i don't know i should be doing homework

things the types probably don't say
  • infj: "Hey, a mountain! I think I'll climb it instead of working on my project like I planned!"
  • infp: "I think everyone should try to fit in. I mean, as long as you're well-liked, who cares if you're being fake?"
  • enfj: "Stop coming to me with all of your issues. I don't care about you!"
  • enfp: "I think I'll just do my statistics work for the next three hours. I don't feel very creative."
  • intj: "I'm so glad I decided to flake on my plans to go to this party...I love people!!" [winky face]
  • intp: "I don't care about this article about science...I'd rather see what Kim Kardashian is up to."
  • entj: "Does someone need a hug?"
  • entp: "I just think maybe we should do the reliable method instead of trying to invent our own way..."
  • isfj: "I think I"ll blow off my friends to go to rock climbing! What fun!"
  • isfp: "I don't care about how you feel! Put your dang emotions aside and get the job done!"
  • esfj: "Stop asking me for all these stupid favors. I don't care about you at all."
  • esfp: "Party? No thanks...I'd rather go home and be alone with my math homework for a bit."
  • istj: "This method is reliable, buuut...this looks waaay more fun!!"
  • istp: "Please, come to me with all of your emotional problems! I love giving advice!"
  • estj: "I know I should be working, but this puppy is making me too emotional..."
  • estp: "I can't do that."
Teachers and Parents
  • "Why did you give my child a failing grade?"
  • "I don't remember desks being this small when I was here."
  • "Do you know what your child did in class today?"
  • "I don't give out detention lightly."
  • "What did they do now?"
  • "I'm sorry, I've been working steadily and haven't been paying as much attention as I should have."
  • "Being a single parent is hard..."
  • "Can you go to the school? I just got a call from the teacher."
  • "Can I pick up their homework?"
  • "I hate to bother you with this but..."
  • "I think your child is falling behind."
  • "I just want to tell you how impressed I am."
  • "Can we meet somewhere to talk about this?"
  • "Your child is struggling a little in math."
  • "Keeping an eye on them can be a challenge."
  • "They're doing exceptionally well.
  • "How many students do you have?"
  • "We have to be careful with what's brought into the classroom."
  • "I'm sorry they're being a problem."
  • "What is the home situation like?"
  • "Free time is important to development."
  • "Teenage years are hard."
  • "I got called here from work for THIS?"
  • "Bullying is something we take very seriously."
  • "I have some great news for you."
  • "The play is in three weeks."
  • "There was a bit of a scare today..."
  • "This won't happen again. I'm sorry you had to deal with it."
  • "Finals are coming soon and everyone is studying."
  • "As you can see, we take a different approach to learning."
  • "I help them out as best I can."
  • "We're looking for chaperones."
Double Trouble

Pairing: Jim x Child!Reader

Word Count: 1585

Warnings: Fluff, a really bad pun. I don’t think there’s even a swear in this one. 

A/N: Part 2 of Seeing Double!! I hadn’t intended for this to become a series, and yet here we are. There’s definitely going to be at least a part 3, but we’ll see how long that gets and maybe there’ll be a part 4. It’ll be awhile either way, because it’s the end of the semester and school is slowly killing me. 

The day started like any other for Aydenna: coffee in the morning while she skimmed the news and ate breakfast. Then she took a shuttle up to the academy where she prepped for a full day of classes. Unfortunately for her, everyone on the Command track had a strong personality, which meant a lot of disruptions and discussions, but she wouldn’t change it for a thing. She and Roger finally smoothed things out, and it even seemed like he was warming up to Y/N by now. At least, Aydenna hoped, based on the note she found on your pillow that morning. Hi Mommy. I went to work with Daddy today on a big ship!! I love you!! Aydenna smiled as she walked towards the ship dock, hoping to catch you and Roger by surprise at lunch.

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Me when I try and do anything other then kpop
  • Me: I should really finish my maths homework
  • Kpop: did I just hear right?
  • Me: *starts doing homework*
  • Kpop: OY! What do you think you're doing?!?
  • Me: .....maths
  • Kpop: but exo released two new music videos!!
  • Me: but I have to finish this work or I will get in trouble
  • Kpop: it's all me me me with you! Don't you know 4minute have just disbanded
  • Me: ...can't you just wait like five seconds
  • Kpop: no you're not getting it, if you don't check out the world of kpop now something bad might happen and you will miss it
  • Me: oh shit you're right
  • Me: *gets out phone and completely forgets about everything none-Kpop related*
  • Kpop: *insert creepy voice* good puppet 😈
Analysis of Eros and Agape in regards to Yuri on Ice

For those of you who haven’t heard the words Eros and Agape before, or anyone who just wants to know more in general, I will be examining them and discussing the possible connotation of these words as they are used in the anime: Yuri on Ice.

Disclaimer: I have not seen the third episode.
Also note: in the anime Victor is talking about two pieces of music. I am talking about the significance of the names Agape and Eros.

The Greeks had 4 different words to describe types of love. As Victor explained, Eros is more erotic and Agape is a little more “innocent.” (We’ll look closer at these in a minute) There’s also Philia, which is like friendship and loyalty, and Storge, which is for family you’re obligated to love.

Agape is an unconditional, benevolent love. It’s often related to the love of God. This love does not have to be “innocent” (although it is pure), it can be romantic in nature.
Examples of Agape:
1. Dogs love even the cruelest owners.
2. My brother experienced love at first sight when he met his husband.
3. Stacy shaved her head to support her brother who has cancer.

Eros isn’t just sexual, it’s also selfish. Eros, ironically enough, can also just be platonic. It’s love for your own gain, and some argue that it is not truly love.
Examples of Eros:
1. He appreciated his mentor who often made sure he was getting fed.
2. She doesn’t love him, she loves that he loves her.
3. Bob only married her because her family had money.

In terms of attraction:
Agape means wanting to make love.
Eros is wanting to fuck.

So what’s the deal with Victor picking Eros for Yuri Katsuki instead of Agape?
There are several possibilities!
One, I’m overthinking this! Victor may know that Eros is the origin of the word erotic and wants to see his Yuri looking sexy.
Two, Victor thinks of Yuri as a way of getting what he wants. He is going to use their relationship to his own benefit.
Three, Victor has yet to truly love Yuri. He was inspired by Yuri and he’s clearly interested in him, however they just met. The key thing to remember is that right now, Victor wants Yuri to be his. If he truly loved him (and they don’t know each other that well yet), then Victor would want to belong to Yuri. At that point it would no longer be Eros, it would be Agape.

As for Agape, that’s too intimate for these two right now. Victor and Yurio (that’s his official name now) know each other already. Agape can be platonic and most likely is as far as our little Yurio is concerned.

Why not Philia or Storge?
The artist who created these pieces clearly did not want there to be any doubt that this was romantic love. Philia implies that the two are equals, friends or comrades. It’s also related to the word Philos which is a catch all that also includes objects. (Much like the word love in today’s society! Example: I love my girlfriend, my parents and pizza.) Philia itself is not passionate enough to be used here. Storge on the other hand is too dispassionate.

Agape and Eros are only different in that Eros is self-serving and Agape is selfless. Both can be used romantically and platonically. There are many possibilities for why Victor chose Eros for Yuri Katsuki. I’m overthinking things.

Do you ever find yourself really wanting to be in a band and then you remember you have no musical talent whatsoever

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you could give me some tips to organize my homework and how a syllabus work. I know that might sound strange but I'm from Mexico and my college don't use syllabus but I just started a double degree with an American university and the teacher send us a syllabus but I don't know what exactly I'm supposed to do with it 🤔

it doesn’t sound strange! also, proud of you for that double major. wow. you must be freakin’ smart.. congrats, by the way! 

here are some tips for you to organize your assignments: 

  • you should invest in a binder or folder to put your assignments in
    • this way you won’t lose your papers
    • you can easily access them without having to dig through your backpack 
    • bruh, this is the most helpful thing
    • as soon as you get a paper handed to you, write the date on the top right corner or somewhere you can easily see it
    • this helps tremendously when you’re organizing your things to start studying for exams
  • store old homework in a drawer or separate folder 
    • this is for clearing space in your current homework folders
    • you don’t have to dig for it
  • try to keep your homeworks separated by class
    • just help yourself through simple organization

so a syllabus is just a huge summary/outline of the class. every professor is going to have theirs look different, but they all have some core things:

  • outline of the class and its objectives
    • this tells you what you should know coming out of the class
    • keeping these in mind can help on exams
  • the professor’s information
    • write these down in a planner/something you look at all the time
    • it’ll have their name, office, email, and maybe office number 
    • these will come in handy if you need to see them or ask them questions
  • your class section
    • LMAO the amount of times i’ve forgotten my class section 
    • each class time slot is a different section number
    • you might need to put your section number on exams, so remember it! 
    • write it down
  • required readings
    • you might need to purchase or rent these books at the university library 
    • BUT if you get the syllabus early look the ISBN (a bunch of numbers and letters that stand for that particular book) up on amazon and get it for cheaper
  • class rules 
    • follow them
    • if the professor says no cell phones, they mean no cell phones 
    • don’t get in trouble, at least in the first two weeks
  • important dates
    • they’ll either have an outline of the class calendar or just the important test days
    • in college, exams will sneak up on you like a lion in the grass
    • be prepaaaaaared! *wonders if anyone got that lion king joke*

lastly, if you don’t feel like writing the important stuff down, at least highlight them. save your syllabi because you’ll refer back to them a lot throughout the year. good luck out there!


You were woken up by Dean’s grip around your waist tightening until it was nearly painful.  You sucked in a breath and shook away the slowly dissipating grogginess, moving your hand downwards to try and alleviate some of the pressure.  It didn’t occur to you what was happening until you heard him quietly mumble, “No… no…”

“Dean.”  You whispered at first, though you weren’t sure why.  “Dean, wake up,” you said, this time louder.

His hold only stiffened.

At this point, his arms were wrapped so inflexibly that you were finding it hard to breath.  Dean had nightmares on a regular basis, and generally if you were woken up by them, you would gently wake him up and give him a kiss to try and show that he was fine.  But this time, you couldn’t move.  He slept like the dead when he was home, and you knew that he wouldn’t stir unless you started screaming, which you didn’t want to do in fear of waking up Sam.

Using your free arm, you jerked in backwards so that you elbowed him in the ribs.  Immediately, he shot up to a sitting position breathing heavily while you took a deep breath.

“Y/N,” he breathed.  “You’re… are you okay?”

“I should be asking you.”  You decided not to mention his vice grip, knowing that he’d curse himself out for that.  “So what was it this time?”

He blew out a breath before slumping back down to be level with you.  “It was just… just that I still had the Mark, so… y’know…”  His voice was reticent, and he kept his gaze focused on the ceiling.

You propped yourself up on your elbow and leaned over so that your chests were pressed together.  He was looking up at you as you lowered yourself to press your lips against his for a brief, reassuring kiss.

“But you don’t,” you said.

“I know.”

“And you’re not hurting anyone.”

“I know.”

“Okay, good.”  You rested your head on his shoulder and wrapped your arms around his torso.  With your eyes closed, you murmured, “Try and get some sleep.  There’s a job a few hours out that we should hit tomorrow.”

He sighed, putting his hand on the small of your back, and he waited for your breathing to slow to plant a kiss on the top of your head.  Tomorrow, he thought, I’m not letting them out of my sight.

And he closed his eyes, willing the image of yours and Sam’s gutted bodies to disappear.