i don't know i just have so many feels

A moment to appreciate his body heat as she crawled into bed behind him, pressing against his back as the big spoon.  Eyes closed and she let go of a sigh. He was taller, so she didn’t fit like he did.  Hips didn’t meet the same way in this position, so she threw a leg over the arch just above his legs.  Arm wormed under his and around his chest.  Hand coming to rest so that she could feel his heart beat against her palm.  A kiss to the back of his shoulder and she rested her face there.  Just happy to feel him against her.

“Can’t sleep?” he asked sleepily, reaching up to twist his fingers together with hers.

“No.”  But already she could feel some of the tension leaving her body.

Bringing her hand up, he kissed the palm then lifted her arm up, allowing him room to roll over onto his back.  Gathering her up, he pulled her against her chest.

Leg till sprawled over his, hand found his heart again.  Head resting on his shoulder she snuggled close.  His arm wrapped around her, hand against her back.

With a soft kiss to her forehead he said, “Sleep.”

Tasha offered no answer but let go and relaxed against him.

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tbh i love that clip of magnus's petty ass, and i love that he's kinda wary and vulnerable when it comes to relationships. there's such a huuuge difference in age, experience, and power between him and alec that it would be easy for their relationship to feel very boring and unequal with him as the perfectly mature wise sage teaching alec all about love. it's so much more interesting and healthy if they both have flaws and insecurities and moments of immaturity and pettiness.

Same, and i think every relationship is new, too. Magnus might have had relationships in the past, but it doesn’t mean falling in love isn’t new every time. Alec is his own person, this is a brand new relationship for both of them, and they’re each going to be learning about each other – all their favorite foods, what makes them tick, the things that make their knees weak. These are things they both have to put work into learning, not just one or the other.

So yeah, I agree, it’s nice to see them both a little unsure about their footing and watch them slowly work it out together. Magnus, I think, has enough experience to know how to open communications where Alec might be hesitant to, but I don’t doubt Alec will put in quite a bit of effort, as well. We’re already seeing it happening when he approaches Magnus on his own to apologize and to talk. And if you don’t realize the significance of this, remember that just days ago Isabelle literally had to blindfold Alec and drag him into a room before he would talk to Jace and even then he stubbornly refused to until Jace spoke up first. So Alec coming to Magnus first all on his own is a pretty huge step for him and I think it says a lot about how important his relationship with Magnus already is to him.

protector | madzie | 500 words

It’s three days before Madzie’s fifteenth birthday. She’s shopping in the square – debating over a beautiful coral necklace – when she feels magic nearby. It’s young magic too, which instantly puts her on alert. It’s just her nature really, to worry about them. Someone should, she thinks.

She scans the crowd around her and eventually finds the little warlock boy on the other side of the square. He’s fully glamoured and tugging at a man behind him, eagerly pointing out various things in a nearby booth. The man with him is also a warlock and Madzie instantly relaxes, feeling a little ridiculous for not recognizing his magic sooner – now that she does, it’s almost overwhelming how powerful it is. She just can’t help worrying about the little ones. The world isn’t always kind to them.

Satisfied that the boy is safe, she’s just turning back to the coral when something stops her. There’s another man approaching the other two. This one isn’t a warlock.

He’s a shadowhunter.

Madzie tenses, her magic building in her palms without thought only to fizzle out when the shadowhunter leans down to scoop up with little boy with a decided air of familiarity. The little boy is still smiling.

A scene from her own childhood suddenly flashes through Madzie’s mind. It’s ridiculous, of course; there’s no way it’s the same man. Except it is. She can feel it. Reading energies has always been her specialty.

She’s moving towards them unconsciously now. She’s invested. How is a shadowhunter so familiar with a warlock and his son? Nothing about the adult warlock’s posture is defensive at his son in the hands of a shadowhunter. Maybe he’s powerful enough that he doesn’t need to be afraid. Madzie wishes she knew what that felt like.

She’s close enough now that she can hear them if she reaches out just slightly with her magic. The little boy seems to be recounting his day the way that only children do, where everything he’s encountered is still so new and exciting.

“…and then the ice cream got melted sticky but papa helped me fix it. I sended it away, daddy!”

He’s clearly talking to the shadowhunter still holding him up against his hip, and the man is smiling at him softly, proudly while he speaks. Madzie’s chest twinges uncomfortably, but she doesn’t know why.

The other man, the warlock, looks up suddenly and catches her eye. He’s smiling just slightly, knowingly. She can still feel the immensity of his power enveloping the square. She swallows.

He takes the smallest step towards her and she’s fleeing, out of the square and out of the city even, portaling back to the safety of her bedroom as quickly as she can. Her heart is still racing. She doesn’t understand what happened. Those men, that… family. A warlock boy, raised by a shadowhunter.

But as the adrenaline slowly leaves her, she finds a small warmth growing in its place. That’s one less child she’ll worry about tonight.


On Your Mark


“ Do you think I’m poor because I want to be? Do you think I’m jobless because I hate working? I thought someone should have mercy on us after so many tries. Why is it always 100 against 1? What am I supposed to do? I did everything you told me do. What am I supposed to do when it’s not working out?”

Yall I’m writing the text for the comic book I’m using to propose to her

and I’m having so many feelings and I don’t know how to handle???

I also don’t know if it’s any good???

What if it’s not good enough for her???

What if I’m not good enough for her???

I just…

I love her so much.

I’m proposing in less than a month.

I… just have so many feelings and I don’t know what to do with them???


I’m re-watching Natsume Yuujinchou and have been absolutely DROWNING in feels this past week. (; n ;)

Also, downloading the soundtrack from seasons one and two has made my life about 10x better.

Sanvers Thanksgiving

So we know that Maggie isn’t going to be at Thanksgiving dinner at Kara’s place. And I have a strong feeling that she isn’t having dinner anywhere. I mean her girlfriend just broke up with her, she probably doesn’t want to take time off of work to go all the way home, and she says she doesn’t have that many people in her life that she cares about. So my bets are on her being alone for Thanksgiving. So what I wanna see is her and Alex hanging out Thanksgiving night, Alex joking about how her drunken coming out speech was interrupted by a portal to another dimension. But then she asks Maggie how her Thanksgiving went, only to have Maggie tell her that she spent the holiday alone. And of course Alex is completely distraught by this. “You were alone?! Why didn’t you say something, you could’ve eaten dinner with us!” But Maggie just laughs, saying how it’s no big deal and how she didn’t want to intrude on their family gather. “Really it’s fine. I’ve spent the past couple years alone on Thanksgiving giving. I’m used to it.” At first, Alex is speechless. She wants to ask why she didn’t go home to her family. She wants to ask why she was never invited to go home with any of her past girlfriends. But she knows Maggie isn’t one to open up so she doesn’t ask. Instead she just tells Maggie to follow her, bringing her to this small diner. She orders them two turkey sandwiches and as they sit there in the nearly empty diner, Maggie thinks that this is probably the closest thing to being with family on Thanksgiving than she’s ever had before.

Keith is not some stereotypical bad boy/emo kid/ asshole, y'all.

He’s a paladin of Voltron, and he was picked for a reason.

He has so many good qualities. You just have to be willing to see them. For instance:

He loves his friends. A lot. Yes, that includes Lance, even though they have different perspectives and fight sometimes.

He can be just as caring as Hunk. Remember when he went in to save Shiro from the base in S1E1? He’s loyal as f*ck.

He’s a fun loving kid! He participated in both the food goo fight and the space ‘snow'ball fight.

He wanted to go to the pool to relax (just like a normal kid), and, when the elevator got stuck, helped his buddy, Lance, escape. 🌊

He cares about his lion a lot, and in return, Red cares about him enough to defend him under any circumstances. (You think a lion just chooses/works well with anyone?)

Despite not getting along well with Lance sometimes, he still tries to bond with the dude. (“We had a bonding moment!”/ “I got your lion back for you, Lance.”)

Have you soon this boy smile? He just wants to be happy, but instead, his parents disappear, his pal goes missing, and he’s put into the difficult situation of fighting an alien race! It’s not easy.

And yeah, the other paladins handle it pretty well. Hunk stays positive, Shiro leads fearlessly and supports the team, Pidge is always on the ball with a plan, Lance makes sure everyone relaxes and thinks before acting, Coran fixes everything and is a good dad, and Allura manages, leads, and strategizes. But the other paladins handle things in their OWN ways.

So yeah, sometimes Keith is sarcastic, rushes into things without a plan, and has emotions. He’s a teenager. What did you expect? Aren’t we all like that sometimes?

So give the boy a chance. I’m not saying you can’t have favorites. Just give Keith a chance.

Thanks, friends. 🔥

alright guys, it’s looking like the unimaginable is happening and i know it’s real easy to fall into that good old depression/anxiety loop but! this isn’t the end, not at all, not by a long shot!

trump isn’t going to change the world overnight! you aren’t going to wake up in a conversion camp, or without healthcare, or deported tomorrow morning. this sort of thing takes time. obama isn’t out of the white house until january, and even then passing bills takes time.

so what can we do with that time? we can prepare. this is just a hiccup, guys, a big hiccup but a hiccup nonetheless. we are being faced with hatred, and ignorance, and evil right now, but that doesn’t mean we give up. we are the good guys, the ones that will be painted in history as heroes, as fighters, as the ones who didn’t let that awful, awful man silence us. turn towards each other-poc, muslims, lgbt+, the disabled, women, anyone who find their rights challenged by this. turn towards each other and find strength!

wake up tomorrow morning, and live. hold your head up high and show the world that you won’t let this hinder you. you are strong. you are beautiful. you are perfect. we as a people have fought since the beginning of time for the under dog, look to your predecessors for inspiration and keep marching forward as a people.

i love you, and i believe in you all.


Rip Hunter Lockscreens

This just sort of happened. But I love him and I’m not sorry.

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I’m feeling rather uncomfortable with how many people think Iris is pregnant and will lose her kids and that would be an interesting plot for the show. Yes I’m sure Grant and Candice would act brilliantly in the scenes but, you really want our Iris West to go through that? She’s going through absolute hell already, and so is Barry. They don’t need that, nobody should ever go through that. Maybe it’s because I know several women that have lost their kids, and I’ve seen just how much it effects them, I just don’t want to see it. Don’t make that a story. Let westallen be happy.

+sherlolly because...what was said

I’m still working through my feelings from TFP and today’s focus is that of the aftermath of Molly and Sherlock’s phone call. Also, I wanted to play around abit with a line that had troubled me in the episode. I guess I wanted to comfort myself a little haha. If you’ve come to read it, thank you so much. :) xx


Words  (also on FF.net)

It had been a week since the phone call. Molly had not been surprised at the silence after what had been an odd game of tug-of-war; a fight to see who could hold on to their veneer of protection just a little bit longer. Sherlock was not one to expose the contents of his heart, whatever those contents were, but neither was Molly. Sometimes, things were much better left unsaid, and Molly was a firm believer of that. 

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I just remembered this one “fake preview” Isayama once drew where Eren wakes up from a dream and is a normal, high school student in modern day.

This doesn’t sound far-fetched now, does it?

Sunday 23rd October Show Review

Normally I make separate posts for each cover I see, and I expected this to be a short, snappy little Annabel Baldwin as Delphi post, but there were so many covers yesterday, and so many of the main cast did ridiculous, adorable, and hilarious things that I really just have to try and write about everything and everyone. Welcome to the mega post. I hope it doesn’t disappoint. 

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Things to know about Killing Stalking

To every story, there are both pros and cons. A story like Killing stalking is no different. Now, Killing Stalking wasn’t a story that I was going to get into, honestly. There were so many bad things that I had heard about it, and so I was shying away from it. However. Today I took the time to sit down and read it, and now I’m here to share my thoughts in an analysis- type thing. Now, of course take my words with a grain of salt, because I’m obviously not the author, so I don’t know the exact details of everything. If you want to continue reading though, everything will be under the cut!

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