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  • <p> <b>James:</b> Lily, will you go out with me?<p/><b>Lily:</b> No.<p/><b>James:</b> Oh DEER, I guess I'll just have to go STAG.<p/><b>Sirius:</b> Well, I'm going alone too, because apparently I'm such a DOG.<p/><b>Remus:</b> Clearly nobody can handle my WOLFISHLY good looks.<p/><b>Peter:</b> Oh, RATS. Looks like we'll have to go MARAUDING instead.<p/><b>Lily:</b> *not amused* Wow, no one will ever find out about your illegal transformations into animagi, you're all way too sly.<p/><b>Sirius:</b> I think she's HOUNDing us for answers.<p/><b>Lily:</b> Please stop.<p/></p>

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TFP Ratchet, Bulkhead, Ultra Magnus, Wheeljack, Bumblebee, Smokescreen, & Optimus accidentally find out their sparkling just finished their amazing present for their amazing sire? They're even boasting about how much their site will love it to themselves & their sire is so awesome, they deserves something equally awesome too



He can’t help it, listening to his sparkling boast about how amazing their gift and sire is, he laughs as he picks them up. “Sorry. I think I ruined my surprise.” He says as they pout up at him before patting his face ‘smacking’ it.

He gently catches their servos and makes them stop before kissing all over their faceplates gently. He’s not usually this affectionate, it’s a little weird for the others to see, but he loves his bitlet and they’re being to cute for him to ignore. 

They squeal loudly when he tells them they did an amazing job and he loves his gift very much.

He laughs when he hears them bragging and only laughs harder when the scream at him and smack at his legs. He picks them up and holds them close to his chassis, bumping their helms together gently, “I know, I know. Bad papa ruined his surprise. But it’s a great surprise!” He says excitedly.

He’s not surprise when they wiggle out of his grip and to the floor, picking up his gift and presenting it to him. He takes it tells them what a great job they did and how amazing they are, which only causes them to laugh.

He keeps it presented in a safe place where everyone can see.

Ultra Magnus
He chuckles softly as he listens to them talk about how amazing he is and how he deserves something just as good and this is the best thing they’ve ever made. He can’t help himself, scooping them up into a hug and pressing an embarrassing kiss to their forehelm. They make sure he knows how embarrassing he is.

He laughs again, “What? Can’t a sire be proud of how amazing his sparkling is?” He smiles as they gently smack his helm and then hug him around his neck. He sets them down so they can properly present him his gift.

He keeps it with and you better believe he shows everyone; and no, he doesn’t need a reason or excuse to do so, he just does.

Honestly he’s probably known what they were doing for a while now, but hearing them brag about how great he is after having finished it brings a smile to his face. He scoops them up into his servos and nuzzles their helm with his.

They squeal as they pat at his helm as he moves to blow raspberries against their stomach. They hug around his neck as he speaks, “You know who’s even better than me? It’s you!” He said and they laugh happily.

He makes sure to keep whatever they made with him so he can show everyone.

He didn’t mean to stumble in just as they finished up their project, something he’s been told over and over not to /ever/ look at and he’s done his best until this point. He’s glad they haven’t noticed, and they wouldn’t have if he hadn’t heard them saying how amazing he is. He can’t help it as he lets out a high whir and scoops them into his arm.

He’s beeping about how great they are and how amazing the present is as they squeal and their tiny servos smack at his faceplates, mostly his guard. They squeal louder when he nuzzles his helm into his stomach, causing them to giggle loudly and hug his face.

He makes sure everyone sees what an amazing gift they made for him and hears how proud he is of them.

He’s actually a little embarrassed listening to his bitlet tell the kids how great he is and how, of course, he only deserves the best present. He picks them up and sets them on his shoulder before speaking, “You’re the best present I could have ever gotten.” He laughs when they smack his helm and tell him not to be embarrassing.

He lets them climb off him and grab his gift so they can hand it to him. He tells them just how amazing it is and how good they are. He immediately shows all the other bots so they can see how good his little bit is.

You bet your ass he keeps it with him and shows anyone new almost immediately. 

He can’t help the smile as he listens, back turned as he works, to his sparkling tell the kids how great his sire is. He moves his head slightly so he can look at them out of the corner of his optic. He turns around and leans over to gently press a kiss to their helm. “What an amazing job you’ve done.”

He laughs when they turn around and stomp their pede, telling him that it was supposed to be a surprise. He gently pats their helm before telling him it’s a wonderful gift and he’s proud of all their hard work.

Depending on what it is he either keeps it with him or hangs it up so everyone can see it.

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I personally don't ship Eremika, I've actually grown to hate all SnK/AoT ships, mostly because of the fans-However I understand that people like to ship things, so I don't grudge it. That said, what do you think about Eremika's fanbase? I haven't had good experiences because I didn't ship it and I was attacked (not physically, I just turned off the PC, other than slurs, it wasn't a big deal- It was alot of people though). Also, what do you think of Levi x Farlan?

the fanbase of eremika to me seems pretty nice. kind of hard to break into, in my opinion, because they seem rather tight-knit. hence, i rarely post fic to tumblr on my fandom blog. i’m just too shy. their closeness frightens me.

however, i’ve also noted that there’s a lot of carry over of touken fans from tokyo ghoul, and they kinda… creep me out. some of the fans of both sigh about hoping isayama will do with eremika what ishida did with touken and i’m just… creeped out. despite being long part of eremika hell, i saw the raws for tg:re 125. i don’t need softcore porn in this manga k thx. plus it’s not a romance manga so it’s fine to leave things open ended.

i’ve noticed that the snk fandom is particularly bitchy about ships. like, we’ll fight to the literal death defending out faves, but while discourse is annoying to some and all, there is a line that should really be set in fucking stone when threats and anon hate come in. that really should not be crossed, and i want to sincerely apologize to you if you ever got hate from an eremika shipper for not shipping it. i can’t really apologize for other ships– i’m not part of them.
i’m so sorry the fandom is like this, and i think if you’ve received hate for the petty reason that you don’t ship the same ship as someone, the sender deserves a good kick from tumblr and the internet. forever. 

the only thing that sticks in my mind about levifar is that one of my followers really likes it and i like reading their tags because they consistently leave comments in their tags. *w* other than that, i’m neutral on it.

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I use firealpaca too! it's not as good as some other programs but it's amazing for being a free program. I use it on windows and it works really well.

yeah!! it’s not the best of course, but i’ve had it for like 2 years now and it’s been pretty good! i’ve had chances to download sai for free but i honestly don’t feel like i need to go through it, fa is doing nicely

And today for the daily corner of creepy/annoying things that happened to me is stalkers. Today when I got up I heard someone knocking on my door so I walked to the door and opened it while looking down and seeing a little basket of fruits and as soon as I looked up again I saw someone running away. On one hand I think it’s really cute but on the other hand that is CREPPY! So yeah that is the most useless thing I got to say today!

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  • steven universe episode 1: steven thinks that eating his favorite ice cream sandwiches is the trick to activating his magical powers
  • steven universe episode 132: after sacrificing himself for his friends, falsely claiming that he's responsible for the war crimes seemingly committed by his dead mother, boarding a space ship with the knowledge that he will likely never return home again, going on trial against two powerful alien dictators who want to murder him, getting chased by death drones, teaming up with a band of social outcasts, and watching his friend die violently in a desperate act of goodwill, steven discovers that his tears are the secret to resurrection and travels back to earth through his no-longer-dead friend's hair to reunite with his family

i still cant believe the boat scene in wonder woman was improvised… like that was some of the funniest stuff in the movie!! and like!! diana talking about the ‘physical pleasures of the flesh’… you’re telling me that was improvised. there were twelve (12) volumes about it?! that led to the conclusion men are unnecessary for pleasure… that was improvised!? thank you gal.

gal gadot… the lgbt ally we deserve

Basically this book…

Decided to draw one of my many favorite scenes from The Dark Prophecy without giving away major spoilers




a blessed fancam.

Tower of Dawn

     So I think it’s time this fandom had a sit-down and talked some things out. Today’s topic: ableism. Before all of y’all start jumping on me and dismissing me and trying to say I have no right to talk about this, let me tell you a bit about myself.

     I was born with spina bifida. For those of you that don’t know that is, it’s when a baby’s spinal chord and nerves don’t develop properly. I had my first surgery to help this condition when I was eight days old. The excess amount of scar tissue in my lower back had begun to wrap around my spinal chord, which for obvious reasons is dangerous. I had the same surgery when I was four years old, and that’s when my life changed forever. I’d been able to walk before using a leg brace, but due to a mistake by the surgeon, my left leg was left paralyzed. I was a normal (and I hate using the word normal here, normal is an absolutely useless construct of society, but for lack of a better word at the moment, bear with me) kid, mobile and able to move around as I pleased, and then I couldn’t. I’ve been using a wheelchair since then. I’m not telling you guys this because I want pity. I don’t. I’ve accepted it as part of my life, and I love myself just the way I am. This little explanation is here so you guys can understand exactly where I’m coming from when you read the rest of this post. So with all this in mind, here goes my not-so-little rant.

     DISCLAIMER: I will be calling people out in this post and tagging them because I am done. 1000%, completely fucking done with this fandom. And if this causes a shitstorm, fuck it, because this needs to be said and this fandom needs to learn to stop being hypocritical pieces of crap.

     I love these books. I love Sarah’s writing in general,  and I would read literally anything she wrote. These books, Aelin’s story, Feyre’s story, are so important to me. I don’t have words to describe how much they mean to me. I love talking about them and healthy and constructive conversations about them. And some of the jokes that have been made  by the fandom are some of favorites. I’ve made some of them myself. I’ll joke alongside all of you about wingspans and gold nightgowns for as long as you want.

     I want to make something perfectly clear: this rant is in no way a reflection of my thoughts about her books. This post is exclusively about the fandom’s disgusting behavior.

     So let’s start with this post that I saw earlier.

     Disability is not kinky.

     For those of you that can’t understand that, let me repeat it.

     Disability is not kinky.


     This whole post is horrifyingly ableist. And before you guys start claiming that “I have disabled relatives, I can’t be ableist!” (@rowan-stole-my-heart, I’m looking at you. Remember that conversation last year? Nice to know you’re still disgusting), that’s like saying “I have African-American friends, therefore I can’t be racist!”, which is such an inherently flawed line of arguing that it would require a whole other post to address, so I’ll just say don’t try it. I can’t even begin to fathom the mental process all of these people went through to think that this was even remotely acceptable in any way, shape, or form, so let me break this down and explain to you why this isn’t.

     This, my horrifyingly inconsiderate friends, is a form of fetishism. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, fetishism is the pathological displacement of erotic interest and satisfaction to a fetish. Now that you know what that is, let’s move on.

     This whole fandom has been complaining about a lack of diversity in Sarah’s books since I joined the fandom. Diversity doesn’t just mean POC, which is exactly what this fandom conveniently forgets. Diversity includes POC, people with mental illness, people with physical disability, LGBT+ people, and so much more. And when Sarah finally adds someone who embodies a slice of that diversity, you all have the gall to reduce his situation to sex jokes. All I can say is how dare you. How dare you reduce someone’s life and reality to a kink, to something to be made fun of, to something that spices up your dash and makes it NSFW just because you wanted to make fun of a book cover you probably weren’t satisfied with. In doing so you are insulting the thousands upon thousands of people that are in the same situation. You’re reducing them – reducing me – to a fantasy that you can use and then dismiss the next moment, without regard for anyone’s feelings. Do you have any idea how difficult of a topic sex is for people with disabilities? We are laughed at for wanting sex. Our anxiety when it comes to that is ten times that of any able-bodied person, simply because we don’t fit into the box that society wants to shove everyone into. And you’re making it that much worse because you have the audacity to think the fact that someone can’t move their legs is funny.

     It hurts. Reading that post hurt like hell. Because in your eyes – in society’s eyes – people like me aren’t human. We’re just something to ride, right? Yeah, I didn’t miss that little gem of a comment, @readinglikewildfire.

     And because I know this is coming, no, Chaol isn’t just a character.

     But you know what, I get it. It’s just sex, right? A small joke made, no harm done.


     You’re perpetuating yet another harmful concept cooked up by a disgustingly ableist society. Sorry, but your privilege and utter ignorance are showing. I will concede a bit and agree that we can treat fiction for what it is – something that isn’t real – up to a certain point. But you guys just crossed a line. For those of you saying that you feel guilty for laughing, you absolutely fucking should, because this shit isn’t funny.

     The fact is if that post had been making fun of race or mental illness, then the fandom would have ripped these people to shreds and they would have been reported many, many times over. But it’s not, and instead I can count on my fingers the number of people that stood up to say this was wrong, because it’s just another wheelchair joke, right? Who cares? To those that did, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, especially @throne-of-omg-the-feels and @midnight-wonder.​ It’s nice to know there’s still some hope for humanity left. And to @nerdperson524, I agree with you. People do need a laugh, even those that live their lives stuck in chairs. But that post? It’s downright offensive.

     So that’s it. I’m done blowing things out of proportion, as some of you will say. If you think I should have approached you privately and messaged you about this instead of publicly calling you out, then maybe, just maybe, you shouldn’t have PUBLICLY insulted mocked degraded an entire subset of the human population. And maybe that makes me a bad person. It certainly means I’m not being the bigger person. And I could honestly care less. I am tired. So sick and tired of constantly being the bigger person, of just staying quiet when I see things like this because what’s the use? The entire world is filled with this shit and it’s not like I can fight every time I see this kind of injustice. Nothing’s going to change, no matter what I do. But this? This is where I draw the line. Congratulations.

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