i don't know if anyone's did this before


they believed in their own music before they knew if anyone else did. I have nothing but respect for this band.

How the Sorting Hat came to be
  • Helga Hufflepuff: hey so there's this one student-
  • Salazar Slytherin: no, nope, his second aunt on mother's side is a muggle you see
  • Rowena Ravenclaw: you've got to be kidding me, he didn't solve the tests there's no way-
  • Godric Gryffindor: wow for fucks sake you guys suck, my hat could choose better than you
  • Everyone:
  • Everyone: ...

@bosstoaster is a time traveling alien, confirmed.

Advice for first time fic writers

Own your shit. Create unapologetically.
Don’t preface your works with “this is my first fic so I’m sorry if it sucks, I know it sucks, I’m bad at writing descriptions, etc.”
Don’t apologize and downplay your work before people even get the chance to form their own opinion. Be proud! You did something! You created a thing! That’s awesome!! Let’s celebrate that awesomeness, not feel bad that it isn’t totally perfect. Things never start out perfect, and that’s okay! You gotta produce a lot before you can be good, and you’ll never want to produce more if you don’t believe in what you’re doing. So believe that your work is worthwhile even when it feels like it isn’t. Believe that you have stories worth sharing, and share them. Don’t apologize for being a beginner.

His eyes are beautiful, captivating.
It’s incredible how much eyes can tell you.
They can show the pain that they’ve been through and the joy that they feel.
They can be glazed over like glass or shine like stars.
His now shine, even more beautiful than they did before.
And they always captivate me, every single time.
They always surprise me with how beautifully they glow.
They make me feel comfortable, I can look into them for hours on end and try to watch the stories of his mind unravel.

I like to listen to him talk, I like the way that he says things differently than I.
I love how with every word he says he has me begging for the next one.
Every time he speaks it’s as if all the gloomyness of the room around us has faded, and we have entered a land of paradise.
His words are so gentle, planned out quickly in his mind.
Oh how I wish that I could talk as calmly as he.

I love his body, I love how his hips fit between mine.
I love holding him in my arms because I know he’s safe from the world’s harms.
It’s nice to stroke his sides, I like to glide my hands along the soft surface.
His body is homely and when I am connected with it I feel calm.
His hands fit perfectly with mine as if he were a missing bolt in my creation.
And the way his nose will wrinkle when he frowns.

His laugh is gorgeous, not the little chuckle he makes when I pull a silly face but his real laugh.
His heart felt laugh, it’s truly something spectacular, it’s as if it is a melody and it has surly become my favourite song.
To see him cry with laughter is a moment I am content, knowing that he his happy.

He makes me feel safe, when with him I feel at home. It doesn’t matter where I am, as long as he stays by my side through the morning and the night everything will be alright. I want to travel with this man. I want him to see my favourite places, the little nooks and crannies all around the world that I have fallen in love with, I want him to fall in love with too. I want to share my secret places and I want them to become his secret place too. I want take him to the palace of my mind, I want him to be able to see the beauty that I do when I see him, I want him to understand the feeling of wholeness I get when he is near. I want to share everything I love with the one I love.

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Analysis of Eros and Agape in regards to Yuri on Ice

For those of you who haven’t heard the words Eros and Agape before, or anyone who just wants to know more in general, I will be examining them and discussing the possible connotation of these words as they are used in the anime: Yuri on Ice.

Disclaimer: I have not seen the third episode.
Also note: in the anime Victor is talking about two pieces of music. I am talking about the significance of the names Agape and Eros.

The Greeks had 4 different words to describe types of love. As Victor explained, Eros is more erotic and Agape is a little more “innocent.” (We’ll look closer at these in a minute) There’s also Philia, which is like friendship and loyalty, and Storge, which is for family you’re obligated to love.

Agape is an unconditional, benevolent love. It’s often related to the love of God. This love does not have to be “innocent” (although it is pure), it can be romantic in nature.
Examples of Agape:
1. Dogs love even the cruelest owners.
2. My brother experienced love at first sight when he met his husband.
3. Stacy shaved her head to support her brother who has cancer.

Eros isn’t just sexual, it’s also selfish. Eros, ironically enough, can also just be platonic. It’s love for your own gain, and some argue that it is not truly love.
Examples of Eros:
1. He appreciated his mentor who often made sure he was getting fed.
2. She doesn’t love him, she loves that he loves her.
3. Bob only married her because her family had money.

In terms of attraction:
Agape means wanting to make love.
Eros is wanting to fuck.

So what’s the deal with Victor picking Eros for Yuri Katsuki instead of Agape?
There are several possibilities!
One, I’m overthinking this! Victor may know that Eros is the origin of the word erotic and wants to see his Yuri looking sexy.
Two, Victor thinks of Yuri as a way of getting what he wants. He is going to use their relationship to his own benefit.
Three, Victor has yet to truly love Yuri. He was inspired by Yuri and he’s clearly interested in him, however they just met. The key thing to remember is that right now, Victor wants Yuri to be his. If he truly loved him (and they don’t know each other that well yet), then Victor would want to belong to Yuri. At that point it would no longer be Eros, it would be Agape.

As for Agape, that’s too intimate for these two right now. Victor and Yurio (that’s his official name now) know each other already. Agape can be platonic and most likely is as far as our little Yurio is concerned.

Why not Philia or Storge?
The artist who created these pieces clearly did not want there to be any doubt that this was romantic love. Philia implies that the two are equals, friends or comrades. It’s also related to the word Philos which is a catch all that also includes objects. (Much like the word love in today’s society! Example: I love my girlfriend, my parents and pizza.) Philia itself is not passionate enough to be used here. Storge on the other hand is too dispassionate.

Agape and Eros are only different in that Eros is self-serving and Agape is selfless. Both can be used romantically and platonically. There are many possibilities for why Victor chose Eros for Yuri Katsuki. I’m overthinking things.

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Did anyone else find the timing of Louis talking about the penguin tattoo funny and too coincidental? The fandom knows the story is it was a matching tattoo with Danielle's brother, by confirming that many will think it legitimizes that relationship. Like he wouldn't get a tattoo with Danielle's brother if she's a beard! It's funny because that's the most likely scenario than him getting a tattoo with the brother of a girlfriend he met a week before.



I was watching that interview again of Anna Kendrick & Brittany Snow for the first Pitch Perfect movie, and I noticed something… When Anna talks about the shower scene she says:”Just forget it, it’s hot. We’ve seen everything. Were bonding.” Uhuh… Wait what- WERE BONDING?!


Now where did I heard that last part before?….. 



Ok but the real question here is: Who is going to get real confirmation that Kara is Supergirl first, Cat or Lucy? 

Like imagine if Lucy knew before Cat got confirmation. Cat would be pissed that a Lane, for GOD’S SAKE KARA A LANE, knew before she did. It would be like her reaction to meeting Lucy intensified about a hundred fold. And I want to see it.  I need this to happen so badly and I didn’t even realize it until I started writing this post. I need Cat Grant to be unreasonably jealous that Lucy Lane knew before she did. So she’s horrible to Lucy, but Lucy just assumes it’s because she’s a Lane. But when she finds out that it’s because she knew about Supergirl first, that’s the moment she starts shipping it. Right then. Because Cat Grant was too furious about it for this to just be about knowing who Supergirl is. 

Alright! So I see many complaining posts about Sanji’s new lastname VINSMOKE

I know it sounds weird but since there isn’t anyone make a post to point out this little detail (as I could see on my dash) then I’ll do.

VINSMOKE in other translation I can see VINSMOCK?? But this sound even more weird so before there’s confirmation about the word we should take it as VINSMOKE okay? 

This Word include 2 parts that could separated into VIN and SMOKE. 

I did look up a little and know that VIN in French mean WINE, then we got Smoke make we think about Cigarette.

So Sanji new name can understand as a combine of Wine and Cigarette.

Wine & Cigarette. Is it fabulous?

and make you remember of someone?

Regina really hates owing anyone anything…

Lana [x]

Seriously? Did she seriously say that? I mean first of all, she owes the entire freaking population of Storybrooke/the Enchanted Forest her life and her freedom, to which she forfeited ALL right when she not only murdered countless innocent neighbors and loved ones but intentionally cursed them all to be miserable and violated their minds and bodies for 28 years. By all rights, she should be in prison for good. She owes everyone for that.

And with Emma specifically? Even before this time, she ALREADY owed Emma her freaking life, four times over. Not that she ever acknowledged that at ALL, even going so far as to claim that Emma “never had her back” after all four of those instances.

And she also owes Snow her life I don’t even know HOW many times. And you know what ELSE she owes Snow and Emma (and Charming)? Emma’s entire freaking childhood. She stole that from ALL of them. They will NEVER get to see Emma grow up. Emma will NEVER get to grow up being loved and wanted. And Regina has never so much as apologized or acknowledged any of that!

Does Lana (or Regina herself in the show) seriously not realize how much Regina already owes EVERYONE around her?!

I actually don’t think it’s very fair to compare Rumbelle and Captain Swan in this situation. Belle didn’t know Rumple before he was the Dark One. Baelfire did. So it’s really more apt to compare that, isn’t it?

Bae never accepted the darkness as part of his papa. He always wanted to get rid of it. Did that mean he didn’t love Rumple? Of course not. He loved him more than anyone else in the world. But he didn’t love the Dark One. And because he knew Rumple as a man, before, he always differentiated between the two.

Which is exactly what Hook, and Snowing, and Henry, are doing now. They know this isn’t Emma. This is Emma possessed by the Dark One, and they don’t love that, or accept it, they want it gone.

Belle was different. But even Belle never loved the Dark One. She loved Rumple. Even, as she said, the parts of him that belonged to the darkness. Which is still distinct from loving the darkness itself. (And she didn’t exactly accept him. She did try to change him. She spent four seasons trying to make Rumple good and keep him that way by loving and accepting him. It didn’t work. So why would anyone try the same approach again?)

Bae told Rumple that they could be happy if only he’d relinquish the darkness. He lived that sentiment, he wound up in another realm because of it. And he was right, although Rumple tragically never listened to him. Now Killian and Snowing are doing the same thing. Emma is loved and liked and accepted just as she is, for herself. The Dark One isn’t. But if she relinquishes it, she can come home, and they will be there, and love her.

Yes, when you love someone, you love and accept every part of them. But the Dark One isn’t part of Emma. It’s its own entity. And the people who love Emma, who want what’s best for her, know that she needs to be rid of it in order to be truly happy, to truly be herself.

SO. STORY TIME. (because you all seem invested in my love life, even though  all you know is there’s a cute guy in my geology class that I’ve spoken to ONCE wow)

This has never happened to me in my life before so I’m sharing it on tumblr.

I was DJing at the end of tonight at the roller rink and I was putting on some music for after hours, because we’d just closed when LE-WILD BOY appears out of no where, and I didn’t see him well at all, he was standing by the DJ booth looking up at me, I just kind of saw him out of the corner of my eye, and all of the sudden he says super fast:


And then he like… Booked it out of the rink so fast, by the time I looked up he was just the backside of a figure running around the corner. 
And at first I didn’t comprehend what he said and I was like: 
And then I was like:


And I just kind of stood there like: 

Sweaty, hair messy and covered in pizza sauce stains from working in the snackbar.

Thank you sir. I feel very attractive right now.