i don't know i was just rewatching some scenes and

Captain Swan + Automatic YouTube subtitles:

Once upon a time, Emma Swan and her Princess Squad found a blacksmith hiding under a pile of fries

Although Emma knew she should be worried about the blacksmith’s identity, there just were bigger problems in her mind 

Don’t worry, Emma. The past is in the past. And soon you will find your One True Love. It’ll be love at first sight:

Never shy with words, our Emma. Now she just needs to know who this mysterious stranger really is.

He looks like bad news. It’s just a shame he looks so good, because at that point Emma can’t help but let the truth slip out of her mouth

Get it, girl. But do know he comes with baggage. Just like you:

In 3 seasons you will understand why. Be patient.

That’s what we’ll see in the musical episode, Emma. Be more gentle, will you?

Okay, nevermind. He totally deserves to be chained up and abandoned in the beanstalk. 

Uh, yeah. Maybe that wasn’t such a great idea after all. 

It turns out Captain Hook is a teasing, sarcastic scoundrel. But two can play this game…

To Be Continued…

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I have to rewatch the actual episodes of Korra because the animation is so LIT that often I forget if certain scenes were even in the source material or if an entire scene was recreated and it's just so well done it looks like it belonged there. Did Lin have a hoverboard? I don't know anymore.

Lin Beifong definitely had a hoverboard. Everyone did. We’ve actually had to edit most of the hoverboards OUT. 

last night i rewatched the force awakens & it was the best decision i have made in ages!!! i spent the whole time either smiling stupidly or crying

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Hiya Marc! So I need some help. I've had this internal debate/pondering since season one that has only grown in rewatching and attempting to analyze a particular scene: when Oliver jokes they don't send blondes to Guantanamo Bay, and Felicity states she dyes it actually, was Oliver's subsequent lean in him playfully trying to see her roots, or just leaning in to look at the computer screen? Or both? This question has plagued me for ages! I GOTS TO KNOW THE TRUTH!

Hah!  I’m pretty sure it was a lean into the computer screen.

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I was rewatching the Richonne kiss because life and holy shit. It gets me every time when Rick pulls Michonne down to lie, spreads her legs and pushes his hips between them. It's so fucking hot. I don't know how Danai kept her cool. If we get steamy Richonne scenes in the new season R.I.P to me lol

Hey anon! I’m sure we’ll be getting *some* steamy richonne stuff and thangs this season. And yes I totally understand how you feel. I get all types of feels anytime I watch that scene or see just the pics. They are beyond sexy together. That still of Rick between Michonne’s legs and that kiss… have mercy lol!

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I just realize that Ignis wear a necklace and I was SO SHOCKED :0

I mean I never saw him as the type to wear such thing so that lead me to many theories xD

was it previously known that he wear a necklace ?? I didn’t notice that in the demo, was he ?? if so why didn’t I realize it sooner ( time to rewatch some scene ) @_@

( I guess I over think about Noctis and Prompto too much that I didn’t pay enough attention to Ignis although I love him so much )