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Analysis of Eros and Agape in regards to Yuri on Ice

For those of you who haven’t heard the words Eros and Agape before, or anyone who just wants to know more in general, I will be examining them and discussing the possible connotation of these words as they are used in the anime: Yuri on Ice.

Disclaimer: I have not seen the third episode.
Also note: in the anime Victor is talking about two pieces of music. I am talking about the significance of the names Agape and Eros.

The Greeks had 4 different words to describe types of love. As Victor explained, Eros is more erotic and Agape is a little more “innocent.” (We’ll look closer at these in a minute) There’s also Philia, which is like friendship and loyalty, and Storge, which is for family you’re obligated to love.

Agape is an unconditional, benevolent love. It’s often related to the love of God. This love does not have to be “innocent” (although it is pure), it can be romantic in nature.
Examples of Agape:
1. Dogs love even the cruelest owners.
2. My brother experienced love at first sight when he met his husband.
3. Stacy shaved her head to support her brother who has cancer.

Eros isn’t just sexual, it’s also selfish. Eros, ironically enough, can also just be platonic. It’s love for your own gain, and some argue that it is not truly love.
Examples of Eros:
1. He appreciated his mentor who often made sure he was getting fed.
2. She doesn’t love him, she loves that he loves her.
3. Bob only married her because her family had money.

In terms of attraction:
Agape means wanting to make love.
Eros is wanting to fuck.

So what’s the deal with Victor picking Eros for Yuri Katsuki instead of Agape?
There are several possibilities!
One, I’m overthinking this! Victor may know that Eros is the origin of the word erotic and wants to see his Yuri looking sexy.
Two, Victor thinks of Yuri as a way of getting what he wants. He is going to use their relationship to his own benefit.
Three, Victor has yet to truly love Yuri. He was inspired by Yuri and he’s clearly interested in him, however they just met. The key thing to remember is that right now, Victor wants Yuri to be his. If he truly loved him (and they don’t know each other that well yet), then Victor would want to belong to Yuri. At that point it would no longer be Eros, it would be Agape.

As for Agape, that’s too intimate for these two right now. Victor and Yurio (that’s his official name now) know each other already. Agape can be platonic and most likely is as far as our little Yurio is concerned.

Why not Philia or Storge?
The artist who created these pieces clearly did not want there to be any doubt that this was romantic love. Philia implies that the two are equals, friends or comrades. It’s also related to the word Philos which is a catch all that also includes objects. (Much like the word love in today’s society! Example: I love my girlfriend, my parents and pizza.) Philia itself is not passionate enough to be used here. Storge on the other hand is too dispassionate.

Agape and Eros are only different in that Eros is self-serving and Agape is selfless. Both can be used romantically and platonically. There are many possibilities for why Victor chose Eros for Yuri Katsuki. I’m overthinking things.

today on ‘Sky, stop making Frankenstein aus and maybe do your goddamn physics homework’:

Artemis Fowl, after he returns to life at the end of TLG, decides that everyone else should have the same second(/third/fourth/nth) chance at life as he did, and turns his genius and considerable resources (I know most of the tech asplodes, but I’m sure he’d work out how to deal with it) towards discovering the secret to life.

of course, he succeeds, and decides to test his method by creating an entirely new human out of handy bits of dead human (he may be reformed, but he is still Artemis Fowl II, dubious ethics and all).

this works, and now Artemis is accidentally stuck with an eight-foot-tall incredibly ugly son (the Creature may be an amazing demonstration of the Powers Of Science™, but he was still made by the world’s clumsiest teenager, and no science, or even magic, can fix that).

Artemis is a less terrible parent than Victor is (not a difficult bar to cross), partly thanks to the support of Holly, Foaly, Butler, Angeline, Artemis I, Juliet, Mulch, and pretty much everyone else. things go much better than in Frankenstein, aside from the occasional Hijinks.

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Nothing Could Be Clearer ✋ (W/ LEO THE GIANT)

[Thomas: I know I should stop procrastinating and start working, but I’m kinda looking for a sign. 
Leo: Like this? 
Thomas: No, from above 
Leo: This?
Thomas: YEA OH kay ] 

Do you ever find yourself really wanting to be in a band and then you remember you have no musical talent whatsoever

i can’t believe I don’t get the chance to be a kid nor a squid