i don't know i give up

Please don’t give up hope.

Okay, I know S4 in general and TFPB in particular SUCKED MAJOR ASS. I know we’re all heartbroken, angry, disconsolate, hopeless.

But can we all just- stop for a minute, and try to calm down, and think, before we decide to harass Mofftiss and everyone on Sherlock’s production team and boycott a show that’s never let us down before now, for more than 5 years? I thought that’s what we do. We see through Mofftiss’ hurtful bullshit and analyze what the show tells us. What they tells us through the show.

I have a theory. I still have doubts, of course, but it’s okay to doubt. It’s healthy. Especially when you believe in something. It means you care. I care about this show. A lot. Too much, perhaps. But I feel that TPTB deserve the benefit of the doubt, because they’ve earned it for 5 years, 3 seasons and 1 special episode, and if that doesn’t mean anything, then what does?

So there are a few possible explanations for what the trainwreck that we saw this season. 

One of them is that TPTB don’t care about their story anymore, actually they hate it so much that they undid everything (plotlines, character development, coherence, everything) they’d been building up to TAB.

Unlikely, considering what they’ve said about Sherlock Holmes before. Of course, since we know they’re dirty little liars that lie, and they’ve lied to us before, we can’t trust anything they say, but then why make the show? Why aggravate fans of the other adaptations by saying there was something everyone else got wrong, and their objective was to get it right? Why slip so many clever references and details and hints that only the small part of the audience who is even aware of subtext will see? It’s not like it would help their ratings. And why write TAB as a love letter to us, TJLCers? We’re the only ones who liked the episode, casuals and antis (who compose the majority of the audience watching the show) hated it (because they didn’t understand it).

Plus, on its own, S4 is career suicide.

I don’t buy it. it doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t fit.

Another possible explanation is that Mofftiss and everyone involved in the making of the show suffer from incompetence so intense they wouldn’t recognize good story-telling if it was dancing the dance of the seven veils under “I am good story telling” in giant neon red letters right in front of them.

Also unlikely, for the reasons stated above, ie s1 to 3 of the show, and the fact that TAB is a masterpiece.

Actually, season 4 has been, so far, an absolute mess to me (TLD was its high point, I guess, but even that was weird. And don’t get me started on Eurus’ impossible stunt or sudden characterisation change from one episode to the next). The transitions are weird (Sherlock drowning in black goo, seriously?). The characters are OOC and the acting is awful. Lines from previous episodes are being reused by different characters. There are plot holes the size of my country in every episode, and the laws of physics, time and space are being ignored. The whole fandom is begging for context and we still haven’t been given any.

However, my experience of S4 so far is not unfamiliar. It actually reminds me of how I experienced S3. Now, some context (for once): I wasn’t aware that the word subtext existed before I googled “Sherlock theories” the day following TSOT. The reason I looked it up was because I perceived a drop in quality that I couldn’t quite believe happened, because there was something I was missing. Then I came across @loudest-subtext-in-tv‘s metas and tjlc, and that convinced me because it made sense of the show, and the rest is history, and now I love it even more (I even learned to like TBB, who knew). My point here is: we’re missing something. We’re still lacking context. We need more data.

The third explanation is a bit of a leap of faith, but it’s also the more likely, if past experience is any indication (and tbh it’s the only one that’s keeping me from being a heartbroken mess rn).

As I said before, S4 as a whole doesn’t make any sense, if we take it literally. However, if we look at it through the lense of EMP theory… if everything, from the moment Mary shot him to the end of TFPB, is Sherlock’s coma dream, and they still haven’t revealed it, then we can draw the conclusion that:

TPTB are pulling a Reichenbach on us. 

They’ve killed their show. Not because they don’t care anymore, or because they only care about money and figured a few heartbroken fans aren’t worth the trouble.

They’ve killed their show because A) they want people to root for Johnlock, so they tried to make the straight version absolute TRASH and succeeded beyond their wildest nightmares and B) they’re letting us to connect with the Sherlock Holmes fans of the victorian era. 

A) speaks for itself. No one likes this season. This very straight season. Not casuals, not antis. For once the middle episode is the one people like best. It doesn’t fit with the episodes that came before, hell, the episodes of S4 contradict themselves. This season feels wrong, because it’s not the story that Mofftiss and co have been telling for 6 years, and everyone, even casuals and antis, knows this, if only on a subconscious level. (”by the prickling of my thumbs”, everyone?)

B) makes even more sense: ACD let Holmes’ fans think he’d died with Moriarty for 10 years, never to return again. We know they have 5 series planned, so of course there’s no point in killing Sherlock  – hence why they let us see him well and alive at the end of series 2. Instead, they’ve chosen to hit us, TJLCers, the people they’re really writing the show for, at our weakest point and our worst fear: they’re going to make us think that TJLC is dead and buried, and that we’ve been mislead and queerbaited the whole time.

So they’ve killed the show. Now they’re going to bring it back to life. 

Promise of Love, Pain of Loss, Joy of Redemption. 

It applies to John and Sherlock after Sherlock faked his death, but also to Sherlock Holmes’ fans of the Victorian era after The Final Problem, and to us, right now, after the Final Problem 2.0. ACD made fans wait 10 years. We could have to wait 1 week (I know the BBC has a new show slotted in for next Sunday, but 1) Mofftiss taught us that the media can be manipulated easily and 2) they made an entire fake season, I don’t think they’d hesitate to make a fake trailer and ask a famous actress to lie for them, especially if she happens to be in the real episode – just not as a main character obviously), or we could have to wait 3 years I believe Mofftiss are actually sadistic enough to make us wait that long, but it has a huge risk of killing their show, for real this time) for the confirmation of TJLC.

If this is true (and I can’t begin to imagine living in a world where this isn’t true), and they do end up confirming TJLC, then Mofftiss are right, and this season is truly brilliant. It’s text, over subtext, over metatext. But only then.

Either way, they’re bringing it back to life. Eventually.

Don’t give up hope just yet, please. The Game is never over.

I know how you all feel and why

but I’m in no way giving up. Please hear me out.

If something in this show doesn’t make sense we question it. Think about the skull picture. The lost plot lines. John’s fucking letter! Arwel’s elephants. TPLoSH references. The lost footage from setlock. The promises of explaining everything, of making history, of the best writing they have done. These haven’t been met and they will be.

On an emotional level I am gutted, like most of you, but logically?

Think of every tjlce video by rebekah @quietlyprim and the metas from everyone but in particular that first ‘operation johnlock is go’ by nattie @loudest-subtext-in-tv and all that evidence we have burned into our minds and the interviews with the cast and writers. Remember Sherlocked when the music producers said they would keep us specifically in mind for writing the score.

All of those references to clue and to the princess bride.

“I’m not actually gay.”
“Well I am… Look at us both.”

“There’s always two of us.”

“The things you wanted to say but never said.”

“It’s always you. John Watson, you keep me right.”

This is not queerbaiting. This is romance AND WE KNOW THIS. We have done all these years.

Yes this is a really terrifying stunt, it’s honestly horrible and I won’t try to justify their actions with how it has affected our community tonight.

I’m begging you all. Please do not forget all that we know. This series and this episode are wrong and ‘off’ for a reason. The writers did NOT suddenly forget their show and how to write. The actors and crew did NOT suddenly forget what good writing is and call this series 'the best’ against all their tastes of good television. The BBC did NOT commission a series of a show that loses all it’s previous tone and quality for no reason - because TFP was truly terribly written and presented.

But we have been told repeatedly - ESPECIALLY in this series - to not lose hope. We had a character named Faith in and episode where the meaning of a name is absolutely relevant and essential (Eurus, the East Wind). We had nurse Cornish saying that John’s blog has gone down hill a bit - in obvious reference to what the writers KNOW they are making of the show. Sherlock told us people always give up after three, but they really shouldn’t. There are hints at a fourth episode and I really believe we will get this.

It’s scary and horrible and please take time to care for yourself and mourn if you have to, but what we have here is not wrong. We said it’s elaborately planned gay or absolutely defying all laws of reason trash, and it appears we ended up with the second tonight, but it does just as I have said - it defies all reason.

In order to doubt TJLC you have to believe that the writer’s have suddenly forgotten how to write, that the actors suddenly have no taste, that the designers are suddenly so sloppy that they allow for a skull picture to be differently lit multiple times in the same scene (which arwel has explicitly said on twitter that it is completely purposeful). You also have to believe that thousands of people saw something and proved it to be there only to be told it isn’t in a way that not only defied us but defies the show itself and it’s creators.

This isn’t the end.

We WERE told.


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Tell us about that 'cat' you've been hardboring

Do I know you? | questions about people | meme night |

Oh. Oh it’s just a – a cat you know. Small, thin – b-blue fur…? It’s… a street cat from –zzzaaaun? It just – came and happened to stay. Eats a lot, sleeps a lot, plays a lot, enjoys eh…uh… balls of yarn and – peanut butter sandwiches? I mean it’s a pet, it’s nice to have around and – hey isn’t a man allowed to have some company? By the way no you can’t see the cat. The cat is shy and I am – overprotective towards the cat. Cat is out of business. Can’t pet. Cat bites. Also owner bites when people get too interested towards the cat. Get you own cat!

Okay but I wanna talk about this sprite.

We all know Kiibo IS a cinnamon roll, that he’s probably the one who less deserves to be in the killing game, and you know the fandom would give its life just to see him survive this whole ordeal.

But this? This is a whole new side of Kiibo.

He seems like he isn’t taking any more that shit, that he isn’t going keep up the shenanigans, that he doesn’t want to be there. 

In that passive-aggressive shrug we can see that he’s giving up in whatever bullshit thing he just got himself into, and man if that isn’t relatable. And in his facial expression you can see the resignation, the contempt and the tiredness. Also look at his ahoge, it’s all messy and spiky, he’s irritated, and wants to get the hell outta here right now.

I don’t know in what kind of situation he uses this sprite, but man it must be with some shitty circumstances. To annoy the swetest guy in the whole cast like this? It must be really something you normally wouldn’t do. We’ve seen how he kinda gets all wary and angry when we hurt his feelings and the whole robot-discrimination, but to get him to be plainly annoyed and frustrated? Oh boy. 

This sprite, in all of its sides, screams that he’s done for good. What could it be? Something someone said, a character in particular, the whole killing game? We may wait to find out answer

Honestly though, if the Simons had kept in that bit about Grimaud’s mum in 3x07 (you know, the bit that’s like “how can we make this woman’s rape  that traumatised her so much she tried to drown her child even more about all the men it could possiby affect?”), you can bet your ass “our” musketeers would have spent half that episode being horrified about the old, dishonourable musketeers’ war crimes before reassuring themselves that they would never commit a war crime themselves and pat themselves on the back for being so true to their pure, noble hearts, right before they go and beat in another frightened, tied-up man’s nose for not thanking them politely enough for having been expertly tortured by them.

“Our” musketeers are moral and pure.

Meanwhile Grimaud would still have been evil incarnate with no discernable personality and no real motivation, and his mother would still have been living in the woods without means.

Ten Things We’ve Noticed About Gemini

1. More introverted than made out to be


3. Cares more about others feelings than their own

4. Nerdy but it’s very cute

5. Has a hard time opening up

6. Really good photographers

7. Very reasonable

8. Down to do anything

9. Doesn’t give a fuck about what you think of them

10. Bottles up their feelings until they break 


I started drawing this before it got upgraded from an AU TO A HEADCANON ORIGIN STORY HEYYO

Never Underestimate the pain of a person, because in all honesty, everyone is struggling. Some people are better at hiding it than others.
—  Will Smith

I just need to write an open letter to kpop about racism and appropriation and how painful it is to be a fan when things like that happen but so many ppl speak up and it doesn’t ever change, hell even BTS and Big Bang get away with it and nothing happens (looking at you, Taeyang).

Like I’m gonna be honest here and say if this comeback flops it’ll be deserved because you cannot build your success on the backs of black ppl using their culture so sloppily and disrespectfully, it’s happened so often in kpop but it’s 2017 soon and we’re not starting the year like this.