i don't know if anyone has posted these already

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I don't know if anyone has already asked this but what brushes do you use for painting? btw your art is beautiful! You're one of my favourite artists <3

Thank you! I have a ton of brushes, but I mainly use the basic round ones from Photoshop + I have a nice set from Charlie Bowater. She posted them on her Gumroad (https://gumroad.com/charliebowater) and they are free, so you can download them too if you’re interested :)


I was tagged by my dear friends @kuddle-cakes and @inukag-4ever to post a selfie, the last song I listed to, and my lock screen.

I’ve been listening to a lot of hard rock from my teenaged years lately. My lock screen is of Nanami, Tomoe, and Mizuki from my second favorite anime, Kamisama Kiss. You all know what my favorite is!

I’m going to try not to tag anyone who has already been tagged, but I may fail. I choose @my-secret-sketchpad, @just-4-thought, @angelhart79, @dreamer-of-the-wandering-suns, and anyone else who wants to do it!

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So I don't know if anyone has mentioned this already or not, but did you look closely at Mark's thumbnail for World's 4th Quietest Let's Play? The set up lights in the background glow orange and light blue normally, but in the thumbnail they appear red and blue. Who is normally associated with those colors? Dark.

My friend posted an ask about it earlier today! Very sneaky of him ;)

Tip for getting greed mode donation machine unlocks (afterbirth plus only)

if you just so happen to have the poop or a card against humanity at the end of greedier mode, use it just before you kill ultra greedier because when he dies and turns the room to gold, he also changes any and all poops into golden poops.

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There's drama with jay n zino? What happened?

girl for ur own good first thing’s first please make sure you’re sat down bc this is one hell of a ride i also only just read up on this and im still so weak but here

so jay released 2nd thots on soundcloud (as y’all probably already heard) and bc there had been rumours that him and stefanie michova (sungbin’s current girlfriend) dated before, fans wanted to know if the song was about her but instead dug up some ugly & problematic stuff about her e.g.

jay has already said that the song isn’t about anyone in particular but then chacha tweets this and im just about dead at this point 😂😂😂😂

Babies from same sex couples now possible following stem cell breakthrough

Scientists find way to make egg and sperm cells using skin from adults of the same sex.

10 to 1 odds Harry has already been in contact with the researchers to find out how he and Louis can be one of the first couples to utilize this breakthrough.

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Erm how can you even ship NaruHina and IchiRuki?! IChiRuki clearly parallels NAurSAku, duh! Like not being funny or anything but Sakura beats up Narutop to inspire him just like Rukia!!!!! Hinata and ORhime are both SIDE characters. The main chatacyer is GOING to end up with the main girl in the anime. I'm not even trying to argue its just what always happens in anime so I don't know what all these shipping wars are about.

lol u trollin’? the way your post is written I can’t tell if you are being sarcastic or not, regardless I will answer your ‘arguments’..

Firstly, ichihime won’t happen because its a fail relationship, not because Orihime is a side character.

this side character bullshit has been addressed so many times already for naruhina, but i’m just wondering if anyone has considered the fact that SASUKE is also a MAIN CHARACTER, so this ‘MCs always end up together’ argument that narusaku always use is pretty much null and void.

Also please note that Sakura and Rukia don’t hit Naruto and Ichigo to ‘inspire’ them, its to knock some sense into them. Its what Rukia says that inspires Ichigo, not her punching him.

As for Sakura, I can’t think of a time that she has ‘inspired’ Naruto. She’s encouraged him yes, but don’t you think its significant that when Naruto really needed encouragement Kishi used Hinata?

I’m talking of course about these moments, Naruto doubting himself before facing Neji, and Naruto almost giving in to Obito.

These were the moments when Naruto was most vulnerable, and who did Kishi have help him?? goddamn Hinata that’s who.

Parallels, side characters vs MCs?? by using these lame arguments, it makes me think that you can’t think of any actual moments to use as evidence for your ships- which is annoying since ichiruki has tonnes of moments and unlike narusaku does not need the bullshit ‘MC x MC’ stuff that shippers with sinking ships have decided is manga law.

So there you go.

As for how I can ship both? I believe that Ichiruki and Naruhina would have the best sort of relationship. Naruto and Hinata, and Ichigo and Rukia understand each other. They make each other better people.

That’s what I ship.

Good day to you.

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You already know why everyone is 👀 Right now right? I don't know anyone I can ask off anon. Can you please just tell me if everyone is all 👀 Because of Amy's posts or is it something else entirely? Pleaseeee answer! I'm so confused and I don't have anyone to ask :(

Everyone is 👀 because of Amy’s posts and no one knows what’s going on. 

But given that Brett has breached the terms of his Cease And Desist, I hope she’s celebrating because she’s taking his arse to court. 

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I don't know if you've been asked already, but where the hell did you watch it (haikyuu stage play)? I don't want viruses :(


but this post might help you . it involves downloading utorrent which i dont really want to do, so if anyone has any ways to help out me and this lovely citizen here, pls hmu!!!!