i don't know i was just watching this okay

space battle
  • keith: lance... if we don't make it out of here alive... i just want you to know that i love you
  • lance: keith... i... wait, is someone crying?
  • galra 1: jared holy shit this is just like the movie we watched the other day
  • galra 2: dude, we have have to do our jobs don't-
  • galra 1: (crying)
  • galra 2: okay it is pretty sweet i'm not gonna lie--
  • zarkon: guys can we please FOCUS,

Don’t ever ask me what the hell I was thinking ‘cause I don’t know either.

  • Me: you should watch this show.
  • Them: let's watch the show.
  • Me: okay but wait you have to like, commit okay you have to pay attention and appreciate the details and the plots and not hate it and- I know the beginning starts out silly and it's like a silly show but I PROMISE I just love it a lot just listen and love it too but you might not actually maybe don't watch it never watch it

Dave….Dave plz come back on and tell us tomorrow that we will have two or three more seasons…plz…


Just your gals Kate McKinnon and Kristen Wiig, wearing the same dress. I mean I know we’re all still freaking out about that amazing SNL episode with Kristen Stewart (also because of the shirt sharing thing). But then I found this and it’s just the best! They both look gorgeous!!!!

for anyone who wants to know, these are the sketches (you can find them on YouTube)
Kate: Southern Ladies - aired 05/09/2015
Kristen: Timecrowave - aired 05/15/2010

Gifs are mine


Okay I might be leaving a little bit out to make this funnier, but I love how he goes from “I want everyone to recognize my voice, I want to be more macho” to “okay yeah I want to attract girls”.

oh my god please picture this:

Amélie Lacroix, post-talon. After waking up late in the morning (sleeping in is a luxury talon did not afford her) she makes her way to the kitchen with a blanket draped over her shoulders. she has bedhead and tired blinky sleepy eyes and mumbles a soft bonjour to anyone she passes. her pyjamas are white button-ups with tiny lilac patterns - she picked them herself. she makes herself a coffee, slowly, a nice one with milk and brown sugar, maybe with hot chocolate powder, and maybe a little whipped cream on the top if she’s feeling fancy, and on extra special occasions she’ll even get out her secret box of chocolate sprinkles (just a pinch, for the aesthetic, she says).

she then proceeds to sit on the couch, legs crossed, covered in her blanket, and sips at her coffee, bleary-eyed, sleepy and content. the whipped cream gives her a tiny moustache but she doesn’t notice til much later. she watches birds out the window, quiet and content, thinking about nothing, at peace with the world

Last Words
  • "What are you gonna do, kill me?"
  • "Keep them safe"
  • "I need you to move on after I'm gone."
  • "Kill me"
  • "Of course I trust you."
  • "Just end it"
  • "I'll come back"
  • "I just want you to know that I love you, okay?"
  • "Watch this"
  • "Give them hell"
  • "What does this do?"
  • "I don't feel good"
  • "I can't fight anymore. It hurts too much"
  • "I'm scared"
  • "Tell _____ that I love them"
  • "Get out of here! Now! While you still can!"
  • "I'll see you in hell"
  • "It wasn't your fault."
  • "You need to trust me."
  • "Why is it so dark?"
  • "No! This cannot be! I am invincible!"
  • "I'll buy you as much time as I can. Don't waste it."
  • "Live. Do that for me. Just get out alive."
  • "Don't cry"
  • "It's a flesh wound"
  • "It's perfectly safe"
  • "I don't regret anything."

You know, canon.

Bless these anti-social wilderness babies. Stalking people all day and all night before finally deciding to approach them.

I accidentally turned on a few layers at once and got this adorable huddle. Hahaha. 

  • friend: are you okay?
  • what i say: yeah im fine
  • what i want to say: cats is back on broadway and honestly who asked even asked for it to come back, who the hell is in charge of that like the fact that people paid to watch grown adults prance around in full cat leotards makes me uncomfortable i just don't know if i can live knowing that somewhere out there someone is sitting watching cats on broadway by choice???? 2016 has been bad enough did we really need cats to come back???,?
  • Maryse: Okay so-
  • Alec: Oh sorry just got this text from my boyfriend, Magnus Bane
  • Maryse: Well we're going to-
  • Alec: Oh this is so funny, sorry just got a message from my boyfriend, Magnus Bane
  • Maryse: Izzy can cover the-
  • Alec: Wow my boyfriend Magnus Bane is so f-
  • Cartman: Ah, finally... the release dates. *dials phone*
  • Stan: Hello?
  • Cartman: It's time. *dials again*
  • Kyle: Hello?
  • Cartman: It's time. *dials again*
  • Kenny: Hello?
  • Cartman: It's time. *dials again*
  • Butters: Hello?
  • Cartman: It's time. *dials again*
  • Clyde: Hello?
  • Cartman: It's time. *dials again*
  • Token: Hello?
  • Cartman: It's time. *dials again*
  • Craig: Hello?
  • Cartman: It's time. *dials again*
  • Tweek: Hello?
  • Cartman: It's time. *dials again*
  • Timmy: Timmy?
  • Cartman: It's time. *dials again*
  • Jimmy: Hello?
  • Cartman: It's time. *dials again*
  • Wendy: Hello?
  • Cartman: It's time.
  • *phone rings*
  • Cartman: Hello?
  • Stan: Uh yeah, what does 'it's time' mean?
  • Cartman: What?
  • Stan: I don't know, you just called me up and said 'it's time' like I'm supposed to know what that means.
  • Cartman: Get on the wagon Stan, it's the release dates of season 21 and The Fractured But Hole!
  • Stan: The premier of what?
  • Cartman: Hang on, I got another call on the other line. *beep* Hello?
  • Kyle: Hey, yeah, what's with this 'it's time' thing you're talking about?
  • Cartman: Don't you know?
  • Kyle: No.
  • Cartman: Whatever, just meet me at the video game store, I got another call. *beep*
  • Jimmy: Yeah, it's, uh, 3:22 PM.
  • Cartman: What?
  • Jimmy: I th-thought you were askk-king what time it was.
  • Cartman: No, no, I'm telling you it is time!
  • Jimmy: Yeah, and that time is 3:22 PM.
  • Cartman: No - ugh, I got another call, hang on. *beep*
  • Butters: I'm behind you 110% Eric! Any juice bar refusing to serve us delicious smoothies from here on out will be blown SKY HIGH! AHAHAHAHAHA!
  • Cartman: Wait a minute, what are you talking about?
  • Butters: What are you talking about?
  • Cartman: The release dates for season 21 and the Fractured But Hole came out today!
  • Butters: What season? Whose butt is fractured??
  • Cartman: Hang on, I'll get back to you. *beep* Hello?
  • Craig: Yeah I got 3:24 here, but I think Jimmy's watch is more accurate.
  • Cartman: Hold on a minute. *beep* Hello?
  • Stan: Me again.
  • Cartman: Sorry. *beep* Hello?
  • Kenny: Hi, running on confused here.
  • Cartman: Uhg, hang on! *beep* Hello?
  • Wendy: Um, what were you calling me about?
  • Cartman: Look, it's really hard to explain, just meet me at the video game store and set your DVR for August 23rd . Fractured But whole comes out on October 17th.
  • Wendy: Okay...
  • Cartman: *heavy sigh* I'LL PICK YOU UP.
  • Wendy: When?
  • Cartman: I don't know, I can barely keep track of who I'm talking to! *beep* Hello!
  • Jimmy: 3:23 PM!
  • Cartman: GO! AWAY!
It didn’t make sense to anyone else but her. She looked at him and spit insults to his face as she watched the love he had for her fade. He pushed her to the side and walked away and it’s like she could breathe again. She knew that as long as part of him still loved her, she would never move on. She had to ruin everything to put herself back together. Three months later, she feels worse than she did before. She didn’t know she loved him too. She didn’t know.
—  I was wrong

Okay, so ever since watching the ending to 13 Reasons Why and seeing Tyler with those guns and photo’s, I just have this image in my head of a school shooting going down. Like, he’s finally gunna get his revenge on everyone whose ever hurt or humiliated him- not just the people on the tapes. Tony and Clay are in the Library with Skye and a lot of other students when it all goes down, a lot of them try running but the three of them decide it best to sit tight and hide behind one of the tables. When Tyler finally arrives he’s screaming for Clay to show himself, and Clay being Clay, not wanting anyone else to get hurt because of him, does. He stands up and faces Tyler- to the protests of Tony and Skye, who are each, unsuccessfully, trying to bring Clay back down. They stare at each-other for a while and Clay can’t help but notice the blood on Tyler’s face and clothing, the way his mouth is morphed into a grin and his face is the painting of peace and content. For a moment he thinks ‘did I do this? Did I push him over the edge with that stupid picture?’ but then he see’s movement from behind Tyler and notices a couple jocks from the football team or a teacher closing in on him and Tyler must sense it too because he goes to turn around and Clay does the first thing he can think of, he takes a step forward and looses it, he starts shouting at Tyler to shoot him, “COME ON, TYLER. DO IT. SHOOT ME. I HUMILIATED YOU! SO SHOOT ME, DO IT! JUST DO IT ALREADY, GODDAMMIT!” and all the while he’s gaining on him, taking strides across the room until the tip of Tyler’s gun is pressing into his chest and Clay isn’t sure anymore if it’s just a distraction or if he’s secretly hoping for Tyler to pull the trigger, but it doesn’t matter because the jocks/teacher are/is there now and so Clay takes a step back as they tackle him, wrestling for the gun. He thinks they’ve done it, that they have it and then it discharges and he can’t do anything but fall to his knees. He sure he hears Tony screaming his name. 

(I dunno, but I might make this into a fic later??)

Offer to the Robron Fandom

So, starting tonight, things are going to be really bloody difficult for our favourite boys, and there’s no doubt at all that some episodes are going to be….really hard to watch.

I know so many of us (myself included) have latched onto Robron in a big way, and so many of us identify with the boys, and seeing Aaron in prison, suffering abuse, and potentially even drug abuse, is going to be pretty triggering for some people.

So what I’m offering is this. If you want me to, I’m more than happy to watch the episodes (not just tonight, but over the coming weeks/months - the entire duration of this storyline) and then give you a message telling you whether you should avoid watching it or not (or at least, if you’re having a bad day, I can tell you to wait until you’re feeling a bit better before watching the episode/scenes).

I’m already going to do this for another friend here, and I’d be happy to do this for anyone else. Even if we haven’t spoken before, even if we don’t follow each other - it doesn’t matter. Just give me a message and I can make sure I PM you after the episodes and give you an idea of how heavy/intense they are.

I think it’s so important for everyone to look out for each other. I know a lot of what will happen in these episodes will be revealed in gifsets and written posts, but that’s not the same as watching it on screen, hearing the words and seeing exactly what’s going down.

This storyline is going to contain physical/verbal abuse, potential drug abuse, mentions of pedophilia, homophobia (no doubt), and I wouldn’t be surprised if Aaron self-harms again. This is going to be seriously triggering for a lot of people, for any of those reasons, and I want people to still feel safe and still be able to watch the show as a whole and enjoy the storyline as much as they can.

So please, please, please feel free to message me. You don’t have to tell me why you’re concerned, or why it might be triggering or upsetting to you. I can either give you brief details of what happens in the episodes or I can just quickly say “I wouldn’t watch if you’re having a bad day”. Like it doesn’t have to be a big deal, but it could be important.

I know some people may well need this, or they may have already asked other fandom friends to do this for them. But I also know some people might feel silly or embarrassed to ask someone, or are not sure who to ask, and I just want you to know you can ask me. It’s honestly no bother at all, and I’d be happy to do it if it’s going to help put people’s minds at ease.

So starting from tonight, this offer is open. Please please PLEASE feel free to message me - I won’t ask any questions. I’ll just add your name to a list and that will be that. Job done. And you’ll get a little message after the episode/s air.

If people could help spread the word, or want to reblog this and offer themselves up to do this too, that would be awesome. This fandom is so lovely and I’ve seen several posts of people sounding concerned for what’s to come, and I just want you to all feel safe!

This post in short: if you want me to watch Emmerdale and PM you after the episodes air to warn you about their content/let you know whether it’s safe to watch, please let me know and I’ll be happy to do that for you.

  • Person: Okay, but why do you watch Let's Plays of games you have? It's not the same as playing yourself, you know.
  • Me: You know, sometimes I'm interested in the story of games I'm awful at and watching someone else play (with optional funny and/or informative commentary) is a lot more pleasant than punching the monitor out of frustration.
Leotarius Eating Out
  • Sagittarius: *sees Virgo and Pisces and walks over to their table* Hey guys!
  • Virgo: Sag you are so materialistic.
  • Pisces: Yeah...
  • Sagittarius: *laughs* You know I'm not.
  • Virgo: Look at all of your fancy little things. She must beg Leo to buy her all of that.
  • Pisces: Leo, look at that lip gloss. I'm broke can you buy it for me? *Virgo and Pisces laugh*
  • Leo: *Leo walks over*
  • Sagittarius: Baby it's okay let's just order our food.
  • Leo: No it's not. *tries to keep his voice down* Actually, she doesn't ask for anything. That's why I give her everything. Plus, she could buy it with her own money but I refuse to let her. I don't want her to. Oh, and you see this watch? She bought this for me along with this bracelet, necklace, and earring. We spoil each other.
  • The whole restaurant: *applauds*
  • Virgo and Pisces: *silent*

PROMPTS: CCS / LoZ AU – @thewhitegoddesshylia

I just rewatched Cardcaptor Sakura for like the 5th time, and bOY HOWDY I love CCS!! I know Syaoran / Link’s outfit should probably be the movie one, but I like those sleeves on his show outfit okAY.  

anonymous asked:

wait you actually like the mary-sue that is heather?? and you ship her with queen astrid!? are you nuts?!

I’ve been stewing over how to answer this ask for a couple of hours now…mostly because it (and the other 4 Heather-bashing ‘asks’ I got) make me facepalm. Also, I’ve rewritten this twice, trying to make it not sound mean, but if there are parts that do sound mean, I apologize. I’m frustrated.

1) Yes, I like Heather. In fact, I adore Heather and wish we saw more of her with the riders. 

2) Let’s list the reasons why people think Heather is a mary-sue, shall we?

  • She’s got a somewhat tragic backstory
  • She’s got a dysfunctional family
  • She’s smart
  • She starts out as a loner
  • She has a unique dragon
  • She’s ‘too pretty’ for living in the wild on her own
  • She makes bad choices at times
  • She cares about her friends and tries to protect them
  • The writers focus more on her than on Astrid at times
  • Thanks to DoB, people are convinced there’s a triangle with her, Hiccup, and Astrid.
  • She can cook
  • She’s got a badass weapon 

Hm. You know what I’m noticing? She actually shares a lot of similarities with Hiccup. I’ll bold the ones she shares with him to make it a bit easier to notice.

Sound familiar? 

Remember the trick of describing Batman as a female instead of a male and people get pissed? 

You’re doing the same fucking thing with Heather.

As to her being ‘too pretty’ and ‘clean’ for living in the wild on her own?

It’s fairly canon that the twins and Gobber are meant to be the dirtiest, smelliest, most disgusting of the Hooligans. Guess what? They look pretty damned clean to me.Yes, Gobber has some dirt and grime, but it’s part of his design. The twins? It’s not. The animators have limited time and budgets to constantly make everyone individually dirty.

  • Also, why aren’t you complaining that Astrid, Fishlegs, Snotlout, and Hiccup aren’t filthy? 
  • Astrid’s constantly doing gymnastics on the ground and practicing her fighting (dirt and sweat). 
  • Fishlegs has a boulder class dragon and is constantly feeding her rocks (lemme tell you, finding good, gronckle-snack sized rocks is NOT a clean job) while also spending many days translating the Dragon Eye without caring for himself (sweat+varying dragon breath smells+ink+the process of making paper/vellum/parchment)
  • Snotlout? Not only is constantly getting burned (soot+ash), but he rides a dragon coated in flammable gel (that gel+surely a sulfuric smell). 
  • And Hiccup? He is constantly messing around in the forge. Forges are hot. Soot+Sweat+Metal+Sawdust. He’s also constantly finding himself in trouble out in the wild. Dirt+sweat. 

Also, that triangle with her, Hiccup, and Astrid? Yeah, Astrid’s at the center of that triangle. It’s more than a little obvious that Heather has the hots for Astrid. Look at the way they interact: Heather is more playful and caring around Astrid and she gets a bit sad when she teases Astrid about her and Hiccup. She doesn’t act the same way at all around any of the other riders. 

And, uh, she trusted Astrid with the information that she was spying on the Dragon Hunters. Not Hiccup. Astrid

And, the cooking? Guess what? It was the woman’s job to cook back then and, before Alvin and Dagur happened, she was living a normal life. Guess what that means? She’s going to know how to cook. Now that I think about it, it’s actually strange that Astrid and Ruffnut are canonically bad cooks -but then again, the HttYD franchise basically throws history out the window :/

And, finally, her weapon. Yes, I admit it’s a bit excessive, but it looks cool. And, uh, do you not remember Hiccup’s compact-and-portable-bola-throwing-catapult from HttYD1? What about Toothless as a whole?

Sometimes, you just gotta give a character something badass to work with. 

Okay. Okay, I’ve spent too long writing this when that time could have been spent on my fanfiction. I’m still frustrated, but I know if I continue this, it’s going to get more sarcastic and more angry. 

So yeah. I like Heather. She’s bae <3