i don't know i just want to make these gifs

🔥❤️ Happy Birthday, Portgas D. Ace ❤️🔥

Here’s part 2 of my 1.6k followers celebration!

Editing dark scenes can be difficult, especially when working with PoC, as you don’t want to wash them out. In this tutorial I will be showing you how to brighten/lighten scenes without making them look out of place

Make your gif, sharpen it and crop it to how you like - the hardest part is over! Mine is of Storm from X-Men

Make a new group (this is just my preference, I like to see how much the gif has changed from my starting point)

Make a levels layer - don’t change any of the settings

Change the blend mode for the levels layer to screen

my gif has already brightened up pretty well while retaining colour

This still may not be enough so duplicate the layer and mess around with the opacity, I duplicated mine and set it to 60% opacity

Now make a vibrance layer (or don’t if you’re going for a more desaturated look)

I prefer not to use curves that much but I do when it comes to darker scenes

Make a brightness/contrast layer, I put my settings to +10 brightness and -20 contrast

I’m pretty happy with how my gif looks now, but you may want to make your own changes: adding a photo filter, changing colour balance, making a gradient map, etc.

*this also works for editing screencaps or photoshoots too

EXO MEMORIES  –  1/?   (I decided to make a series of BW close ups of some of my favourite EXO moments from photoshoots and MVs since 2012)

Because with all the drama going on right now, I just needed to see this💕

when u and the squad waits for the light to shine and it shines and u guys are like “yOOOOO…lets do it again”

So I hit 2k recently (read: a while ago but I am late for everything like a TrueIndian™ 😎 ) and I wanted to post this follow forever as a thank you to all you wonderful people I follow who make my dashboard so amazing

I didn’t bother with the favourite/mutual thing bc u r all gr8 😘 💕 

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Flash Writers Twitters 

Please use responsibly, and remember that individual staff writers do not have control of story arcs. Ideally, this list will be updated as episodes and writers are added, and we can use it to point out specific Iris moments we appreciated and to let those writers know what we want to see more of for her and WA in their episodes.

I won’t include freelance writers for now since there’s no guarantee they’ll ever come back to do another episode, and I also won’t include writers who left after season 1 or 2A unless they’re a staff writer on a sister show like Arrow or LOT.

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Hannigram S4 That moment when you’ve been happily married (for 2 years) to a man who knows how to make you shut up


 Jensen Hiatus Love: Jensen and Cons