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Let’s be honest, I would date every member of the 1991-1994 Gryffindor Quidditch team

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You know, for the first time I kind of feel like 1D really isn't gonna get back together. I really kinda just came to terms that it's done. I think it might have been the way Harry talked about it in the past tense? Like "after one direction blah blah blah". Idk. I'm kinda sad? I still hope they get back together but I don't know anymore.

I’m kinda just where I’ve been with it I think. My original expectations when the band first went on Hiatus changed a while ago, over a year ago now, and I think since then they’ve stayed pretty much the same. 

Like, the band as we /knew/ it is over I think. And I think that’s a good thing? The more time goes on, the more tidbits we get here and there, the more we realise how /bad/ it was, and how unhealthy it maybe was. We were all, us and them, in this crazy cycle and i don’t think any of us realised how fucking crazy it was until it stopped? 

I honestly do see them getting back together, but it won’t be in the 18 months they said, I don’t think that number was ever real? I think it was just because they were pressed so much. I think that’s why it was never certain. I think them having the chance to really, genuinely explore their solo endeavours is the only way the band gets back together, and the only way its a good thing. They need to do what they want, and not be rushed through it.

I think if and when they come back, it will be smaller, it won’t be as crazy, it’ll be smaller venues and less terrible managing. I think it’ll be more authentic? I think they’ll be able to really make what they want to, we’ll be able to see all of them in it. I think the way they’ll come back is when they can all be there, and be /them/. And when that happens I’m gonna be so excited. But in the mean time, I’m also enjoying this.

“Sæll vinur, hvað viltu? Þú veður í villu, ég vil stelpur. Hey, drullaðu þér, einn tveir þrír! Farðu í rassgat – ég er hýr, ég er hýr.”

[Translation: “Hey buddy, what do you want? You are mistaken, I want girls. Hey, get lost, one two three. Fuck off – I’m queer, I’m queer.”]

So uuuuh this is an Icelandic translation of a video by @jaxxgarcia which is… MUCH better than this lmao but idk have this thing I guess.

  • Aladdin: so Killian
  • Aladdin: do you think she likes me
  • Killian: dammit I'm a pirate, not a matchmaker!
  • Killian: I mean she's obviously in love with you and you with her, but--
  • Aladdin: you think so??
  • Killian: yes yes, I talked to her earlier
  • Killian: a lady in denial if ever I saw one, and trust me, I know how to spot one of those
  • Killian: besides, Emma showed me the movie
  • Aladdin: omg you really think she likes me??
  • Killian: good grief will you please leave
  • Killian: preferably to that room down the hall where the crew don't really go so two people could go there and not be disturbed, which is an interesting fact that I am sharing with you for no reason whatsoever
  • Killian: also, I might have a book of love poetry in my pocket
  • Killian: I mention this knowing that you are an accomplished pickpocket and Jasmine mentioned that she enjoys love poetry
  • Killian:
  • Killian: now go away, I don't care about your relationship

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Do you think he will come out alone? Please please don't get me wrong. I would be beyond happy for him, but I always thought he and Louis were gonna come out together, but Louis' situation is so far away from it yk? And I know people hate the word seeding but this kinda feels like seeding for a coming out. I know he's showing who he really is, and I'm super happy he gets to do that. But it feels more than that, doesnt it? Idk, I'm just wondering.

No. I don’t think he’ll come out alone, never have.  But actively encouraging people to think that he MIGHT NOT be entirely straight is a different ball of wax though. That, he is most certainly doing and I’m loving it!!


Once, when his uncles asked him what gift he wanted for his nameday, he begged them for a dragon. “It wouldn’t need to be a big one. It could be little, like I am.” His uncle Gerion thought that was the funniest thing he had ever heard, but his uncle Tygett said, “The last dragon died a century ago, lad.” That had seemed so monstrously unfair that the boy had cried himself to sleep that night.

Just girlfriends being gross.

of tesco & boyfriends

SUMMARY: Dan and Phil decide it’s the right time to come out. Later, in Dan’s liveshow, fans ask them to kiss.
WARNINGS: shameless fluff
A/N: so this fic is literally1,465 words longer than i thought it would be bc of the domestic intro and the liveshow. i also hope you like the edits bc i did them by myself. painstakingly slowly. remember my prompts are open here 
lowkey pulled inspiration from realityisnoplacetolive’s Problematic

Dan walked the long stairs to their apartment quickly, glad to be out of the harsh cold of the London air. He loved London and would hate to move, but sometimes he mentally cursed Britain’s strange ability to be constantly cold. Making his way quickly up the thousands of flights of stairs, he managed to make his way to their door. He looked momentarily behind him at their neighbor’s door, decorated with a wreath, and considered going out later to get one, but the harsh cold that had managed to chill him to the bone convinced him otherwise.

Dan pushed open the door and was greeted immediately with the smell of the fajitas that he and Phil had been making together when Phil realized they were out of fajita seasoning and given Dan puppy dog eyes that were unfortunately irresistible. Phil was very loudly singing along to Dan’s “C Word” music Pandora station. “Dashing through the snow! In a one horse open sleigh! O’er the hills we go! Laughing all the way!”

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going off of what you said, i genuinely don't understand people who think they aren't gunna continue to live together. like i know we joke about them moving and stuff but like,,, they actually might and it's so doubtful that they wouldn't get another place together??? like idk about you, but after years of continuously spending most of their time together and being that comfortable with each other (relationship status aside), i honestly cannot see them being apart

it’s a strange concept to think they would move apart. they’ve spent years and years building up this Dan and Phil™ brand with books and films and merch and tours and an app and everything in between. but that’s just on the business side of things. behind the scenes where usually only we are watching, we see secret holidays and domestics and small stories from liveshows that don’t mean anything to them but to us it just shows how intertwined their lives are. they do almost everything together and have obviously created deep patterns in their everyday lives shaped around each other.  moving apart seems silly to me

The whole “Newt has trouble with eye contact, so he must be extremely shy” thing annoys me a lot because that’s not what trouble with eye contact is necessarily about. Newt can be shy and unsure of what to say at times, but there are plenty of instances (talking to Tina in Jacob’s flat, for example) where he’s perfectly comfortable talking but still doesn’t make eye contact. Personally I’m also shy with people I don’t know well, but I don’t make eye contact a lot even with best friends. Eye contact seems extremely intimate to me; like something you’d do with a lover. I’m just not comfortable gazing into a stranger’s eyes or even a close friend’s.

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>what Sherlock says:</b> i'm fine<p/><b>what he really means:</b> hmmm irene adler, dominatrix, has something to do with sex which i'm uncomfy af but ok. can manage. whoops maybe not. boobies. oh and smart af. can't read her. wtf! john is making a move. nopity nope. only notice me intelligent lady. detective what now? pozisyunofdcar! she's good. erm, american? ah, yes! measurements! wait, stabby. what's she stab me with? ugh got whipped. got whipped good. and she solved the case too? sleepy time. oh no wait my phone. weird af sound. jawn curious. hudders curious. me curious. erm christmas. mantelpiece. y u dead? im sad but too smart to admit im sad. bashed face but her. sad sad sad. not in the mood to eat. write sad music but heck im not sad okay. jawn rode a black car with a stranger. must follow bcoz lols. oops she's rly alive. y am i happy? and angry? confused af. imma throw dis american down the window because grrrr... jawn likes to talk about feelings. meh. happy new year bcoz y not. erm months experiment to find code. perfume in the air leading to bedroom. oooh sleepy time on my bed. haha gotcha with the fake phone. or not. lols i like you but im too cool for that. imma impress you with my fast thinking skills. tired af might reboot for a while. done. coventry woot! dnt know that? imma tell u coz im smart. y u looking at me like that? oooh closer. i'll take ur pulse just in casr idk. oops gotta dash sry. waaaah plane with dead? u here? wtf! u played me wth! moriarty's not ur type, y u lyin?!? i took your pulse -- ah yeaaaah! i took ur pulse and u like me and aha! punny passcode. im flattered but no. actually, yes coz imma fly miles to save you, and i'll hack them with my sword but i don't like you that much, just a bit, okay? i'll give you a special nickname too coz ur not important to me, just a tiny bit k? the woman? yas. don't like u at all but hey fam, get out of my head k coz i keep thinking about you at random occasions like wth? i'll pretend i don't reply but even if i change my phone, i'll still keep your text alert because lols. btw, thanks for the bday greet. u know where to find me so see ya soon.<p/></p><p/></p>

this might be an asshole post i honestly don’t even know… but related to those last posts

sometimes i feel like there is this weird pressure inside this community to have the ~deepest reasons for ur disorder, like denying being triggered by ‘superficial’ things or not using the word triggered at all bc ~above that or insisting that nothing triggers them at all or ever in the existence of ever

but my own personal experience has been that yeah sometimes i do get triggered by dumb things

bc guess what
this disorder stupid (and competitive)

like even writing that now, i’m judging myself for using the word triggered (and it really might be too strong in some cases but lmk other words lol)

but it’s also like….it does exist for a reason, despite being overused, and ppl are allowed to define and use it at will

i mean, did seeing articles on weight loss in magazines make me develop an eating disorder? no lol
but does it help? also no…and i think sometimes ppl need to remember how much impact things can have OVER TIME…like trying to watch tv and counting 38 ads for diet supplements in an hour? yeah that gets obnoxious and yeah, it probably sticks with me whether i recognize it in the moment or not

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hi arc can i ask a question that seems a bit silly even as i write it? how do you keep being so brave about your fanwork? i used to post a lot of fic when i was younger before all the like holier than thou purity politics stuff happened. but the purity politics stuff sort of... made me scared to interact with fandom? like i want to write and post the fics i have ideas for but i'm SCARED and i don't really know how to?? stop being scared i guess? idk i can't really get my thoughts down now sorry

(scared anon) i just guess i was wondering if you had any advice on like pushing past that fear and just doing fanwork without being scared of how people might react?

Oh, honey.

Christ, lemme think about it….

1. I flat out do not follow any “main” tags. In RT, I never followed #ragehappy. In Borderlands, I never followed #rhack or anything. In HS, I don’t follow any ship tag. So I literally do not see most negativity. This is helpful because people like being dicks in tags and to put their shitty vagueblogging in there, but are often too fucking cowardly to come at you personally.

90% of the time, my awareness that people resent me for having “””impure””” popular fics comes from friends giving me a heads up that someone is talking shit. And when they do, I block that person.

2. Relevant to the above: It took me a long time to understand that people resent my fics being popular, not their actual subject matter. It’s a jealousy thing. I have written some filth that never got really popular, and no one gave a shit. It’s only when I start getting a lot of comments and kudos that suddenly I’m the Great Satan. Keeping in mind that bitches be jealous super helps.

Most recent example: people didn’t start to talk shit about ASAFAF until I started to see fanart based on the story. C’mon.

3. I genuinely believe in the diversity of stories we tell. Like, gushing gold is a great example of a fic I deeply enjoyed writing and sharing, but that I also knew was not for everyone. But it was for some people.

When you are writing a subject matter that you are passionate about, understand that other people are going to be passionate about it too. There are people who need difficult or uncomfortable stories told to affirm they aren’t alone, to help work through rare subject matter, to just enjoy in a world that doesn’t offer them much media.

No story is for everyone, but every story is for someone. Take pride in that.

4. No, really. Block people. Block anyone who makes you uncomfortable, and never look back.

I know it’s apparently a Thing, to block someone, then check in on them? I don’t do this. Once someone is blocked, they no longer exist in my universe.

5. Avoid younger fans. This obviously applies to older fen like me, but broadly speaking, this purity politics culture comes from younger fans attacking older fans, and a lack of understanding that Fandom is a place for a wide group of people with disparate experiences and interests.

Not all young fans are part of that, obviously, but… if someone young enjoys my stuff, I’m glad. I hope they like it. But I avoid deep discussion and interaction and attempts to befriend me, because I am 27 years old and write porn on the internet and shouldn’t be talking to young folks. If anyone doesn’t understand the logic of that, for my protection and for theirs, that is genuinely not my problem and I’m sure they’ll figure it out later.

Boundaries: they are important for adults as much as kids. Enforce them.

6. …

A lot of it is that I’ve been in fandom for over half my life now. I’ve seen a lot of shit. I’ve been through a lot of shit. (Anyone remember that pissant who tried to report me to the government because I told them to stop harassing me after +6 months of bullshit? lol) I’ve had great fandom experiences and I’ve had ones I would love to hit Undo on.

There are amazing people in fandom and there are fucking hilariously awful shitheads in fandom. The majority of people are decent, and they enjoy what I do, and if you start making content and sharing it, you will find people who enjoy what you do. There are people who follow me who shoot me out of the blue supportive Asks on bad days, who read my fic even when they don’t know the source material, who encouraged me to write my book and then bought the damn thing.

The purity police are scary, abusive fuckers. But they are not the majority, and the less you interact with them, the less they can affect you. They want an opponent, they want someone to fight so they can play victim, they want to be the Valiant Warrior Of Purity.

Ignore ‘em. Make them take their boring pedantic morality play elsewhere.

ETA: 7. Don’t fight the purity police and don’t try to convince them or win them over. It literally never works. These are people who are in a bad place and you cannot move them from that place. Only they can, when they grow the fuck up. Don’t do it. You will not win, you will expend energy on people who gobble it up to fuel their shitstirring and vagueblogging, and they will just know they can successfully antagonize you.

Take that annoyance and frustration. Channel it into writing more rad shit. 


I hope this helps at all, anon. Remember, also, that the AO3 is your friend, and you can keep your tumblr and your AO3 a little bit separated. That can help.

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How do you know if you're in love? I think I'm in love with this girl but I'm not sure so I thought you might know? Idk you don't have to answer this if you don't want to..

Andy: As cliche as it sounds, you’ll know. I promise. It’s like a soft, fragile ball of light that you want to protect, and you know it could hurt you, but you trust it not to.