i don't know i felt like watching it again

- We’re TAEKOOK.


- The team name is TAEKOOK.

- We’ve never been a team before.
- It will be fun.

I tried to count and I think they said TAEKOOK 16 times 

Crowd silencing quotes from cartoons
  • Avatar the Last Airbender: "You might have everyone else here buying your ... transformation, but you and I both know you've struggled with doing the right thing in the past. So let me tell you something, right now. You make one step backward, one slip-up, give me one reason to think you might hurt Aang, and you won't have to worry about your destiny anymore. Because I'll make sure your destiny ends right then and there. Permanently."
  • Over the Garden Wall: "At least wait until the storm dies down a bit. You'll be no good to your brother dead." "I was never any good to him alive, either."
  • Gravity Falls: "You really aren't gonna thank me, are you? Fine. On one condition: you stay away from the kids; I don't want them in danger. 'Cause as far as I'm concerned, they're the only family I have left."
  • Adventure Time: "... if I do things... if I do things that hurt anyone, please, please forgive me! Just... watch over me until I can find my way out of this labyrinth in my brain and regain my sanity! And then maybe Betty, my princess... maybe you will love me again... please love me again, Betty!!"
  • Steven Universe: "What do you know about my Mom?! I DIDN'T EVEN GET TO KNOW MY MOM! But I do know, she saw beauty in everything! Even in stuff like this, and even in jerks like you!"
  • Legend of Korra: "Don't pretend you know what it felt like! The Avatar is adored by millions! I was cast aside by my own parents like I meant nothing to them. How could I just stand by and watch the same thing happen to my nation, when it needed someone to guide it?"
  • Lilo and Stitch: "But if you want to leave, you can. I'll remember you, though. I remember everyone that leaves."
  • Rick and Morty: "That - out there - that's my grave. On one of our adventures, Rick and I basically destroyed the whole world. So we bailed on that reality and we came to this one, because in this one, the world wasn't destroyed, and in this one, we were dead. So we came here and we buried ourselves and we took their place. And every morning, Summer, I eat breakfast twenty yards away from my own rotting corpse. I'm a version of your brother you can trust when he says 'don't run'. Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody's gonna die. Come watch T.V.?"
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog: "There's no such thing as 'perfect'. You're beautiful as you are, Courage. With all your imperfections, you can do anything."

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Hi! First of all, I adore your blog. But I was actually wondering if you could sort of transcribe what Fitz said after 'I'm just like Grant ward'. I wasn't able to gather his exact words. Thank you! And you can totally ignore this if you don't want to go watch that scene again. I know I cried in it. :P

Yeah, absolutely! I too had some difficulties with it, but after the 60 billionth listen and a little help from Hulu captioning (well, a lot of help), here’s what I think it is:

Just like Ward. I’m just like Ward. How can she even look me in the eye? Or even stand the sight of me at all? How can she stomach it? The memory of seeing me shoot that woman…

Then AIDA talks and I ignore her 

What we felt – past tense. Cause my future with Jemma is dead. Killed that too. 

AIDA gets handsy and my blood boils and I continue to ignore her. 

You understand that my love will never fade. [There’s only room in your heart] For her. 

Hope this helps, let me know if need anything else (and, yes, I’ll likely make this into a gifset when I get home and get to all my gifsets!!)

hey fam so
that was wild
but at first in the flash forward i thought jane said “im so sorry for everything. i can explain”
but i just went back and watched again w captioning on (bc i’m that extra) and she said “i can’t explain it”
can’t explain what?
and when he says you need to come back she looks down like panicked and starts to say no and i just
i figured something bad would happen w them bc that’s how every jeller scene ever works but man this is not what i was expecting

and as much as i want to be like s/o to blindspot for keeping me on my toes i’m just like what the actual HECK blindspot

do you ever just feel….like you’re not here? in both ways, but mentally you’re just spaced out and physically you can’t feel a thing. it’s a weird fucking feeling. i had that this morning when i was walking through the mall and it was like i couldn’t even feel my feet hitting the ground. my eyes were glazed over and looking past everyone, and whenever ppl did make eyecontact wih me i instantly felt like i was being put on the spot. i felt like i was just floating through space even though i did rationally know that if i were to bump into someone, they’d give me a nasty look because watch out, damn it. but i just felt so odd and out of place?? like i was there, but i wasn’t really there, like i might as well have been invisible

1. ethereal.

▶   Genre: GuardianAngel!Eunwoo AU.
▶   Description: In a world where every person is assigned a guardian angel from birth all the way until death, Eunwoo can’t help himself.
▶   Word count: 826.

Freckles analogous to every cosmo in the universe coat the flush apples of his cheeks, light grey speckles contrasting the pale span. His eyelashes are long, far too long, accompanying onyx irises moulding together with even blacker pupils. He wears white, and only white, the line between his apparel and pure, chastised skin almost nonexistent. His hair is a black mop of thick, soft tufts, fringe laying flat, nevertheless, still concealing his forehead. And finally, the most eye catching and awestrucken piece: the colossal, white, feathery wings of the finest grade seemingly crystal cut to each chiseled shoulder blade. Their size was indescribable, satin to touch, but packing an astounding biff if any being was to.

The tip of the night is almost magical. Magical in the sense that an expanse becomes calm, warm, inviting, catering hospitality and kindness. Magical, Cha Eunwoo can uncloak himself, his humongous wings; it’s far too dark for one to see. Magical as it’s the adverse of day, the blasted time in which he’s unable to brandish himself, only adequate to watch his little human from above.

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text // semma
  • Silas: Listen, there's something I really need to tell you. I know this might seem sudden and it's probably not the right time to say it but I feel like if I don't I'm going to explode. Seeing you every day? Watching you smile and laugh, the way your eyes light up... I haven't felt like this in so long I almost forgot that I even knew how to feel it. But I do. I love you. I know it's crazy and honestly I wouldn't be offended if you just decided that you never wanted to speak to me again after this but I couldn't keep up pretending that I don't feel this way about you. So... sorry if this makes things awkward. I'm not asking you to feel the same or to do anything because of that. I just feel like you're the kind of girl who deserves to know that--at the very least--someone out there loves you and probably always will love you.
  • Silas: That was all. Thank you for listening.
Baking Powder

When Steve was done with destroying three punching bags, remembering that Tony made him an inforced one and proceeding doing his best to destroy it as well (it held, he had to admit, he was impressed), he finally felt that he could sleep. But as he made his way up, he decided to get a bottle of water out of the kitchen first. What welcomed him was the loud and obnoxious (though somewhat addictive) sound of ACDC blasting through the room.

It was 3:37 in the morning. What was going on?

Next, the smell of something mouthwatering assaulted his nose and he was even more confused. Because ACDC at 3am? Tony. The smell of freshly baked nougat scones? Not so much.

But apparently just that, because there was indeed one Tony Stark, dressed in a ridiculous ‘Kiss the Superhero’ apron by the stove. 'Tony?’

'Fucking hell!’ The flail was hilariously elegant. The middle finger less so. 'Jesus, Cap, warn a mortal.’ He snapped, with no real heat behind the words. Steve swore he even saw a blush on the back of his neck.

'Sorry.’ And he was, he hadn’t actually planned to scare the man. 'What are you doing?’ He then asked cautiously, because… no, he still wasn’t buying it that Tony Stark was baking in an apron at 3am on a Friday night.

Tony just gave him a look and reached behind him for something to present it to Steve. 'Cranberry Muffin?’ Blinking, Steve took the offered cake but left it in his hand to examin. 'Its a Cranberry Muffin, Steve, not a time bomb.’

'I wouldn’t know with you.’ His answer was dry and he would’ve felt guilty for the wince he earned but the grin showed him that Tony wasn’t really insulted.

'Yeah, I guess not.’ He sighed - and okay, maybe Steve was wrong and he should apologize. 'To answer your question; I’m stress baking.’

'You’re wha…’ He started to ask, but a ring - was that seriously an egg timer?! - interrupted him.

'Hold on a second, my scones are ready.’ The engineer quickly, turned around, fumbling a little while looking for his mittens, to take out the tray. An almost orgasmic smell filled the room and Steve was pretty sure his heart melted a little when he saw the small, proud smile on Tony’s face.

'You’re stress baking.’ He stated, just to be completely sure. This was bizarre.

'Yes, I tend to do that. A lot.’ The engineer turned back to him with narrowed eyes. 'Did you never notice the gigantic basket of bakery stuff on the counter, they are there about thrice a week.’

Steve laughed. 'Oh I did, to be honest I just never connected them to you of all people.’ He didn’t mean it as an insult. He didn’t, but it was Tony Stark, engineer, playboy, sometimes basket case. Who could blame him?

'No, no I get it. I always get that look, don’t worry.’ Tony took out a spatula and placed the scones on a cooling tray. He then pulled out another bowl and seemed to start anew.

Curious, Steve sat down at the counter to watch him work. 'What are you doing next?’

'Cinnamon rolls.’ He smiled when he looked up and then barked out a laugh when he saw the Captain’s beaming face.

'They are my favourite!’ He cheered excitedly, successfully turning himself into an 8 year old.

Tony chuckled. 'I know they are, Cap.’ He admitted softly.

A confused but warm smile spread over Steve’s face. 'Thank you.’

'Don’t thank me yet, I could still be lying and feeding you crap.’ An evil glint in his eyes, Tony finished the batter in record time.

Steve hummed. 'You could, but I just ate that Cranberry Muffin and beg to differ.’

'Good, huh?’ That little proud smile was back. 'Its the first time I made them actually, good to know they taste well.’

'I’m gladly volunteering as your taster, Shellhead.’

Tony laughed. 'Why thank you, Spangled. You’re gonna have to stand in line with Clint, though.’

'He knows?’ Steve felt oddly… jealous that he wasn’t the first one to know.

The engineer didn’t seem to notice, thank god and only nodded his head distractedly. He was currently forming the rolls with a sure hand, clearly not for the first time. 'Yeah, he sneaked up on me one night, demanding chocolate chip cookies.’

The Captain felt his mouth watering. 'Darn, I remember those.’ They stayed silent for a second until Steve couldn’t hold it in any longer. 'Alright, I have to ask. How come Tony Stark knows how to bake? Didn’t you have like… a personal chef or something?’

'Oh, we did. It’s Jarvis’ fault.’ When Steve only frowned in confusion, he smiled. 'When my parents forgot their only child again and again, Jarvis used to watch me and when I was my hyperactive, annoying self he had to 'unbore’-’ He actually used air quotations. ’-me somehow. When he got fed up, he dragged me either into the kitchen or into the garden.’

'Jarvis?’ Steve concealed the wince he felt when Howard was mentioned but something else confused him. 'Your… A.I. Jarvis?’

'What? No, of course not.’ Now Tony looked perplexed but then his eyes windened. 'Oh right, you don’t know. Jarvis used to be our butler. He was like a… Grandfather I guess? He died a few years ago, amazing man, only old age could ever get to him.’ He smiled softly and a little sadly. 'It was only natural for me to name my A.I. after him.’

'I… I didn’t know that.’ The former soldier felt somewhat speechless. It was the first time Tony was so… forward and honest with him. 'I’m sorry.’

Tony waved him off. 'Oh don’t be. It was… Peaceful. He told me not to worry about him. That he had had a good life and that he was glad to have been part of our family. He told me he was proud of me.’

Hesitating only for a second, Steve reached forward and took the engineer’s hand, squeezing it a little. 'So, gardening, huh?’ He smiled and if Tony jumped a bit at the contact, he didn’t mention it.

'Right.’ He squeezed back hesitatingly and slowly let go. 'Yeah, we used to have this gigantic, pretentious garden and he would drag me out when it was sunny outside - believe me, I take the drag part literally, the first time I was kicking and screaming, demanding him to let me get back to my workshop.’ He chuckled. Steve could see that, really. 'It never really was my thing, to be honest. But the baking? Yeah, that’s pretty cool.’

Steve smiled slowly. This was nice. Talking to Tony like this. Really nice. 'So… Cinnamon Rolls, huh?’

'What? Yeah, they should be ready in a bit, what of it?’

The Captain’s grin turned smug. 'I get here and you make my favourite sweets? Knowingly? You want to tell me something?’

On the one hand, he loved the blush on Tony’s face. On the other, he cursed himself for saying anything because he saw the sudden tenseness in his shoulders. 'I… I was just trying to be nice.’ He said between gritted teeth, his hands fumbling as he started to clean everything up.

'Hey…’ Steve stood up and circled the kitchen island to stand beside him. 'Let me try something?’ He asked, determination his his eyes. Tony looked up at him, suddenly feeling way too small. He nodded nevertheless, but flinched a little when big hands framed his face.

Before he could even comprehend what was happening, could even tell himself that it was not what he was hoping for, Steve was kissing him. And man, was that what he had hoped for.

The kiss was slow, sweet and tasted of sugar and cranberries. It should be hilarious, really, just completely rom com. But it was awesome.

When Steve leaned back, Tony could only stare at him. 'What… what was that?’ He asked, almost in a daze.

The Captain chuckled. 'You can take it as a thank you for the rolls…’ He hesitated but smiled when he saw the displeased frown on the engineer’s face. 'Or I could help you with clean up, prepare the usual basket and take you to bed. With me.’ Before Tony could answer anything - lewd probably - he framed his face again. 'To sleep, Shellhead. To sleep. And tomorrow, you will go out with me. Deal?’

Tony grumbled, but leaned into the touch nevertheless. 'Not fair. But deal.’


night night seyoung -  We Got Married 230


“Look I don’t know what I felt, you know my head was all over the place”

I don’t know, it just felt like every aspect of my life was falling apart. And all I could do was watch as it crumbled. I couldn’t stop it. I couldn’t change it, and if I could, I didn’t know how.
But somehow, by some miracle, I made it through. I managed to rebuild my life bit by bit until I was whole again.
And I guess that’s all that really matters.
—  T. A. P. // excerpt from a book I’ll never write

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Alex's coming out scene was worded perfectly, she stutters and stumbles over, eyes rarely meeting Maggie's as she looks for the right words to use though it seems like none are the right ones. She fidgets and pauses. But she needs to say it. I felt like I was watching myself come out all over again, like I was sitting down with my mom just willing the tears not to fall as I mumbled "I think I might like girls, please don't hate me." Its the first time I really saw myself on screen

i know, it was just so damn realistic and felt so genuine? the nervous smiling too and repeating of “what you said”, because she just couldn’t say the words out loud, not yet. the panic in her eyes, when maggie asks “about what” and the obvious relief when she finishes what she wanted to say. everything - and i mean everything - about that scene was perfect, maggie being patient and understanding and encouraging and alex stumbling over her words and pausing and stuttering

the post-match Zouiall, because someone had to write it: 

“So how does it feel to be a loser?” Louis taunts. Niall rolls his eyes, but he laughs back. It feels good, to be sitting with Niall like this. This whole week has felt good, hanging out with friends, playing footie, doing things for a good cause. Being back with Niall, bantering with him like old times. And now winning. Winning feels best of all. Louis’s drunk with it, it and what he’s drunk at the afterparty but mainly victory.

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Zuko anon, I'm so sorry I'm back but I felt like you needed to know this. My girlfriend and I were watching the election and she cried when trump won, but the next morning she poked me awake (I guess she hadn't slept?) and she just whispered "fuck trump Alka should be president and Jody would be a rad VP." She might have been drunk I don't actually know because she had to go home to her parent's house for a birthday but ????

alka would make such a good president. her legendary salt and hey gayness would do great to the country. make universe c great again

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Sorry to bother you but I think sometime last year you posted a video of you sketching a tree - I suddenly really need to watch that video and I can't find it and was wondering if you might know where it is located? (your art is very inspiring and very original in my opinion and the video of the tree sketch made with a brush pen is to forever make me cry and even i don't know why but I really have to watch it again)

I think you mean this one? Also thank you so much, I’m glad it touched you so much!

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You watched one episode of one season of a brand new doctor (with post regeneration sickness I might add) and gave up? What kind of fan are you? Don't you know how this works? I don't know why your fans are saying it's bad because it's actually really good right now.

I actually gave up after seasons 6-7 because I felt they were so weak. The ONLY thing that made me interested in the show again was the Doctor who 50th special. The Christmas special AND first s8 episode felt like it’s going back to bad patterns, at least for me.

People having different opinions than yours doesn’t mean they’re wrong or right. It’s THEIR OPINION. and based on the things they have to say I can decide whether I feel like continuing to watch or not. In this case their claims and complaints seemed similar to mine.  

But it hardly matters: It is NOT my job to be a “GOOD FAN”. It’s NOT any viewer’s job to give chances to anything. We DON’T owe anything to a show/fandom/movie/creation and in the same time aren’t owed anything in return- it’s a relationship in which either party can decide their own fate.

I still hold Doctor Who close to my heart even if I do regret decision that had been made in latest seasons. The show might improve. It might not. Either way getting back to watching it or not says nothing about the type of person, fan, or television lover that I am. It just said I stopped watching Doctor who. For now.