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Ahh, I don't know if this has already been answered or not, but does Bendy have any sorta grudges on anybody? Just a curious question to ask.

Used to have a bit of one on Joey. He cared about him yeah, but being brought into real life has proven to be a bit of a double-edged sword.

Cant say he has a grudge on sammy but sammy might’ve had one on him at some point

cant say he had a grudge on alice but they did not get along very well in the beginning and would constantly pick on each other

Probably didnt like the guy Joey chose to take his place after death for a little while just because they aren’t joey and never will be

I can also imagine him having a frustrating relationship with a network exectutive or something but i dont have much for details on that at the moment

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Did you know that for anybody who watches SPN in Spanish, Destiel already went canon. :) when you turn on the subtitles on Netflix, CAS saying "I love you." Translates to "Te Amo" which is singular and an I love you directed at one person, in this case, Dean. Then the "I love all of you" translates to "Amo a todos" which is an I love you in plural directed to more than one person. Just thought I'd put it out there (Spanish watcher here who is very happy at this progress!) #s13 don't fail me now

hehe yeah I read this post about it this morning:


I mean, I still err with caution to say its CANON because in the original artist’s depiction (sorry I don’t mean to sound like a dick but I’m trying to explain what I mean here) it is meant to be ambiguous and I don’t believe they have that much say over how things get translated, hence some hilarious ones from movies I know as I’m half french and see pretty random things subbed in.

But yeah, I mean it does just add to the ‘it’s canon that they are written as a romantic pairing and everyone knows’ thing that we all bang on about all the time for sure :)

I remember when 12x03 aired and everyone was talking about the different subbing versions of “morning sunshine” which were all just SO romantic, again cos I’m French I remember the “bonjour mon ange” which yeah means Angel but it means MY Angel and is ALWAYS ROMANTIC.

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Oh incidentally this was also the first instance (of a long line of them I did a gifset a while ago) of the double clarification…

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The 12x12 “I love you, I love all of you” from Mary in this episode (bookended with the “morning, sunshine” at the beginning, also in the bunker, bookends to the MoTW plot) by saying “I love you, I love you both” the first is clearly just to Sam and the second she changes it to plural to include Dean…  this is just as she LEAVES and Dean is super upset but tries to hold himself together by looking away while Sam is upset but holding more together. remind us of anything?!

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So yeah it’s just another tick in the box of ‘it’s clearly romantic and everyone who has eyes or works in the industry to recognise all the romantic tropes etc can see it’ 

I keep talking about the circular narrative of season 12 and theres just SO MUCH FORESHADOWING and SO MANY MIRRORS AND PARALLELS… The whole story is just… in hindsight it is actually a bit of a masterpiece (if you remove the Fucklemming rapey, misogynistic moments and the boring Lucifer storyline ofc…but the character stuff is insanely good, like INSANELY deep for a tv show…).

I really don’t think Dabb will fail us now :D

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I'm a door knocker/customer service rep for an ISP, and today I was screamed at by an old man in his front yard who I just waved to. He screamed: "I ALREADY HAVE YOUR SERVICE. WHY THE HELL DO YOU PEOPLE THINK I CARE ABOUT YOUR SERVICE--I'M NOT APART OF YOUR FUCKING COMPUTER AGE." I responded with: "Sir, I have to introduce myself to the neighborhood as courtesy--I don't know anybody here. I didn't realize you had our service already, nor did I realize you don't care." He huffed angrily away :)

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I hope you know you have made a complete fool of yourself over wanting to protect someone who had no clue you exist. And if he did, I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate you alienating his black fans, especially while claiming to "defend" him. Just apologize already, take down the posts and move on. I mean they have already been reblogged, but just so you don't have them leading right back to you and other insensetive things you may have said. Just take a break on replies. Go silent. Let it blow over.

First of all, this is not about ‘protecting’ anybody. This is an opinion I hold, and I held that before this thing with Kai came up. I decided to speak my opinion on it, because it is something that bothers me. Also, how about you stop assuming you know what other people think on certain issues? You are not entitled to say what he would think of that, just like  you are not going to speak for me. 

I am not going to apologize, I am not going to take my posts down. 

And saying I should delete them to not have a trail that leads back to my blog is pretty rich coming from you, considering you made a post about me on your blog saying that I was racist and tagged me in it. Which is pretty much a fucking billboard leading people to my blog to send spiteful messages- which is, honestly nothing I am bothered about too much. But still, that is pretty fucking hypocritic, if you ask me.

I actually have a whole lot on my hands right now so I won’t be too active, but here is a little heads up; 

I will not go silent, I won’t let this blow over, don’t you dare tell me what to do and don’t you dare to patronize me. 

The hug ask (aka: fanbook 108 mini translation)

Orange pentagon: 
The burdened one
The carrying one

Orange bolded lines: 
Alternating over time!? 
Yuu and Mika’s relationship!!

Top lines: At 8 years old, Yuu was taken into the Hyakuya orphanage where Mika extended his hand. Yuu who’s heart had been opened came to call Mika and the orphanage children “family”.

Bottom lines: Mika once had the habit of hugging Yuu. But after a period of 4 years the two’s relationship changes!? Yuu was held in his (Mika’s) arms when he aimed to run away.

Has anybody considered Muffet from Undertale and Webber from Don’t Starve interactions yet? Just me?

Why hate on Lisa? (might contain spoilers)

So, today after I watched ZnT Ep. 8, I checked the comments underneath and alright everything was cool until I saw a comment saying that Lisa is stupid and ruins the plans that the guys had.
(Note that this is just my humble opinion and thoughts.)

To be honest, I think Lisa’s really well written. She’s one if not the most realistic character in this show and I really adore that girl.
And I understand that in a certain way people don’t like this kind of character and/or have other reasons to not like her, alright. But not in the way that is described above.
The explanation is really simple, and might be answered with a single question:

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Hannibal Make Me Choose:

Anonymous asked who do you think play hannibal better out of anthony hopkins and mads mikkelsen?

It’s a bit apples to oranges at this point. They play the character at different stages of life, and in different media.

I love Sir Anthony’s Hannibal, I do. Without him, there would be no franchise, there would be no Fullerverse Hannibal. 

But damn, do I love Mads Mikkelsen as Dr. Hannibal Lecter.