i don't know i should be doing homework

Ok so I think I found my fave fancast for Feyre (or Nesta bc idk)

Her name’s Andreea Diaconu and she is amazing and perfect for Feyre or Nesta!! 

Imagine #2

Pairing: Peter x reader

Summary: What cuddling with Peter entails

Warnings: Implied PTSD and fluff

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

  • Falling asleep on his lap and vice versa
  • You resting your head on his shoulder and vice versa
  • Him letting you sleep with him when you’re cold or had a nightmare
    • He’d hug you and it would be so nice
  • He’d let you sit on his lap while he has his arms loosely around your waist
  • He’d put an arm around your waist just cos he can
    • “We’re dating Y/N, I can be as affectionate as I want now" 
  • If you asked, he’d let you jump onto him and latch on like a sloth when you hug cos he’s strong now
    • "I could literally carry you like this around school" 
    • "Please don't…… I lied, we should totally do that”
  • He likes to be the little spoon, but is always down to switch cos he knows what a wholesome experience being the little spoon is. 
  • He’d be happy with just sitting side by side and casually holding hands
  • Also any type of hand holding, walking to school, walking through school, walking from school, under the table while at lunch, while at home doing homework, at the park. Just hand holding
    • “Hey Y/N, can we hold hands?" 
    • "Anytime you want Peter” *excited giggling courtesy of Peter*
  • It also helps him calm down, you’re like an anchor and your presence soothes him
  • He loves it when you run your hands through his hair and mess it up a bit. 
    • It makes him kind of sleepy tho and you find it absolutely adorable.
  •  Also, Peter is somehow really good at braiding your hair?? Like he’d maybe watch one (1) video about some complicated hair style and he’d just do it????? You’re pretty sure it’s witchcraft
  • And we all know that after infinity war that boy will be traumatized and he’d need you more than ever. 
  • He’d sneak into your room at night when the nightmares get too bad and you’d hold him.
  • You’d stay at his place more often (cos his place is closer to school so you stop there first since your parents work late) because sometimes he just wants you to say and from what you’ve heard of what he went through you know that he needs you close.
Teachers and Parents
  • "Why did you give my child a failing grade?"
  • "I don't remember desks being this small when I was here."
  • "Do you know what your child did in class today?"
  • "I don't give out detention lightly."
  • "What did they do now?"
  • "I'm sorry, I've been working steadily and haven't been paying as much attention as I should have."
  • "Being a single parent is hard..."
  • "Can you go to the school? I just got a call from the teacher."
  • "Can I pick up their homework?"
  • "I hate to bother you with this but..."
  • "I think your child is falling behind."
  • "I just want to tell you how impressed I am."
  • "Can we meet somewhere to talk about this?"
  • "Your child is struggling a little in math."
  • "Keeping an eye on them can be a challenge."
  • "They're doing exceptionally well.
  • "How many students do you have?"
  • "We have to be careful with what's brought into the classroom."
  • "I'm sorry they're being a problem."
  • "What is the home situation like?"
  • "Free time is important to development."
  • "Teenage years are hard."
  • "I got called here from work for THIS?"
  • "Bullying is something we take very seriously."
  • "I have some great news for you."
  • "The play is in three weeks."
  • "There was a bit of a scare today..."
  • "This won't happen again. I'm sorry you had to deal with it."
  • "Finals are coming soon and everyone is studying."
  • "As you can see, we take a different approach to learning."
  • "I help them out as best I can."
  • "We're looking for chaperones."

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hey case, I need your help/opinion. lately ive been experiencing a dull ache in my thumb (probs because of all the whap notes I take) and now its spread to my entire hand. every time I pick up a pen or pencil, my entire hand aches and I don't know what to do about it. I cant stop writing because of school and homework, but I also know that if I don't stop soon the pain might become permanent? its been happening for ages now and Im scared on what to do & how to handle this. please help me?

im uhhhh not a doctor but i mean you should def get that checked out.

Double Trouble

Pairing: Jim x Child!Reader

Word Count: 1585

Warnings: Fluff, a really bad pun. I don’t think there’s even a swear in this one. 

A/N: Part 2 of Seeing Double!! I hadn’t intended for this to become a series, and yet here we are. There’s definitely going to be at least a part 3, but we’ll see how long that gets and maybe there’ll be a part 4. It’ll be awhile either way, because it’s the end of the semester and school is slowly killing me. 

The day started like any other for Aydenna: coffee in the morning while she skimmed the news and ate breakfast. Then she took a shuttle up to the academy where she prepped for a full day of classes. Unfortunately for her, everyone on the Command track had a strong personality, which meant a lot of disruptions and discussions, but she wouldn’t change it for a thing. She and Roger finally smoothed things out, and it even seemed like he was warming up to Y/N by now. At least, Aydenna hoped, based on the note she found on your pillow that morning. Hi Mommy. I went to work with Daddy today on a big ship!! I love you!! Aydenna smiled as she walked towards the ship dock, hoping to catch you and Roger by surprise at lunch.

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if you don't like going to school then you should ask your parents about doing online if that's an option in italy, i somehow got into it during freshman year and it worked really well

It’s not that I don’t want to go to school, this year started nicely, of course I’m not the best at homeworks, I finally started IRL friendship but
my mind is controlled by my body which only wants to relax and not putting effort on my responsibilities, I often don’t see the point, but the fact is I know there’s a point, which is my future
so I’ll end up avoiding the thing even if it’s online school or whatever it is

and I know what I’m doing is wrong, and I hate it a lot but I just


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Love love love our fav bffs teaming up, esp for the best man speeches :D I just wanna bring up something with you if its okay? As someone who gets kinda uncomfortable reading about Victuuri being 'westernized' in fic, esp when they're in non-au contexts, I just wondered if western style bachelor parties and best man speeches were a thing in Russian or Japanese wedding customs? I'm Asian myself so I don't know actually (idk if these things seem so universal but we don't do either of them in (1/3)

my culture lol). Also along the same lines, I was wondering if you’d consider researching and then writing in something culturally significant to them? (if you intend to write about their wedding in RPPF that is of course). I know this is just fanfic and obviously you must be busy and you probably don’t have time to research when writing should just be for fun and shouldn’t involve needing to do any homework on it, I just thought I’d ask you anyway if its alright (2/3

Either way thank you so much for working hard on the top tens! <3 (3/3)


I completely understand what you mean anon! I always imagined them having Chris and Phichit as ‘best men’ because, to the best of my knowledge, while traditional Japanese weddings don’t have best men, Russian weddings can have them or an equivalent (although if I am wrong about this please feel free to correct me!) I imagine after living in Detroit for years together Phichit and Yuuri would have become fairly familiar with more westernized wedding style too, having probably attended a few themselves, and so if Viktor decided to have Chris as a best man/witness then Phichit would insist he gets to be Yuuri’s to make it fair. And also  there’s no way either he or Chris are going to miss the chance to make a very embarrassing speech about the two of them, regardless of tradition so they’d insist on doing it no matter what. 

In regards to bachelor parties, I was imagining it less as a traditional bachelor party and more just Chris insisting he takes Viktor out on last time for old times sake and Phichit insisting to Yuuri that they can’t let Viktor and Chris one up them so dragging him out too (also to make sure they get the best ‘friends on a night out to celebrate their best buddy getting married’ selfies because Chris made it a personal challenge). Not so much a real bachelor party but more just friends on a night out to celebrate.

In regards to the actual wedding, I’ve always said I’m never going to write the actual ceremony because I don’t feel like I would be able to do it justice. I imagine they would have a combination of traditions from both of their home counties when they get married but, since I am neither Japanese or Russian, I don’t think I could portray them accurately enough. Even with research, there are so many nuances to things like weddings that are often deeply rooted in tradition that I feel anything I write would be missing all of that. So while I’ll reference the wedding and maybe write some of the bits surrounding it, I wont write the actual thing because I don’t think I would be able to do it accurately enough

Me when I try and do anything other then kpop
  • Me: I should really finish my maths homework
  • Kpop: did I just hear right?
  • Me: *starts doing homework*
  • Kpop: OY! What do you think you're doing?!?
  • Me: .....maths
  • Kpop: but exo released two new music videos!!
  • Me: but I have to finish this work or I will get in trouble
  • Kpop: it's all me me me with you! Don't you know 4minute have just disbanded
  • Me: ...can't you just wait like five seconds
  • Kpop: no you're not getting it, if you don't check out the world of kpop now something bad might happen and you will miss it
  • Me: oh shit you're right
  • Me: *gets out phone and completely forgets about everything none-Kpop related*
  • Kpop: *insert creepy voice* good puppet 😈

Me: I should study or do homework

Me: *uses reflection to extend Java standard library LinkedHashMap so it caches the iterator to reduce GC overhead for use in my game engine, despite knowing that reflection would replace memory cost with processing cost, and ultimately the only reason to do it is for fun/learning*

Me: OK so that had the expected result of reducing memory overhead and increasing CPU overhead. I guess now I should just completely rewrite LinkedHashMap so I don’t have to use reflection ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Do you ever find yourself really wanting to be in a band and then you remember you have no musical talent whatsoever

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Hi emma! The first week of school just ended and it's the weekend, but I don't know what to do lol. Like should I rest or be productive?

Do a mix of both! Finish any homework or tasks that didn’t get done. Plan your next week and review things from this week. Then you can have some chill time! xx

  • Jack: So, I hear you and the Lost Boys are having a Bachelor Party tonight.
  • David: Yeah, just going to a restaurant. Get some steaks, some Scotch. You've nothing to worry about.
  • Jack: Why should I worry?
  • David: I don't know, it's a bachelor party. There could be strippers. Won't that make you a little jealous?
  • Jack: Come on David. It's you. What's gonna happen? I mean, even if there was a stripper, all you'd do is avoid eye contact and maybe offer to help his kid with his homework.