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Ok so so ok. I Adore your nurseydex fics. Can i maybe possibly request a fic? Maaaaaybe one where they try to work out living together without the team finding out that they're dating maybe? Its chill sauce if you aren't taking prompts rn or anything don't stress it starshine

a/n: Sorry this took so long and that it’s less than amazing. 

With a sigh of relief that he was finally (FINALLY) back at the Haus after a long day of classes, Dex quickly made his way through the door, hoping to slip up the stairs unnoticed. He wasn’t in the sort of mood to run into anyone. He just wanted to get comfortable and maybe cuddle with his boyfriend.

Of course, that meant that he was stopped precisely four steps into the Haus by an aggressively cheerful Bitty, bearing a plate piled high with sandwiches. Dex wanted to hit himself for forgetting that he had texted Bitty earlier to complain that he had forgotten his bagged lunch on the kitchen counter (because yes, shut up, he took bagged lunches… his class schedule didn’t give him enough time to buy food on campus). And, because he was that sort of friend, Bitty promised to have lunch waiting for Dex when he got done for the day.

Dex didn’t want to have lunch with Bitty, even if he made the best sandwiches, bar none. He just wanted to lay with Nursey and get his hair played with and maybe get off. He couldn’t tell Bitty any of that, though, so Dex gave his captain a tight smile and followed him into the living room.

“Just a heads up, Dex, Nursey is already here. Gotta fuel up before whatever fight y'all are gonna have today.”

We’re not going to fight!, Dex wanted to yell. We’ve been going out for six months and none of you bothered to notice.

He didn’t though. Instead, he grabbed a sandwich of the top of the pile and shoved it in his mouth, then grimaced. Apparently that was Bitty’s stack, because it had more mustard than meat. Dex tried not to gag when he set it back down on the plate and grabbed a new one.

Bitty spent the next 20 minutes sending concerned looks his way that Dex pretended he didn’t see. That would mean having a conversation, which meant not getting to go upstairs, the exact opposite of what he wanted. So, he made sure to have food in his mouth at all times, and got up immediately when he was done eating.

He threw a casual “Thanks for lunch” over his shoulder as he bound up the stairs.

Nursey had their bedroom door propped open with the stupid unicorn like he usually did. They both hated the thing, but Nursey refused to admit it. Dex kicked it out of the way a little harder than necessary (he wanted it gone more than he wanted to win the standoff about it, and that was saying something).

Nursey was laying on the top bunk, something they started doing when they realized it was easier to hide that they were laying together if anyone barged in. Dex hated it. He hated that it was necessary. He threw his bag on the floor, not watching where it landed, and rolled onto the bottom bunk. He kicked he flimsy mattress above him a few times with his socked feet.

“come down here, asshole.”

Practically, there was no difference between laying together on the top bunk or the bottom bunk. They were both too small and too lumpy. They both knew there was no reason for Nursey to switch beds. Nursey didn’t point any of that out, though. Instead, he rolled off the top bunk and lumbered into the bottom to join Dex.

As soon as he seemed comfortable, Dex clung to him like a limpet. Nursey, the saint, didn’t say anything about that, either. He just let Dex wrap around him as he slipped a hand into curly red hair. The tension that had been building between Dex’s shoulders eased the tiniest bit.

They laid there for a while, Nursey’s hands running through Dex’s hair while Dex tried to put his feelings into words. It was something he was working on, processing his emotions instead of just reacting to them. Mostly he sucked at it, but he was trying. For Nursey (the woman at the counselling center said he should be trying for himself, but Dex was still having a hard time believing he was worth that effort… but he could do it for Nursey).

Once he felt like he had his thoughts somewhat gathered, he asked, “Why haven’t we told the team we’re dating?”

Nursey tried to pull back enough to see Dex’s face, but the bunk was too small. He settled for holding on to him tighter, instead.

“Well, Ransom and Holster said it would be easier this way, and you thought it would be a good idea, so we agreed.”

Which was true. Right before summer started, after Lardo had moved her things out and Dex and Nursey were moving their things in, Holster had walked in on them making out in the mostly empty bedroom. Dex expected him to go yelling it through the Haus, but instead, he sat them down and told them about him and Ransom. Except…

“Everyone knew they were together, though. They weren’t really hiding anything. And they thought that the team wouldn’t understand the whole them and March and April thing. I mean, look how happy Bitty is now that everyone knows about him and Jack.”

This time, Nursey did pull away enough to look at Dex, and ended up half-off the bunk because of it. He had a little smirk and a glimmer in his eye. “You wanna tell everyone about us?”

“Well, maybe. Yeah. I do.”

Nursey’s smirk turned into a wide smile.”Awww, you like me.”

“Whatever, don’t go that far. You just don’t annoy me enough to pretend I hate you around everyone else.”

Nursey rolled his eyes, but pulled Dex in for a sloppy kiss anyway. For Dex, that was practically a love confession. But that could come later. So could telling everyone.

Dex tried to deepen the kiss, but they ended up rolling straight off the bed, instead. They landed with a thump. Seconds later, a shout came from downstairs. “If I have to separate you, it’s on y'all’s head, you hear?”

They both laughed until they couldn’t anymore, then kissed until it turned into something else entirely.

False Alarm


One Shot

Rating M: Smut 

Warning: SLIGHT bdsm theme

Word Count:  around 1700

Taemin knelt down, his knees grinding into the hardwood floor roughly as he tried to keep his balance.  The task much more difficult with his hands bound behind his back and his feet tied together.  Even though he couldn’t see his boyfriend through the black silk tie wrapped around his eyes he could sense the older man was right in front of him.  He waited…his heart thudding in his chest, his breath coming out in short gasps, anticipating what Jinki was going to do him next.  

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The Originals 3x19 promo🙄 (Anti-Klamille RANT)

Okay wth… I am the least bit interested in watching that ep now. Like what is it with this romantic comedy their displaying… Yes I said comedy because the declaration Cami gave Klaus was laughable & unbelievable… I love you? She had all 3 seasons to say it and comes with the dramatics, while having no type of emotion and just fall into his arms? Tf? 😓 I didn’t know this was a soap opera. I am a Klayley supporter but that’s besides the point. I just don’t care for these two, and frankly I’m yearning for some solid story progression, I want to know wth is going on with Kol, so is he only alive in New Orleans or what? The witches storyline is both annoying/intriguing… The new regent (I forget his name) looks like a promising pro-antagonist, and I would like to see more of Hope actually … I mean wasn’t she supposed to be this epic miracle with triple hybrid powers? But noooo in this damn preview it’s all about Cami and Klaus… I thought she was finally fucking gone!😩 does she really need an WHOLE episode for her death? I mean I can take an ep revolved around Klaus, he holds significance in the show, but why Cami? Can’t she get a quick death just like everybody else? Jackson died less than five minutes and he held somewhat of importance. But Cami? She’s a glorified extra, REMINDER she’s not Klaus’s first love, (Aurora technically is) and throughout all of the other women in his life what puts her above all? Even Caroline & Hayley? 🤔 ‘Til this season they still didn’t disclose a REAL reason why he’s so infatuated with her .. Or why she’s even special. Like please explain this! Why should I/We ship those two? Because she’s a pretty blonde? Or is it her green eyes? Oh but there’s also her mind… Really? But how can a mind of a 20+ year old be so intriguing to a person that’s lived literally a millennium… Like he’s seen the world reinvent itself for centuries.. No✋🏾 you have to come better than that. I need a REAL damn reason for this ship. I need some REAL damn chemistry between these two. They don’t have to have a kid together just a hint of fucking emotion/spark that tells me that they are not reading off a script. They just come off fake to me, I don’t believe it! I don’t hate the actress just her character. She’s poorly written and just overly compensated. Tbh I think I’d dislike her less if she didn’t have a psychology background, it’s like the writers took the pussy way out, and just gave up on actually giving her a personality. It would’ve been more interesting if she was just a bartender with a different way of looking at life.. Lol I think the whole therapist thing just threw me off. The whole falling in love with your patient thing is just so cliche .. It didn’t attract to me. It also distracts from the entire purpose of the show. Like their connection should be tied in somehow and it all just seems out of place. Like the writers just forced it, you know?

Birthday Cake: Chapter 5

[K guys, last chapter, I’m finally done, hope i had enough fluff for you all in this sequel :)]

Description: Sequel to Chocolate Cake where Adrien makes Marinette a cake for her surprise birthday party. :3

Word Count: 4109

Rating: K

~        ~        ~        ~        ~        ~        ~        ~        ~        ~        ~        ~        ~

Marinette gasped and held her hands up to her mouth at the scene before her. She had just gotten back from seeing a wonderful movie with Alya, and now, she came home to…this. To all her friends and family jumping out to greet her on the best day of the year. She couldn’t believe it. 

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