthy and glowing! Pictures legit don’t do him justice! You see a very ethereal pic of him? Make that 100x more ethereal. That is kim jongin in real life. He is veeeeeery beautiful in person. I’m not even exaggerating. When he’s dancing, his hair just bounces and it looks a thousand times softer in real life. And his smile? Wow. 20/10. Seeing his smile upclose is like facing the soft rays of sunlight in its waking hours of the day. And his body size is so overwhelming in real life. We all know that he’s tall and has broad shoulders. But when he begins to dance (especially his artistic ones) it just… wow. I dont have the words for it. But, it’s so breath taking. Kim Jongin is extremely beautiful, gorgeous, and stunning in real life. And pictures and fancams legit don’t do him justice.

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So here you go! You already know my face in black and white - this is the body to it in color. No shirtless action though haha 😋

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It’s been a long time since judgemental Solomin was here

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when was your first post of your current blog and what was it: umm. back in 2015, i posted a jungkook pic and literally captioned it as “i think i’m an ARMY now xD” … we don’t talk about that anymore.

do i like anybody: romantically? no.

height: 158 cm

past urls: @ glassykiss (we don’t talk about any of this)

meaning behind current url: jaemin biased ! i miss that kid so so much!

first person/thing you remember from your last dream: fuck i can’t remember anything

lucky/favourite number?: 97

what is your name: amanda

what are your nicknames:  manda (just call me manda ~)

where were you born and raised: canada !

what is your star sign: libra ;-)

what was the last thing you bought: new earbuds

what’s your best features: ahah. do i even have one ? i like this beauty mark in between my collarbones ?

mac or pc: pc

ios or android: android

what’s your favourite season: autumn

where do you want to live: eh. i’m happy staying in Canada, i guess. idk bout change.

do you believe in heaven or hell: nope.

can you speak another language: yes ! french & mandarin

do you like your name: pft. um, i’m neutral. it’s just so awkward saying, “Hi, I’m Amanda.” like it doesn’t roll on the tongue easily.

who do you want to be closer to: my mutuals ;-) lol but on a serious note, probably just some of my friends. like, i still feel like i don’t know some of them well enough.

pen or pencil: pen. ink pen, specifically.

whats your love language: quality time… i guess?

what female celebrity do you wish was your sister: idk? maybe wendy from red velvet too. i just feel like we might be able to click? (tbh, i already have 2 sisters so i don’t really feel anything about wanting a sister.)

what male celebrity do you wish was your brother: johnny. hands down. no explanation needed. (i know a lot of people see him as hubby material but not for me lol)

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.・゜゜・ Go To Space With Me  ・゜゜・.- a mckirk playlist because im in too deep

Gravity - Sara Bareilles || Chances - Athlete || Light - Sleeping At Last || Gone Away - Lucy Schwartz || Oh My Stars - Andrew Belle || You Are The Moon - The Hush Sound || This Heart I Know - Westward The Tide || Can’t Go Back Now - The Weepies || Heart Like Yours - Willamette Stone || Start A Riot - BANNERS || In Your Hands - Joshua Radin

{ listen }

Dippica is one of those ships that I don’t care if it’s romantic or platonic, I just need these two goobs interacting more!

Also that feel when you’ve been trying to fix an art piece for like two months but no matter how much you stare at it you;re still not satisfied with it so you say “Fuck it!” and post it anyways.

Yakuza boyfriends on their days off.

I swear I’m going to stop making doodles and actually make colored pics of them. Also Virus is an actual doodle made on computer, this is why he’s more messy. Trip is just a paper sketch I “cleaned” on computer.

I just wanted them with their hair down.

Goodnight ~

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I don't know if you made a post about this already or not, but how did you made the head for your sans cosplay?

Alright so I don’t have a lot of progress pics so let’s hope I can explain this. Here we go. 

You will need….. sanspaper… haha … sorry. *ahem*

Sandpaper, A knife, 2 smoothfoam hollow half-circles (can be bought at hobby lobby or online), some strong glue that won’t melt styrofoam, white acrylic paint, black acrylic paint, white thumbtacks, fabric pins, and some black mesh material that you can see through (i used the sleeve from an old grim reaper halloween costume)

Ok so heres what it looks like after everything has been carved, to make the eye shapes i drew the first eye out on paper then traced the second eye on another piece of paper (from the first eye) to get two eye-dentical eye shapes. And I did the same for the mouth. Then you can use those pieces of paper to see where to place the eyes and mouth on the styrofoam

Use a knife to cut out the eyeholes on one of the softfoam half-circles and as you can see I also carved out the mouth. Cut the second half foam circle in half and you’ll need to sand one half of that down until it fits comfortable over the lower half of the front where the mouth would be (giving a more 3d shape to the face) trust me this step is definitely worth doing. 

This is a later picture^ but don’t forget to sand down the sides to make it look more like a skull. I can’t put that into better words just dont forget this step or it’ll just look like you put a ball on your head.

After that you get the sanded quarter circle glued on you can carve out a mouth and nose (optional) Paint the whole thing with white acrylic (2 coats at least recommended) Then you can start painting the eyes, nose and mouth.

Okay Done! …. oh wait the insides! how does the back look???

boop! ok this is a little dangerous so be very careful here. So you can see here I used the other quarter circle as the back side of the top of the skull. Its held together by fabric pins! Dangerous! There’s probably a better way to do this! But if you wanna do this way just be careful and for every pin you stick in facing the front put one in to face the back it totally locks the two pieces together. Then take the black fabric and pin it to the inside of the mask like this. (It never came undone so this is tried and true.) As for the pupils i just stuck in two bent tacks from the other side  so (Make sure to bend them if you do this so they don’t poke your eyes out. 

In conclusion, this is probably not the best way to do this but hey it works. Also I totally referenced these guys and stole ideas from them.