i don't know i drew this for my one class

So (for those of you who don’t know) I’m a substitute teacher. And this week, I made the specific effort to be at a specific school on the day when I knew David Wiesner (award winning author and illustrator of 10 AMAZING watercolor, handpainted, children’s books) would be there.

I tracked him down in the school library to ask him to sign a copy of his book Sector 7. I was super nervous because everyone else (who went to/worked at the school) ordered theirs ahead of time. I was terrified he’d say no because I’m a lunatic with anxiety. When I got to the library, my anxiety kicked into high gear because HALF THE TEACHERS WERE THERE FOR A SPECIAL BREAKFAST!!!

I stood awkwardly in the library holding my book for 15 minutes while I waited for him to be alone because I was embarrassed to be asking him for his autograph and didn’t want him to say no in front of another teacher. Finally, I saw an opening and asked him to sign my book. (I explained that I was a substitute so I couldn’t order one.)

Not only did he sign it, he also drew a character FROM THE BOOK on the title page along with his signature and “To Giselle”. It was so great! I also told him that my dream is to be a writer, and he gave me some bits of advice for how to break into the world of writing children’s books (which I want to do in conjunction with YA and maybe adult books, though that’s more of a question mark.)

It was a brilliant experience. BUT it doesn’t end there. Today, I went to a different school, where I was a substitute librarian. Why was I a substitute librarian?? Because David Wiesner was presenting at THAT school, and the librarian was going to be with him all day helping him with his presentations. I had nothing for him to sign today, but I got to hang out with him a bit before school and talk to him. AND I GOT TO HAVE LUNCH WITH A 3 TIME CALDECOT MEDAL WINNER!! And he actually talked to me and asked me questions about my life and career, and it was amazing!! I’m still freaking out!!!

And that is the tale of Giselle’s first networking experience as a writer. Please excuse me while I die in a corner from over excitement.

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In the seventh grade we had a sub who graduated with my older brother so I asked my brother about him and he told me that no one liked him and he had no friends so I told basically everyone in the whole school that the sub was a loser which earned the sub the nickname "Mr Smalls Dick" bc his last name was smalls and I don't even know how people got the idea he had a small dick from what I told them but long story short he quit today in the middle of class when someone drew a dick on the board

Like the bat symbol

“Why do i feel like this?…”

Felt some inspiration from @trans-sesshomaru ’s post about young sesshomaru crying because of dysphoria.
Well maybe in this one it’s not because of dysphoria per say, but more from the realization that he feels different (about who or “what” he’s supposed to be) than other kids his age, and being overwhelmed by it.

I drew this in class, as can be seen by how shaky the lines are, and colored it at home so it’s not the best but anyway (/^-^)/ enjoy


I drew the one on the left the first time I saw Rocky Horror (3 years ago) and the one on the right a couple of weeks ago. I’m not super thrilled with how Riff Raff came out, but, y'know, improvement and shit